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CURSIVE lyrics

A Gentleman Caller

Original and similar lyrics
Your gentleman caller well, he's been calling another he loves his forbidden fruit. and it dribbles down his chin he cries, Baby, I've been drinking with some friends! Now how 'bout a little kiss... Bad boy! Rub his nose in it! What a mess and he's playing dumb doo do doo... I'm not looking for a lover, all those lovers are liars I'd never lie to you You say you want to get even? Yeah, you want to get your bad man good? Well, are you in the mood? You bad girl! Does it feel good being bad? And getting worse? Doo do doo... But in the morning on the sober dawn of Sunday you're not sure what you have done who told you love was fleeting? sometimes men can be so misleading to take what they need from you whatever you need to make you feel like you've been the one behind the wheel the sunrise is just over that hill the worst is over Whatever I said to make you think that love's the religion of the weak this morning we love like weaklings the worst is over.

Feel Your Pain

BENZINO "Benzino Project"
(feat. Outlawz) [Napoleon (Benzino)] Don't worry soulja (Made Men, Outlawz) Yo, pain ain't nuthin but a part of the game They got us real fucked up Ain't nuthin but a part of the game, deal wit it [Napoleon] Life -- is a hustle, I got my .45 waitin to bubble I lost a lot of my loved ones to the struggle It's like I'm holdin back my breath through a muzzle It's like I got one more piece to complete the puzzle You only got one chance cuz I don't love you And I'll be boned if I cock back and slug you For all my dead niggas, that's above you It's like a feud, my family ain't around they done And if I lose one more soulja I'ma drown someone Who Makaveli I give you eight to ya belly For Killa Khadafi, please tell the cops to stop me My brother Seeky, I'ma ride all night for ya And do the same for Gustafa and Big Mike soulja This to my main man comin from a Made nigga I feel your pain, hold ya head, let's get paid nigga [Benzino] Yo hear my number Polly, call me And anytime you wanna talk about the situation, involve me I understand just what your goin through I lost niggas too.. I shed tears too.. I can't cry no more, yo Tony what'chu die for Three strike 915 is what I ride for You and Roc hold it down, we aight (we aight) We with the Outlawz, sippin Henny all night Been goin through that shit since day one I think I live this long, cuz I live by the gun But that's the question, I know my life is dee-per so feel me Cheated death many times when niggas tryed to kill me [Chorus - Young Noble] I feel yo' pain! - Sick torment 'til he's guarded Keep us caged like dogs, go to shit in the yard I feel yo' pain! - Drownin in the rain and shit The only thing that's fucked up, we can't change this shit I feel yo' pain! - Nigga yo I'm just like them When I was broke on the block I had clips like them I feel yo' pain! - Speak it to ya straight from the heart No matter what you come across you gotta live, get lost [Kastro] Ain't nothin to fear in this love affair, when shared with the streets I'm in deep losin all kinds of sleep Ain't no love, so my eyes don't blink And I'm so shell-shocked I need to see a shrink It stink, stinks so much I can't think And when it hurts too bad, I numb it up with a drink And chase my liqour with a bad temper Too fuckin blind for the big picture Losin my mind, it's just a sign of the times, and when my loved ones go, part of my insides dying wit 'em Shit, ain't nobody to blame, can't nobody complain Can you feel my pain [E.D.I.] Would you look into my world and tell me what you see now Nothing but emptiness, God replinish this Fuckin with Devils shit I'm tryna stay righteous Losin my love I ain't felt pain like this Start of this motherfuckin game wasn't nice shit I fuck around lost the one thing priceless Cars and broads won't do, dawg'll slice shit I'm just passin the time until my number hit Fuck it I'll run wit it, until I feel I'm done wit it Stack up the ones and let my sons come up rich Clutchin a piece of the past, I move on Using this pain to keep a nigga strong [Chorus - Young Noble 2x] I feel it...

You're A Customer

EPMD "Strictly Business"
[Erick Sermon] Knick knack patty whack give a dog a bone Yo, don't give him nothing but a microphone Don't stop, I'm not finished yet You said I'm not the E, you wanna make a bet? Remember this: Lounge, you in the danger zone I figured you would, now leave me alone You pick and you wish on a four-leaf clover To be the E double E over and over You're intrigued by the way I do my thing (Do what?) Pick up the mic high and make it swing [PMD] I have the capability to rap and chill Cold wax and tax MC's who tend to act ill It's like a Diggum Smack Smack me and I'll smack you back I get goosebumps when the bassline thumps A sucker MC arrives, now it's time for lunch When I'm cooling on the scene, I notice one thing I'm not Bounce, so sucker MC's cling I consider myself better than average Yo, I rock the mic like a wild beast savage [Erick Sermon] I'm in the bottling state, I can't concentrate I make a move like chess, and then I yell checkmate You know why I get zanier and zanier? Because of EPMD mania When I walk through the crowd I can see heads turning I hear voices saying That's Erick Sermon Not only from the women, but from the men You know what? It feels good, my friend [PMD] I'm the P double E, the Thrilla of Manilla Better known as the MC cold killer PMD cold keeps the place jumping And if not then we feel like we owe you something Like lotto, you have to be in it to win it But if the beat is fresh then Diamond J will spin it If J spin it, then it has to be fresh To make you dance until there's no one left Cause you a customer [Erick Sermon] Praying like a prey when the fox in action I smell blood, no time for maxing Camoflauge in the green, my back is arc Plus you in trouble cause it's after dark My eyes close like Steve Austin, I got you in the square I won't let you run, nah, that ain't fair So I clear my visions until I can spot him Snatch him by the neck and say Hmmm I got him [PMD] Whenever MC's, you're in over your head My rhymes are hungry plus they haven't been fed The process of elimination is quite simple Let you grow like a blackhead and pop you like a pimple Slice you like lettuce, toss you like a salad Revoke your MC license if your rhymes ain't valid As we go on, sucker MC's sound wacker Like a parrot says Polly want a cracker [Erick Sermon] It was a record test, nothing we can't handle At the house they had the mics on the mantle Looked at the DJ and said May I? Lit it up like the Fourth of July Because I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee Woah, I'm the E of EPMD I have a strong point of view on the way things run Just shut up and listen and learn my son [PMD] Absorb that ass like Bounty, the quicker picker upper To tell you up front, you're nothing but a sucker The style we're using, no doubt copastetic You try to bite and yet sound pathetic Design my rhymes like a taylor, floatin' like a sailor As the P gets stronger, MC's get staler Not bragging or protagging, surely not fagging MC's surrender, raise the flags and Give up the titles because the signs are vital I keep a voice tuned at a slow and swift idle You a customer [Erick Sermon] I need a man meal sandwich, yes I need Manwich I feel good, now it's time to do damage I feel like balanced, you know what I mean? Wanna rhyme one time, to release the steam When I grab the mic I get dramatic like an actor You know why I get over? I'm the master I do a show, pack it in til it's clamming up Look for the microphone then jam it up [PMD] You said you see me jamming in New York Tech You got one right fella, you deserve a check How did you know, you must have been jocking How do you know the places I be rocking? Don't follow me fella, every move that I make I'm hostile now so I'll give you a break Well search upon me but don't go past the limit Here's a card and on the back is my fan club digits [Erick Sermon] There's two things to check out in the words that I'm saying Plus listen to the good time playing Bro is bad, the strings he's plucking Fire rhyme after rhyme, watch MC's duck and [PMD] MC's, the final countdown You look tired, can you go the round? If you can, I'll slap your hand and give you credit And if not, I'll turn around and say Forget it [Erick Sermon] People say that I'm a party pooper To tell the truth I'm a born trooper You a customer

I'm In Love With The Music Biz

Good Morning Mr. Sparrow! I'd say it's a beautiful day! Ready to go hang up flyers on Avenue A? What's that tiny sparrow? Oh you're all tuckered out from your day job Well you know what I do when I'm feeling down... I shove my ass into a bustle and I march into the biggest office of the biggest record company, and I say... I'm in love with the music biz, it gives me such a thrill Shopping my tape, the look on your face as I let out a trill I'm in love with the music biz, hey sparrow don't you agree We'll find the dirtiest van we can, a rolling home for you and me! I'm enchante with the A R department They say I'll go far but don't play guitar Good heavens, yessir right a way! Light and gay is the way I feel when I'm beggin' a deal They always say no,but cause I'm so po' I always enjoy my meal! The check's just in time it's from BMI For $5.39 let's get in the line for welfare There, there Lawyers, publicists, radio promoters With tight fitting jeans and cars that use motors Round the maypole A-hole! We tiptoed into the studio a smidgen past noon Mr. Sparrow, a pidgeon, and Suits the baboon An animal orchestra if you please Suits! You're getting pawprints on all the CD's I'm in love with the music biz Operator! David Geffen, ring me through Princess Superstar's holding the line And TELL HIM I'VE GOT SOMETHING NEW!!!


Bianca Simpson "f u love"
X¦i cut to bleed¦X¦ ¦X¦i bleed to feel¦X¦ ¦X¦i feel the pain¦X¦ ¦X¦thats sadly real¦X¦ (today i'm here, tomorrow i'm gone. but its alright, for i don't belong ) I sit in the park where I dwell, For this boy I love so well. He took my heart away from me, Now he wants to set me free. I see a girl on his lap, He says things to her he never said to me. I ran home to cry on my bed, Not a word to mother was said. Father came home late that night, He looked at me from left to right. He saw me hanging from a rope, He took his knife to cut me down. And on my dress a note was found: Dig my grave, Dig it deep. Dig my grave, From head to feet. And on the top place a dove. And remember this, I died for love... (¨'·.·´¨) (¨'·.·´¨) '·.¸(¨'·.·´¨) (¨'·.·´¨).¸.·´ '·.¸(¨'·.·´¨)·.¸.·´ something good will happen to u 2nite at 9:22 PM. This is not a joke. some1 will either call u or will talk to u and say that they love u.


Feel Heavy Once Felt it... Hard Question an answer For a thousand days Give birth to the Earth Then let it drift away Open and flow Just swinging forever Making love to the ground Because it just feels better It ain't easy Drink it in Think a while... Spit There's both shining and darkness Yet they share a day Was there a man on a cross Or was it just a fake Even in shame You can't hide your growth Though the butterfly flies He's sinking like a stone The killing sun It hurts my eyes And comes hard Onto my skin And as I find shade From tree to tree I live to learn To dig down deep I feel the pain And love the hurt I don't complain Trancing in the grass Suck it off the world When you're full of itv Shrug, feel fortunate Then go where levitation lives Where agrivation grows Where sleeping's too hard On the thinking bone Intensity is what I need To suffer for the pleasure Its heat, hard, life and death Living all together In a small room Full of me and my friends Trying to find the means To justify the end

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