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DA BAND lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Dylan talking] Open the book And I saw an angel come down from heaven Having the key of the bottomless pit And a great chain in his hand I laid whole on the dragon, That old serpent Which is the Devil, and Satan, and born in a thousand years See [Choppa] I'm the soldier type, keep grip on steel like Conan Money bulgin' out my pockets, I peel with both hands Inter-national dopeman, known as a D-Boy If ya need me nigga, know you can call on the decoy Me, All I do is move blow off tha corner Paper chasin', cause I'm tryin to stack doe like colma, (Watch me) I'm tryin' to keep my head on tight Baller blockers make a nigga wanna ride at night Block watchers callin' coppers so my mind ain't right The Devil with me but the young boy acknowledge Christ I did alot of ridin' in my time, and God blessed me still I look out for tha one the knocks [Chorus: Fredrick & Sarah] So why the Devil keep on fuckin' with me, why Why he knockin' at my door, my door Why the Devil keep on fuckin' with me Can you tell me why he huntin' me for Tell me what he huntin' me for, tell me Could you tell me Could you tell me what he huntin' me for Tell me what he huntin' me for Could you tell me, tell me Could you tell me what he huntin' me for [Fredrick] You thinkin' lifes a joke, I'll slice your throat Oh you a thug, you about to get yo' rights revoked I'm from the Dirty, we don't even know the price of soap I'm a star, look in the sky, you need a microscope I'm way ahead of the game, thuggin' runs in my veins My pockets chubby, so I went and got a gun in my name Its just me, him and my blunt in the Range A young nigga with the filty slang Ha ha, I hop out like a Jack In The Box With three macks and a glock I'm askin' for nothin', I'm snatchin' my props I'm gettin' money while I'm laughin' at cops It ain't ya lad, I ain't bad It's the Devil, why don't you tell'em to stop [Chorus] [Elliot Ness] Its like somebodys lookin' over my shoulder [EN] Its hard to focus in the open I'm surrounded by vultures [Babs] So many haters I don't know where to turn [B] And niggaz be starin' us down like we got money to burn [EN] First things first, I'm sick of all you industry thugs [EN] You feel me, You a enemy if anything cuz [Both] In memory of [EN] Death to the powers that be [EN] See I'm a motherfuckin' soldier ain't no coward in me [EN] Somebody is constanly watching and following me [EN] Throw shades over my eyes, Wont allow me to see [Both] Allow me to peek [EN] Forget about reading the fine print [EN] My lyrical content on some Vietnam shit [EN] Shoot 99% dogg, top of the line [Both] I'm back on my grind [EN] Satan in the back of my mind [EN] Go a-head with the bullshit, tomorrow ain't promised [EN] I'm pushin' the rock to stop from getting knocked unconscious [Chorus] [P. Diddy talking with Sarah singing] Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for thou walk with me It's Bad Boy baby, we done seen the ups and downs Sunny days, rainy days, we'll never stop Da Band, the next generation, God first And we won't stop, Yea, Lets go Yea, get off me, get off me You know what team I'm on One God, One love, One family, Bad Boy I'm like Micheal baby Dark Angel, Yea, You feel me I see all you Devils out there You'll never stop us Da Band, 2003, The next generation Yea, and we won't stop

Straight Talk From Ny

DJ Honda "DJ Honda"
featuring Al Tariq The Beatnuts Fat Joe Problemz Hook: We want it all so we out for the cash Life's too short so we gotta live fast Gotta keep it real get the doe and that's that Before we go out you know we gotta live phat 5 deadly venoms on wax Al' Tariq: I break 'em down like cheers tear for fears from the ave Tariq whatever you seek baby you shall Be given to ya deliver to ya Posses asses we movin' around up in the chest no less I keep the minds straight organize and raise above these fake spies Like Organize now these guys are frontin' talking about blastin' and lootin' Niggas slashin' shit but son son who ya foolin'? My nigga don't ever get no bigger than your britches You know the old sayin' daddy uh, stitches and ditches For snitches So pour out the D.P. and pass the Moe Moe And clean you imagination of that fake funk flow Psycho Les: Kill the noise your funk is unsented This track is splended Honda wanted me to represent it (yo who?) The P.S.Y.C.H.O. deep between the lines of yayo Son you fake a jack push your wig back like Burt Renoylds Even when I'm stressed I keep my chin up like Jay Leno Bring it to any fuckin' morano Latino bag 'em, for they casino Hook JuJu: I'm back son I know it's been a while but whatever I'm terror undoubtedly more violent then ever I'm out here gettin' money more ways then three I can't see these clown niggas more paid then me You crazy it takes one look you'll determine That you wouldn't dare fuck around with this German The life or dead kids incredible Fed bids heroin dreams And wild schemes my heads deep Fat Joe: Who gives a fuck about the opposition? My position is far from fiction I started bitches seeing cream from all these fiends With large addictions partner listen I been doin' this shit for years endin' careers Bringin' Max back from the ten cheers yeah So don't consider beefin' I get rid of even the largest rap artist while the niggas sleepin' Keepin' the street sweeper close Cause niggas who lac-tose Subtrack the grim reaper the most Hook Problemz: It goes a one Mississippi two Mississippi three G With all them motherfuckin' I's (eyes) niggas couldn't see P.R.O.B., L.E.M.Z. with the verbal tactics This ghetto bastard gets you bouncin' like a matress I'm all that not to sound conceited But I'm undefeated Handin' out nuff knots (nots) like Ripley so you better believe it A dedicatated underground representitive Rugged instramentals get me hyped and give me insentitive To blow up the spot like Waco Texas When I flex this crusty MC's get corroded like espestis On some next shit but it's just the Brooklyn comin' out out me I'm one of the ruggedest niggas alive There ain't no pussy parts about me Word is born this shit is on in your area Problemz representin', mass hysteria The kid from BK who rock the diamond studded crowns Comin' directly from Flatbush poppo now hold that down Hook


XZIBIT "Man Vs Machine"
BK to LA f/ M.O.P. Yeah! AOWWW, AOWWW! C'mon! Yeah, yeahhh (yeah) yeahhh, yeahhh M.O.P.! Uhh (X to the Z) Yeah baby, that's right, you know how we do it One time, X, where you at my nigga? FIYAHHHH!!!! [Xzibit] I spread the hate, like Taliban records and tapes Shoot five times to the sky, gimme some space I got y'all, runnin in place, cut to the heart of the subject (MASH OUT NIGGAZ!) Straight from the gutter you love it Ain't nothin above it, we stomp y'all religiously Watchin paper thugs tryin to hide behind the industry From here to infinity, love thy enemy Niggaz got the knowledge but don't know the chemistry All inside your baseball hat and kneecaps with baseball bats ('TIL FAME HIT YOU WITH THE MINI-MAC) Full body black fatigues, lungs black from weed In black limo tinted SUV's with Bill [Billy Danze] STILL (still) WORLD (world) FAMOUS The underdogs of rap, back to claim this, the fact remain we're heartless and painless, it's dangerous to strangers that try to change us, knowin we're anxious to flame 'em [Chorus 2X: Xzibit + M.O.P.] [X] Huh, you want problems I'ma bring 'em to you [B] We cockin them thangs [X] Yeah, I got a song let me sing it to you [B] We ready to bang [X] Yeah, you talk impressive, you don't mean it do you? [B] Watch where you aim [F] Get lost in the game, get tossed in the flames, nigga [Billy Danze] You must wanna throw the towel in holmes, it's your man B.D. From N.Y.C., the N.Y.G. (IT'S) M.O.P., and X to the Z is a friend of our family (YEAH MY NIGGA) For you, counterfeit, wannabe hardcore players I rub you under your face with single-edged razors Cold street INTELLIGENCE, O.G.'s and REBEL MEN Grip quick, cock squeeze and LEVEL MEN to SETTLE IT (From L.A. to) B.K., from B.K. to (L.A.) Persistant and insistant on doin it our way Do you really wanna fuck with Danze? (c'mon) When he comin with them thugs in the van Double clutch in his hands, my nigga [Lil' Fame] Make the world flame! Face the Fame-ster, part, Fame-ster Y'all niggaz akin to God and gangsters (YOU SEE IT!) It's the M dot, to the O dot, to the P With X to the Z hot, what's happenin? [Chorus] [Interlude 2X: Xzibit] Hunt down, hurt, hang and hate the hater Watch how you rise, fall and thank me later Look in my eyes, I should not have to say it Look alive, these streets is complicated [Lil' Fame] AOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! You got problems with us? Start poppin I get in yo' chest like anthrax, vaccine couldn't stop it Let's move on 'em (aoww) must move on 'em Rush in, gun-bustin, black seven plus tools on 'em Never snooze on 'em, I'm short, haven't got room for 'em I send you to God with no shoes CLUELESS! Real G's run this, we rule this If you wanna get into some gangsta shit, let's do this (YES SIR!) No question, no half-steppin Streets is my profession, heat in my posession Hollow-tips is the answer; look around you see the signs say 'NO SMOKIN' but our guns got cancer! [Xzibit] Yeah cause I'm not (I'm not) what you thought I was Like my career was gon' fade like a fuckin buzz Raise the stakes high, I solidify the grip that I keep on shit, GET OFF MY DICK! [Chorus] {*random ad libs to fade*}

Get Down

JOELL ORTIZ "House Slippers"
Get down, Yeaaah Uh, wave at me baby I'm wavy White Tee and the yankee is navy JOE L L, yeah I'm jiggling baby Picking up ladies in that cinnamon Cedes A1 flow I'm out here getting this gravy Steak out my crib, turn you into filet mig-non Cabron, I've been lifting this eighty I turn your selfie to a pic in The Daily News you know the rules, boy my city is crazy Empire state with the liberty lady The towers drop but them twins still around Twin Glocks forty-orties And twin four pounds Who wanna dance I spin you around Bring you back and kiss you goodbye with a round [Hook:] Ahh, now shorty how that sound I know you're from outta town round here That's how we get down You're in the city that shoot Beside these bitches nothing really that cute We get down We don't play at the [?] One band two band shaking the spot We get down Ain't nothing bummy around here Girlfriend we getting money around here This is how we get down Ain't nothing funny around here Girlfriend a lot of money around here This is how we get down Anywhere I'm at is the turn up (turn up) They scream turn down, I'm yelling for what? (for what) Winter time I turn the collar of my fur up Summer time top down flipping birds up Trying to tell these niggas, now I'm stunning on 'em word up Fuck it I'm that nigga when it comes to fucking words up Move without security, and post on any curb yep Tryina bust a move and watch the eagle lift a bird up Any now I wanna lift a bird up Break her off crazy have her shaking like a nerve suck Looking at her in the corner all curled up Gave her the Anaconda now it's curled up Pimp juice I should be Jheri curled up Dripping from all this game that I'm kicking like the world cup [Hook] It's a whole lot money around here Baby girl we get gully around here I don't know how they got down there But trust me we get it popping around here Pop up pop bottles and pop ya'll ladies Nah I don't pop molly cause I get crazy I pop they pop, them nines pop baby Pop off, nah pap's for real we don't play, Paa! I get it live so easy, nah I don't mean do this for TV But you see me I make these bitches do the Houdini Have 'em reappear in the Figi's in bikinis You mad, you got it bad boy face facts Do it big take a nice puff and tell her take that

Get Money

AZ "Legendary"
[Verse 1:] In all black with the hard bottoms Cop the daily news, skimming through the car columns Making my way to the Pentecostal Church of Ebenezer with the grievers They just killed Beaver for his sneakers It's a fever on the ave, undercovers playing cabs Raiding niggas labs, Lou Lav just got stabbed in his abs It's sad, recession hitting niggas real hard It forced a few jailbirds to go get jobs Some'll starve, everything's a go in the hood Sixteen little niggas sniffing blow in the hood Set claiming, bandanas boosting their aiming Shells ricocheting, shit ain't no use in complaining Mama praying, the cancer done ate her calves So the doc had to decapitate the leg in half Do the math, it's over if I can't coach soon Could have easily been the victim of a hot dope spoon, word to June [Chorus:] Get money, motherfucker get right Get a blunt, get a bottle, get nice Get a grip cause as soon as you slip, that's it Set trip nigga, get life Get money, motherfucker get right Get a blunt, get a bottle, get nice Get a grip cause as soon as you slip, that's it Set trip nigga, get life [Verse 2:] So my options don't vary, I'm holding like Dirty Harry In a truck like I'm supposed to marry, so savvy Sadly, I'm like a sick psychiatric Finger on the ratchet, the feeling's so immaculate No attachments, it's ice in my veins To put it point blank, I ain't right in the brain Politeness remains though I strike with the fangs So strange, at night you can see them when they hang What a shame, murder on the quietest block The specialist, like somebody hired a cop It's syphilis, I'm just trying to do what it do Metaphoric for the pulpit, the eulogy's true The toolery's glue, in and out the sooner we through I been about cars, money, clout and jewelry too Louis the who? 13th, with nothing to chase So why ask? Here's the facts, I'm a basket case [Chorus:] Get money, motherfucker get right Get a blunt, get a bottle, get nice Get a grip cause as soon as you slip, that's it Set trip nigga, get life Get money, motherfucker get right Get a blunt, get a bottle, get nice Get a grip cause as soon as you slip, that's it Set trip nigga, get life

Going Out With A Blast

Fiend "There's One in Every Family"
[Fiend] Gotta go, cause if I gotta go I know I gotta go, but I'm goin out with a blast (goin out with a what) Chorus Goin out with a blast, to tells buck a buck a! Murder on my mind motherfucker, so fuck ya x2 I'm on the run with identical guns, murder in the first Preaching, smilin making money cause my gun, haters disperse What's the worst that can happen to capital F-I I might die but goin to try, see, cause stakes is my right eye Believe is shooting the automatic collecting recieving all the cabbage Was my advantage, have you forgot I'm the baddest, baddest The crowd involve my men, nine milla cheater meter As my brain tissue, hard pauses and ass eater Welcome to the edition of bullets splitting and ass kicking My mission to glisten a for every writtion rendition What's my living, is for giving, the fiends sellen tryin to rock it And my logic the prophet, and if she like it you get dropped stop it, jock it As my sad ass asks back for the cash Tell me, how many players goin out my nigga Chorus x3 You niggas a bunch of young bucks with young luck so what the fuck My bitches talk glare, and them hoes aint stuck bro Already cause of me, NOPD on it Helecopter, so I had to holler at P to get the chopper Proper, hollered at a popper from that third A crazy bitch I'll B.O., but deep a nigga won't earn Word, you ain't heard, this nigga kinda fed up Pressure, to my head up, till I pop a dead up Let up, the whole block smoked out like woodstock If you good you would not plot and get chopped Mine from the cocked glock, as it was a hum From two things I can't control are my cum and my gun Chorus x2 Leave his life for me, and I'm a make sure his ass goin suffer Heard he was a fed, I'm a blow off both of his colors He'd ???? war of my mother, man, I wish I could duck it But fuck it, I didn't know I snorted past my budget This life, I'm a rush it, dead cope with the bang Cause ne'er a motherfucker did a damn thing where I hang Chorus x4

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