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David Jones lyrics

If 2day Were 2morrow

Original and similar lyrics
If today were tomorrow, how would you be? Would you sit and chill and watch it pass or take part in society? Be a fiend on the scene being mean to your queen. Your daily regime; you think that you're Mean Joe. Pullin' stunts for the green. Or would you attempt to be exempt from temptation. My mental illustration equals motivation to energize a generation; to surprise a nation. To proceed, lead and succeed at your chosen vocation. So in this here rhyme of mine from line to line let's take the time to sit back and unwind, clear your mind so you can find that space behind your face. So sublime. Wait till I get to the end before you hit rewind. Now in a world created by you to do as you choose to do. Would you choose to lose feeling used and abused, battered and bruised cravin' that endless snooze. Cause the world owes you something for nothing it would appear. Shedding tears in the ears of your peers about your fears and the hardships of past years. The only doe you know are deers. Man It's hard to hear with a blunt in your mouth while you're sipping on a beer. When you look in the mirror at your face, what fills the space? Is a mask with the task to cover and erase? Or a star shining bright with the light for third eye sight? To envision goals; to shape and to mold, educate a legend to be told? Now let's look at it and see; Die in the street or live like royalty; wealth or poverty; health or HIV A-I-D-S Oh what a mess. Will you pass the test or end up like the rest. A scattered mess. The untouchable ones who thought they were the best. Or are you blessed with the power to devour; build a tower in an hour, turn sweet from sour. I'm tellin' you the time is now or; Never say never when the time passes so does the weather; to shine and shower on your every endeavour. So in order to gain it most remain in your brain to refrain from being plain. Train and sustain your plans to attain and keep your head up through the pain and the rain. Do not assume that you're insane because your aim ain't the same as the man spittin' game about the prize and bulging pockets on his thighs. Do you idolize? Or are you wise to realize: you've got one life as far as I know. So do you row with the flow and go where it ends? Or spend time to ascend to be great ladies and men. Now close your eyes and open the third one to see. If today where tomorrow; How would you be?

Night Of The 4th Of May

And the days they flew by And the leaves fell from the trees And many times you came around And many times you slept with me And every time that we made love You wrote it down in your diary Lady of ladies But I would always say to you Don't ask about tomorrow Give what you have, take what you need Your time is only now Don't try to tie me down to promises I live for today, today is all there is And freedom seems to be everything to me I took you down to a party On the night of the 4th of May And a strange and growing restlessness Had hung in the air all day The need to try and tear down And destroy all that we'd made Lady of ladies You whispered in my ear and asked me If I fancied her You told me that he'd phoned you When I was in America Daring each other just to say okay Swap for tonight, didn't I always say That freedom seems to be everything to me And she came and she sat down beside me And you found an excuse to go downstairs And she smiled and made The kind of conversation that you do And later on she said 'My last train has gone Oh I wonder if you could run me home' And I found vou in the hallway and told you That was all that I would do Just run her home and it's through Oh I thought you knew But I must confess I laid my head on her breast And it seemed so hard To pull it away Her hand touched my hand And her eyes were offering the rest If it wasn't for you, oh I would have stayed But I came back home through the morning To find you lying awake And I knew all at once what you'd done And I heard myself say "Why did you have to sleep with him Anyone else Wouldn't have mattered Half As much as him" I don't want to touch you Somehow you feel unclean I just wish that you Were five hundred miles away from me Don't talk at all, don't start to cry Just pack up your things Lady of ladies And though I'd always told myself That when our time ended I'd walk away with no regrets And no attempts to stay Somehow it doesn't seem to be that way I find I'm needing every word you say This freedom seems to be everything to me And you went up to Cambridge And you stayed in your brother's room And you wrote me a letter and sent it the same afternoon You said "I just want to hurt myself Oh I need you so badly now" And you told me "Without you there seems to be no horizon at all Just no crack in the wall No place lower to fall "Hey don't leave me, don't leave me The shapelessness of the dawn Floods above and beneath me, I can't go on" And I had to walk right into the trap And I had to say please come back Though I felt all the while My resistance slipping away Why did I have to fall for you Anyone else Wouldn't have hurt me Half As much as you

Soul Plan

Lord Finesse
featuring Marquee Chorus: Lord Finesse Times are shifting no time to be tricking on chickens (No doubt) Your opinion's different? Well man listen players front the role And then be forgetting (Straight tripping) Verse One: Lord Finesse Check out the elite player that keeps flavor Producer beat layer caters spectators to street data Real life portrayer rap sayer legit like tax payers Behavior's cool like sax players Conservative, it's all real, no preservatives God bless the illest player you ever heard of, kid Smooth as margarine, got the squadron, shit Don't front, I'll catch you on the rebound like Dennis Rodman Chorus: Marquee Time to shine, I need my dough bigger (No doubt) No time to be chasing a broke nigga Get on your job, you can keep those short figures '96 we strictly go-getters (How you figure?) Verse Two: Marquee Marquee, like a diamond, shining, the light is blinding And many niggas want to fill this light hymen Nah men with the biggest teeth (Why?) Cause his chick is me Got him hooked, like smokers are to nicotine Queens mommy, keep the skeletons behind me Find me at universities scooping degrees with my mommy Rap's profoundness, slouches I out and out diss Skills be mountainous, so what you know about this? Chorus: Lord Finesse Marquee Times are shifting, no time to be tricking on chickens (No doubt) Your opinion's different? Well man listen, players front the role And then be forgetting (Straight tripping) Time to shine, I need my dough bigger (No doubt) No time to be chasing a broke nigga Get on your job, you can keep those short figures '96 we strictly go-getters (How you figure?) Verse Three: Marquee No wasting time, money bitch state of mind We on top of shit, ain't the generous kind Want to owning homes, money loan like the Rolling Stones Corleones, staying blown off of flowing poems Expanding, keeping Knots like Landing Eating steaks and salmon thinking of ways to scamming Damn if I ain't taking it, niggas flashing paper Trying to real me in, but a snake and I'll partake in Legal robberies, Henny flowing through my arteries Cloud my vision, controlling every part of me Official ties and links moves mind, body, and sinks Don't talk before I think, distraught before you blink Flawless performance, game enormous Bet you never met a shorty with this endurance Run with crime picks and fine chicks who specialize in mind tricks You got a good man? You'd better watch him in '96 Chorus: Lord Finesse Marquee Time to shine, I need my dough bigger (No doubt) No time to be chasing a broke nigga Get on your job, you can keep those short figures '96 we strictly go-getters (How you figure?) Times are shifting, no time to be tricking on chickens (No doubt) Your opinion's different? Well man listen, players front the role And then be forgetting (Straight tripping) Verse Four: Lord Finesse Lyrical invasions, blazing, got you gazing So amazing, break down opponents like equasions The stunning, weigh about a hundred eighty something I see you coming, on your toes, kid, you lunching Stop fronting, and trash that till you drop like a bad habit I'll have you folding like a Craftmatic Smooth as satin, this player's patented Be in the Himalayan caverns with some chickens playing Sega Saturn Keep papes like the amount won in sweepstakes Guaranteed every year to take triple what the police make Large, Fort Knox size, if I'm not rolling like a rock slide I'm laying in the cut like peroxide Colossal, soulful like gospels Spiritual, so follow the Lord like apostles I gots to clock dough, rock shows, I mock foes Drop flows that's deep like fucking potholes Supreme being, the one you hear but rarely seeing Out to hustle, strictly money like the Koreans Out to pile money, that's my style sonny While you foul honeys be lucky to get a Coke and a smile from me Chorus: Lord Finesse Marquee Times are shifting, no time to be tricking on chickens (No doubt) Your opinion's different? Well man listen, players front the role And then be forgetting (Straight tripping) Time to shine, I need my dough bigger (No doubt) No time to be chasing a broke nigga Get on your job, you can keep those short figures '96 we strictly go-getters (How you figure?)

Still On It

ASHANTI "Collectables By Ashanti"
[Irv Gotti:] There can only be one, Ashanti... Murder Inc. [Paul Wall:] (Paul Wall, What It Do?) It's the Houston Hard Hitter out the 713, it's "The People's Champ," Paul Wall, yeah that's me. Come take a ride with a playa out the 'Lone Star State'. I'm just a hustler on the grind known for gettin' that cake. I came up from the bottom, now i reside at the top. I used to run away from cops, but now it's benzes i cop. I used to post up on the block like Yao Ming in the paint, but now i pimp the parkin' lot, drivin' slow n sippin' drank. With Ashanti on my side as i glide like Clyde, and nothin' less than 24 inches of chrome on my ride. It's just somethin' bout the way I tip 4s and grip grain and got these boppers on the sidelines goin insane. I got 'em moanin', my mackin' game is outta control, but i don't know if it's my looks or my big bank roll. I'm 24 years old with my mouth all gold, my games cold and now the stories been told. It's Paul Wall, baby (baby). [Ashanti: (Verse 1)] See i don't know why (why) I'm feelin' just the way i do (do) It's been a long time (time) I thought that i was over you, but now you're coming around again I'll be remembering what you said I just can't take it, and i don't wanna go back, oh no. [Chorus:] What is a girl to do, if she's still on it, yes If she done been there before with you, and now she don't want it, yeah We've spent time and time again. I just wish this thing would end. Tell me, what is a girl to do, if she's still on it. [Verse 2:] Whenever we talk (talk) It feels like we had somethin' strong (strong) And knowin' it's wrong, we tried to do this thing before, but when you coming real close to me Bringing back all of them memories I just can't fake it, but i don't wanna go back, oh no. [Chorus] [Method Man:] (uhn, yeah) Auntie Ashanti's a problem, this track here's a problem. The best thing rockin' since that cotton came to Harlem. Meth darlin', I'm like that Hershey with the almonds, and i don't pay for nothin', but your pardon. They start and I finish. My animals is starvin' for dinners Straight up menace, y'all don't get involved in my business. Look, I witness, spotted like a blemish, off gimmicks. I'm 59/50 authenic. Tilted with that NY on it. There's money to be made, and i want it. See, my palm been itchin' for the longest, so scratch that, paper like NASDAQ. We laughed that life, roll the dice, get the cash back, I'm nice. Plus, I got the juice, so i goes well with ice. Been drug tested 3 times failed it twice. Ashanti, you doin' it big, don't hurt 'em auntie. Matter fact, you killin 'em girl, you're murder mami. [Chorus] [Irv Gotti:] hahahahaha...yeah Paul Wall, Swisha House Method Man, Wu Tang Ashanti, the one and only princess We get back at you in 2006... It's Murda [Ashanti:] Fo' Life, (uh)


CRU "Da Dirty 30"
featuring The Lox [Jadakiss] My outlet is full of powerful niggas Electrify ya tie spark up the lah Keep the room dark let me fill out my high Then slap box my ghost 'til one of us cry Jae to the Won can niggas fuck around? And they better say nah word to Allah They dyin' down I got iron now Run upon 'em cock it back tie 'em down If he try to move then I gotta lie him down From Y O aka Riot Town I used to buy it, but I just supply it now Y'all used to talk, but you're all quiet now You know what it is that really makes it scrape it Have a lot of cars, and the lot still vacent And you won't stop speakin' 'til I leave you on the cement Leakin', all hot none eatin' [Yogi] Slow down son, you're kill 'em Ok you can bring it to 'em Everyday, just like Mary J. Sippin' iced teas in the E J Partyin', 'til your bare remain You're killin' 'em, ok you bring it to 'em Everyday, just like Mary J. Honeys at the bar sippin' Alaze Cru and Lox is your hair remain I know you brailin' me, baby Yogi's in the lead, you're trailin' me, baby The PHd's can't compete mines is better than yours Then we can take it to the streets, my rum's redder than yours BX where the attic sniffy chalk outline And the clubs they shout mine, shit's about time Chad and Mighty Ha key the predicate felon When he make bell he eat more booty than Ellen Who you tellin'? The world is mine like Esco If not, at least a house and Esgro Turnin' ghetto stars into Uncle Tom's Yogi, the mellow low key Understandin' my crew is strictly Shark Bar Champagne toastin' while you splittin' Clark Bars I'd rather be live at The Tunnel with Flex Then on the corner holdin' bundles, next [Styles] Y-O's time to see the hunger in me And I see the same thing in niggas younger than me Like they live, they ain't got a slice to give In the broken down home and they priceless kids Why wouldn't it grab the gun, heist the crib And the never learn shit until twice their bid Like the world turn around funny clown money Everybody laugh when they have it What about the addic niggas that'll hustle for years 'Til they see the graveyard up at the tip Playin' spades, you in the world and playin' sharades If the wait jumped off you ain't touch a gernade Wanna die for the cause? Lie for the doors Niggas wanna play but never took time to pause Learned to remind and check the phat four Try to plug it in they wanna slice up the chords [Chadio] Yo, yo if you got the doe, B, than show me Cause I'm walkin' these streets and no one know me It's gon' change though, with the ill strange flow In the 9-8 push my a black Range Rove I keeps the real, seperate from the fake If I kill, yo, I'm doin so for the cake Blastin' go to a distant land See my gun's like church to a Christain man It's the code of the streets no time the explain Free that soul on up to the next plain Remember the pain, two shots from the flame Remember the bloodstains, the cold wet rain Little light guys with little white lies We takin' out cash and flippin' big white pies You rather run wild with your 9 mil. slant You watchin' too much Stallone and Van Damme [Sheek] Yo Lox, what the fuck, what the fuck walked in here Where my crew at, wave your shit in the air Now bust 'em once for the niggas who ain't with you And jam above , show muthaphuckin' love We make cake, but to make cake you need batter So it ain't kickin' that shit the beat ain't gonna matter Lox and Cru, el familia to you So if you want it you can get the 60 shot pronto Sheek that kid that spit out like tabacco Lyrically fucked out, a fit ain't chips, we ducked out Won't touch out if it ain't a 7 figure route Aye yo, Chad papa, where that cranberry and vodka Let's get flicks, spit on the niggas like this From Y-O to B-X y'all niggas straight C. S. But we count the Benjamins and collect Che-X My begets shine on my neck like I'm flex [Mighty Ha] Give 'em what they want, this what they lookin' for Y-O-G, Chadio and The Mighty Ha Hit 'em in data once again with buttah hits Baby Chris ridin' with my peeps Mark Pitts Comin' with the buttahs, production Y-O-G Grab a chickenhead, lets crack the bubbly Flows by the Gods cause the styles pronto Dayes ya go, dayes ya go

Rhymes For The Deaf, Dumb And Blind

Verse One: Gift of Gab Sittin on top of the bay, watchin the tide It's time to break the tension away, come take a ride As you enter the dimension of the crew SoleSides it ain't nuttin goin on but a party Now brothers wanna flex but I'm over they heads I got the funky type of style to rip your vocals to shreds I'm never runnin from the Feds wearin red Pro Keds Cause -- I ain't did nuttin to no-BODY! I dedicate that line to Shack from South Central Not sayin I'm the baddest but I know I got potential For every black man hung lyrically I lynch you Your style is kinda dry hope my melody can quench you My soul is one with all although my ego is against you See rap is a raw meat, so now I got to mince you I'm playin rappers out like an old pair of gym shoes I can do anything, I can do anything Crusin down the street in my six-four Impala Is what I'd like to be doin if only I had the dollars A baller ain't a baller if he ain't got balls A scholar ain't a scholar if he ain't got scho-lastic education, and if not that, then learn from life Beyond all of the material crap A human ain't a human if he doesn't make mistakes And the name of this song is Swan Lake Verse Two: A planet ain't a planet if it don't have wars A battle ain't a battle if you don't catch scars A mind that ain't inquisitive really doesn't got shit to live for if you can't explore the realms of thought you ought not test lest you be chomped up, like a pop rock, stopped for a bead from the weed lady, thought it was the bomb Really wasn't nuttin but a bag of strong palms Lost twenty dollars, didn't get high Maybe next time I use my finances right Live another day, learn another lesson Ain't no need to get my mental status cold stressin that it's so ill that it's fo'-real that it's no skill displayed, de shades gone now So it's time to build my own umbrella Tell it tell her hella mellow fellows loungin Better bread I never fled a header of the sounds and all I wanna do is run my own universe Grab the mic and let my spirit just FLOCK when I croon a verse Mind over matter, spirit over mind A doobie and a skin funky breakbeats and rhymes A true blue homey to the end reminiscin with your sister in the living room gin A life with a plan nine acres on a land Building self by yourself helpin out a fellow man Prepare for the essence when your inner soul's free Before the departure plantin of the right seed I think what everybody's strivin for is peace of mind I'm thinkin the world is full of inner places that are out there to find Manipulated minds need to make an escape And the name of this song is Swan Lake Manipulated minds need to make an escape And the name of this song is Swan Lake

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