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Darkseed lyrics

That Kills My Heart

Original and similar lyrics
A comoran devouring time In great streams rains the joy of mine My blood speaks to You in vein Fare well until we meet again! You knocked onto my fate alighted at my gate My wife that was, my son that is Keep faith onto Your chance I'm glad at heart, make war breed peace piercing thru myself to meet Lend me Your hand that kills my heart Let me to find You still, devil cross Your will You stand pleased with all I say: Hear Your fall! Pardon me, stars, I never felt it until now O sighful thought, drown her broked soul! Your life passed thru so hard I pay it when You part Won't have a serpent-bite Not fighting forth tonight... God, I will set You forth Great glory in my horse I creep in dream-maids ears My weakened voice to hear

A Lie Will Always Defeat The Truth

FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES "Sin, Sorrow And Sadness"
Weight leaves in anger from my shoulders. Words of wisdom crush hope. What is real? I thought I knew. How could I lie to someone, I cared for? How could you lie to me, your words, pierced me. For good, this was done. In the end the truth will shine. To instill truth in your heart, I beg and plead for you. A lie from your lips will make me cry out in pain, as I wish for you to go away. How could I lie to you? I cared for you. How could you lie to me? Your words pierced me. The tremble of your soul injects fear into my heart. I will stand alone. The gentle mind, the one inside me will never hurt you. Actions speak louder than words will ever. So I will show you my sincerity in the shape of my still beating heart.

Isoka Lizokuthatha (A Young Man Will Take You Away)

Johnny Clegg Savuka "Crocodile Love / Ya Vuka Inkunzi"
Sizwa ukukhala emzini wendoda (We hear crying in the home of a man) Kukhala intombazane (it is a young girl who is crying) Ithi, Wemama, ngiyesaba ukuya emzini (She says, Mama, I am afraid to go to the house of my husband-to-be) Bathi ibodwe liyashisa (they say his family is very difficult) Wenhliziyo zami sezimbili (my heart is divided into two,) Enye ithi angihambe, enye ithi angibuye le khaya (one heart says I should go, the other heart says I should stay here at home and not get married ) Chorus Thula mntanami nawe uyazi (Be quiet, my child, you always knew the truth) Thula mntanami isoka lizokuthatha (Be quiet, my child, a young man will be coming to take you away and marry you) Thula mntanami nawe uyazi (Be quiet, my child, you always knew) Thula mntanami, uzohamba le khaya (Be quite, my child, for you will have to leave your family and your home, and join your husband's family) Isoka lizokuthatha (because a young man will take you away) Lizokuthatha isoka (he will take you, this young man) Sizwa ukukhala emzini wendoda (We hear crying in the home of a man) Kukhala intombazane (it is a young girl who is crying) Ithi, Uma ngikhumbula ukukhula kwami (She says, When I remember the good times I had growing up) Phakhathi kwalomuzi kababa (in the house of my father) Ngiyesaba, ngiyesaba ukushiya ekhaya (I become afraid, I become afraid of leaving home) 'Zinhliziyo zami sezimbili (My heart is split in two, I am so uncertain ) Chorus


JOHN GRANT "Queen Of Denmark"
Bittersweet Strawberry, Marshmallow, Butterscotch Polar Bear, Cashew, Dixieland, Phosphate, Chocolate Lime, Tuttifrutti, Special Raspberry, Leave it to Me Three Grace, Scotch Lassie, Cherry Smash, Lemon Freeze I want to go to Marz where Green Rivers flow And your Sweet Sixteen is waiting for you after the show I want to go to Marz, you'll meet the Gold Dust Twins tonight You'll get your heart's desire, I will meet you under the lights Golden Champagne, Juicy Grapefruit, Lucky Monday High School Football, Hot Fudge, Buffalo, Tulip Sundae Almond Caramel Frappe, Pineapple, Root Beer Black and White, Big Apple, Henry Ford, Sweetheart, Maple Tear I want to go to Marz where Green Rivers flow And your Sweet Sixteen is waiting for you after the show I want to go to Marz, you'll meet the Gold Dust Twins tonight You'll get your heart's desire, I will meet you under the lights

These Days

Johnny Clegg
Yashimbawula! (the watchman's fire is burning) What happened to the diamonds in your eyes, What happened to the hunger for the day's chase? What happened to the electric smile That danced across your face We used to talk about changing the world Now all you want to do is change your name Come on baby don't surrender now to the empty heart of these days. We used to talk so deep into the night You had the heart of a wild horse running You bared your soul to me and we both knew these days were coming Chorus: These days -- blood in the heavens These days -- fire and ice These days -- burning streets and visions These days -- of the loveless child Yashimbawula! You were the reason I came here You will always be the one I am looking for I can't stand to see the way these days are pushing you against the wall Got to get up, got to move out Face the tide beyond the door Outside there's a whole world changing We can't stand here, trapped inside Let's step out and test the weazther Hang on baby, it's going to ge a rough ride thru' Chorus These days -- searching for a vision These days -- gun metal blue These days -- changing my religion These days -- heartless and cruel say the words and fill my sails I will love you through the coming gale we'll get through the darkest heart of these days It's killing time Who will watch the watchers? Who will keep the keepers? Who will love the lovers -- could you? Chorus....


ICE-T "Rhyme Pays"
It's time to start the party if ya'll don't mind Me and 'E' clean our Adidas with 409 He rocks the highs,I dog the bass Ya wanna hear us rock Here's a taste!!! Every day I make a sandwich with ham and cheese Use miracle whip,I don't like mayonnaise I eat a can of beans,good for my heart About 1 a.m.,I always..... Far from me to bite anothers rhyme They're just too easy to write I do'em two at a time Like doggin' the wax and ya don't quit And if you didn't like that then suck my.... Dictations how I write my raps Cold maxin' with two freaks upon my lap Chillin' on the phone,bookin' more def shows An' if the freaks get illy I smack the.... Whole days of my life are spent inside my bed Just maxin' an' relaxin' like I'm at club med Ya say you like this record,you think it's fun Party people get stupid we just begun!!! [break] You're get,get,gettin' real stupid As the beat hits your body get ill!!! You ain't dumb you paid dollars to party go off!! The girl you're dancin' with has got great hips bug out!! Go on homeboy and grab her..... Tape recorder turn up the bass No time to waste just dog the place R-R-R-Rocket like a missile in space Evil E keeps his 1200s in an anvil case We fly T.W.A.,Pan Am,P.S.A To places close to home,far away L.A.,New York,Detroit,Miami If I see a girl and like her then I let her see my.... Jam rockin's how I got my fame,Ice capital T Evil E's his name If you can't see who's rockin' you must be blind You better clean your gazelles with some 409!!! Go Ice get busy [X2] Go Evil Get busy [X2] Turn up your stereo,equalize treble Bass be kickin' stupid hard as metal On the mic tonight that's right your rhyme opponent M.C. Ice T just microphonin' 33 and 1/3 revolutions per minute This record is def because my heart is in it Vocals laid by the Ice,tempos tight and precise Special effects will be created by an editor's splice The funk is in it,ya dig it so stop that frontin' Bust a move to my groove work your body do somethin' No way in the world that you can deny my method As my record rotates,my words get more impressive I'm an M.C., Evil's my Dj on Sire Records not M.C.A. C.B.S.,Capitol,cause they move too slow Now Sire/Warner Bros. clocks all the dough As the record revolves money's gettin' made A.S.C.A.P. pays me every time it's played I chill in def leathers pure silks and suede And the gold around my neck will never fade Down with my Syndicate organized rhyme Kickin' def tempos that I design And if you can't hear'em thats such a crime You better wash your dirty ears with some 409 I always rhyme elite,stay on beat Travel in a posse when I walk the street Loved to say my rhymes when I used to max Now I don't speak much,I save my words for wax I just wanna make a little point in this song With a little nonsense we can all get along and on and on Till the break'a break of dawn This jam will never play out because the grooves too strong Guys grab a girl,girls grab a guy If a guy wants a guy,please take it outside I wanna make ya enjoy yourself On the mic tonight Ice T!!Who else Evil's on the cuts,Henry Gee's shot gun Islam's my producer,Bambattas son Bronx Style Bob's cold watchin' my back Melle Mel's just layin' for some punks to act wack Grandmaster Caz and Donald D ,Scott La Rock Red Alert,Chuck Chill Out If you're down with my crew you will be fine But if you ill we'll get dirty-bring your 409!! [BREAK] 409......

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