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Daz Dillinger lyrics - Retaliation Revenge And Get Back

Our Daily Bread

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[Featuring Lady 'V' Big Pimpin] Daz: You know what I'm saying? I wish I had her back you know what I'm saying? But it's all good baby you lose some you gain some But I don't wanna gain no more you know what I'm saying? I'm chilling right now you know what I'm saying? Shh... damn Lady V : There are some times when I am bad Then there are times when I am glad Then there are times, when I am down Through all these times, you've been around For the time is now, that I finally see, what your love really means Never again, will I ever be the same Seasons change, feelings change too, but it don't mean I change for you Chorus: Only for you Only for you Only for you I do what I do Only for you That's why I'll do the things I do Only for you Daz: I met a woman plus a lady that was sweet and unique She was no trick or no tramp, she was no freak of the street I was amazed, looks and attitude, I spoke of gratitude She wasn't stuck up and rude, and we became cool From then on we learnt as friends, as lovers You could be my girl, I'd be your man just forever Baby was butter, the bomb shit, tight shit on I was the king of the castle, she was the queen on my throne Stoned and bombed out, 24-7 all day If you can handle it baby to come around my way I get the digits, I'll give you a call later on Your answering machine, come on, I leave a message on your phone I'll ring you later, I hope you'll get the message, baby page me As the days go by, I hope that you can be my lady Am I crazy for pursuing the woman that's bad In my heart I feel lonely and sad, and it's only for you Chorus When we make love, every moment is felt, we get it on Like Marvin Gaye, I'm digging deep and beyond Until the break of dawn I treat you like you wanna be, good I'll pick you up in five seconds, I'll be there in your hood Get it girl, let me see me cold rock your world You got no time for the games, I feel the same baby girl Your homies and homegirls probably went playa hating But it's all cool, I'll keep the real from the fake You'll be eating lobsters and steak, shrimps as big as the plate We're in the gangsta paradise, coke and weed me all night So make the greatest moments happen when it's me and you alone Take the receiver of the telephone, you ain't home, huh It ain't no problems, ain't no big fall out No (???) on this relationship, so figure it out Chorus Big Pimpin: She comes on like my girl goes No (???) looking welfare, and mentally half here Travelling in directions which haven't been traveled by a woman before She's a bad woman, bad meaning beautiful, wonderful and good She dances to her heritage to shake herself free She inspires us, the chains break And wipes the sweat from her independent dignity with grace She is a bad woman, bad meaning beautiful, wonderful and good They say that the queen of (???) was bad, but then I look up at you, and I say well, what about you? you're a bad woman too They say that men would drink out of Marilyn Monroe's toast As well as if she was an (???), But not as beautiful as we thought she was Because she was a bad woman too, bad meaning beautiful, wonderful and good Yeah you're a bad woman, meaning beautiful, wonderful and good Chorus Only for you I'll do the things that I do Daz: Yeah baby, love Daz forever. Beeeitch!!


PAC DIV "Mania"
[Intro:] Girl, I'm a super Negro You dudes are zero Baby, let me be your super hero I spit that dope, that blow, that preemo, that coke, that smack, that al pacino [x3] [Mibbs:] Fly like nino, tough like deebo We back like teevo, and fat like cee-lo I drink cognac, I drink veeno Should I drink all that You should drink though Grab a red cup, fill that shit up And drink till u can no longer hold your head up I'm a act a fool I don't know no better But I never get a stain on this polo sweather So incredible, unforgettable She be on my nuts like they all so edible She be on my nuts like it's some kind of candle tho She be on my nuts like shes lookin for antidote She be on my nuts cus she don't want her man to know That she was on my nuts so tough that her camera broke Feelin like a young earl manacho What u smoking on now Oh that's medical Oh what they smoking on that, all that araginal Bullshit, weed that's some shit we don't ever smoke Mike, tell the dj to play my records tho Ladies on the dancefloor Go go, gadget go! [Chorus:] Stacy and Brittany, go Erica and Whitney like Tiffany, go Sasha and Tasha all proper [x2] [?] [Like:] She like vodka, we like cognac Poured her a cup and she had thrown that We like vodka, she like old rap Used it for the same, but we don't own that I can't lie, meet the bow neck That your ass girl I need to hold that Take my time then I'm a own that Have u seen them like a keyshia cold shrack I want safe sex, u want paychecks I just say next, I ain't for that This that train wreck u can't roll that Cali young lee u can't grow that See u staring baby take a quote that Get my good side, where my pose at Wash you down where my hoes at Early morning like where my clothes at Why u hurryingly, take a slow job Why you worryingly take some projack Checked just clear where my olds at Call my homies where my bros at We gon dip out, we gon flip out Dog, u rollin don't bring your chick out Girl u rollin don't bring your dude out Fat frend comin don't bring no food out [Hook:] Stacy and Brittany, go Erica and Whitney like Tiffany, go Sasha and Tasha all proper [x2] [BeYoung:] Put my lights on you niggas Dump a couple ashes Jumped to a benz Skipped a couple classes Rap shit is cool but I've been tochin asses Now we have to food had enough for the fastin Fuck them caskets, clutch their cash yeah Baby be young only fucks with magnums Oh it's showtime like I fucks with magic Birthday suit, yeah I love that fabric Something tragic, man what's something my niggas know Had a bad red bone with the pitten toes On a Tuesday mike fucked the bigger role Got me stuck like mogli in the middle tho All my niggas going and boys in the mirror baby Tryin to fact the sort of playing shit they're hearing baby Blocking everytime I pass in the firenze lady You know we do it little crazy [Hook]


im alive, i can feel the blood rushin thru my veins an thats all i need to know, cuz im not lookin for a change. cuz i got friends and enemies, but it just dont bother me, cuz as long as i believe, i can breath! [end of chorus] {prevail} metamorphis, battleaxe fortress, four-hundred horsepower full moon the sorceress swollen members an my girl, NF the predators an the terminator the tribes cold Breath why hurt em'later? we can do so much damage now, They'll truck em when i hit em so much garbage around yells, bells, and whistles like carnival sounds. phenominal adrenaline from the words of my mouth. [mad child] how did shayne manage to rap? with brain damage im phat remain famished and stacked your playin with the praying mantis, infact you gigantic, you sink like titanic panic attack act up an im a raptor crash into disaster smash like master-plaster, punker, rangle-monster wants to stomp ya crushin' cuz i'm main question that remains will tomorrow be the same blood rushin thru my veins? [chorus] [nelly furtado] a noices people i knew had to, thats we are of this point to do what i did of so spoint to to weither it be easy enough to do [moka] im servin em out im like a crispy creme conveyor belt. with the synth notes swollen like your lymphnods, we went from instro to intro to instore, coincidentally messin up your mental state, we makin pens glow pacific central pay me and my kinfolk atttention nobody can do it like your man mok' my bands dope! the tracks all flow im beautiful thats for sure! [prevail] the harlem of queens, the decibal kings, inevetable, we were born to do incredible things, i let it wing like freedom swing letters from my jaw twenty six in the mix an we do it better than ya'll [mad child] im in a anderthal, yuor bountyful i' born to ball we warned y'all its foreign to y'all its wonderful the underworld beautiful minds, tryin to keep it independant in recruitable times. [chorus (x2)] [moka] we crashin thru you, now feel the magnitude what passion do inside of you it has to do with how you do your thing be true to only you what moka only's tellin you is take your soul an talent to the next plateau an balance who you try to think of times two

Love U Better

LL COOL J "10"
[Intro: Marc Dorsey] This is for my number one This is for my number one This is for my number one True baby for I adore [Verse 1] This is hard to say I wanna make sure I go about this in the right way Cuz lately I been busy a lot And I know you don't feel appreciated and what not I used to tell you that you're hair looked fly Kiss you slow and stare in your eyes Now I talk real foul and slick Every other sentence is, 'You make me sick' Back in the days I was your number one pick Now your heart's hair-broken and that's hard to fix I had to dig deep inside myself Cuz I can't see you bouncin' with somebody else It's a long journey back to the place we was When I was too embarrased to admit I was in love And you was my good girl that wouldn't give it up I can't let us self-destruct [Hook: Marc Dorsey] Baby smile today Cuz I been on that journey always I'm gon' love you better When your friends'll see you too Just when you think there's nothin' else I can do I'm gon' love you better [Verse 2] When I think about the things we did And I think about you having my kids And I think about us sharing a crib Losin' all that, God forbid You deserve flowers and candy, the simple things In addition to the SL's, bigets and rings Instead I walk around like I'm a king And having you ain't nothing but a thing I even stopped tellin' you the lovin' was good Too busy frontin' in the hood Baby girl, hold me tight don't ever let go I'ma do it real gentle baby, nice and slow One more chance baby and don't say no Cuz I got another side to show Some say love is painful it helps you grow Well it's time for the pain to go, ya'know [Hook] [Bridge x2] Do you think I meant to hurt you (No) Do you think I meant to hurt you (No) So let's laugh together, cry together God willin' we gon' die together [Verse 3] It's a brand new me, a brand new you A brand new day, sky so blue Hold my hand while I walk with you Sit on my lap, lemme talk to you No more games callin' you foul names Actin' like females is all the same I'm gon' love you better, my mentality changed From this day forward I'll never be the same I'ma rub your lower back, share my dreams I love you, lemme show you what I mean Give you the deepest love a girl ever seen Watch you sleep, so peaceful and serene A toast to the queen, you're back in my life But this time I'ma do it right Trust me, from the bottom of my heart Nothin's gonna tear us apart, promise [Hook x2] [Bridge x2]

Get On Your Knees

(50 cent) haha yo whoo kid man drop this shit man hurry up man i gotta go aah yeah 50 cent- g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g-unit haha (adlibs) (Chorus) baby if you get on your knees, put me in your mouth and suck me off you know i got you (X3) (come on baby, just kiss it for me) (just put it in your mouth) (gunshot) (50 cent) she was hesitant at first said she never did it before as soon as i got it going she was going like a pro she went up and down like a merry go round and.. round and round and SPLASH she was freaky freaky when you get her in the bed you need.. g's like me to get her to give you head my con-ver-sation is stim-u-lating she in room 10-19 in the Hilt' and waiting she got a thing for ballas i mean a thing for balls and i had turned her ass out so im the one she calls on the cheek she kiss me and she tell me she miss me bein' 'round me got her used to drinkin don and cristy i'ma special nigga look i'm used to blindin' keep that benz so clean and those three wheels shinin (Chorus X3) (can't be serious 4 in da mornin) (Lloyd Banks) right in da mornin i rolled over guess who was over my shoulder a pretty round, round (round) who just got finished goin downtown but at night wit no lights i have you wonderin if its a lightin bolt in your mouf or a glow-in-da-dark tongue ring banks needa ghetto chick set a nigga up wit ass sneak around till he fall asleep diggin in his stash leave wit everythin rob a benz, stacks and da grass ass so fat, she get handclaps when she pass i ain't never had a girl but you can be my bottom bitch i'd been around da world we don't hit no kinda chicks range rover, neva sober, hennessey, vanilla soda B-A-N-K dolla' sign bitch i ain't here hopin that your baby daddy ova da shoulder Banks don't associate wit no TRICKS i'ma make it a G-Unit party from the hotel lobby and if you ain't tryin to freak off then go home BITCH (CHORUS) (X3) (Young Buck) you know what i came to do let you put your lips on my dick but don't tell nobody you my mistress bitch all your friends keep tellin you what to do when you get me got to eat the nuts first like a hershey kisses bitch show me you miss me like i'm Pac or Biggie she can be small as Eve or even big as Missy I like it when them dikes endorage you ROUTE 6 suck off thanks to 50 & B-Light, UNIT Get your ass SUPLEXED tellin me to go down I'm a P-I-M-P bitch i bet you know now baby girl slow down you make a nigga cum quick when you closed your eyes and make your tongue do a twist you my 3 o'clock, lolipop kiss the last drop bitch walk around naked hoe i met your ass topless she finally found out what young buck is 'bout so give a nigga from the south some of that mouth (CHORUS X3) (come on girl, you know i got you) alright then you playas that down on the dial right now we gone to give ya some real good game dog official dog, magic wand & whoo kid we gon to do something ya know we gonna to do we gon' to soda-pop ya know wat i'm talkin bout if ya in tha game so get ya soda poppin ready cuz we gon' soda-pop round here CHUUUUCH

Upstarts And Broken Hearts

DROPKICK MURPHYS "The Gang's All Here"
- Lyrics / Music: Dropkick Murphys (Casey, Barton, Kelly) - I once met a young girl filled with fire, That saw through my front to this shell of a man She knew I'd be a handful from the start, This strong willed woman had an angels heart The holes in these wings don't allow me to fly So you'd better brace for a life of pain, And if fate is the path to this better life Somehow I feel you'll never see the faces change Chorus: Through thick and thin, She stood by you She held the key to my broken heart I look back and wonder, Sit and ponder. How I could have ever neglected you. For the blood soaked soil on the old ball field, I gambled on a hand I wasn't ready to lose But if the tables were turned and I faced the troubles, Tough times and struggles I put you through I'd of been there as you were through hardship and horror My life and my love are pledged to you. Chorus: Remember the nights she waited and wondered, fused to a myth that it had taken it's toll. But this Godless man has mended his way, Never again will she be alone. I remember it well, Still I always knew that she was destined to be my bride This woman had pride, She was full of life. I could see the passion in her eyes. She thought she found a man, But she fell for the devil An evil monster in disguise. Now I'll honor and obey, Forever stay. True to you, my Irish rose Chorus:

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