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Growing On Me

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I can't get rid of you I don't know what to do I don't even know who's growing on who (yeah yeah) cos everywhere i go your there i can't get you outta my hair i can't pretend that i don't care (it's not fair) I'm being punished for all my offences i wanna touch you but im afraid of the consequences i wanna banish you from WHENCE you came but your part of me now and i've only got myself to blame Chorus: your really growing on me (or am i growing on you) your really growing on me (or am i growing on you) any fool can see oww! Sleeping in a empty bed i can't get you outta my head and i won't have LIFE until you'RE dead (yeah you heard what i said) i wanna shake you off but you just won't go and you are all i'll ever need but i don't want anyone to know and your attached to me and thats how you've grown Won't you leave me, leave me alone? Repeat Chorus oww Instrumental Repeat chorus oww Instrumental till fade

Get Your Shine On

JESSE MCCARTNEY "Beautiful Soul"
everybody here is feeling your vibe. Eyes glued hands up cause you're doing it right. Everybody get your chance to shine. So, don't be shy now. Did you know that everyones a star. Big time it don't matter who you are. Flip the beat and we're switchen it up Yeah, it's your time to.... ( chorus ) Get your Get your Get your shine on Get your get your get your shine on get your get your get your shine on too hot too hot get your get your get your shine on get your get your get your shine on get your get your get your shine on Don't stop Don't stop What you doin up against the wall? You know you wanna dance Or you wouldn't be here at all Everybody's got it goin on and on and on it's on tonight yeah show alittle... you know you like it when you... everybody wanna... ( chorus ) Everybody it's time to party time to show what you can do everyone should it makes you feel good you can...you will...you know... you've got the moves oh, c'mon ( repeat 1st verse and then repeat chorus )

Now (Feat. Lil Flip)

Play-N-Skillz "The Process"
Chorus: Now they wanna roll wid a player like me Now they wanna roll wid a player like me Like me…no Now they wanna roll wid a player like me Now they wanna roll wid a player like me Like me…no Verse : Play We shakin hataz now, we gettin paper now… New kickz, new b*tch every day now Blue rockz, yella rockz on my chainz now I know you see me now, we in The Source now Here'z dem Twinz, Play N Skillz wid them beatz now I f*ck wid Flip now No more brickz now Yeah, them beatz be knockin Yeah, them h*ez be boppin They see the truckz, throw backz & now they want us now New kickz on my feet now Have a seat now, listen up now I'm batter up now Throw backz now, no slackz now Got em like how… But tha'z my lifestyle You know I'm bacc now, & u a rat now Magazinez now, so fresh & clean now You wanna beaf now, to knock teeth now Dallas on the map now No looking back now Chorus Verse : Lil Flip I got my own label now, there'z more paper now I make Columbia lay the cardz on the table now Cuz I'm the ACE now, you just a joker now You gotta go back to bein a promoter now Tha'z f*cked up huh, I lucked up huh I walk around wid a bigger pimp cup huh I'm the man now, you undastand now Now you a fan now, just like Stan now I'ma winner now, I ride spinnerz now I'm in the top 10, I'm pushin drop benz You gotta take my artist, I call the shotz now Me & my daddy bout to buy a bigger lot now Come get a car from me, I got em cheap now I'm like a nightmare, you can't sleep now I bring the heat now, you know my street now It'z Lil Flipper, don't get your azz beat now Chorus Verse : Skillz Yeah, Skillz… You at home now, on the phone now Talkin sh*t now, but you ain't sh*t now I'm makin money now, it's not so funny now The way I dress now, I must be bless now We run the city now, h*ez say I'm pretty now No, I'm not cheesin now, it happened for a reason now You can't stand me now, You smell like henny now & later you gon bow, it's goin down now We packin 4 pearlz, 62 rimz wid a scope, wid a beam tha'll letchu down D-Town, 214, tha'z my city now I f*cked wid country boyz Yeah, tha'z my click now Blue in da cup, dem gurlz wanna f*ck But, I pay no mind 2 b*tchez, I pay no mind 2 stitchez We stay puffin droz, we sit on 24'z Everywhere we go, yeah tha'z how they roll Chorus Yeah…Play N Skillz…Lil Flip…Primetime

One Addiction

DAVE HOLLISTER "Things In The Game Done Changed"
**Verse I** I got this problem and it's something that I can't control Shortie's street name is smoke She had me hit from just a kiss and now she's in my soul Intoxicating, yeah, yeah, yeah My heart is failin, deep inhailin, baby's burnin my nose I damn near had an overdose I need rehabilitation I must admit I'm shook cause sortie's got me hooked **Chorus-Repeat twice** Floatin like a butterfly (I'm still high from the smoke) Feel like I can touch the sky (girl your dope makes me choke) Feels so good I wanna cry (let me take one more toke) I'm in love (just one addiction) **Verse II** She's got my world spinnin upside down Man I'm so high my feet can't even touch the ground I'm paranoid, I think I'm gonna lose my mind My lips are burnt because I smoke her all the time This Philly's got me feenin, twisted, reminiscing bout her ebony face I need rehabilitation I must admit I'm shook cause shortie's got me hooked **Repeat chorus twice** **Bridge** She's really got me feenin, put that thing on me She got my eyes so close together I can hardly see She got me talkin crazy, walkin funny, staggerin I can't get enough Now can't no other philly do me like you do I don't need nobody else cause girl I'm into you These brotha's really wanna smoke on my shortie to I'm not passin you **Repeat chorus 3 times and fade out**

Chemi Kill

(Exodus) first and third fills- Rick second and fourth fills- Gary Politicians, they're all on the take Toxic polliters, leave cancer in their wake Campaign contributions are nothing more bribes Pockets growing, fatter at the expense of all our lives (sub-chorus) Now we'll grab them by their white collar And throw them in the waste Look at them floating in the cess They're such a fucking disgrace! (chorus) They just want To make another buck They couldn't care what happens They wouldn't give a fuck Their big house way up on a hill Was paid for in death It's chemi-kill! They don't know what to do with it They don't want to keep it around So they pull up behind my back door And bury it underground We scream and yell but they just laugh On the way to make a withdrawal But we've got to ram it down their throats Make them eat it all (repeat sub-chorus) (repeat chorus) Babies are lying in their womb Dying in their private tomb Born retarded, crippled and lame But they say they're not to blame Tumors are growing in my spleen The children are turning green We're dropping one by one Is this the end of all our fun? How can they get Away with this? We take them to court But it gets dismissed They've bought off the judge So he throws out the case Ther goes the human race! solo- Rick solo- Gary

Don't Go

Baby don't go Baby don't go Baby don't go (Chorus) Don't leave me, leave me, leave me Don't go, don't go Don't leave me, leave me, leave me I love you so (repeat) (Vs.1) I've been hurt before Stay around for a while Let's work it out Let's try to make it happen Don't do the things That other guys did To hurt me They make me cry Break my heart, oh why? (Bridge) I know you're a busy man But you don't understand How it feels to be alone When times get hard and I want to feel your Sweet and tender touch That's all I'm askin' baby Cause I never asked for much Oh, ohhh (Chorus) This may be a fantasy That I dream of baby Time and time again I knew that we would be More than friends I gave you my heart And all of my time But now you're actin shady Is it all in my mind? (Bridge) (Chorus) Don't leave, don't leave Don't leave me alone I wanna be with you Oh, oh, oh, Mmm, yeah oh oh oh I wanna be with you Yes I do, yes I do You've got my heart boy (you've got my heart) You are the only one (Oh, you're the only, only one) If I can't be with you (if I can't be) I don't know what to do (I don't know what to do) (repeat) You've got my heart (Repeat 4x) I wanna be your everything

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