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I Remember That Freak Bitch

Original and similar lyrics
Aiy-yo! [B-Real] I remember that freak bitch, up in the clubs The Victoria's Secret, she give love No matter which way you keep it You'll get shoved out the picture, now peep it (You get the gloves bitch!) I used to know this girl that slanged the green shit Had it all goin on, but it didn't mean shit She wanted to be a star, with big cars and all the fame that came my way I gotta say that she was all that, and a bag of indo with no seed, such a delightful weed I wish she was still around but, no she's gone I guess she got blessed and she got put on Aiyyo I miss that girl, she had the bomb, was the bomb-diggy bomb bomb, and nope, I'm not Qu'ran Had all the holy books, and notes to get still I never met another dealer with that appeal With those electric eyes, hypnotized any wise man surprised, the queen of the lye [Barron Ricks] Bee eyes, bouncin five deep, clicked of innocence Hangin with friends, all under surveillance from the government While Don want tights they floss rights, just chewin on ice Meditatin with her camp, gettin damp She's a pimp or tile freak bitch, high maintenance She got her fuckin clit pierced, chained to her anus Professional for wettin niggaz up, suck em first til they bust, swallow nut, then she's quick to strut right out the projects, been a whore since ninety-one Suck a niggaz dick for fun, holdin guns in her buns Type of chick tell you 'fuck me in the ass' talkin shit While she goin WALLA-WALLA-WALLA-WALLA-WALLA on your dick [B-Real] I remember that freak bitch, up in the clubs The Victoria's Secret, she give love No matter which way you keep it You'll get shoved out the picture, now peep it (You get the gloves bitch!) Yeah since I seen the queen of green on the screen So I stepped up, to her screen door, like a dream or better yet like a fiend, who need a fix She wasn't like other chicks, pullin tricks on the scheme for chips She was like, Run-D.M.C., _Tougher Than Leather_ Raw bitch, but then she was soft like a feather Never again will I meet a woman of her nature SkyPager turned off, datin one of the Lakers Lucky-ass nigga with the jump shot He got that hot shit, all in his pocket on lock Damn I guess I'm jealous that another fella's got with her but her sister's, bangin too, what should I do Fuck it I'll do like my nigga Smooth with the Princess Plantin my seed in the next Queen of Buddha Bless Fuck playin the second string, on the squad I'm blowin up, all in your face, word to God [Barron Ricks] Yeah I fucked her in the Hershey Tunnel, deep inside it made her pussy bubble, aiyyo she told me that it loves you I told her 'arch that back, let me see that ass' And then I kissed it, licked it, stuck my nose all in position You tell me baby listen, can't you see my fuckin dick is throbbin She started slobbin and gogglin, spittin burblin burpin it I told her 'just don't matter baby, just don't bite it' No hold barred, my dick was hard enough to dent a car, I stuck it in between to spread the Red Sea apart, the pussy fart was a motherfuckin work of art, she rode my dick just like a Kawasaki til the pussy started soundin sloppy like an old jalopy, time to nut Took off the condom slapped her on the butt, then I bust on her face in between her lips Then she started lickin it, cause it was good shit, protein! Hot and rich.. damn I got my shit freaky, Mr. Ricks [B-Real] I remember that freak bitch, up in the clubs The Victoria's Secret, she give love No matter which way you keep it You'll get shoved out the picture, now peep it (You get the glove bitch!)

2000 B.C. (Before Canibus)

CANIBUS "2000 B.C."
[Canibus] Yo! My offense is a mixture of Mike and Muhammad Knock a nigga unconcious and talk shit In bare-knuckle boxin', speed is the object Weavin' and dodgin' with defensive blockin' So in the ring, you cannot win The top ten become nine dead if I ever decide to hop in With the one-two, one-two shot to the chin knock you out like ten shots of vodka and gin The beautiful blend of power and strength From the top of my head, down to where my toe cuticles end I verbally burn a nigga, Lyrically hurt a nigga, Pull a voodoo verse on a nigga, Kennedy curse a nigga, Who can spit the words quicker than the average man Who can embarrass a man Bite you with fangs and mangle ya hands On candid cam, the Canibus can The Canibus can with the stamina to damage a man lt;Chorus gt; It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, Without a strong rhyme to step to I told y'all (C'mon!!) I roast y'all (C'mon!!) So come on (Hold on) Hold on!! It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, Without a strong rhyme to step to I told y'all (C'mon!!) I roast y'all (C'mon!!) So come on (Hold on) Hold on!! [Canibus] Yo! I spit for it (lie for it!) Live for it (die for it!) Back out the nine, commit a homicide for it If I'm handcuffed with the right to remain silent for it I'ma blow trial and do the federal time for it you mad at the last album, I apologise for it, Yo, I can't call it, motherfuckin' Wyclef spoiled it, But this time for 99 I got 5 on it You should double up and put a dime on it, Matter of fact, triple your nickle and put 14.99 on it I'ma shine on it, Watch Flex drop a bomb on it About ten times on it Watch people call a request line for it Cypher sounds keep pushin rewind on it Look out for the album with the Canibus design on it 12 O'Clock in the morning you'll be standin on line for it I'm a live poet, with a sharp ear and eye for it Coz I tear down mics and put a out of order sign on it lt;Chorus gt; [Canibus] Yo, I rip shit with the ballistic characteristics Of a hollow tip at point blank distance I flip shit when I spit shit Father forgive Bis, I just snatched the Jesus piece off some Christians Coz they sounded like idiots They went from silver to gold to platinum After the millenium they'll probably be wearin' Iridium They so gassed, if a bitch sucked they dick they'd probably cum helium Y'all niggaz can't be serious,I was nice before ice Before Christ, before the words let there be light And a light took over the night I was born with a mic Lord of the mic before all plant and animal life Took this rap shit to new heights Before the Wright brothers took flight Before dog fightin' and aerial strikes Before MC's picked up pens and started to write Before promotional marketin and posterlights The Can-I-Bus'll bust up mics Punch out lights Punch out your motherfuckin eyesight For the title bought fight Ask Ty Fyffe, I snatch the track for half price The Canibus is too nice Gimme that mic! lt;Chorus gt;

Dip Dip Di

Keith Murray "The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World"
Intro: It's goona be that it's gonna be that shit Hook: Lounge homeboy you in the danger zone (x8) Verse 1: Keith Murray is this mic phychosis I break your best rappers off thousands of pieces I'm on some other shit splittin' wigs with my penmanship Kick flows harder then the music so feel in your head and chest And pass it to the next They gave me 5 mic checks and all due respect So please fill it up and check the anitfreeze Cause this nigga Keith drop mad degrees I launch tomahawk missles when I talk with permiscuesus Intelligence like Mr. Romp From New York unto the world over I walk MC's like Jesus walked on water As my airy frequency reigns through the galaxy I easily gets busy and takes 3 I'm the nicest MC on this side of the pennisula Stuck in the perimeter like a ninja Hook Verse 2: The Def Squad MC's is shittin' on your new transmitters Not quiters now forgetters Runnin' deep like rivers (word 'em up) what is My delivers, which is, givin' crews the shivers I'm like a mad scientist with this son I concock some shit that'll bust the sun I got the stunky funky illest funk flow For the glamorous scandalous world of radio So how you want? Headcreads or ceelo? I gets root deep like cavity cretes Rockin' motherfuckers directly to sleep A tybarrious rebel without a pause for the cause And no claws the style is the son of noise Peace to the hardcore the outlaw raw Bug youngblood thugs, strong as ? 64 ounce jugs In the realms of the danger Hook Verse 3: Bust the contrast and how I forecast Supersonic hyperphonic goin' on that ass paragraph With the million dollar bionic metaphoric lyrical math Generating off the chronic By cooling in the dark path and the drug rath of the ath And the ill shit that I craft It's labeled as sick logic to the critics of the didicks But they don't know the half of the half The apperatus status of a maddisist I conqure up a new style puffin' ganja, over the hook Causin' more trama with my mouth then the stealth bomber Killing every style in the book Like it's goin' outta style tomorrow My style is coming from down south and cross yonder I drop the dope shit for masses and non-believers Like spiral passes to butter finger wide recievers As my photo type sound gays leis and hoes my style probe To the farthest reaches of the globe Payin' dues got me cockin' tools, you fuckin' fools I'm rippin' crew and no exception to the the god damn rules This is danger Hook


ASAP FERG "Ferg Forever"
[Hook - A$AP Ferg:] Almost crashed the car Mike This the second time yo' fuckin' ass been swervin' all night You almost crashed the car Mike This the second time yo' fuckin' ass been swervin' all night You almost crashed the car Mike This the second time yo' fuckin' [with Hook:] Yeah make this right fat boy Hit the fuckin' right nigga, hurry up nigga make this right Gangsta Grillz you fuckin' bastards [A$AP Nast:] Ayo, quit the speculation My rhymes devastating, fuck that sorry for the wait shit I spit that funky fuck yo mama all up in your face shit This that pop a shot so it's big so you’ll replay this Just peep don't say shit Like on the real my .40 weighed in Loaded with shells I pop a shot and leave you with a face lift Remove your body from the scene down to my mama's basement The fuck I'm wasted, a load of sins to send to Satan Patiently waiting, upon my time to [?] I know you hate this, cause I'm a winner one of greatness I rep this A shit, that's to death ain't no replacement Fuck you Twelvyy, Fergie, Rocky, all you niggas ain't shit [Hook] [Spoken with Hook:] This nigga is a jealous ass bitch Yo mike, this nigga's a bitch Yo Nast, my nigga I love you and all but You be trippin' some times [A$AP Ferg (A$AP Nast):] Wake up, hear the story Cause Nast was starting to bore me We had a couple of shortys, it was two with the orgy (Aaw here this nigga go with his fuckin' story) I was in Russia, don't you ignore me motherfucker We had some motherfuckers, types of bitch to fuck your mother And fuck your brother Hol' up, the little one Type to lick his booty til' the doo doo come (What type of shit this nigga on) She nasty, but I fucked her anyway If you like me in Russia any day I used a condom, it ain't like a nigga went renegade And Nast was cuffin' He wanted to take the bitch on a little date And it comes to find out, his black ass couldn't even penetrate (So what I caught the fuckin' head I heard she had aids, so I'd be motherfuckin' dead) You motherfuckin' devil, I'ma tell Rocky Like "I'ma kill this nigga, and don't you try stop me" Hold on, you got a gun, you gon' really try to pop me? (I don't give a fuck if yo ass kinda stocky Yeah I'm the cousin of Rocky, I'm supposed to be first Now say your last words, rest in peace DEEFERG And you's a bitch nigga, you don't put in no work But nigga I do, you get put in a hearse) Get that gun out of my face (Pussy motherfucker yeah your ass is the worst And Twelvyy he aiight, but his ass gettin' murked I'ma kill all you A$AP's in due time So you can rot in hell with your mildew rhymes, motherfucker) Nast put the fuckin' down Put the fuckin' gun down my nigga Watch out Mike

Earth, Wind Fire

Big Daddy Kane "Veteranz Day"
I'm from Brooklyn, New York City I be the Earth motherin', smotherin' MC's Sha Queen covering 360 degrees See I blow like the wind when I flow to this song Cause a riot like Kaiser like that then I'm gone I bring the fire burn it down to the ground Think of dissin' me, Kane will leave that ass rotisserie (What) Earth, wind, fire we be those elements It's evident, as we come to represent [Sha-Queen] I feel the need to get iller than All these fuckin' wack Mc's, realest Bitch that ever been Dropped the hit single that was flying through the roof I'm lyrical living proof, you can't handle the truth After you heard me spit, still convinced that you ill Who you tryin' to fool me or yourself, bitch for real Everybody know the deal, you ever get a hunch To fuck around with Sha-Queen, then I know you out to lunch Break that meaning down, that means disturbed in your mental And that's absurd, I kick the illest shit you ever heard Every rhyme to the last line and pronouns and verbs Too hard to see with your two eyes, then check with your third My frequency's not tainted with thoughts of whores That can only get raw on all fours, with sore back doors Precisely, far from your average girl So, sit back and shut the fuck up, cause Sha rules the world, word [A.B. Money] Listen there was a man in Brooklyn, New York City Where the guys are fly and the ladies looking pretty I'm a let you know, that stuff you pop is junk Cause when I flow, it's the flava of the month Hold up don't worry about nothin', tot shit in a smash like crash dummies This fast money, make me wanna fuck around and blast money I heard your spot makes a lot and give you props This deal is hot, runnin' from the cops'll get you shot But don't sweat it, dry them niggas up like prunes The war's on like Platoon Shot through a crowd like a cartoon Rappin' is fundamental, that's right, re-arranger Hit you like Mortal Kombat, you in danger I got the chronic, six million bionic This rap shit make me wanna scream like Onyx I'm comin' through, that's right I'm gonna split ya Soul survivors on this track, we comin' to get ya Woop, woop, five-o's comin' in the exit Keys jinglin', nine danglin' to wreck shit Step into my cypher, haven't you ever heard a Throwin four five six, ceelo, to one twenty third a Chorus: Earth, wind amp; fire you bout to learn We can make the world turn, or make the world burn The three deadly elements for your concern Cause anything you want up out of life you got to earn Repeat See now bring it brother well, well [Big Daddy Kane] Since hip-hop genesis, I been at this in the mix In Bed Stuy tenements, rippin' rappers endless But I won't sit and dwell upon the things I been had Instead I appear, and take your fuckin' spot like Sinbad Now, tell me who shall be first to suffer crucial If you don't know defeat then allow me to introduce you So how you want it, coming through beatin' ya down Watching disaster strike when Busta Rhymes ain't even around The Prince of Darkness be that one man That made them Al B Sure lookin' niggas get a sun tan What I drop should not be followed by anyone else At times I'm scared to kick a second verse after myself As I proceed, followers take heed I made many men bleed, I made hairlines recede This rap skill here, I destined for a mill-aire And this is one ass whippin' you will wear, you still here Chorus: repeat 2X


ICE CUBE "War & Peace Vol. 1: The War Disc"
[Ice Cube Talking] Dear Mama, If some people came by the house lookin for me I'm innocent of anything they say I done Now I don't know when I'll be able to write you again But I will be back to California to see you Your son, Ice-mutherfucking-Cube. [Hook] Keep my hand on my gun cos they got me on the run I swear I didn't do what they say I done [x2] [Verse 1] Ghetto destroyer, paranoia, I need a lawyer This bitch named Netoia, say they lookin for ya Got to get the fuck out of here (yeah right) This bitch dimmed the lights (nigga, spend the night) Bust a quick nut, got to fuck up and gat on Cos this the same street I got shot on So God bless Don Polla, double-s I gotta holla cos I'm smokin on double breath Freakin, niggaz be leakin, information Got the feds seekin, incarceration Niggaz say my name popped up Bitch hop up Nigga close the shop up They try to stop em My cash flow leave me asshole neck it Gone in sixty seconds, burn all records Nigga gettin skinny eating dinnies Count my pennies, only got a bag fulla twenties [Chorus] Listen, these feds fishin for this extradition I'm on a mission, fuck em, fight em, dine em, ditch em I gotta kick rocks, can't pick locks Or spend the rest of my life in a shit-bath [Verse 2] It's so hard to get a room without a credit card It's so hard not to let em know where you are Tried to get a rent a car But he laughed when I showed him cash Had to mash 'fore he called the feds on my ass Went to Vegas for the weekend Met a hoe down freakin Hey bitch, why you sneakin Grabbed the paper out her hand Am I the man on the front page (Fuck) Same height, same age (click-click) Rap gauge, put it down the G-way Got my hostage suckin sausage on the freeway She say 'Let's hear the circle K' Ran inside and made the niggaz all pay It's like I hit the Lotto outside Colorado Brought it there for his wallet and my bottle That's my motto and I gotta warn ya before I'm through, I'm going back to California [Hook] [Chorus] [Verse 3] My boys Utah to Illinois Set the poise, so I can infiltrate All fifty states Can't wait till I'm back on my feet Switch and shake this bitch in her sleep Low key you feds can't see me I'm up in D.C. with strike number three Clownin, made a little stock to get a little cock Now I got niggaz bangin and lootin rock I'm going back to Cali where it's bound with my strikes Don't give a fuck who's on the marin or the mic I should've known when I seen that motherfucker in the lobby looking like he wanna rob me (Fuck) Federal, don't like no black hetero, sexual, intellectual Tried to turn me into a vegetable An I'm 'a sue all black and blue When I come to- hand cuff (Fuck y'all) Big grey bus, scandalous Cos they can't stand us They get excited and I try to fight it (mama) I'm going back to Cali to show, extradited [Hook] [Chorus] [Ice Cube talking] Hey mama, when y'all send pictures you can't send a polaroid Got to be the regular pictures An' they got us in here puttin' in computer chips or something I don't know. Like they playin with us, it's like a game It ain't nuttin' but a game to them mama It's my life

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