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Daz Dillinger lyrics - Retaliation Revenge And Get Back


Original and similar lyrics
[Featuring Kurupt The Kingpin Prince Ital] Ahh shit! [Prince Ital] Yeh Everywhere I go Nuff gunshot are firin out the ghetto area seen? I haffa watch my back Too much crack seen? Watch yourself cuz nuff home icide a gwan in de area [Daz Dillinger] I hear some niggaz clockin major on the other side of town Strictly slidin for a proper come up to come around Called up the homies from way back, who dream of gettin paid Then finally get paid with the amount of 80 G's 6:30 layin in cut, prepare to get ready Me and Ty grew up, mashin to get our feddi Food stamps galore, kick in the door get on the floor Make sure my homies get away smooth with the dough A hardcore motherfucker raised up not knowin Now my dream is just a dream we're sellin dope and hoein Moms can't tell me shit, I make the rules that I live by In and out the house, late at night, and plus I got high The homies influenced me to be the G of all G's Perfectedly innovated to all my homies Pull out the Riviera, plus I kick up dust Pull out the brain, pull out the thang, cock back and bust It's just some gangsta shit, goin down on the Eastside Some niggaz who died and tried to whoride on mine Pull on the 7 Carter with the homey Flossy Floss He's the homey from the Beach who's known for takin off Pile up the bird then swerve, conversate on smoke and submerge Finger on the trigger, cons-templatin on a murder I mean, takin life for life, cause it's right Shit, niggaz gotta do, to earn they stripes, straight merkin Chorus: repeat 2X It's some gangsta shit, that's going down Homicide, straight murder/homicide It's some gangsta shit, here in this town Straight murder/[blank] [Daz Dillinger] Word on the street is that them DPG niggaz shot they homeboy Now the only sound in the town is gunfire Going down I sport the crown I give it up on motherfuckers when I roll through I thought you knew about them Doggs in blue Now forty-five, niggaz bought em by the spot I'm on alert I'm down to work every nigga that I shot Niggaz skied out quick, around the block who know we comin back Post up early on the attack Slowly but surely spot an enemy slippin out his domain Rode up on him and let him see the twelve gauge The homey Ty banged him on GP because we stuffed him then we bagged him cause he violated the rule of the streets Two redrums under my belt, it felt good bout to murder Haven't you ever heard of a murderer motherfucker? Cause I'm, a straight gangsta, doin what I feel Niggaz no need to tempt, for me to kill, straight blastin the enemy, can't see the hoes who try to get with me Understand where I'm comin from the D-P to the G-the-C The niggaz who trip, niggaz that dipped Niggaz that conversate with the Bloods or Crips It's just a West coast thang, gangsta thang Niggaz come around here but surely can't hang because-a we don't hang with no bustas and sho' nuff don't hang with no fags and niggaz down to blast, straight merkin Chorus Check it out [Kurupt the Kingpin] I heard niggaz kickin static makin noise Cold hearted wanna get it started with my boys Automatic toys to tangle with niggaz for profit Got shit on lockdown cause I lets the Glock spit Soon as D-A-Z hits me on my hip, talk about chips The game run heatin them clips, the gaze kicks Automatic tech nine spits, I gotta roll with the Pound that's the neighborhood of murder Am I the only motherfucker ridin? Am I the only rider but I found a whole pound of niggaz violent I got the big homey Ty money worldwide from Portland, Oregon L.A. to the N.Y. I'm bout to crash in your door, unload the double four Then stash it, then we blasted all we saw The fo'-fo', the fo' double sparkin the gang walkin up your hood like nuttin but trouble We straight gangsta shit [Prince Ital] That's right We dat live by de knife will die by de knife You betta try save your life On your life dere might be a oversight Take my ad-vice and jump inna your ride Don't ar-gue with de Death Row pride DPG gangstaz they nah make you try We got keep every stone you keep in your life, you betta don't feel strife We dat live by de knife will die by de knife You betta try save your life Oh lawd, oh lawd Homicide it's a homicide Oh lawd, oh lawd Murderah it's a murderah Oh lawd [Daz Dillinger] We're in this motherfucker Yo Daz! OHHH SHIT! *car crashes* Y'all niggaz alright? Man nigga let's get out this motherfucker Nigga the cops comin nigga!

Bulworth (They Talk About It While We Live It)

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[Prodigy] Aiyyo, wordup Dunn Man you know how I feel Gotta be more to it than this, word up [Doing an impression of Scarface] This what it's all about Dunn Uh Eating, drinking, fucking, sucking (Can't understand) Whattup, I don't know baby Nah man, it's not, it's not yo word up I'm tellin you right now I know this shit though, aiyyo Disagreeable, foul energy, tryin to absorb my energy, knowin it's the strength of me Take a few to give me a edge My green light shine bright, Kryptonite type Fully operational, my physical cream Put the bottles of smoke down, pick up a magazine Popped it inside the AR-15 Put it aside, round up the regime While you rely on religion, I hold a nine on the mission, to pull fire on your opposition Revelation was the vision of this Crack the heavens, it's time to bring the business, shit My story goes back to them lost Pyramids I'm seeing things that you won't believe exists He use a Lunar-tick, suspended in time Dunn The secondary light got your mind You rock the fatigues, to squab until popular guns But are you really prepared, for the things to come [KRS-One] Check it out True underground sound from the Boogie Down Uptown Downtown gather round for the showdown, in they faces Calling out these racists, at Rolling Stone Spin Details and other places, KRS is The Source Fuck these magazine leadin hip-hop off course You'll print about Black Mayors, Black Senators Why you ain't got no Black Editors Everytime I do an interview in Rolling Stone They sendin me a writer that look like he's Home Alone Ignorant, to the culture and the microphone This has got to stop -- your whole spot is blown sky high, battle why try My view is bird's eye, scopin with my third eye You don't understand, why you're publically banned until you recognize the writing skills of a black man Black Editor, all of us ain't thuggin Gossiping over who's homosexual Some of us are Black Intellectuals, up in Harlem World You can't get with me, so now in Midtown you wanna stop and talk to me Bitch ass journalist, is this your fake hip-hop publication Look I'm burnin this [Method Man] How many didn't want to see it happen Street moves, live from Staten, if life is a joke, nobody laughin Hate to see a brother do good through legal action So you sabotage and throw a Def in the Squad Fo'-fo's blastin, keep the po-po flashin these Dark Soul Assassins, Jake's hate the Gods with a passion So I keep it movin in an orderly, fashion Pedal to the floor -- peep the Jim Crow law, mind control theory Y'all niggaz don't hear me, Generation Next Droppin fast who's next, next to get wet by the reign of the tech-knowledgy, follow me Open up wide now, swallow me, every calorie is reality the truth, the whole truth and nothin but the truth, taste is the proof These niggaz want the Juice, and in the crossfire be the youth, who didn't learn to duck when they shoot [KAM] What kind of party is this, it's that political kind Where America's best, most hypocritical minds Try they hands at keepin y'all deaf dumb and blind And for the right dollar sign, do white collar crime behind suits, and clean shaves I confuse em and use em as tools and slaves Because my schools is graves and jobs is plantations -- I robs the damn nation so I can live in luxury, you fucks with me You marryin the dirt and I'ma throw in the tux for free I tell the people what they wanna hear I make em laugh and cheer, and then they re-elect me every year So when the coast is clear, I stop duckin and start back doin dope, cussin and fuckin I kiss the babies, shake hands, wave and smile for flicks That's my style, my pol-i-tricks Triple-Six convicts, lyin is automatic in the government, Republican or Democratic Fuck Freedom, Justice and Equality Nigga just accept my apology and suck this trick-knowledgy

I Can't Win

The Strokes "Room on Fire"
That was you up on the mountain All alone and all surrounded Walking on the ground you're breaking Laughing at the life you're wasting One, two tries won't do it You do it all your life and you never get through it Everything they had to say Had been erased in just one day Good try, we don't like it Good try, we won't take that shit Oh, I can't win. Things in bars that people do When no one wants to talk to you Failing can be quite a breeze, he Told me that these girls were easy Happy that you said you'd mount me Felt unlucky when you found me Some nights come up empty handed Yes, I'll take it Wait now, by the sidewalk Hold on, yes, I'll be right back I can't win Yeah, I wait for something Cool it, we won't take that shit Good try, we don't like it Hold on, yes, I'll be right back

Rather Unique

AZ "Doe Or Die"
[Featuring Nas] -Your bigger than the Jews -Bigger than the Irish -You run the whole fuckin country -You can be the next John D. Rockerfeller -Nobody noticed us, nobody gave a shit -But the bigger we get, the more were takin from other people Nas: Yo, in a mahogany, black scenery That was lightin and rain drops I'm tied up in the basement cocaine spot, like Bangkok I'm blindfold Vietnam type mind controless torture His accent sounds like the rarest culture Askin me, my astroby stabbin me gradually Says its astrobute What's atonic, mesonic, ironic I felt reminded of my fast life ventures And winters Blinded til the flashlight enters AZ: Yo dun, before the sun set Call connect get all the tech's I'm vexed, this nigga love his sex He lost respect, lets off his neck My caliber Got me thinkin on a higher algebra See me I'm just as foul as ya, but you ain't got no style in ya I'm into bigger cheddar Cheese ??? armaretta Armani sweaters, plus these crabs could never dead us Chorus: Mo money, more murder more homicide You catch that body nigga, better have that alibi You never know, it might just be your time to take that ride To them pearly white gates, watch that suicide Nas: Now government official Got you sippin on Cristal and crystal You ??? And took your clan with you i'm out to get you Guaranteed every shell will hit you Plus I'm on some shit to Layin down whomever's with you Mafioso This New York City nineties Era Soso AZ you know my culture Now my wolves is out to ghost ya AZ: Center a rose on the graveyard for real now The stakes is up a half a mil now I tried to grab him with his shield down What walked in a crazy paid up Sharp but straight up gators from Barbados Never seen nobody play those Laylow what they called him His head bald and Sippin cappuchino spilled to his silk suits Lap was scalding Laugh was vulgar Canvas paintings of the Iaetola And on his arm he wore a priceless vulture Tobacco pipe smoker Escobar your life is over Justify the righteous nova Bullets flew out his right shoulder Corpse leaving a foul odor The firm volume one adjourned Bring it to a closure Chorus: Nas: So now you rolling with us like codefenders No phony business Should no the difference From supreme solo its the style ancient as Moses scriptures Its latin kings, black goofies and white jesters Among us Crime invades the minds of youngsters Where its pitch black they can't see you Godfather three falling for dead in a cathedral AZ: Now you forced to listen I got the mind of a grad from Princeton Play your position Or soon you'll be lost and missing Its far from fiction My presence is like that of a christian With ammunition puttin states under submission Street addiction Got me tied thorough with burrows Still in the ghetto But in the cut where its mellow Incognito on the leelow Like Carlito Cause we know Niggas don't really want us to see dough You never know it might just be your time to take your ride To them pearly white gates watch that suicide Chorus:

Rockin' With The Best

Tha Alkaholiks "Likwidation"
[Tash] Uhh... ahh, uhh uhh [J-Ro] Uhh, ah one two [Tash] Check it out [J-Ro] Ah one two and ah, ah one two [Tash] It's Tha Liks [J-Ro] Ah yes yes, you're now rockin with the best Yes yes, you're now rockin with the best Uhh, come from the what Yes, you're now rockin with the best [Def'] One two, Defari's in the house [J-Ro] Defari in the house, you're now rockin with the best [J-Ro] Everytime I rhyme I swing mine like wind chimes It's crack a brew, tie your shoe, do a backspin time I quit sellin weed but I stuff dimes in my sack TJ Rolls, Crackerjacks, Mad Lib, Loot Pack I'll make you move and change your number like Shaq to wear you out like slacks like when the button on your back pocket cracks I used to roll with moms, shotgun in the Datsun Rest in peace shouts out to Donnie LaToya Watson A real mother for ya, the Ro will never bore ya I clock mail like Mel be spittin game like a lawyer I rolled it up, spark it, then I blow like Branford got one more Son than Sanford's tryin to send him to Stanford ... and ohh yo like Quasimoto my name rings bells, it's time for Tha Likwit photo Yes... ladies and gentlemen... You are now rockin with the best [Chorus: repeat 2X] Yes, you are now rockin, you are now rockin You are now rockin with the best [Phil Da Agony] You're now rockin with the best, maximum capacity for MC's that ain't for the Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull Pullin words like tug of war from my memory banks core secure, sweat pours through the forces I give em more Who wanna see a Likwit MC without the glass ya laugh, feel the wrath of the blast of the liquor in the flask, so don't ask, or form the question Verbal harassment, to your environment Music element, to your concious, the beat ready rocker Sippin the vodka straight smokin the sess that niggaz hate I got the the grammer for Panorama City, with bills in my socks so they won't break in my pocket on the block Fool I'm bout to go purchase me some Old Gold beer My niggaz gettin wasted on my stairs and under the stairs Liks can cock while I'm twistin my beers You gotta be able to twist at least three, to Phil Da Agony, really My currency stretch, for the stress while I book my matches, askin niggaz who wanna match this Yes, you are now rockin, you are now rockin You are now rockin with the best [Chorus] [Tash] Niggaz think I'm off my rocker, but big Tash is lifted off that vodka So rappers know it's curtains from the second that I spot ya Cause the top notcher goes the extra length to bring it liver Get me drunk enough and Tash'll crash a party skydivin Cause to danger I'm no stranger, my mic has insurance But just to keep it safe I called E-40 for endurance So it's a everyday occurance for the Alkie fam to slam the Likwid hits that make y'all niggaz say, Yes god damn! So get off your ass and JAYAM, to the sounds of Rum and Coke while I blow my smoke and show you how deep my Likwid soak into your brain, I still got the style they can't explain But my homey wanna bust so tell these niggaz what's your name! [E-Swift] I'm E-Swift, my beats are known to leave speakers blown In any fuckin zone, my style is prone to wet the microphone The hardcore music conductor, the Likwit MC slash beat constructor, rockin this motherfucker That's some stuff niggaz I'm finished, if lyrics need to be replenished I'm sendin bitin MC's to the dentist to get they grill fixed cause they got too addicted Now they feelin the pain that Tha Liks have inflicted I make clubs swing like Tiger Woods on the green I go the whole eighteen, avoiding anything in between Niggaz tune into these flows like Friday night mix shows on the radio, my crew is unfadeable [Chorus]


Joe Rockhead "Crazy"
When I was a kid I learned a lesson from another brother Older than myself a lesson later that helped It was a fundamental lesson in the rules of life we're living Giving me the power later on to help myself Sometimes you gotta learn the hardest way there is to learn Can't teach a young man any faster said the master to the hopper So I do the best I can see this life and understand This life I lead just like my poppa said I'm playing hardball And that's straight down the middle And straight down the line So if you're gonna play the game of life son You better play hardball I'm up at the crack of dawn. I put my uniform on. I'm catching the bus without a fuss while I'm sportin' a yawn. I get to work late. I'm not feelin' too great 'Cause irritated and berated are my boss' best traits. He says for me to wash the store, sweep and mop the floor. Do the dishes grant my wishes or you work here no more. I get minimum wage, I feel I'm trapped in a cage But I can't survive or stay alive without gettin' paid. My boss' name is hakheem. I'm not saying he's mean But if you're leanin you're cleanin until your hands turn green. I knew a man named Jake. The crap he couldn't take. He said, “the manager will challenge ya. I'll be at his wake.” He brought a gun to the store. The manager asked what for. He said, “I'm tired” and fired and ran out the door But hakheem wasn't hurt when he pulled off his shirt. He had a vest on his chest that made the bullets not work. (lyrics form Beverly Hillbillies then repeat 1st verse)

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