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Daz Dillinger lyrics - Retaliation Revenge And Get Back

Oh No

Original and similar lyrics
[Featuring Nate Dogg Snoop Doggy Dogg] Snoop (Daz): Yeah what I'ma do right here is take my time and dedicating this one to my niggas resting in peace and my niggas behind the wall. See you when I get there you know what I'm saying? (really doe) So drip with me as I go down memory lane. Boy it's a loony where the grass is greener (1 8 7 ain't shit but a misdemeanor). I've seen a lot of niggas come up, but few niggas done up, some rest in peace, with their khakis heavy squeezed. But it's a East Side thang, a hoo ride thang, ('cause if we bang to the boogie than we boogie to the bang). I bring you the motherfucking .38, (just get the MC and the homie Nate). So we can slide, slide, slipperdy slide, as I take you on a trip nigga ride (East Side). Nate (Daz): Do you remember back on the East Side? Where all us niggas used to love to ride. We didn't care what we did, time was nothing to us we were just kids. Times are different now, but you still get stuck, I'm not a kid no more, I just don't give a fuck. So if you're thinking about coming and stepping to me, keep this in mind: I'm a motherfucking O.G. Snoop: Lets speed the clock up and pass some time, June 17th, 1979. That's my first time being arrested, I know I did the crime, but I ain't going to confess to this shit. I learned than from the G's, a G is an overseer, the overseer sees. More than you do 'cause he gets experienced, and besides I'm just a juvenile delinquent. So I was gone, and I'm on my way home, my momma's going to get me, and I flee with (???). She puts a jacket on my back and hands me a comb, We stop and frosty freeze for a couple snowcones. She telling me that I didn't need to do what I done, she said: playing football should be your only fun son . I'm like allright so we enter the house, come up to the door and pops fired to the mouth. I couldn't do nothing but cry like a bitch, I looked at my momma and said: damn, why you snitch? They put me on punishment but that didn't work, now wearing khakis, wallabees, and a T-shirt. And throwing up the neighborhood gang sides, I do my first robbery and now I gotta do time. Nate: My homie told me one day he had a jack move, he said: come on Nate Dogg, it'll be smooth . I agreed and said come on, let's go and jack them fools , next day we were draped in the county blues. I went and did a little time in the bucket see (seventeen years), saying to myself I'll never fuck with that nigga again . 'fore I'm locked down I learned to be what I am now and that's a motherfucking O.G. Original gangsta Daz: I grew up in the city as a chap, faced the trials, never smiled, became a gangster in the meanwhile. You'd find me swearing and lying, trying to be an O.G., beating the shit out of niggas for guess, some Hillfigers. The man behind the trigger, committing robberies, with the homies, no one could stop, nobody knew me. Breaking niggas for showing, sucker niggas better know me, because we ain't letting the bullshit slide no more. Do your wear nigga and kick in your front door, to let you know we can't take no more. Feeling revenge, killing enemies, family and friends, and let you pay the cost for my homie's life, it's lost. Toss a coin in the air, run my fingers through my hair, and ask myself: who the fuck should I really fear? . I ran around with the best killers, thug criminals and drug dealers. Blasting niggas if they come near us, (???) with evil spirits, no one could help us if we could. Knock on wood for good luck, serve every nigga in your hood with a buck, now you've been struck. Stood gangsta in a static gangsta mack, a grown child laying niggas the fuck down. Nate (Daz): Original gangsta (original gangsta), coming from Long Beach (the town by the sea where niggas know me). Coming from the East Side... You're fucking with The Pound, oh nigga please, C-O-B.'s can't see the D-O-double G's, [O.G.'s... repeat 5 times] shout outs to my nigga Mr. D-A-Z, shout outs to my nigga Mr. Warren G, shout outs to my nigga S-N-double O-P, shout outs to my niggas C, Style and me. Snoop (Nate): Yeah, straight up, based on a true story. you know what I'm saying? It's a G thang baby (original gangsta) You trick ass bitch!

The Set Up

'The Set Up' (feat. Nate Dogg) [Intro - Obie Trice] Bitch I see you, cause you know I know you Yeah I know you. [Verse - Obie Trice] Last time I saw you You was brewed up, booed up, ready for a new fuck Last time you saw me I was P-I to the motherfucking M-P WHAT! And lately I heard you's a broke bitch livin in the lower class suburb And lately the word is I live in a suburb and I don't fuck with birds She used to pump on the block Sell a nigga rocks, bail a nigga out BUT! She tried to plot on a nigga, vacan't lot one shot bitch died go figure He used to pay this bitch, gave her lots of shit Fuck's wrong with this nigga man? He used to bring her through the hood Treat the bitch to fuckin good, my opinion We used to blaze with the bitch, faded off the lick she x-rays the clip This nigga bought braids for the bitch Louis Vuitton kicks and tricked on some sucka shit Meanwhile in the hood she drivin around good This bitch thinks she's in Hollywood Meantime she settin the nigga up Telling us what his stuff she's ready to get him stuck WHAT! [Chorus - Nate Dogg (Obie Trice)] Thick thighs but she full of surprises I swear this bitch is Shady (that's what I know) Sex on her mind all the time And you think that that's your baby (you don't know) You a good guy that's living a lie But she dove and played your safety (it's what I know) If you cool and she satisfied How come that bitch just paged me? (you don't know) [Verse - Obie Trice] We had to ride on a nigga WATCH HIM! for the right time to get richer We decided when the hit was, run up on him, .45 in the ribs WHAT! This nigga screamed like a bitch Showed us what his shit hit her, hell of a lick BUT! The bitch, who told us bout the bricks exposed us to the nigga He knew that we'd come BUT! {*gun shot*} Meanwhile in his hood, his niggaz is suiting up and Timbed, looted up Rims and new trucks your man 'Livin It Up' Then a van with no hubs suddenly pulled up and erupt Shot a nigga the fuck up Just my luck, the bitch got us both touched, it's like a rush The bitch who blushed and smoked blunts wit us Turned out to be nuts, switched up Mixed up wit the wrong slut Got my friend zipped up in the bag, it's all bad My niggaz got my back, in fact They caught on her Ave, flossin in another nigga cab [Chorus]

N***** Get They Wig Split

B-Legit "The Hemp Museum"
B-Legit: Bitch I got beam like Scotty Leave you spotty When I point this aim at your brain And leave them hollow thangs in your body Lodi-dodi I drinks Bacardi Gets dick hard drunk When I'm off that skunk punk And you don't wanna dance tingo tango I let my left right mingle mangle To your jaw southpaw It oughta be a law against these thangs I throw About to lay some shit down with Celly Cel and Bo From the Garden Blocc Hillside got they Glock Mack 10's Mobb shit'll neva end I'm tryin' to have it all So I ball 'till I'm gold Mobbin' through a sixty usin' cruise control C-Bo: I'm fuckin' wit that click nigga That big nigga on the block With Glocks, Rag Tops Cut thangs on them gold knocks Better watch your back 'cuz we strapped with teks Push up in a blue Lex' And dump caps to your neck Mobb shit Bustaz all die Leather trench Brim and two nines Costume of a killa At your bed side holdin' on two millas Uggh we bust them teks close range Livin' estranged Called insane 'Cuz when it's on it's on site no matter night or day And you can't fuck wit these Get smothered with a half a key Bitch Celly Cel: Give me the ball and I'ma fill the lane like 'Fenney Hardaway 'cuz I'm out to get every penny Any nigga disrespectin' when I'm checkin' for my scrilla I know'm stilla wig splittin' killa ain't no realla Nigga realla than me Mobbin' through your hood and takin' heads Slumpin' hangin out the windows dumpin' And shakin' 'Feds So mind your own Cross the line and see how quick they gone Head blown decapitated caught slippin' in my zone Fuckin' with this Mobb shit Niggaz get they wig split C-Bo: Uggh it's the murder man posted at the front door And when they comes I dumps with both four-four's Letin' 'em have it 'cuz I'm static Dumpin the grass Killed his ass And then kneel down and get my last laugh Punk bitch shouldn't have tripped Now he lay dead in the ditch Ass ripped Suckin' on his own dick Money talk Bullshit walk Fool this ain't no sunshine Three killas One garden blocc, two hillside B-Legit: This shit's fucked and I am tag teamin' with the murder man And that'll hurt a man Niggaz doin' dirt and All you got to do is hop your ass in my 'Cut We'll be back tomorrow mornin' Cell, you comin' or what? I got this gut feelin' About to make the killin' for a livin' The contract said the nigga wore a wire tap And they want him dead A hundred G's for his head And leave a bloody glove down where that body bled Celly Cel: Red rum is what I'm hummin' as I hit the fence Homicide looked for prints but found no evidence Stuffed his head in the duffel bag and zipped it up Them ballas want to see his face before they break us off a cut There it is cashed him like some chips at Reno Slid us a briefcase full of crispy ass C-Notes Made the hit Got the scrilla Gone without a trace B behind the wheel And Bo Loc cuffed to the briefcase Yo' nigga Cell got the chopper 'case they on my trail If it's a tail then I'ma leave a 50 empty shells Pistol smokin' These niggaz know we ain't no jokin' Split up the tokens And I'm back in the hood loccin' Fuckin' with this Mobb shit Niggaz get they wig split B-Legit: Yeah, like a real hillside strangler, yola slanger, tryin to get a buck but if I'm fucked in the gas chamber. The autopsy red, them niggaz had some heat fo yo ass. And never leave your block without your glock, clip and mask. Haters hatin but its all game related and that's what we do bitch

Is This The End?

P. DIDDY "Forever"
[Cheri] This is a story about two riders One's from Chicago And the other is from New York [Twista] Now nigga what You thinkin' there be no repentance But I'm coming back with a vengence Runnin' like a ant since it was intense Thought it was the end Wish every motherfucker's in like sentence Where they been since Let me not go deep in the story But damn it, I feel the fury when I'm rapping Got me going off in the zone Hit eleven niggas and bitches at home Hear the drama how it happen Back for one minute You remember I was grazed in the shoulder When I plays the beholder Hit the land like a crusier But in the Range with the Rov' Still it feelin' strange to a soldier Me and Puff trapped in the parking lot I done found the keys so let's crawl on the floor Got up beside the ride but we still trapped But I found my strap, I gotta bust that hoe P., you gotta drive, problem at the angle of the ride Blast when you crash through the exit We still alive but the opposition gotta die When they go then it's on to the next shit When the car screeched off, I blast my heat off Thus crackin' our winshield That stud shoulda been killed Kept shootin' 'till I seen his bloody body do a windmill Started catchin' convulsions that we frozen Ain't nobody here to hold it Feelin the escape was kinda golden Now we dozin' More niggas have rolled in They started comin' at us with high-tech shit It's only so much one mac can do But you know what we got to do Don't get in the wind Is it the end or chapter 2 They coming after you 1 - [Cheri] Living my life on the run With these niggas coming after me Is this the way that it has to be I can't tell these dreams from reality Now I'm not afraid to die So it really don't matter to me It just might be my destiny I hope you niggas is ready for me [Puffy] Yeah, yeah Saw my whole empire crumble into pieces As the trouble increases Escape is the thesis when the car speed releases I'm on the run like Jesus The first chapter was sadness but this one is madness Killers on our asses, plus I'm in 'suit, winney badges Red and blue light flashing Now, let's see who's the fastest Slide through the street like a real C Hit the curb swervin', but I'm still swift Damn it, ain't no brakes I feel like a enemy of the state We on the run like Will Smith Pumpin' some real shit Since the car won't slow down I had to crash through a window Level shook but now we on foot with the showdown Didn't know what we was in for Somehow, someway we gotta get the ammunition for the gun play Now I hear some bullets ricochet, motherfucker's got to get away T., let's go this a-way through the ally Where these niggas can't score me And max me a building attack me Headin' straight for Kennedy, they can't catch me There 20 minutes exactly Get tickets at the first airline, first flight out Get set for the hardcore, could you tell where the sky phone Me and T. on the plane on our way to Chicago When we landed in O'Hare A cop yelled out Freeze, we sent here to capture you Nigga, you know what we got to do Tell me, is this the end or chapter 2 They comin' after you Repeat 1 [Twista] People better get goin' for the big clone Leave our shit blown Coming at us with a C gun, gotta get calm Then I pick up on the jet phone So I could see if my bitch home (hello) Hope the cop that drop them and took a strap then split Simply, but we acted quick Damn, there was a glock Then we dipped up in the parkin' lot We saw one Jag' at the Jack-O-V When we got up on the highway, too smooth Run away to the hood and we workin' with some new rules Can't be one who loose Go to the hideout, make a call for some new tools And I'm feelin' these fools, we got beef who can die That want a piece of the pie But now we got his keys to the shop And niggas gotta live slow 'till at lesat if they try [Puffy] Now we can flip my bitch named Angela She my weed and my wipe and handler Branding her with a tattoo with my name on it Make her feel like I'm the man for her But she lookin' suspicious And somebody at the front door Now she looking scared Soon as I let out the air saying my bitch Angie up and shot T. in the leg [Twista] Should go through the back door Feelin' torture and pain I heard shots in the front Oh we about to die Straight Kamakozi and ride There are two things from the start You wanna go to war, I'll take you to war I can't make it that easy to ride for me And when I saw the enemy, I let it ride Tell me, is this the end or chapter 3 They comin' after me Repeat 1 until fade

Tales From The Darkside

ICE CUBE "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted"
(feat. Chuck D) [Verse One: Ice Cube] Peace - don't make me laugh! All I hear is motherfuckers rappin sucotash Livin large, tellin me to get out the gang I'm a nigga, gotta live by the trigger How the fuck do you figure that I can say peace and the gunshots will cease! Every cop killer goes ignored They just send another nigga to the morgue A point scored- they could give a fuck about us They rather catch us with guns and white powder If I was old, they'd probably be a friend of me Since I'm young, they consider me the enemy They kill ten of me to get the job correct To serve, protect, and break a niggas neck Cuz I'm the one with the trunk of funk And 'Fuck tha Police' in the tape deck You should listen to me cuz there's more to see Call my neighborhood a ghetto cuz it houses minorities The other color don't know you can run but not hide These are tales from the darkside... [Verse Two:] You wanna free Africa, I stare at yuh Cuz we ain't got it too good in America I can't fuck with them overseas My homeboy died over a key of cocaine It was plain and simple The 9mm went to the temple was the sound I put the bitch down And ran to the schoolyard bathroom Looked in the trash can yo it had room So I ducked my ass in it for a minute Covered with trash I had to lay back Mad as fuck, thinkin' about the payback Tonite the crew gonna have a little fun I went home and cut the barrel of my shotgun It's gettin critical - I stole a 5.0 I let it go - drive real slow I yelled out 'Ice Cube sucka' The shot-gun kicked - and it murdered motherfuckers I told you last album when I got a sawed off, bodies are hauled off Its a shame, that niggas die young But to the light side it don't matter none It'll be a drive by homicide But to me its just another tale from the darkside... [Verse Three: Chuck D] Standing in the middle of war In the middle we flex When we die, we won't make +Jet+ +Ebony+ can't see to the lightside The term they apply to us is a nigga Call it what you want, cause I'm comin from the coroner Sayin my rhymes with a Ph.D. Who's black - don't wanna role - sells his soul Watch his head go rollin Who the fuck are they foolin Nobody knows, but I suppose the color of my clothes Matches the color of the one on my face as they wonder whats under my waist (Standin on the verge) of them gettin brown thats a fact got a fear on their bozack Run, run, run, their ass off, they can not hide Yet Cube, they can't fuck with the darkside!

I'm A Fool

[Verse 1] Yea, I’m a fool, hundred thousand for the jewels Last year we killed the game and left y’all browsing for the clues Old niggas out here search for that fountain of the youth Money talks and hoes say its an arousing point of view Don’t make me act a fool like Malcom before the suit How could you justify, I testified up in this booth? And then, throughout the years, spilled tears and shared truths Somehow they love a nigga better when he talk about his loot Chain like a kelidescope, see life through a wider scope Therefore, I know this necklace really represents a noose Still I hit the jeweler how much racks to make me cooler I just play the game homie, I ain’t make the rules up Started from the bottom same way you lace your shoes up So if I’m blowing cake, blame it on the place I grew up Where niggas had nothing but dreams and television Got no plans of seeing hell or prision You can tell I’m living, right? Never said I’m living right [Hook] And they like Boy you a fool [x3] And they like [x3] Boy you a fool, Boy you a fool And they like, And they like [Verse 2] I’m a fool, hundred thou to go to school So much debt left me and my mama damn near drowning in a pool First to go to college, they say knowledge is a tool But these hoes on campus make a young nigga drool So we party, skip class, get ass and talk cool Meanwhile, she back home working hard I use that as my fuel So I finally graduated but I’m sad to say that I ain’t learn a fucking thing except the game and how to play it I’m a fool, no scuffs on my shoes No cuts I don’t bruise, so fuck y’all reviews She told me Cole I love you roll with you way before the riches But you way too educated to be calling women bitch and calling brothas niggas Pardon if I cross a line but all this time Knew you was different than all them other niggas I responded to her “please don’t put me on a pedestal Cuz I know better and I’m still a fool” [Hook]

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