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Cynstar lyrics

Angel Standing

Original and similar lyrics
In Maya's grip illusion transforms verity Perceiving thus a delusive world of duality Veil of Maya Balance every joy with a grief Dual scales of Maya Earth's unending law of polarity Ahamkara...veil of Maya Illusion works impenetrable Weaving webs innumerable Her gay pictures never fail Crowd each other veil on veil Charmer who will be believed By man who thirsts to be deceived Maya subjects you Veil of Maya Chops and divides God's dream thoughts The great divider As we be subject to likes and disgust Ahamkara...veil of Maya Maya subjects you Charmer who will be believed By man who thirsts to be deceived Veil of Maya Balance every joy with a grief Dual states of Maya Earth's unending law of polarity Veil of Maya Chops and divides God's dream thoughts The great divider As we be subject to likes and disgust Ahamkara...veil of Maya -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Be Great

ACE HOOD "The Statement 2"
[Verse 1:] Uh guess again they hesitant Just to let him in Walk a mile in my shoes I swear they never did Nor they never will Finally I'm center fielder See a mill cry tears, for my old fields Looking back I promise mama that I never will Gave me chills this humble nigga remaining still Underrated be the best my ultamatum is in my flow Cultivate'm, moving like a terminater ugh So inspired the swagga they so admire Sitting court side with the Boss with the empires Used to be a dream I'm a smoking the entire Moment R.I.P. My homies Differnent kind of strokes For The boy Gary Colemen Meeting different women And I swear I gottem open No love for them because my ice box frozen Been to the bottom now it's spring like Poland Wattup 'tho Renegades we rewritin history I'm inspired by the beat Cups for victory [Hook:] Hey hey hey hey And I been through that pain In my life earning my stripes But still I'm going fight this war Cause they say that I won't Show them I will You with me let me hear you say That we never gone stop aim for the top head to that sky I just wantto be great Be great be great be great I just wanna be great Be great be great be great I just wanna be [Verse 2:] Hella passinate adamint yes accurate Science to the game I study like that anatomy Used to can't battle me now I triple your salary Back full of batteries that's definition of strategy Day I let them win homie that'll be death of me Something you will never see Dope like methamphetamine Riding in some shit that probably dropping 2017 Martin Luther ain't the only one who had a dream I just wanna be great MJ style Doubted by the critics hiphop's stepchild Little boy or girl why your head down You can be great you just got to say it proud On a mission my ambition got me living different Big crib but a made man living in it Words to my niggas they the living witness Believe that I'm great glad you here to witness [Hook]

Frozen Tears

Follow then rain into the end of paradise where the eternal dark's crying so near cold wind plays with my minds when the fog appears and lovely words will change to screams When I sleep I mount and fall untrue flowers sprout and die Feelings stained with blood They don't endure this cill engrained in deepest grief silent, sad farewell The daybreak drowns in my tears a last spark mirrors on blackened seas feeble waves whisper through the night in the calm I saw angel die... I cry - left alone my grave - I can't evade now I watch the stars and silence crawls to me my frozen tears will fuse and leave my helpless eyes implied I wait and stare a view into my past I cry - left alone my grave - I can't evade sniff a glacial breath of fear wearyness befalls your eyes sadness thrives on tonely thoughts they never fade away to dust raven moves his wings it flies into eternal sleep thorns will bar the path to wake pain is beaunting me, obfuseating me I will find the dawn - redemption from my grief fear is blazing up and penetrating me darksome thoughts now close my eyes mischief is bright - shadows on my doom can't prevent my death.

The Return To The Beautiful

My Dying Bride "The Dreadful Hours"
Oh beautiful earth For too long you have been silent Touch me once again The dark ground lies cold Et gelidus hoc voluntas firmamentum Hark Yes it is I The fever of mankind Urges whorish as ever I am the new Christ Silence yourself Nunquam You are powerless here Pityful one Pity me not Give back the sun Souls will mourn In this unending season of darkness Beware, ravaged one Mine is the might If you're feeble, turn away No dagger glints in my hand Technique is secret Liar She have herself to me Please leave I think I'll close my eyes now The first sunshine was mine Look for me among the flowers Sleeping with the earth My Dying Bride The pity I fashion Through a rain of tears A tragic opus Immeasurable loss Tearful I rest Bask in my growing sorrow The females is such exquisite hell Lay my obscure hands upon you Macabre, erotica, passion Even in death, beauty is with you I extol you with loud praise You will grace my procession Why shouldn't I indulge In my own desires Bare your breasts to slow kisses Away bastard dog Nunquam Down from your throne Nunquam A dagger glints in my hand Am I afraid You'll perish alone Ha Pray to me Blasphemy Cry on me Die on me Let me out Let me out! Let me out!!! Suffer in your nakedness Before your dark art The filth and the stench of you I cry for you Is hell in itself Your reign is over now The sunlight will return To this once petrified earth Ego deicere tu pereant Make me faint with unending kisses My passions have all returned Warm my trembling hands We're scope for the tragedians I can see from your smile You're not here for the sunset

The Atmosphere

Dark Millenium
Follow the raven to the edge of belief Leave the thoughts of paradise in the seclusion of the mind. Past and life so far behind The walls that pass our way to mystery. Tear the air with a look. Don't deny the signs, see his eyes, Feel the to dream - Hooked The atmosphere is meant to last forever. Destination lies... unknown. Nailed within the labyrinth of harmony's disgust, Never heard, never seen, never found. Welcome to the funeral pile, take my soul Lay to rest a reborn time. Have you seen those who failed and returned to devastate Our thoughts of a forbidden paradise... The birth of a child wakes impulses in my blind pale emotions, and the labyrinth We hide is knocking at the gate, Messiah and the fate See the changes - The fear - The Pentagram on my skin. Unbind the fog. Man is guilty, pain is done. Escaping from destiny In the twilight of the sky. The dragon received What is mine by right. Tear the air with a look. Don't deny the signs, see his eyes, Feel the hope to dream - Hooked The atmosphere is sentenced to deliver. Bitterness will fall and hope will rise. Born within the fire of a dying reign of dust In his heart, in his soul, in his eyes...


Hunters And Collectors
We're cutting it fine - we're cutting it clean The green green grass - we're living the dream Bringing the bacon home to be cooked We're getting ahead - we're getting hooked On the hot north wind - we can feel the fire From the naked heart of lost desire The freaks of control are closing in The clamour of bedlam is wearing thin And the great divide - between right and wrong The cry of madness is growing strong Across your face your knowledge moves And in your head the silence proves And as you wander in search of me You will forget what used to be And we'll be living on borrowed time As we cross over the forbidden line That once was written on desert sand We could not see, we could not understand And all the houses in every street Where live the millions we will not meet As we stumble from day to day Searching for glory on feet of clay As we go over the final hill For one more conquest, for one more thrill You know the story, you know the drill The haunted village will stand alone When the dust has settled on your ancient bones They will be cleaned - picked by the crows Of your carrion dream as the ice cap flows And the great Titanic - it sails at dawn The day you left me - when I was born We're heading homeward - we're heaven bound We're sinking slowly - no sight or sound On the great Titanic - it sails at dawn And we'll be honey, we will be born We're heading home now - we're heaven bound We're sinking slowly - no sight or sound

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