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Crüxshadows lyrics

My World

Original and similar lyrics
This room is screaming emptiness silence breaks the air it leaves me lying on the floor it leaves me dying there crawling through the trenches you stand behind each door blood sweat muddy water up against the crashing shore Take my hand, its my world understand we'll make it real play with me in my world all of this is my world black fire rising higher it breaks across the line there's hell to pay and we'll pay all day because the fire's mine (chorus) The source is moving closer I can taste the water now I feel the heavens shaking as angels come dropping down (chorus)

Set The Prairie On Fire

SHAWN COLVIN "Matter of Minutes"
Full full moon and That same sad nature I wanna cover every inch of you Like ink on paper Like the blind parade of souls Consumed by religion I can't wait 'til I get you In that defenseless position Chorus: When we set the prairie on fire Oh we go down to the water Naked and slow You and me And the heart of desire We set the prairie on fire How hard will the wind blow How far will it go When the feeling burns down To one solitary color The velocity of longing Melting into each other It's a song our fingers play All at once and together You can bet we never learned it But we've known it forever Oh I dreamed that we were flying Carried up from the ashes Black silhouettes of velvet Against the crimson of passion We can almost hear the echoes From the smoldering meadow It's the rapture of the angels And the rage of the devil Chorus In the cool dusk of horses Through the rusted wires of sleep With our arms around midnight We're headed for release We go riding in the wind We go riding in the dark Go riding, riding Chorus

Fade Away

Last night I woke up dreaming I dreamed you were on a boat You were sailing down the Cuyahoga River And the guard pulled up the moat Baby, come back to me Baby, come back to me Baby, come back to me Don't fade away And the sharks they fill the water Yeah, they really the like the mud They keep me at a distance And really smell the blood CHORUS Nothing I can say Nothing You won't believe me anyway But I hope one day will come When you're older When you're older The truth is veiled and fuzzy And the water's thick with fog I was drowning in a sea of isolation I was reaching for the log And log became a branch And the branch became a tree And the true became a crucifix It's where you all have hung me CHORUS

Coplas Revisited

Kingston Trio "College Concert"
Nick Reynolds/Bob Shane/John Stewart (Guitar intro.) Cha! Cha! Chile verde me pediste. Chile verde te dare. Vama nos para la huer ta con al la te lo cortare.(Tell them what it means then) The National Safety Council wishes me to inform you, 'Do not drink while driving! ( Porque? ) You're liable to hit a bump and spill the whole thing! ( Coplas! ) Chorus: Lai, lai, lai, lai, hum de lai, lai, lai, hum de lai, lai, lai, lai. Lai, lai, lai, hum de lai, lai, lai, hum de lai, lai, lai Dice que los de fu casa. Ninguno me puede ver. Diles que no basta el agua que al cabo lahan do beber. ( Parlez vous Italiano?) Tell your parents not to muddy the water around us. ( Porque? ) Our group had 25% fewer cavities with clean water! ( Coplas! ) (Chorus) La mula que yo mente la monto hoy mi compadre. Eso a mi no me importa pues yo la mon te primero. ( Oivey! ) Show me a cowboy who rides side saddle and I will show you a gay ranchero! ( Coplas! ) (Chorus) Now the naughty verses! La noche que me case. No pudde dormirme un rato. Por estar toda la noche corriendos detras de un gato. Me dejiste que fue un gato. Que entro por tu balcon. Yo no visto gato prieto con sombrero y pantalon! (Pantalones Caliente) No more drinks for the dwarf!---On my wedding night, I did not sleep a wink. ( Porque? ) So, I changed to Sanka! ( Coplas! ) (Chorus)

Something In The Water

Lee Kernaghan
Lyndal is a waitress and she looks a little like Faith Hill Turning heads down at the roadhouse working the grill you'd expect she'd be the only one but theres plenty more like her out here where she comes from CHORUS theres got to be something in the water got to be something in the atmosphere out here every good looking daughter would make you swear theres something in the water Lyndals got some cousins out on the five mile plain they've got the family likeness they realy drive the boys insane you should watch them rope see them ride when they turn the mob watch the red dust fly REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE: see those girls walking down the street or at the swimming hole boys from out of town who stop this way they shake their heads and you can hear them say REPEAT CHORUS

Man Overboard

ERIC CLAPTON "Money Cigarettes"
by Eric Clapton You say you do when you don't -- you say you will when you won't. You make me laugh make me cry -- you make me live make me die. You put me in put me out -- you make me scream make me shout. You pick me up put me down -- you make me king make me clown. I'm like a man on fire, a man overboard. I'm like a man on fire, a man overboard. You can turn on the light in the middle of the night. You can put me to rest, what you do is the best. You can turn me away and get me back the next day. You can fill up my heart or you can tear it apart. Chorus You got me so excited you put my heart on overload. You got my soul ignited -- I'm getting ready to explode. There ain't no early warning for what I'm going through. I got the fever in the morning because my heart is set on you. Chorus

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