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Das EFX lyrics - Straight Up Sewaside

Kaught In Da Ak

Original and similar lyrics
Bring it in one time, Solid Scheme Hook: (x3) (Gotta story to tell y'all) (Here's a lil' story I got ta do) Verse 1: Books Uh Well say hello to the bad guy or am I or [shit] cos I'm ya local slinger swinger, quick ta bring the drama plus not takin the sweat but test me if ya wanna I'm baggin kids up like they bag that chick T'wanna *?Prawley?*, some ignore me, others I bother for the props and top dollar, G I'm doin what I gotta, see I puts the fear in ya heart kid, I start [fuckin] for nuttin and no this ain't the dope that catch ya cuttin, bust Now's the time to make my move cos I'm out to do tha kid that tried to slip for some buda, sleep (word up) I peeped every spot his boys be, I got crew But what am I do is get somebody new to do it for me I'm catchin wreck to prove a point, time is loot and I ain't spinnin it in the joint but better yet These days I'm all professional, some new [shit] I got I check this nigga that I used to snatch jewels wit back in the day but nevertheless the kid's ass' slingin gas to pay bills to 'ford some pills that kill stress (I hear ya kid) Now as for me G let's just say I learnt the rules I paid my dues and now I cruise in my Lexus No better time than the present to make him an offer He can't refuse but might regret it, so I'ma set it Hook Verse 2: Dray Well, umm, take this job and shove it punk [fuck] it, another day of workin My boss is on my back and I'm about to go berserkin Catch a fit money grip cos pumpin gas is a bitch way Niggas be ridin by my job and frontin like they bitchin I wanna bust wit disgust cos I'm sour (aha) Takin all the [shit] and only gettin four dollars a hour There go some bitches swearin that they better givin a cold shoulder as they roll by in the [fuckin] jetter I gets no pay though cos they know that you know can't wait to take a [fuckin] break so I can go and puff this buddha I'm bustin my ass but my cash just ain't stockin Now who's this creepin up the [fuckin] block-in? Clockin, lookin like he really wanna test this Just another dick, I oughta stick him for that Lexus The [shit] is killin me, why this kid grillin me? actin like he wanna bust caps and start fillin me up wit some hot [shit], I spot [shit], I'm buggin I fuckin know this nigga because he used to be thuggin my area, causes hysteria, I guess he chillin We used ta rob niggas back in the day when I was illin like jaw-cappin niggas just for yappin He claim he got some loot that I can make, I give a clappin Umm, let him kick it cos I ain't tryin to sink in I need to make this dough so now ya know he got me thinkin Hook Interlude: Dray (Books) conversing Yo what up kid? I know that was you B, yo waz up? (Yo what up kid? Yo, I'm just out here doin my thing man I'm tryin ta make this loot man, what up to you?) Yo what's up? Put me on kid, ya see what I'm doin?? (I'm sayin man, what you doin man?) Word up, I get off in a few B (Aight! Yo I'm tryin ta see ya, word is bond!) Yo yo, I ain't frontin kid, word is bond! (Yo I'ma see ya aight) Verse 3: Dray, Books Bringin it back cos now I'm wit it I'm lookin ta make this loot so now I figure I hooked up with this nigga because he bound to make my pocket's bigger I'm lookin ta do this just gimme the cue and I'm willin He scooped up, suit me up boost me ups so now I guess we're chillin I'm guessin we're like on some back-in-the-day [shit] I need you to do me this justice, some busters keep on playin me on some stupid [shit] Crab nigga, up on the block he's just a tad bigger Time to earn the cash so here's the burner and the match nigga Yeah yeah yeah that sound cool so gimme the 2 because I'm on it I leave em layin stiff and if that's how ya really want it I'm buggin when I pull it, watch the bullet leave em leakin Yo, hold up, cops! Yo I think them cops is peepin Oh [shit], where they at? Stash the gat, toss the erb cuz Jakes checkin my plates and I'm tryin not to swerve, word My nuts is shot, I think these cops is like schemin G I'm pullin to the curb because these *?hertz?* is high -beamin me *police sirens* Hook

Can I Get It?

J Live "Apokalipse"
Verse 1 It was a summer mornin' at the age of eighteen I'll start the story in the shower singin' Microphone Fiend Tryna figure my routine for the day There's mad things to do with no delay In preparation for this jam around the way I'm steppin' out the shower Crossin' out the calender Pickin' out the afro and pullin' out the gear I hear the same sounds every mornin' Sports centre the traffic Your mom dukes screamin' in my ear Dipped, yet my thoughts slip Thinkin' that my plans just barely coincide with my money clip But get a grip cos by the end of the day, bro Your pockets'll be a-ight, even before the crowd says 'A-yo!' I jet up to Lex, take the 6 to the R My journey wouldn't feel as far if I had a car 5-O was there, so I paid my fare But I didn't care 'til he gave a glare, who you tryna scare? I'm passin' flyers to a crew of fly young sisters A chicken from my past is actin' crab, so I had to diss her My head bops and my fingers pops 'til I reach my stop Then I mush my way through to the record shop Can I get it one time for the selector? Does he come correct in your sector? Indoors or an outside jam Can I get it if ya understand? Verse 2 ------- As I exit stage right, lookin' forward to the night It's official, Imma have this party packed tight like toilet tissue What's the issue? I'm never comin' wack We never lack the latest flavour, keepin' crates stacked Buyin' records by the pack With my knapsack filled as I chilled On the C-Train, simple and plain, let me explain I had to check my man Gee for his m-i-c Cos the way we be mine simply couldn't maintain As usual Gee was on C.P Time But he came through with this mic, plus this bleeder light, right My next step was to transport the system Let's see, between me and my peeps five deep We still had no ride So I hailed a taxi, since the yellow's don't stop And it don't quit, you know we went gypsy Arrivin' on the scene at about eight-fifteen To the same routine, some sheisty brother frontin' on my green Never that, nah mean? Check this out, black Skip the non-sense cos Imma say this just once I want the money we discussed last week Plus you're payin' for my ride I'll take my loot upfront with no stunts, bro Put your chequebooks away, no pay no J No J no sound play, you make no profit, understand? Plus your name was on the flyers so your rep'll be dead What he said? Not a thing, he put the cash in my hand... Can I get it one time for the selector? Does he come correct in your sector? Indoors or an outside jam Can I get it if ya understand? Can I get it one time for the selector? Does he come correct in your sector? Old school or a new school jam Can I get it if ya understand? Verse 3 ------- On the line perplexed, fixed to flex cos you're far from next And the next one to bump you from the back gets his chin checked But I don't know about that cos I'm already in there And I got ya grinnin' when you hear your favourite record spinnin' So skip it, cos now you're bouncin' to the door But if you're riffin' with the bouncers You'll be bouncin' straight up off the floor So if you're mad at the security (Sadat X: It don't mean jack to me...that's how it's supposed to be) As I mix Walk on By over Passin' Me By Seem like everybody puffin' but I'm contact high Off this fresh new wax, with the real brown sugars makin' eye contact React, what's the haps? It's digits or excuses? I'm pullin' out the pen and she supplies the data Flavour, but for now I got tracks to spin So if you're stayin' til the end we can handle this later Torturin' the fader, the Tech 12 freaker The bass from the amps shake the stickers off the speaker I don't claim to have the loudest sound in town But from the inside it felt like the ground shaked from Lenox to Bleecker Circles form, dance contests Most know how I do while the rest make requests But Imma play what you wanna hear anyway So get your boogie on and parley Can I get it one time for the selector? Does he come correct in your sector? Old school or a new school jam Can I get it if ya understand? Can I get it one time for the selector? Does he come correct in your sector? Outside or an indoor jam Can I get it if ya understand?

See Ya When I Get There

Snoop Doggy Dog "Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told"
[C-Murder] For all them young niggas that didn't quite make it to another year To all my thugs in the grave This one is for my homies and my thug niggas A bunch of used to be paranoid drug dealers A bout 'it motherfucker standing on the block Ain't no limit to his heart, cause his veins is non-stop And constantly a nigga catching them cases With them death situations A nigga blast with no hesitation Mama I wanna now where my daddy at My only memory is a picture with a chrome gat I wanna do, like them gangsters do I wanna gangster walk I caught a bullet now I'm in some chalk Just another young nigga in a song Mama always told me gangster's don't live long After I'm dead can you still see me Do you really want to be me I'm just another bossaline I represent all them niggas trying to get paid But couldn't be saved Huh, y'all now what I'm talking about Chorus: C-Murder and Snoop Dogg To all my thugs in the grave See ya when I get there See ya when I get there repeat 4X [Mystikal] Ride nigga till I deduct Them things die nigga for fuck Fly. fly nigga Since you absent I'ma tilt the bottle hit the weed and get high for my nigga My partner my nigga My round in my trigger From the little shit I remember you was a down ass nigga I'm mad i missed shit you could have showed me (fuck) Shit still ain't the same even though my mama told me I keep your memories in my endeavors (nigga) Thank you for being my daddy, thank you for what you left us I swear to protect, and the only way to carry on, is carry on My nigga little Mike, my nigga G-Slim, and my cousin Larry gone I ain't trying to question God, but why so young That's why from daylight to night time I got my gun This fucking thing we call life ain't nothing but a phase That's why you better keep your faith,or you're that thug in the grave Chorus: repeat 4X [Snoop Dogg] Rest in peace khaki's creased From the east side of Long Beach Pouring out liquor, thinking about my homie Cause I can't understand how it went down We used to clown from town to town Claiming dogg pound Took you on lollapalooza with a nigga L0Dog you my nigga If you don't get no bigger Spanky Loco from the the dub, and Little Man from the I Dear God why them good niggas have to die I can't reminisce too long Cause I'm in a war zone If I sleep, slip, trip I might get blasted on So I'm gone mash on home but on the way I see some of my enemies And they tripping on me Cause I fuck with Master P But I;m heated, so beat it And another 87 case, I really don't need it Proceeded, I ain't gone cry for the homie Shit we gone celebrate Cause we now the homeboy is in a safer and better place Chorus: repeat 3X

Dro In The Wind

TRICK DADDY "Thug Holiday"
[talking] Hah, haha That's just the sound of the Hen'.. True Story.. Buddy Roe.. They say tell the truth, Shane and them (uh-huh) Thank God for the thugs too... [Chorus: Cee-Lo] Drop the top and let the sunshine in With the woodgrain, let the twinkies spin Get you a glass, mix the Coke and the Hen' It's quite alright, with the 'dro in the wind, with the 'dro in the wind [Trick Daddy] I'm a ol' sneaky, ol' freaky, ol' geechy-ass nigga Collard green, neckbone-eatin-ass nigga Always wearin my jeans baggy saggy You know Florida, Georgia, South Cakalaky Growed up eatin spam sandwiches Sugar water and mayonnaise sandwich Share the room with bout four mo' brothers But one home for 'em and wattn't no mo' covers A little bad motherfucker (ah-ha) Always rude and always in trouble None of my teachers ain't like me (uh-huh) But make it so bad, Pearl had seven mo' like me If you growed up the way I did You gotsta understand, Trick love the kids (Ooooooohh!) Trick love the kids [Chorus: Cee-Lo] [Trick Daddy] Cut me a seven-treis Chevy, put dubs on that bitch (uh-huh) Candy apple green, niggaz lovin this shit (lovin this shit) And wait a minute, I'll act a fool Ya don't like how I'm livin? Bitch fuck you (uh-huh) That's right I'm a rude-ass nigga Quick to do you, cut a fool-ass nigga Weighin' in at bout a buck six-five And a nigga can fuck, plus the boy gets live (that's right) You know legs, wings, and short thighs (short thighs) Eat 'em up, beat 'em up, then switch sides [Cee-Lo] Hot whore work her con-con, Valor to the floor He oughta enjoy, with the loaded four-four Be sure and acquire more 'fore ya fuck with mine Disrespect; I'll disconnect ya line With a sick SWAT, when shit's hot, ya get shot The fire, the fury, ya fuck with it not Ya stoppin the grace, get out my space and my - face Fore me and my ace-a lay down the whole place Recognize, this is the verbalize Surprise, fuckin with me wrong way to wise nigga Hoes, clothes, shows, Vogues, golds Big ol' bankrolls, that's all a nigga know Throw yo' elbows, I'm sicker than I suppose Hoes unchose, cuz my jewelry froze You know how it goes, these young niggaz don't want it like this Go off and get yo' gat, to silence the chit-chat, blast! So pass, outlast, bout cash Mo' sicky, talk tricky to the trick like trash Lo realer, a go-rilla, flow for mo' scrilla Come clean, lookin mean, but you ain't no killa! (Oooooooooh!) (Trick love the kids!) [Chorus: Cee-Lo] [Big Boi] Look at what we got; the rims and all the 'dro The 'dro and all the smoke, my throat, it makes me choke Like a serial killer was squeezin on my throat box In the cluthces of danger but not a stranger on the block Is it the cheeferry reefer beat blowin my chest up? Beat right from the club try my best not to mess up A professor of this lyrical thang, I'll take the purist strain of this slang and inject it into your veins Did your heart stop man? Drop-top fame Aviator shades with a rear front face Movin through the dirty at a slow pimps pace Kinda like the turtle and the rabbit in the race To the finish line, I jump the pair of Reeboks So bright, so fresh, snow white but no socks Then I slipped on some of that O with the wind I'm bustin straight out the path like a three piece of va-lac-tic, before you slack it You gotta prepare it and mack it, when your jack it over tragic not intended for any illegal purposes' it's like anthrax and small pox in surplus to murder us (Ya gotsta understand Trick love the kids!) (Trick love the kids!) [Chorus: Cee-Lo]

Come Over - Nelly

Funkmaster Flex "The Mix Tape, Vol. 4: 60 Minutes of Funk"
* originally appeared on Funkmaster Flex IV as Come Over Yo, whattup baby girl - fuck is the deal? Nah youknahI'msayin I'm on my way fo' sho' Nah well Kejuan and Murph they with me already And you know Leezy on his way we gonna be out there in a minute But what's goin on with you though? Cause I hope you ain't frontin Cause it's too late at night for that y'know? Nah no doubt though aight? (here.. we.. come..) Here we come now girl! (all ov-er.. you..) Baby girl, uhh uhh [Nelly] You know I, spend hot shit when need be Only nigga that can take a still picture in 3-D (What?) If need be I'm leavin the party with Cindy (Who is that?) Cocky bowlegged long hairr and Fendi That ain't nuttin - how bout her twin sister Mindy I spit game like that, I get brains like that Butter-soft leather seats, it came like that If sex was football, I'd be a runningback I can only get low and I never fumble Make ya throw ya hands up when I break in the zone So if it's on it's on, shit I'm takin you home I got my own doghouse, own thrown, own bone She like my bizza, my bad, lil' dawg You Lunatics - and that's what I be sayin bout y'all Hell, not an M.D. but I'm always on call And I got a stick for ya guaranteed not to stall So [Chorus] (here.. we.. come..) Here we come now girl! (all ov-er.. you..) Baby girl, uhh uhh, cause we be Vokal'd down from the sky to the ground Sippin Alize, steady puffin on a pound Hollerin whoa now! Slow down, switch it up Mami don't frown, go down, heat it up! Hey! (here.. we.. come..) Full countdown, from the sky to the ground Sippin Alize, steady puffin on a pound (all ov-er.. you..) Hollerin whoa now! Slow down, switch it up Mami don't frown, go down, heat it up [Nelly] I'm like a New Edition; y'all not Ronnie Bobby and Mike Not even Ricky Ralph or Johnny, instead it rain tonight Is this the end? Damn right I, turn out like Ike Until Vanessa Del Rio like over Bryan McKnight Said OH NO, babydoll kissin me as she goin down low Peepin that demo oh +I+ can tell that you a pro Swore up and down you never did this before.. Whatever just go slow Hated by all types, baby fathers and dykes The type they ready to fight cause I'm the one they women like He think he tight, he think he got more game then spike lee Running through his veins like an IV, highspeed Tightest nigga for five G's of Al D. Better catch me now while my price is low Demandin five digits when the Lunatics blow Another zero for a show, just to let you niggaz know, now what? [Chorus] [Nelly] You see me and my niggaz only come out on the weekends Cause the weekdays too busy creepin Freakin, wit yo' rat, now picture that When she with you she not speakin, but she weaken Lettin me know, that she really been thinkin about a nigga (oooh) even when I'm not wit her I'm frosty all year while you only in the winter My pockets gettin fatter, your pockets gettin thinner I ain't baptized so you callin me a sinner Overpaid, 29, callin me a young tenor Nelly stop don't leave, don't stop when I'm in her SherReady for whatever and I ain't even bought her dinner I, started the game on the bench with splinters (uhh) Beggin your coach let you play for a minute The last seconds of the game you still waitin to enter I aint gotta hear the buzzer boy I know who the winner, come on [Chorus] [repeated until the end] Here we come y'all, here we come

Quiet Time

ARCHIVE "Controlling Crowds"
Juxtapose feeling, just suppose I reel in revolving doors closing, imposters posing, turn spinning it round about, pulling your inside out, know that they will do it now without a doubt, motivated in quick time to stop the watchman exposing orchestrated explosions, medicine man mix a potion sedate the not so great nation, now they be jumping out of their skin to fear factors, run through acres morphing shape shifters, lift the lid and give a wide berth, the earth not a million miles away, minor detail as I put it in another way, to the latter day, burning out your retina pitch black enveloping hells fire developing heat, skin crawling up you swear blind, the cruel and unkind advance you’re running out of time, the adrenalin flows hitting the wall, ready to fall over but still they stand tall, winner taking it all in, stalling for some ideological ways out, twist and then shout out aloud, steady bellowing, subtle moment following, subsequent change rearrange, how we doing? We are fine, quiet time, ready for the steady climb, cross a ley line down into the open mind’s eye, attack they react and turn into the maniac, critical breakdown why? ‘cause it’s an actual fact, focus at take a longer look at how we can prevail and not fail.

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