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Cynstar lyrics

Footsteps On My Roses

Original and similar lyrics
I look apon you from the shadows and your sweet voice resonates in my ears. I think about you when I'm hidden away, and losing you is the greatest of my fears. In my darkest hour, after all I've been through, I look up and I see the light that is in you.... And for that.. CHORUS: I'll be your angel standing, standing by for you, my love, And when the lonliness of night takes you over, I'll be the one to lift you up... And when life throws you a heartache that almost feels like it's splitting you in two... I'll be your angel standing, standing by, and watching over you... I hold my heart out in my hand, it's there for a spare if you need it... I know it's hard sometimes to pull through the tears, stare down your fear, I know you can beat it.. I'll make sure, to be there, so many times I should of cared, and I was so unprepared Later on, in our lives we can reminisce on the pain and joy we both shared But until then.. (CHORUS) I'll be the one to lift you up when you are down, I'll be the one to lend a helping hand, And all your life I will help your suffering, as long as you so fully understand, (CHORUS) I'll be your angel standing by, all the days of your life...


Last Emperor
[Verse One] Being righteous is my career and conflict is just a job risk No stoppin this when I build rhymes like an Egytptian obalisk Watch me get down in your Provincetown or populace Cause my life rhyme is Prime posess the matrix like Optimus Now you'll get framed like a diploma in your spiritual coma I'ma black Moor like Othello but I won't die for Desdemona Older diamond studded mic walk on a stage of solid marble Leave the flyest MC's startled in ? like Captain Marvel Are you, aware of the fact that I left mankind devastated? And they still look for the blueprints of the monuments that I've created See the Gods live, don't compare my hard drive to your floppy disk Chicago to Gotham City, New York to Metropolis From city streets to Athens, Greece from the pyramids to the Acropolis My final resting place will be a solid gold sarcophagus But what I can't understand is how these foolish humans use the mic to their advantage And get lost like the City of Atlantis Your a long way from Kansas, and this is more than just black chrome You gotta be fresh, yes, and never talk in no wack tone Cause once I got you in my attack zone You could click your heels three times like Dorothy and couldn't get back home So, drop the mic and save those wack rhymes for later Cause my battles leave more Broken Arrows than Christian Slater May the, force be with you It's true nothing in life is coincidental The Emperor is monumental Chorus: Monumental For mortal men who pretend they never knew me Monumental For these MC's, thinkin that they can do me Monumental For the simple things in life that suit me The dead ancestors that speak through me Monumental *repeat* [Verse Two] Break a one-niner, its the democratic socialist rhymer On stage I keep out invaders like the Great Wall of China My style transcends where the divine starts and man ends Understand friends, colleagues, comrades, companions Los campaneros who wreck stone temples like pharaohs Searchin Americans, La Batista, Ralph Bandalero The empire builders must construct societies Thats the difference between my spirit and the man that deceives The imperial to the masses, imperialistic fashions Titaniums and plastics, alkalines and acids From the cradle to the casket fantastic stories are told Stolen maps are sold leading to hidden cities of gold Hold your ancient artform sacred, let not the 85(%) forsake it Hitler's armies saw it in 1945 and tried to take it Infiltrate it and break it, no substitutes nor replacements I've got a Stargate leading to other dimensions in my basement Honesty, energies of the mind are designed to empower spaceships My crew builds on politial science and international relations Feed off sunlight when the Earth grows void of vegetation Attack the U.N. like the Klingons did the United Federation Fully operational, mobile, global and intercontinental The Emperor is truly monumental Chorus [Verse Three] When worlds collide and are destroyed by earthquakes and tremors What I build serves as a culture for generations to remember From the cold-hearted to the tender, any ethnicity or gender Slaves to a higher power, you gave freedom when you surrender Bend your steel low, save that gangster talk for Quentin Tarantino I gets deeper than those 20,000 Leagues on Captain Nemo's So, abort the mission or get played out of position Never let technology overrider this oral tradition I'ma rather odd man, here to carry out the God's plan While you try to be larger, I stay camouflaged like Tarzan I don't rhyme just to cash checks, but to create new aspects Blacks and Latinos are really, Kemites and Aztecs Some voices got trouble, some voices got base The Emperor's got the voice that be all up in your face Now some MC's drop one single and vanish without a trace Call me Lord Vader, the baddest black man in outer space Mechanically rhyme prone, any MC or time zone Hard rock get broken up into small pieces of limestone To put it plainly modern forms of psychology can't explain me There's no man-made religion that can't contain me See I realized that in the mind is where each man must build his holy temple Now thats the true meaning of monumental Chorus

You Just Have To Be There

M People "Elegant Slumming"
Well a strange thing happened to me yesterday. I looked at your stars and ooh I saw the Milky Way. And if you could feel just half as much as me. Then I wouldn't be just another leaf on your tree. Well I never thought I'd feel this way. You are my life, my night and day. It's such a thrill deep down inside. Just too much love for me to hide. Chorus: You just have to be there. In my life. You just have to be there. It feels so right. I wake up alone and everything is cold and grey. You walk in a room and brighten up a cloudy day. Friends will arrive then they disappear. But if you want me baby, honey I'll be here. 'Cause those little things said in the dark. One touch from you ignites the spark. Sweetest boy, you can do no wrong. The power of love, it burns so strong. Repeat chorus.

Lift Me Up

GERI HALLIWELL "Schizophonic"
Watch the first light kiss the New World It's a wonder, baby like you and I All the colours of the rainbow Going somewhere, baby like you and I It's going to be alright But when my clouds sky over (Lift Me Up) When the day is over (Take me up) When the sun is going down (Show me love) I will be your angel now (Lift Me Up) When the lights are fading (Talk me down) When I'm flying way up high (Show me love) And I'll be your angel for life Your angel for life Like the seasons ever changing Everlasting baby, like you and I It's going to be alright But when my sky clouds over (Lift Me Up) When the day is over (Take me up) When the sun is going down (Show me love) I will be your angel now (Lift Me Up) When the lights are fading (Talk me down) When I'm flying way up high (Show me love) And I'll be your angel for life Your angel for life No matter where we run Who knows what we will become Is there a world we know Where life will naturally (Lift Me Up) When the day is over (Take me up) When the sun is going down (Show me love) I will be your angel now (Lift Me Up) When the lights are fading (Talk me down) When I'm flying way up high (Show me love) And I'll be your angel for life Your angel for life [Repeat]

Just Fly Away

Raven Symone
verse1 whenever the sun doesn't shine your way if ever the clouds in your sky turn gray if ever your money all ran dry and all your friends just passed you by if ever your life is in dismay and leave you confused, in so much pain whenever you feel so all alone there is a place you can call your own chorus just fly away soar beyond all your troubles, cast all those cares away just fly away into the arms of love don't be afraid under the wings of mercy you'll never be let down don't run away believing that you could survive I'll be right by your side verse2 if you ever need a hug from me because you've been crying down on your knees if you ever need a place to stay call and ask me and I'll be on my way I know you're tired of being let down your so-called friends don't come around I'll be a friend you can call, I will be right there, to catch you when you fall chorus break you can't do this thing on your own life's not meant for us to live alone there's no need to be in fear dry your eyes and let me wipe your tears we've all seen some better days times get hard and some lose faith believe in me and what we share no matter what I'll always be right there chorus out

Hero (Red Pill Remix)

Superchic[k] "Regeneration"
(Verse 1) No one sits with him he doesn't fit in But we feel like we do when we make fun of him Cause you want to belong, do you go along? Cause his pain is the price paid for you to belong It's not like we hate him or want him to die But maybe he goes home and thinks suicide Or he comes back to school with a gun at his side Any kindness from you might've saved his life (Chorus) Heroes are made when you make a choice You could be a hero, heroes do what's right You could be a hero, you might save a life You could be a hero, you could join the fight For what's right, for what's right, for what's rightÂ….. (Verse 2) No one talks to her, she feels so alone She's in too much pain to survive on her own The hurt she can't handle overflows to a knife She writes on her arm, wants to give up her life Each day she goes on is a day that she's brave, Fighting the lie that giving up is the way, Each moment of courage, her own life she saves When she throws the pills out, a hero is made (Chorus) (Verse 3) No one talks to him about how he lives He thinks that the choices he makes are just his Doesn't know he's a leader with the way he behaves And others will follow the choices he's made He lives on the edge, he's old enough to decide His brother who wants to be him is just nine He can do what he wants because it's his right The choices he makes change a nine year old's life (Chorus) (Bridge) Little Mikey D was the one in class Who everyday got brutally harassed This went on for years until he decided That never again would he shed another tear So he walked through the door Grabbed the 44 out of his fathers dresser drawer Said 'I can't take life no more' And like that Life can be lost But this ain't even about that All of us just sat back and watched it happen Thinkin it's not our responsibility to solve a problem When 'It isn't about me' This is our problem This is just one of the daily scenarios to which we choose to close our eyes instead of doin the right thing If we make a choice to be the voice for those who won't speak up for themselves How many lives will be saved Changed And rearranged? Now it's our time to pick a side So don't just keep walkin by Not wantin to intervene Cause you just want to exist and never be seen So lets wake up change the world Our time is now.....

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