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Das EFX lyrics - Dead Serious

Klap Your Hands

Original and similar lyrics
Verse One: Dray Well uhh, ???? is macaroni and cheese Before I start, I gots ta umm fart, no I gots ta uhh sneeze not, I gotcha trippin, yippity-doo-da-day Shucks, I'm makin bucks so umm hip-hip-hooray and then some Cos I'm a powsy wowsy ace boom coon so shout Wa-bap-a-loo-ba-bawa-bam-boom! Drayx up for sure dang, now that I'm flexed My a-EFX'll quote, when the bridge fell down and I'ma good ship with the lollipop Left town so yiggity-yack, you booga-loo black Oki doki, oopsy Daisy, cos I'm Krayzie like that But it's the cat got snuffed, or Mr.Red and his crew so roll a spliff and rub-a-dub and then ya make beef stew Troop, I got the hoolahoop, baby woop, dooby-doo Lassie boy, you made a mess, now go and get the pooper scoop Oops, I wibble-wobble-wobble-wee while I make but hocus-pocus and yippy-yi-yo, yay for Dray and...... Hook: Klap your hands now (x3) Verse Two: Skoob Bon voyage, look out below cos umm I got my socks on, the popcorn, the Hubba Bubba, yep gum Skippity bum, you think I don't know the time Well it's half-past a cow's ass and I'm a real bad ass Yeah, shitty-bang-boom-bang, yo who rang? Abra-cadabra, jimminy crickets, set the wrists to my slang I got the knights all sniffin, sneezing, yes Stuffy-head, called for ???? and fever, sow you to rest Tight rhymes, ???? catch the fever for the flavor of a spliff or a Uzi, be careful who you choose, could choose a Marvin, choose a ship Lickity split, cos flippity-lips can sink ships And yo, a sandwich isn't a snadwich without the miracle whip in the morning, yawning as I stand for group check To back up, I slap up, r-r-rut put you're boo deck Yep, so what the heck, you gives rhymes like a cheque Because the A is for apple, the J is for 'ja back to book bets' and then S-K-double O-Be on *?mansel?* So if ya happy and ya know it, klap your hands Hook (x3) Verse Three: Dray Well uhh, woopty doody, abba doozy, it's time I'm on the yabber dabber, scribber scrabber, shimmy sham flam So, heavens-to-Betsy, golly wolly, gee whiz My lickity split got splat, the diddly squat was hot Oh yeah, dapper doodly do, you don't know Mr. Magoo? You heard I'm loco, well yo, I'm despicable too So umm, hi ho Silver and away we go The Lone Ranger got pissed and shot Tonto in his toes, so holy toledo, cowabunga, what gives I heard you shot my borough til *?blow at twins?* The name farmer's up in me, need no give me no more cos that soul lock ya stands, I can't stands no more So zippity doo, da day, woops I gots stuff See I'm sneaky freaky peaky plus I'm chock full of nuts But yo I am enjoyed for the clamp in his chest So hey, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck? If a woodchuck could chuck, fuck you know the rest So seizin it, seizin it, seizin it I shall Cos it's the Krayzie Drayzie wit the Books, that's my pal and...... Hook (x3) Verse Four: Skoob A diggity-cap, my slipp'ry style is ???? ???? I got the mics, the back pop, crackle and snap and all that, me and a gang of PING PING bang zoomer To freak ya outcha sneakers and knock your granny outta roomers Yo some say I'm Brooklyn bomber, some say Brooklyn boop but don't consider me as no follower, no runner or no poop But just rock, a by, rock, a by booboo Let your fingers do the walkin, hey I'm talkin, yoohoo Can ya, can ya hear me? Checka, checka 1-2 Aiyo, sit Booboo sit, shit cos I'm the one who kick a rhyme in singular, so son, you're used to it Cos Poof the Magic Dragon, I'll kick a rhyme in duplicate or triplicate, can't forget my boogaloo big jaw Umm, listen everyone as I kick the jigsaw M-I-crooked letter, crooked letter, I crooked letter, crooked letter, I hump back hump back, I, you can't touch I cos I's gots dem and dem is bound to make ya...... Hook to fade

Va In The House

Mad Skillz "From Where???"
verse one: Mad Skillz It's time to bring it down, don't front on the sound Check your thunderpound, it be Skillz blowing up from the underground Now, don't waste your time and try to taste mine I'm killing MC's and going low-key like baselines Be hesitant, VA residents ain't friendly Diss and I'll walk on your back like Mr. Benny When my shit drop, all this wack shit'll stop Till Janet stops, rockin' Planet Rock Keepin' it real hot I specialize in microphone satisfaction Hackin' MC's who think Skillz be relaxin' Straight from punchline ave, metaphor metropolis I'm shockin' MC's like seeing their grandmothers topless Watch this, check for my sequal I make raps and niggas vanish like the Village People Hey, you checkin' for me check 憆ound my way They say Skillz don't play when he's representin' VA chorus 4x: [Mad Skillz] Virginia's in the house [I said it] V-A [so what you gotta say?] verse two: Mad Skillz Yo, niggas get pissed, MC's cease to exist As I persist, to drill mics and fill glock clips Don't sleep, like Mobb Deep, I'm leaving brothers shook While you debatin' I'm urinatin' on your rap book I be Skillz see, the ill East Coast MC All my peeps down in VA, this one's for you B So don't give me nothin' I'm takin' my props And I ain't stoppin' till my face is on the side of a lunchbox The wack fold, 慶ause they been told Their rhymes used to be worth something like Mr. T's gold Now I'm in, so watch me Kline like Calvin I'm the Dread Man, you fucked up by lettin' me make an album (huh) The outcome is ill, when I grip the steel Don't be mad at me (why?), if you ain't got no skill No questions, no second guessin' without a doubt Niggas know my name and they know who's in the house chorus 4x verse three: Mad Skillz Is VA up in here? (HELL YEAH!!!) Then here's a jam for you to spread across the state like welfare I'm a special dread, that still be tactics Doing MC's anytime, anyplace like Janet Jackson It ain't about dirt roads and corn bread Niggas be MC'ing, G'ing, war deeds and dread After this pack it up, I'll tell you my plan I'm on a VA tour with Kalonji my man Check it, hittin' city to city like a horny trucker This year, it's East Coast like a motherfucker Misconceptions are coming back like reflections Niggas who dissed, are now checkin' for my section They wanna be down, they makes me laugh That's like Brandy gettin' dropped and then you askin' for her autograph You know the steelo and Skillz be in ya It's just like that, nigga Virginia chorus 4x

Bishop Danced

Bishop danced with a thumbscrew woman Did a double-quick back flip and slid across the floor The Catholic traffic flowed freely 'cross the river And fiddlestick fiddled quick out the front door Oh baby dumpling, mama's in the back tree If the bow breaks mama might fall Little sad and only, baby don't be lonely Mama knows 'rithmatic, knows how to take a fall Mama knows 'rithmatic, knows how to take a fall CHORUS And the kids are crying 'Flapjacks, make'em fat, early in the mornin' Little Jack, grab your hat, hear the breakfast call Muskrat, bat a cat, kick him in the fireplace There's someone in the kitchen blowing 'Dinah' on their horn There's someone in the kitchen blowing 'Dinah' like they're born Well maverick daddy got one-eyed bridge She glides like a monkey-mule kicking on the back slide Over hill, over hill, daddy don't you spill now Papa got a switch stick, he's pumping little Bill Papa got a switch stick, he's pumping little Bill And Billy, he's crying 'Tomahawk, tomahawk, daddy better duck now' The Mohawks, the Mohawks, they're still out there in the woods Monatuk, Ocanuk, runnin' through my dreams now With fire on their fingertips and indian screams With fire on their fingertips and feathers made of moonbeams Well early in the morning the cannoneer cried 'I seen the sailor's warning in the western sky' Well mountain man, if you can, cut me down a fir tree Branches full of candlesticks for baby and me And my darling cried, she said 'Honey, the weathervane lately it's been pointing the way to heaven Scatterbrains, scatterbrains, watch out where you fall Champagne, champagne, a round for all the old choir boys They're busting off the altar chasing Dinah through the hall They're bustin' off the altar chasing Dinah through the hall CHORUS

For Doz That Slept

Black Sheep "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing"
Intro (by Mista Lawnge) Van Damme! Let's see what kind of flavor I want... Do I want, vanilla? Or do I want a taste of chocolate? Hmmmmm... I want something different, I want somethin slammin. What's the slamminest flavor out this month... Let's see... Yo black! Hmmmmm, what flavor are you? First Verse (note: the way he says listen, I wanted to spell it lehsen) Listen For a second, I'm wreckin I got ya double checkin Then again, when to you knees did you beckon Hold me only if you wanna get naked Play before a crowd only if you wanna wreck it The name is Dres, like silk I get slick Drop rhymes like a basehead Bic flicks Constantly, yes it's me D-R-E-Ssssss So yes, I guess, unless, confess you can get down To serious business, with this I never boned a honey that I didn't like I never saw a mile that I couldn't hike I never had a spliff to make me choke I never had a pocket that was broke Hate no one but love only a few Franklin, Grant and yeah mom too I run buckwild for self or with the crew But then again, huh I thought you knew Now I hear the voice Is it what you want? I hope it is kid you're the flavor of the month Chorus I heard you got the fever for the flavor three times Somebody said you got it goin on I heard you got the fever for the flavor three times Hurry up and get a scoop before it's gone Second Verse So you got the fever for the flavor of the other Chocolate, sasspirilla, or is it you like another Flavor in my socks To the curly locks Black Sheep rollin hard and kncokin peons out the box Never have I ever never ever felt much better Did the whole nine on the tenth I was no wetter Ready and I'm eager Eager as a beaver On the radio and good to go says your receiver Not to be the baddest or the oldest nor the wackest Neither am I needest or the newest or the blackest Just a brown fellow Who's not afraid of Jello To the people of the world I would like to say G'day Had to wait a while But the while has been waited Never gave up hope in myself, nor debated Didn't shed a tear when I wasn't picked Cause I got a cone now, want a lick? Chorus Third Verse Now I catch a number when before I caught a glare Now I give a pound when before I got a stare Now I guess I kinda got it goin on I get a wake-up call on the lawn I used to try and push a demo Now I have a Coupe That's a bit more than a little But then not quite a few Funny how they find you when they told you get lost Tell me why you're grittin when you have no dental floss Wasn't my loss Thought you were the boss? You never knew how much the Sherbert cost Forget it, I never sweat it Your girl will give me play I'll wet it It only happens just because you let it Now everybody wants to play my phone I see em with a spoon I see em with a cone You never knew I knew it but I knew you would pursue it Hurry up and get a scoop before it's gone Chorus (hope you like it all... I'll get the rest to ya soon BTW as you probably guessed by now I'm a lyrics fanatic... got any more you can send me? Peace out homes!)

Captain Hook

Tha Alkaholiks "Likwidation"
Verse One: Tash I knew this nigga by the name of Captain Hook Who had a record deal but no lyrics in his book But everywhere you looked he had a poster for his single The one he bit the oldie track and stole the oldie jingle jangle, but I be comin from a different angle Cause I want that pot of gold below the hardcore rainbow But name your price and you'd be down to sell your moms I'm on a different level while the Devil grease your palms Sign your life away in ink, cause you think you got the talents But look at Hook's bank account and zero is the balance I repeat, ze-ro, peo-ple Cause he be worried bout his hook so he could get a spin from [------] [-----] but Rico, blow them type niggaz through the rooftop Cause [------] only plays you if you R amp;B or Tupac So one single later, he fallin out the game But before that nigga left, he left us his name Chorus: Tash Captain Hook, Captain, Captain, Captain Hook spend a little time witcha rhymes (repeat 2X) Drink drink, we drunk, we drunk, drunk Drink drink we drunk, we drunk drunk (repeat 2X) Verse Two: Tash And for your info, I can set it off to any tempo And have you niggaz puzzled while I make it look so simple Cause deep inside my mental I got stacks of lyrics hidden That's why I get the props that Captain Hooks don't be gettin Plus they be counterfeitin, styles straight scandals Spendin too much time tryin to party off the handle I bust to Orlando, tryin to better what I got (why) Cause I'm Tash the likwifyer here to take somebody's spot But not that nigga named Captain Hooks Cause he's the type of rapper, that's always worried bout his looks But overnight success don't impress the West that's freshest He need to take his cheese and invest in rappin lessons Or catch one for free right here on me Or catch me late Friday night on 92.3 And after lesson three, if his style still stank I'ma tie his ass up and make him walk the plank Chorus Verse Three: J-Ro I was in my Likwid cruise ship, just sailin the seas When Captain Hook came and stole my steez Oh Hook, caught a left hook, for stealin my hook In no time he stole a rhyme out my notebook I'm the the Pacific Ocean, floatin Chasin his broken ass out to Oakland But WhoRidas said he came and stole they name And he got E-40's briefcase full of game So I, set myself back on the Ro's quest With the Farrahey brew up in the crow's nest He could see L.A., there was trouble you see Oh shit, he just stole a flow from WC Now he's throwin up the dub I gotta catch the fuckin scrub He'll go down like a sub cause I'ma cut him like a shrub He wants pub, yeah, he's all on Blass He moved real fast on Snoop and Ras Kass Chorus (J-Ro instead of Tash in the first half) Verse Four: J-Ro Now I'm in Atlanta, and his trail is hotter than a sausage I'm took late, he took Outkast out as a hostage I wonder could he squab with the Goodie MoB I think he got the best of me, just how many would he rob I floated out to Queens but it seems I just missed him They said he robbed Cool J for his boomin system He went to Shaolin and stole Method Man's bio and he buried everything somewhere in Ohio Bone Thugs saw him, at the Crossroad with a empty treasure chest that he was tryin to load He was last seen sailin, into the distance We gotta catch this crook and we need your assistance Yeah, if you happen to see this punk scallywag out there Don't try to aprehend him, just call Tha Liks And if you suddenly got some rhymes missin, you know who did it Captain Hook, yeah we gon catch his ass Baten down the motherfuckin hatches We gonna feed his ass to the gators But first we gonna Chorus: second half

Young Love (Strong Love)

THE JUDDS "River Of Time"
She was sitting cross-legged on a hood of a Ford Filing down her nails with a emory board Talking to her friends about people they knew And all of the things that young girls do When she said, "You see that guy in the baseball cap? I'd like to spend some time with a boy like that." Betty said, "I've seen him at the hardware store. I think his name is Billy, but I'm not sure." And as they talked a little while he passed by She smiled at him he just said "Hi." He was thinking to himself as he walked away Man, I'd like to find a girl like her someday [Chorus] Young love, strong love, true love It's a new love They're gonna make it through the hard times Walk those lines Yeah, these ties will bind Young love Well, she just couldn't stop herself from thinking 'bout him And at a store downtown she saw him again She had both hands full, he held open the door He said, "My name is Billy. I've seen you before. Can I help you with these? Can I give you a ride? Can I take you out on a Saturday night?" She didn't have to say what she was feeling inside He could see the answer shining in her eyes [Chorus] Well, from that day on you couldn't keep them apart They were side by side, heart to heart Mama cried as Billy slipped the ring on her hand And when the baby was born she was crying again Well, he worked real hard and put some money down On a little old house at the edge of town And that night as he held her he couldn't believe That God had made a girl that he'd never ever leave [Chorus] She was sitting cross-legged on the hood of a Ford Filing down her nails with an emory board

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