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DAVID HASSELHOFF lyrics - Looking for Freedom

Je T'aime Means I Love You

Original and similar lyrics
Springtime in Paris it was late in the night and, I was looking round at all the usual sights suddenly there right in front of my eyes I saw this girl and I sighed je t'aime Felt my passion rising as I watched her go by I speak a little francais so I gave it a try I was confused - she'd put my mind in a haze then I remembered a phrase - je t'aime Stay with me - mon chà rie maybe then you'll say je t'aime stay with me - please say oui to a rendez-vous je t'aime - means I love you Parlez-vous anglais didn't bring no success and she won't say her name or even write her address don't wanna lose her in the Champs Elysà es only one thing I can say - je t'aime Mademoiselle has got to me like no-one before and I just wanna love her and then love her some more wish that I'd learnt - my lessons better at school I'm standing here like a fool - je t'aime

Before The Great Collapse

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Legacy Of Blood"
[Vinnie Paz] Mummy, I don't wanna live no more I don't think I got nothin' else to give no more It's like I've lost my passion for life It's like call on my actions of tribe I don't feel like I used to about the world I don't feel like I used to about my girl I just wanna die mummy, ‘cause it's too hard I just wanna lie calmly in the view dark Ever since daddy died it's been pain mummy It's like there's something wrong with my brain mummy You was always there for me so I love you I die for you and I place noone above you Tell Lenny and the kids that you stay strong And when I meet my maker that I'm gonna pray for And tell Pete that I think he'll be a great father Tell Young that I think he'll be a great author Tell Planet that his wife and kids are gorgeus And the same go for Andy and for Marcus Tell Syze that I have faith in ‘em And never let the industry snakes get ‘em [Vinnie Paz] I got a few things more I should say mummy I never meant to hurt you in any way mummy I never meant to hurt anyone, it's God's work ‘Cause wakin' up everyday for me is hard work And tell June, that she was the love of my life And that I never stopped lovin' here even in spite All the things that we went through together Do the highs and loans and bad run ‘em Let Frank know he always made me smile Tell him back in the days was crazy wild Tell Stoupe that I always had his back, ma' And we was meant to be together on a track, ma' Tell Cheek I consider him a brother When I die, the pain will spit into another That's just how life go along, it's painful! I'll come back to you in dreams as an angel So don't blame yourself for what happened ‘cause you was the best mother that I could father Someone going to the first place I can go I love you, sincerely Vincenzo!

Love Me, Hate Me

JA RULE "Rule 3:36"
Do you love me, do you hate me Do you love me, do you hate me Do you love me, do you hate me Yeah, yeah This world loves me, this world loves me not I'm torn between the best of both cuz I'm hot In this game so brittely, literaly I got niggaz wanna riddle me, get rid of me R-U-L-E, need I say more World, hope y'all prepared for the chaos Cuz y'all want the beast in me, so I'ma give it Paint pictures vivid, live high as a spirit Y'all can all jump in it That's what you might as well do If you gonna live life timid And I ain't never been intiminated Believe me, and I don't wanna fuckin breath easy I wanna make it hard for these niggaz So when they can't stand me I'ma make it so these niggaz can't feed they family Now do you love me, or do you hate me C'mon and get me, I keep it off safety [Chorus] Do you love me Do you hate me Ready or not Here I come There's nuthin but love spread between me and my niggaz We bust guns together and fuck so many bitches But I know that Hell is callin In the name of the lord just let a nigga in Cuz I ain't done nuthin wrong, but love thy self And harm other niggaz that wanna stop my health Is that healthy Cuz love'll never be hand over hand It's man versus man It's Murda If I'm gonna be hated or to be loved I prefer ta live wild and die from slugs What you want from me Lord I'm only a human Tho I bear your name, I'm a devil in chains Release me, cuz Lord only knows it ain't easy When I'm scarred for life, I know that he sees me Now do you love me nigga Or do you hate me nigga C'mon and get me I'm waiting nigga [Chorus x2] Y'all just wanna watch me rise, then watch me fall Before it's all done I'ma die from it all I might OD in a club off drugs like River Phoenix Or get shot down like BIG and Pac for my genius I know this worlds seen it before, and here I come I know y'all fiendin for more, and I'm not done As long as I can run through current like state times Keep up a sane mind, and hand on my iron, I'ma blast off mine Look in the eyes of a nigga who seldomely cries I got a beautiful wife and kids, why me Y'all cats choose cash and cribs, why me If this good livin Lord, why me When I live so dirty yet I'm worthy to be Number one, the world's only begotten son Here I come [Chorus x4] Do you love me Do you hate me Do you love me Do you hate me Here I Come

Stop To Love

Lately love keeps keeping up at night Tossing and turning, my love Wanna kiss you, wanna hold you real tight Ooo but I wonder love whether you know or not You just hurry away, leaving me laying there in shock I just wanna be the one that you wanna see I just wanna have you near me But you fly away almost everyday You work a lot but you never stop to love CHORUS: Stop, I love you so stop Come home from the road Gotta stop to love And let's celebrate, celebrate the love we got, stop Say you're coming home You say my love has always been on your mind But how can I ever love you, when you keep working overtime? Too many empty nights, can make almost any guy roam to look for the love he don't get whenever he's at home alone. Awaiting the day that you're coming to stay I hate to see you go away, but you couldn't rest Had to do your best to reach the top But you did not stop to love (REPEAT CHORUS) And one day you'll discover I'm the one who love ya Gotta stop to love No one loves you better Can't you stay forever? Stop to love I can hardly stand the loneliness Come on home, that's what it's all about You really turn me out (REPEAT CHORUS)

Four Seasons

Inu Yasha
Japanese Romanji Lyric Arashi aeba wakare yuku sonna deai kunika e shita Kioku fukaku tesaguri de amai kage wo motomete wa I can taste the sweetness of the past Doko ni mo anata wa inai kedo I'll be allright Me wo tsubureba soko ni Kawaranai ai wo I believe… Haru no hikari atsumetara hana sakasete Metsu wa tsuki ukabu umi de mitsumete Aki no kaze fuyu no yuki mo sono toikide, atatamete hoshii Four season with your love, moo ichido Negai dakedo yakusoku wa toki ga tateba iroaseru Can you feel me underneath the skin? Nani kasareta omoi nara We'll be allright shinjite ireba soo Donna tooku demo, stay with me… Haru no hana nemuru yoru ni mukae ni kitte Natsu no sune hama ni message nokoshite Aki no ame fuyu no namida kasaranu ai de, atatamete hoshii Four season with your love, yume no naka Nagareru toki wo kokoro ni ari no mama ni Futari no hibi wa mou sugu omoi de Ai mo yume mo wa sure mono itsumo hi de mo, atatamete hoshii Four season with your love, mune no oku Four scene, four four season Four scene, I'll be allright… Four scene, four four season Four scene, stay with me… English Translation If we met and we love only to separate I'm sure we would meet again By fumbling deep in my memories I can find sweet shadows I can taste the sweetness of the past Although you are not anywhere I'll be allright, if I close my eyes you'll be there In unchanging love, I believe… When the spring light gathers it makes the flowers blossom In the summer I find the moon floating on the sea With the autumn wind and winter snow with a sight wish, I wish to be warm Four season with your love, once again The promise that was only a wish fades away in time passage Can you feel me underneath the skin? If my feelings have accumulated so much We'll be allright if we believe in one another No matter how far apart we are, stay with me… We go out and meet where the spring flower's sleep Leaving the message in the summer sandy beaches The autmn rain and winter tears with undercrated love, I wish to be warm Four season with your love, within a dream Time still flows within my heart truthfully our days together are quickly becoming memories with love and dreams becoming forgotten, whenever the day is, I wish to be warm four season with your love, within my heart Four scene, four four season Four scene, I'll be allright… Four scene, four four season Four scene, stay with me…


I want to know where my confidence went one day it all disappeared and I'm lying in a hotel room miles away voices next door in my ear Daytime's a drag nighttime's worse hope that I can get home soon but the half-finished bottles of inspiration lie like ghosts in my room I wanna go I know I can't stay but I don't want to run feeling this way til I am myself til I am myself til I am myself again There's a seat on the corner I keep every night wait til the evening begins I feel like a stranger from another world but at least I'm living again There are nights full of anger words that are thrown tempers that are shattered and thin but the moments of magic are just too short they're over before they begin I know it's time one big step I can't go I'm not ready yet til I am myself til I am myself til I am myself again I had a dream that my house was on fire people laughed while it burned I tried to run but my legs were numb I had to wait til the feeling returned I don't need a doctor to figure it out I know what's passing me by when I look in the mirror sometimes I see traces of some other guy I wanna go I know I can't stay but I don't want to run feeling this way til I am myself til I am myself til I am myself again

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