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Dark Reality lyrics

Moping Carol

Original and similar lyrics
Oh grief, oh pain, delivering me to hopelessness, oh selfabsorbing perverse lust that turns me on this hell to bless this rigid life of disincentive I've begun provides the cage of frozen time that keeps my mind from going on solum permaneo in velamene lapideo qiud ipse sustineo No hands to clutch, no consolation assistance all in vain for my soul lacks will to join salvation depths of indolence, oh shelter my intellect keep me from reflection that may urge a useless force to act Got a brain with dancing shadows got a face with lightness eyes when I'm searching for connexion with no hope to realise Activity is useless for you've no chance to succeed every strive for alteration is their mockery to feed


Lunacy Sign of death In your thoughts and dirty eyes Losing mind Bloody arms Your fucking tired veins are incised Deadly pain Atrophy Soon you will suffocate Cracked brain Feel like dead Your reason in mutilation Alien I ives inside your fuckin' mind Controlling your life and all what you do This commander hates all mankino And now this bastard ordering to you Tear your flash Take in hand Your beating heart from your chest Drink all the blood From the veins And you will feel loathsome taste Take a knife Let loose hate And rip out your burning eyes Odliteration Fucking damnation You commit this suicide sacrifice There's the beast inside your morbid brain Commanding to destroy yourself You feel this fuckin' terrible pain But you can't break invisible cell Hey! You fuckin' fool! Look at your stupid face Now you passed this rules You're jackass in that case Searching problems for this stupid head This dumdum wants a lot to be dead He does not have all this buttoms I don't give a damn for these bastards I don't give a damn for suckers With their problems and their life God damn these fuckin' motherfuckers They may cut their neck with knife

Jump In The Fire

METALLICA "Kill 'Em All"
Jump In The Fire Down in the depths of my fiery home The summons bell will chime Tempting you and all the earth to join our sinful kind There is a job to be done and I'm the one You people make me do it Now it is time for your fate and I won't hesitate to pull you down into this pit So come on Jump in the Fire So come on Jump in the Fire With hell in my eyes and with death in my veins The end is closing in Feeding on the minds of man and from their souls within My disciples all shout to search out And they always shall obey Follow me now my child not the meek or the mild But do just as I say So come on Jump in the Fire So come on Jump in the Fire Jump by your will or be taken by force I'll get you either way Trying to keep the hellfire lit I am stalking you as prey Living your life as me I am you you see So reach down grab my hand walk with me through the land Come home where you belong So come on Jump in the Fire So come on Jump in the Fire

Go Fuck Your Ass Off

Leaether Strip
Go Fuck Your Ass Off Watching the big boys cleaning their hands Playing with new toys, the old ones are back Sliding down the Adam's ass to get them what they need She will do just anything to get them clean They want to push you down squeeze your brain They want to push you down treachery By the soul to suffer and pain They live in a dream world of dope and dust A glittering rose of gold of lust The demand of junk is getting strong Let's have some fun while we're young Don't mess with my life Just keep it to yourself I know what you have in the box on the shelf Using the small kids to selling to his friends The hype is you know that it still a trend

Phobics Of Tragedy

DAYS OF THE NEW "Days Of The New II"
Nothing is Real when you're talkin' I don't believe what I'm watchin' Shelter me 'til it's over Of what you want to believe I'm afraid of what I see and What I see is everything Shelter me with my own hands And with my hands I will depend God I don't know what to say Everything is in my way Get up and deal with the pain Drowning your mind in the way Let me sleep I'll let you sleep Put on your mind frame Take off your mind Put on your heart I'm going down stream Not the Same (same ol' saying)

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