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DAFT PUNK lyrics - Homework


Original and similar lyrics
Paul Jonson DJ Funk DJ Skull DJ Rush Waxmaster Hyperactive Kevin Carol Bryan Wilson George Clinton Lil Louis Ashley Beatto Neil Landstruum Kenny Dope DJ Hell Louie Vega Carol Lexi Dr. Dre's in the house yeah Omega in the house Kevin Edmonds in the house Jeff Mills is in the house DJ Deya DJ Milton DJ Slugo DJs of the low Green Velvet Joey Beltram DJ Else Roy Davies Boo Williams DJ Tonka DJ Snow DJ Kell Mike Dylvan in the house Todd Edward's in the house Robin Cluney's int he house Ceevea in the house Luke Slater Jerry Carter Robbert Hood Paris Mitchel Dave Carter Pat Melva in the house Amanda in the house Sir Jordan's in the house, yeah

Walking Through The Darkness

GHOSTFACE KILLAH "Bulletproof Wallets"
(feat. Tekitha) [Intro: Ghostface] Yeah you are now listening to the sounds of Ghost Radio 777 FM, we in God dimension Sponsored by Stark Enterprise Shout out to everybody on Staten Island Don't touch that dial... Ay yo, ay yo, my name's on your roster kid, I mean business Big elevators mean big businesses Sleeves rolled up around five, I, loosen my tie Rough day though the stock was high Plus I'm hungry, move like the boss of the joint I know it don't mean nothing 'cuz I brought the joint But still, realer hits, card dealin' shits Bass lips, murder topics, niggas ain't shit So what, I had a rough day That's right, and if y'all don't like it then motherfuck, ya'll is Ghost in da house! Make noise if it's C.R.E.A.M. in da house! Aww shit now, fly coffee tables, haircuts dust Money this long, you wish you could roll with us Supersoak us, your bitch chose us Be sure to stay away from friends you can't trust [Tekitha (Ghostface)] It's been so long (Yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh) Since he had a true friend (That's right, that's right) True friends are sure hard to come by (Uh-huh) But then again His loyalties lie within Always kept his head to the sky And they can't see... no n-n-no-no (Check it..I want all y'all...remember this Yo...c'mon, c'mon) They can't see him walking through the darkness... no-n-n-no-no (Ooha-ooha! yo, Ooha-ooha! uh-huh, yeah, Ooha-ooha! Ooha-ooha!) They can't see him walking through the darkness [Ghostface] Yo, yo, yo, the new President America Flash money, act funny Party, ride the bubbly Goons and thugs, double hennessey One shot to the nose, double energy I don wallabees, fucking remember me Guess who's back The W embassy! Even in the dark we electricity, rap celebrities for the longevity Staten and Manhattan, that's all liberty B.E.T, MTV always big on me That I rock coliseums, cop a drop BM Drunk throw his dick out on stage, I gotta see 'im [Then he sung:] Ha! Let's get druuunnnnk! Ha! Let's get drunk and hiiiiiiiIIIIIIGH yeahhhh! [Ghostface (Tekitha)] Yeah, yeah, uh-huh, throw your hands in the air, throw your hands in the air (They can't see him walking through the darkness) Like this y'all, like that y'all... c'mon, yeah (c'mon, no-o-o they can't see him walking through the darkness) Yeah... ma, c'mon boo... yeah that's right... motherfucka (No-o-o, they can't see him walking through the darkness) Yeah... c'mon ma, rock that sick... that's right yo, look at over there C'mon, c'mon we breakin' it down (Ooh no-o, they can't see him walking through, walking through) Uh-huh, these are the best dancers in the house tonight, Ladies and gentlemen give them a round of applause (No, and the earth, they can't explain... on his road to become... become) Uh-huh, that's how I like it, that's right, listening to the sounds of Ghost Radio... It's like that y'all... Staten Island, New York (the chased and get hazed) New York in the house, make some noise! (but )


DJ Jazzy Jeff The Fresh Prince "Code Red"
Yeah Yeah Hell Yeah Come on So all you people on the left (Are you ready to rock the house) People on the right (Are you ready to rock the house) People up front (Are you ready to rock the house) Man in the back (Are you ready to rock the house) Well say Ho (Ho) Say ho ho (ho ho) Say ho ho ho (ho ho ho) Now Scream Mic check Are you ready yet Well get set 'cause I'm about to jet like a corvette With the quickness snap it like a whip It's a sickness that's making my rhymes rip Peddle to the metal 94 octane Flow like the rain And I aim to entertain Like it or not FP wont stop Because I'm the cream of the crop So sss hot Up and down they go just watch them Up and down they go (Jump, Jump) And as they go Well I'm a show Them that I can flow But homie should I stop though? Hell No But no wait ah ah until the end I Kick the volume pump the adrenaline I Watch the crowd sway Every time we play Each and every day We make the crowd say Ho (Ho) Say ho ho (ho ho) Say ho ho ho (ho ho ho) Now Scream Once again I'm in the house When I be rippin it The crowd be kickin it This boy's bad With a pen and a pad Records selling like mad People thought it was a fad Cause back in the day some folks weren't with it What's this rap thing? They just ain't get it They didn't understand, they didn't quite see It's all about adrenaline, straight up energy So everybody say hey (hey) So everybody say hey (hey) I wanna rip it J Well homie go ahead man I wanna rip it J Well homie go ahead yeah Yo a super dooper Party trooper Never been a party pooper Heart breakin Money makin Man they get them parties shakin Music pumpin Crowd is jumpin Giving people what they want And always rhymin all the time and check it Yo and now I wanted to make up a record that I could just rock at the ??? of the time I wanted to make it so funky that it would just stick in the back of your mind I wanted it simple so people could sing it and dance while their bopping their heads So gimme the uh gimme the uh gimme the uh gimme the uh Yeah That's the way ah ha ah ha I like it ah ha ah ha yeah Let it go yo the boys are all pro so get on the floor right now and let me hear you say ho (ho) Say ho ho (ho ho) Say ho ho ho (ho ho ho) Now Scream Come on all the ladies in the house All the pretty young ladies in the house Let me hear you say aahh owww (aahh owww) Come on say aahh owww (aahh owww) Homeboys make some noise let me hear you say Yeah (Yeah) say hell yeah (hell yeah) now scream For years they been tryin to figure out how to stop the prince They say that im conceited but I'm not it's just confidence Rougher than an outlaw quicker than the flash For records to movie to TV I'm grabbing cash and I'm dashing The P [R] I (n) C (E) With the fresh on the front And I'm a give you what you want Step on stage and just rip it as I laugh Tear down the house leaving lookin like backdraft All night I'm on the flow on And I'm a go on On the stage In a rage I'm a flow on You read the billboard then I'm sure that you know The riggidy riggidy rhymes are riggidy rhyme and climb to uno Uh uh uh yo don't don't don't Jeff will we be taking out? (No, no, no) the only other crew that play the way that we play and all day, everyday, we play to make the crowd say Ho (Ho) Say ho ho (ho ho) Lemme hear you say ho ho ho (ho ho ho) Now Scream Come on say Ho (Ho) Come on say ho ho (ho ho) One more time say ho ho (ho ho) Now scream It's hot y'all You don't stop y'all I keep on Till the break of dawn It's like a little boy blue blowing on his horn Its like a daylight dance marathon It's like a grasshopper hopping on the morning lawn And you know its got to be You know it's got to be You know it's really, really, got to be Now you know it's got to be on Yeah

I'm With It

AER "Aer"
[Verse 1 - Carter:] Catch me holdin on the OE, conversate with Zoe Only gonna remember her T-shirt with David Bowie Its so clear the hipsters here, and the queens are there, and the rest are near It’s the FAM crew and were back at it again This time in a house of a friend of a friends Only 11 PM, now with your eyes and your ears listen up to how the story begins The beat brought the energy, I brought the soul Hope I don’t get drowned in liquor and end up runnin home Got my homies to keep me composed, now that’s real And that girl Zoe over there knows the deal [Chorus - Dave:] I don’t wanna cuff to confine me Every move you make choose your way (I’m with it) Gettin’ loose with crew right beside me Let me approach what I scoped out (I’m with it) Any minute now we can exit the spot And take what we got home and get acquainted Lift your brow got me spillin’ out vows From your style to your smile – love you got me chasin’ [Verse 2 - Carter:] Lets go! Cmon! time to break up the best smoke “Carter can I hit it? don’t make me kiss ya and beg for it,” This house so big it needs exploring So come along girl were diving in head first I said yeah baby yeah make that granite counter top yours One more minute and we’ll bring it to the bottom floor Applaud for the encore, and I ain’t even on tour The thunderstorm is coming, I wonder who will conquer? That’s simple it’s me, got the freshest expressions and essence up on my tee They all askin’, how’d I end up like Jay Gatsby? The set up of the place was pretty hot With a smoking section, dance floor, and a porch to cool off Barely know her but I know that she’s rarer than moon rocks With Cartie in this bitch the party don’t stop ha [Chorus - Dave]

House Of Horrors

Hey there, do you like excitement? (yeah) Do you like suspense? (uh huh) Do you like Nel Carter? (no) Good cuz you won't find her here, this is the House of Horrors And for you it's absolutely free, step right in (thanks) Say no more stupid ass, your breath says enough Hello? It's so dark Don't lose me C'mon, I found a door Woboogawoo WAAA!! Welcome to the House of Horrors You born in a barn? shut the fuckin doors You see, damn, cuz I'm about to scare you Blubablubabluba, okay now I dare you Close your eyes, open up your mouth, and count to ten Don't wanna, huh, cuz you know my nuts are going in I'm twisted, I'll cut your finger off, and stick in your butt Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and glue it shut This is when I get crazy, lemme show you something Brrrr! You know what that means, it don't mean nothin, haha But it scared you cuz people don't be doing that shit But me brrr! bitch brrr! I'm all about it (brrrr!!!) Guess what I'm a serial killer, it's a bad habit I killed Tony, Lucky Charms, and the silly rabbit, UH! Cut the lights, see that shit, I'm glowing Alright, I'm done, cut em back on, wait, where you going? Welcome to the house of horrors Comes from within me Comes from within me, horrors, me Comes from within me Come to the House of Horrors, hey Comes from within me Comes from within me, horrors, me Comes from within me Come to the House of Horrors, hey Honey, I'm not having a good time I know. Come on, this must be the way out. Hey, what the fuck, come in guys, grab a chair Don't mind me drinkin' my beer in my underwear Come on and play some combat, I just got Atari Hey keep it down in there Shaggs, what the hell? sorry Look at that shit, what? , you almost got me grounded I'm a have to take your forehead and pound it I'll bend you over and tie you up to a pole And stretch your nuts back and fling em up your butthole I'm a phantom, listen to me, ahhhhh That didn't do it? How about this? AHHHH!!!! I'm so scary, they call me Joey Terrifying Did you know that?, yeah , no you didn't I was lying I represent Igors I'm yelling in town I'm coming out of southwest WICKED CLOWNS!!! Bathroom? yeah, it's right there down the hall Don't flush it though, I'll make dinner for you all (mumbles) I'm possessed too Wait a minute, hey, don't leave me yet, I... Welcome to the House of Horrors Comes from within me Comes from within me, horrors, me Comes from within me Come to the House of Horrors, hey Comes from within me Comes from within me, horrors, me Comes from within me Come to the House of Horrors, hey Honey? What? I'm scared I know, sweety, come on (run hide, run hide) (ha ha ha ha ha hahahaha ha ha) (run hide, run hide) (ha ha HA hahahahahaha ha) (run hide, run hide) (whooowhooo WHOOO ha ha ha ha ha) (run hide, run hide) (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) Jump Steady, Nate the Mack, lemme tell you something With Billy Bill and Rude Boy, what about em, not'n They're my boys, I just had to give em props And together we form the cyclops Hahahahaha look at you, haha, you're a bitch Should I let your ass go? hahahaha, no I'll let your bitch out, but you get the bone Run along sugar tits, he ain't coming home Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you....bitch

At Your Own Risk

King Tee "At Your Own Risk"
.. it's at your own {*repeating, getting louder*} .. it's at your own .. it's at your own .. it's at your own .. it's at your own .. it's at your own risk SUCKER! Yo! Whassup? Yo.. what's happenin, what's happenin? E-Swift, you cuttin the records nice boy DJ Pooh whassup man? We all chillin Yo, yo, J-Ro's in the house, we all cold coolin out y'knahmsayin? And I'ma bust it off like this for Compton Well - look who sprung up, comin the fuck up I came in the place to let you know what's up with a bunch of trunk jewerly Two or three fat gold chains, ring plates with my name on 'em Yeah I rhyme fly, real fly Hobbes I wear Nike's cause I run from the cops Pops taught me lots he said Toys are for tots At four, bought me a box, when I was six I wore a jock cause, my jimmy was gettin kinda big At nine I was a kid but I took my first swig Hugged that Olde English beer So my peers wouldn't think that I was queer Yeah, right off I got the title of a gangsta Pranksters run because they know that there ain't a person, runnin a verse on like this, hahahaha.. Whassup? This at your own risk, sucker Uhh! This at your own risk, sucker.. P-Puh, Puh-P-Puh-P-Puh-Pooh man fuck it! People always say, Are you the King of the West? But there's always some pest who try to put you to the test even though, they know I'm King, I'm on a higher level I even dust the church and sold they soul to the devil I mean really, how you think I'm livin? On the strength I'm livin like it's Thanksgiving So yo, whassup turkey, tryin to jerk me? Your rhymes don't work see, you can't hurt T The almighty individual You said you knew, but I don't think you really know about the K-I-N-G super cool mack daddy I drive a Caddy, and I'm livin fatly Had me on stage in a rage Yellin was what ya know, that's how I get paid Made my mark but rappers still insist, to diss but yo it's at your own risk sucker Sup? It's at your own risk Aiyyo, E-Swift, bust the break Verse three is another one for those to remember King Tee is the champ, smashin all contenders For those who disbelieve, just step in my direction I'm snappin arms, legs and even necks and suckers who thrive to drive me crazy You know the ones who front tryin to amaze me Take it as a warnin cause I'm hopin that you don't diss But get a load of this, it's at your own risk, sucker! Yo, it's all about me and DJ Pooh and E-Swift Rockin the house, y'knowhatI'msayin? We got Walkman in the house We got J-Ro in the house We got (??).. {*echoes*} Y'knowhatI'msayin we cold chillin y'know I wanna send this record out, to the Piano Man Piano Man, won't you play somethin for me Aight, get busy, right here, c'mon c'mon Get funky, get, get funky, c'mon c'mon Get funky ass oh, ohh yeah Get funky, aww ooooooh shit! It's at your own risk suckers, knowhatI'msayin? Yeah, E-Swift, scratch that in Awwww yeah.. Aww you're doggin it man, y'knowhatI'msayin? SEE YA!

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