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Dark Opera lyrics

Traveller In Time

Original and similar lyrics
I am the Ghost of Evil I am the Sadness I can take you into Death I can see how life dissolves Temple of innocence Smells stolen from gods Footmarks on the cold floor I pain Charon the promised coins Don't ever mind power and reign Now they are coming Life leaves you Song of Sadness Song of Blackness Black Matter

Promised Land

QUEENSRYCHE "Promised Land"
Watching the sand fall, listening for the knock upon my door, and waiting...for Promised Land. Standing neck deep in life, my ring of brass lay rusting on the floor.Is this all? Because it's not what I expected. Somewhere along the way friends I once held close fled the fast lane. I didn't notice, I just had to make it. Head down, nose in the grindstone; the kiss of life placed on my brow kept sliddin' to the ground and now it's buried six feet under. Preaching from the floor again the same old sad song, 'Bartender... bring another drink for their favorite son.' Where did it all go wrong? What's the use in even holding on? Here's to love, hate... and promises. Almost called it today. Turned to face 'The Void' numb with the suffering and the question, 'Why am I...?' So many times I've tried and failed to gather my courage, reach again for that nail. Life's been like dragging feet through sand, and never finding... Promised Land. Preaching from the floor again the same old sad song, 'Bartender... bring another drink for their favorite song.' Where did it all go wrong? I feel like I'm dying. Here's to love, to hate, to promises and Promised Land lies.

The Hero

AMON AMARTH "Twilight Of The Thunder God"
The blade I swing Is black as night Black as my soulless heart It bears the burden Of many lives But I don't feel remorse I lent my sword To anyone Willing to pay the price No regrets for What I've done A mercenary's life But there i was On battleground Until I felt the jaws of death Cut into my flesh Defending old and weak But I did not retreat Now, here I lie In my own blood And strangers cry for me I'm prepared to meet the gods I wish they'd let me be I don't deserve Their sympathy I know who I am My soul is death and misery I am an evil man I rest in my blood Soon I will face the gods Strangers cry for me I wish they'd let me be Show no sympathy Shed no tears for me I know who I am I am an evil man I know who I am I am an evil man

Angel Of Death

Count Raven
The story I tell you is old, in fact the oldest in the world I feel that it must be told, 'til now no one's ever heard Somewere in time there's a school, a boy went there to read and write You were nobody's fool, you quickly learned the game and how to fight Then when he was ten years old his parents got divorced Father was so cold and mother was so forced It hurts so bad inside, he thought it was all his fault He discovered it was a lie, all the things he once was taught Tomorrow's child he cries But only in his mind He gets so cold inside He leaves his ones behind Today he's a full grown man Wife children and a piece of land He's got a steady job, no trouble in the way Suddenly there she stands, again in love he takes her by the hand He tries to tell his wife, he wants this woman to stay in his life Tomorrow's child he cries But only in his mind He gets so cold inside He leaves his ones behind This is not the curse of God, nor of the accuser It's the curse of mankind that makes him an ordinary loser The older says: you can go to hell The younger says: she's crazy He loves them both, they know this well Pride hold them back, they lose him Women of this world today Don't wow this world away A man is fertile all his life, this need is not right to deny I know it is not fair, but it's a fact, it's not that we don't care Only one thing to do Put in the law a man can marry two


Possess the soul of the weak. Walk the gates that open wide. For the ones that will die enter the world that waits inside... Now decieve the cross, induce thou evil. Hypnotize the wrath of priest. Redeem the soul of deceased. Confront the demons of the dark... To enchant soul of innocence, deviate the mortal life. Reincarnate the evil spirit, deviate the mortal life. Unleash the blood of the goat, raise high the horns of hell. Profanation of the gods, sacriligeous torment. Soul has come to it's final task, demons carved your burning flesh. Arise the ones from eternal sleep, come forth and show you rotted soul... Pentagram is hailed in hell. Star of death brings infinite life. Enter the circle and desecrate. Devours the soul, embalminate the body... Thoughts of death are near. Angels child lives in fear. Taken from the holy land. Tortured in hell forever damned... Blasphemy - left to die. Sodomy - the blood is raised. Reap of evil - takes it's toll. Profanation of the gods...

Creator Failure

ICED EARTH "Burnt Offerings"
[Music : Schaffer, Shawver, Abell / Lyrics : Schaffer] A lonely maiden stands Bound to the obelisk As she tugs and pulls And tries to twist Shackles slice her virgin wrists Blood now covers her tiny hands How does thou receive this fate She asks of her own mind Purity, innocence, encourage death Life... gone is mine I also ask of you my lord Thy god in heaven For I understand the error of mans ways But of creation and the seven days When was created the murky haze From which the beast has risen Fail me not my master For this is your creation Your son the bastard Leviathan Blackness, dripping stench Unrelenting vice Vile embellishment Transcending pure evil Standing now before her eyes Wings expanding...she's going to die Belching blue green fire Flesh feeds the desire The serpent gods apocalyptic smile Come to me my demon brother Of us both and our fathers A failure of creation ... abomination

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