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D Sisive lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
My number one priority's lost in the game of life cause death was dominant It's prominent that I'm losing my touch beacuse my confidence Consists of zero motivation the frustration Be taking the best of me...Losing the chemistry I once possessed rest assure the focal point's the metaphor From J.A.C. her words of wisdom was always the best of cures In rough times I'd follow her routes receive the tips And when I took the risk it seemed that rough times never existed... In my memory, avoided the density and the felonies And questioned the... Why was this angel sent to me? It was never understood clearly...The consipracy theory Left thoughts weary and eyes constantly tearly From the loss that was faced, my property was defaced From the relization that she could never be replaced By any other, to others, they'd all be running for cover But the opposite was witnessed from my mother Instead she stood her ground and fought, round for round and brought The insparation that was caught by myself, that surely taught That the posotive always rise and shady ones are dispised I'm seeing it with my eyes, so it ain't really a surprise that... Only the storng survive, and the weak always demise But why is it the good ones always have to die? ...I'll try to sleep tight, despite the fact I guess I'll never see the light... * Hook * (X2) I'm feeling pressures the most at night times when I lay back and close my eyes And realize simply how much you've been there for me It ain't to see, but soul searching keeps me awake at diffrent times To reconize how much you really mean to me...J.A.C. In a retrospect state, I vision all my respect escalate into the highest rate... But the state of mind that I was placed in, subtracted from the rasing Of myself into a grown man for an unknown span of time I slowly felt I was losing my mind and then entering adulthood blind Without the guidance that you once selected, after proceeding to reflect it... Stayed imbedded within my brain...Time and time again I strained my vision to see things clearly, but abstract blurs Conqured my life facts severely While suffering was mearly the side effects We gave our best to elongate or avoid the permanent rest But it was only a test Then the days of life became less Due to infectious breasts, that risked the threat...Leaving defects On your physical frame, cause you were playing a losing game with nobody to blame But your will to maintain...Never lost a single second of life And left us with the posotive attitude that you'd survive through the night But our perspective could not always be right My body grew tight when the phone rang constantly on the expected night On November two-nil when my emotions spilled Cause I heard you had to face your passing, then the world turned still And I totally lost my surviving will, to experience the best face death and realize that it's for real Could never steal the appeal from memories that were lavishly attacking me But still I passivly erased all the feelings from the damaged fee Selected normally, and tried not to vision what the manics see It seemed like yesterday when we were singing songs by David Cassidy Along with our entire life together passing me by like Pharcyde While I'm bucking up for the ride Basic intentions try to strive for goals you offred motivation for Destinations were reached through formations of my speech Boosting me for the reach therfore I have to impeach From 51 to 97, I'm posotive you're let in That unconqured land that lies behind the gates of heaven Beacuse we stuck by our word Til death do us part And since I'm not seeing you phisically, you reside in my heart J.A.C. ...I'll try to sleep tight, despite the fact I guess I'll never see the light... *Hook * (X2)

Capital Punishment

BIG PUNISHER "Capital Punishment"
(feat. Prospect) [Big Pun] It's mine; it's all mine you understand At least me and my peoples Can you dig that 21st century -- thought I'd never see it Right around the corner, baby Ours for the taking [Verse one: Big Pun] Yo; I've seen child blossom to man, some withered and turned to murderers Led astray by the liars death glorifiers observin us Watching us close, marking our toast purposely overtaxin the earnings Nervous, burning down the churches They're scared of us, rather beware than dare to trust Always in jail, million dollar bail, left there to rust Let's call in order, give ourselves a chance to enhance broader Advance to where minorities are the majority voter Holdin my own, I'm livin alone in this cold world My sister just bought a home without a loan, you go girl! She's an exception, some people can leap to the impression See, me myself, I start flippin and fall victim to deep depression I'm stressin the issue here, so we can cross the fiscal year Tired of gettin fired and hired as a pistol-eer There's no longevity living off negativity Fuck it, I'd rather sell reefer than do pizza delivery That's how the city be, everybody gettin they hustle on Judge singin death penalty like it's his favorite fuckin song Word is bond, takin my life you know they lovin it God 'F' the government and it's fuckin capital punishment! [Chorus: Prospect] Capital punishment, given by the government System so organized they get to you and who you runnin with Can't live alone, watch for the spies and tapped phones Totin the llello for life, the rightful heir to the throne We come from Kings and Queens, people with dreams, Gods and Earths For what it's worth, we benefit the Earth with infinite worth First it's turnin tables, open our own labels Disable the Republicans, then reverse capital punishment [Verse Two: Big Pun] I've seen it all up close, shit out the movies you'd be buggin My cousin JuJe, barely a juve', lost it and turned on the oven He wasn't playin, blew out the flame and started inhalin Barin a secret too deep to keep on the street for sharin Wearin the virus, Acquired Immune Deficiency Dishin his dick in every thick promiscuous fish in the sea Listen to me, shit is rough in the ghetto You bluff, blow your head off, fuck a snuff, we bust lead off! Get off your high horse, or die off like an extinction Boriquans are like Mohicans, +The Last of the Po'Ricans+ We need some unity, fuck all the jeeps and jewelry The maturity, keeps me six feet, above obscurity The streets are deadly and everybody's a desperado I guess the motto we promise to let you homage in death your motto Like Zorro, I mark my territory with a symbol Not with a Z, but a P, cause Punishment's what I resemble! I lend you this if it expands yours, for you and yours A real man can't fall, he stands tall The Man's claws are diggin in my back, I'm tryin to hit him back Time to counteract, where my niggaz at [Chorus] [Verse Three: Prospect] You like that, it's Pun and Prospect We hold nines, own more treasure than gold mines, makin progress With Don Juan's, there's rules to be made, crews to be sprayed Dues to be paid, nuttin y'all can do to behave We laid in the slums, made a cake out of crumbs Even though the government, tryin to take out our sons Rudy Gulliani trying to blind me, but I see reality Was raised with the street mentallity My strategy's why my battery never die The ghetto kept me wise, so I would never fall to the lies It's no surprise, but do or die if you want the glamour Yeah, I want the glamour, laid up with cheese and trees in Atlanta While Cuban's smoked out like Ronald Isley with Havanas The hammer in the palm, never shaky, calm handlers This renegade blow through barricades like grenades I turn the sun to shade, then the night back to day Like the twenty-four hour rotation I know the location, it's just a little in-for-mation From the Squad, bringing the Terror for the nine-era And let it rain on your fine leather, nigga, what [beat to fade]

Good Night

U.S. Bombs "Back At The Laundromat"
I'll be the last to understand while you were demoralized God damnit times still on yer side A rolling stone no less the Dischords on the side Just add a star up in the sky With Broken records broken spirits we broke the bar we picked each other off the floor we chased our shakes away and scared em with a drink Always a better man that I Thats why the saints were always marchin in EvenWhen their was no luck in sight so who's to know? when's our time to go so kiss yer kids and tuck em in good night it'll be alright, its only life, I know yer All Right its only life Donnas guitar was your left arm she's on the phone stood by yer side you did her right picnic in the park was everyones good night , yer in the light yer in the lig


A downward spiral of misery, pain and defeat A life in ruins. Promises made. But only deceit. Face down. Always spat on, hated, despised Pure human waste No hope ... No future The claws of depravity sink deeper as you're pushed from society The search for a life is no longer an option Backs turned, Friends forget Now place your final bet Please cross my path and feel my wrath Deserving victim, now feel the aftermath Now meet your doom ..Here is your tomb Don't ask why Why do I criticize? You're all that I despise Now see the rage in my eyes I am your judge this is your trial, no sense in denial I am your judge Your sentence is death Inhale the lead on your very last breath Your executioner, that is I Say your prayers ... now you die Don't ask why Why do I criticize? You're all that I despise Now see the rage in my eyes I wish you could live through me And feel the way I feel And daily confront your fears Never shed a single tear It's always been like this The world fears my labour None understands (that) I've done them a favor If I could - mass genocide None spared - None left alive But it's all too far away Henke Forss '97

Coronary Life

Cledus T. Judd "Juddmental"
Parody of Ordinary Life by Chad Brock (Connie Harrington/Bonnie Baker), Magnolia Hill Music (ASCAP) (A division of McSpadden-Smith Music LLC). New lyrics music by Cledus T. Judd/Chris Clark, Cledus Crap Anthems (SESAC)/Of Music (SESAC) Cledus at the kitchen table Short of breath, legally disabled Wife walks in, she's so surprised Can't believe I'm still alive I say I'm hungry for biscuits and gravy That patty melt that you always made me But I can't eat that anymore They say grease kills; Tastes good to me Day in, day out it's all I eat My third bypass, unclogged the valves Just to clog them again Never felt worse; A constant thirst Lordy how my left arm hurts I blame my job, I blame my wife For this coronary life Cledus on the ER table Vital signs ain't too stable Hey, Doc, I'm proud of you I didn't think that I'd pull through Later in Intensive Care I had the nurses laughing there So thankful Blue Cross will pay For the bills, my IVs Four thousand dollar EKGs That's the last time I need Angioplasty It's off I go to Type-O To improve my cardio It's about time I said goodbye To my coronary life Sweat's pouring off me at the health spa The Stairmaster's wore me out again You know I can't believe how much I miss The way I used to live I'd eat red meat, Pickled pigs feet Always craving something sweet My food was fast, But that's the past I can't eat fat again Aerobicize, Reduced my thighs No more German chocolate pie I miss my fudge, I miss my fries And my coronary life

The Bottom

HAYSTAK "Car Fulla White Boys"
Hey homie where you come from Who me I come from tha bottom tha bottom tha bottom Tha bottom by haystak mak million The trials and trigilations of the lost souls forced to life On the bottom we do what we got to do Baby there aint no rules no regulations There's only playing and hating down here What side are you on side are you on side are you on Coming up I didn't have a pot to piss in Now I shine watch me glisten remenissin Didn't listen folks told me id be killed I was hypnotized by gun smoke power And big bills cold chills chrome and gold wheels Driving in a in and out of Nashville Damn it feels good riding leather with the wood Its in my blood I just don't give a fuck Living it up hit the club gleaming Step on stage the crowd start screaming Cant slow down no time now On to the next town we proudly present haystak mak Mr. down south shit shining like a iced out silk outfit Down here we having things Damn them player haters clocking digits like adding machines and calculators [Chorus] We done came so far still we got so far to go Yea we came from the bottom but where are we now About a hot step from being world renown we done came so far Still we got so far to go yea we came from the bottom but where are we now About a hot step from being world renown I go visit my homeboy he grew a beard his hairs all matted Up tatted up he act like 30 is 25 added up Went from having money and girls with beautiful skin Now he's just another number in the federal Penn He tell me haystak you know what to boy God got a plan for you boy we always knew boy My boy don't let your talent go to waste There wont be no cds and tapes in this god forsaken place When you on top they gone hate that ass You know it don't stop better make that cash No one lives forever my time here's temporary And they cant burry memories in no cemetery When I die look up in the sky When that cloud shaped like a drop top lac floats by Haha that will be stak mak look close bopping his head Weaving between the stars still dodging the feds [Chorus] We done came so far still we got so far to go Yea we came from the bottom but where are we now About a hot step from being world renown we done came so far Still we got so far to go yea we came from the bottom But where are we now huh huh Represent that boy my lyrics stang like rival clicks That round the corner down south survivor shit My boy survived three or four gunshots leave the hospital worst than before Hollering this means war off his mommas front porch Id like to propose a toast to getting paid for life You want it you got to work for it Day and night that's right that's right you heard me boy You want to learn to get that money observe me boy My people been gone my people doing time Wrote this with you in mind Im a see you shine say a prayer for my players Living life on the run before its all said and done Were going to shine like the sun destined for number one Damn second or third use communications to move the nation Thru the power of words shining like pearl paint My people is plenty paid sitting in the shade Mixing tang ray with minute maid lemonade [Chorus] And ah we done came so far still we got so far to go Yea we came from the bottom but where are we now About a hot step from being world renown Ugh you I aint forgot where I came from Touring big city's nation wide I never changed from Backwards pimping the moon dogs balling Baby I aint tripping Im just balling where Im calling You know id like to dedicate this song To my grandparents for teaching me Just because we start out on the bottom We don't have to stay on the bottom nooooooo

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