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CRUCIAL CONFLICT lyrics - Final Tic

Lil Advice

Original and similar lyrics
Yo check it out, knahwhat I'm saying? It's time to get a real low down About how it goes, knahwhat I'm saying? Ain't no need to beat around the bush So uhh, just check out these playas Pop it like this Verse 1: WildStyle You like this hoe I bump this hoe She be turning tricks man Let me show you how to play your way Up in this pimpin' game Tell ya this from the get go If I catch ya with another brother You just gone be hurting fast Hittin' wid why? Don't you cry? But bitch you out there bad Get what you can, understand I got another plan Try to wreck shop and spit it fast Pass a bag as I tag dag Now I'm fin' to go for first scullie man I'm mannish, dirty shouldn't hurt me Why the foul niggas always wanna serve me? Who gives a fuck they be like me Never let no motherfucker spook me Like I'ma goofy, I'm down in this town so slick And I want that coochie I'm blazing up, Come in all, rodeo When we go A pimp is a pimp And a hoe is a hoe Nigga let that shit go Hook: Here's a little something That I think ya'll should know A pimp is a pimp A mack is a mack A hoe is a hoe When you on the street You got to let that shit roll A pimp is a pimp A mack is a mack A hoe is a hoe Verse 2: Cold Hard I'm just a slick nigga anyway Being bogus to a bitch is how I'm raised Ain't no sense trying to get in this If you broke hoe get up out my face You a trip! , No I ain't no trip Watch my pimpin' in the future bitch Hoe trying to play these mind games Like these trick lames get these bitches rich Uhh, guess who ain't tripping bitch? For the shit you be trying to pull slick I'ma stand on ya ass fast and pass Watch me hit another lick Hoe I ain't bout that groupie shit I'm gon' come out squeaky clean Have you ever seen, When a man fiend, Cause he ain't got no damn green Square figmonts and marry them hoes Fake Tims and paying 'em jealousy flaring 'em Just cause a nigga be wearin' and tearin' 'em Big thick I wannabes I must be scaring 'em Got a bitch nigga wanna be my companion To keep them hoes from all that bragging But hell nah, it's Cold Hard On the bitch I bogart Hook Verse 3: Never Check it out, You gotta pimp a bitch Gotta put a bitch down on How to go make that cash Creep in slick, get up and dig Then just straight break his ass Cause it really don't make no sense Just to get up wid a hoe And she ain't gettin' paid Bitch betta have my money laid Down like a nigga strung out on hay Hoes might try to strut man, And pop game, back at a pimp Real hoes know not to fuck wit me Cause I really ain't down for the broke shit Bitch wanna know how Never do it Never did it, now that bitch wid me Sticking her hands up in ya pockets Giving me all your fucking profits And it ain't no thing I let a hoe know quickly she gotta go When she getting to attracted to a nigga Out on the stroll she can have that nigga Bitch I'ma get my pockets bigga Slow down throw down and pimp anotha hoe Why fuck up the game trying to reclaim that bitch Just let her go Hook Verse 4: Kilo On the level pick a business Never snooze on the game Up out a freaky bitch A pimp is a pimp ya'll That'll find every vic That's waiting cause it appears to be A mack is a mack when I'm rolling Bitches be riding that dick like a horsie Giddy up wid it baby Never loving no bitches Giving me jones that can force me Niggas turn to mack like us Cause they getting played At they own damned skin Fall in love start fighting for that hoe Trick or treating like it's halloween If you can't see open up your eyes And wake up cause you sleep on your knees Cause I said it was a time when a no good hoe You need to be getting rich How you calling yourself a pimp Boy you fucking up the game, Scullies taking you off your square You ain't a playa youz a lame Don't push me just want the pussy If you broke please don't tempt me Kilo's on that hi-tech shit A bitch will never pimp me Hook

Fuck That Nigga

[Juvenile] We drink up all the round, we drink up all the white We go to all the spots, we be up all the night We'll tell a nigga, 'Fuck ya!' and be waitin' outside for him Bust him up and see how many niggas gon' ride for him Play the project bricks and watch for the law Nigga come to my section, we to they section and ward We rep hard out the wards in stolen cars Spankin' niggas that be showin' off with they broads Nigga catch a felony... he takin' his charge Niggas turnin' state... we rapin' the boy It's a hard life we livin'... they 'bout they drama We earn stripes for killin'.. I'll attack like a rhino Some of the time... motherfuckers be off they bases Way out they boundary in unfamiliar places Lookin' like a duck, seein' all the wrong faces But we know the rules and could be strapped in SK's [Chorus2x B.G.] Man, pop that nigga Man, kill that bitch Man, shoot that nigga Man, spank that bitch Man, down that nigga, execute that bitch Put fifty rounds in that nigga is what'cha do that bitch [Juvenile] Stay from 'round here, I tell ya.. these niggas ain't cool Ain't no love for outsiders, everybody's a fool We be duckin' off in the hallways.. and in the cuts Gettin' the fuck when ATF is pullin' up People in the projects say, 'Them niggas ain't shit' They hustle all night for brand new outfits You're fuckin' right... that's how it is on the block Real duck T-shirt, 'Bauds, and ReeBoks Camouflage around the neck and the dome Fucked-up attitude totin' a chrome Fighting for weed, nigga ain't ever goin' home Tryin' ta get it how he live with a bundle of () We ain't tryin' ta see the jailhouse But if we do we hope we be able to bail out Know what I'm sayin', lil' daddy We need a lick, come up in the whole brick Kick in a nigga door and punish the whole clique [Chorus2x] [B.G.] Come through the hood where ya hang with a K, and when I see ya What I'ma do to ya, I know I wouldn't wanna be ya Split your head in half, nigga.. leave ya stressed in the street Hit ya everywhere in your body but under your feet I play it raw when I'm in beef, I'm a Hot Boy that's heat Get it how ya live is how it is where I be Fuck a nigga's how I feel, no nigga steppin' on my toes Without feelin' !BLOCKAH! !BLOCKAH! from four-fours I'm a dog, with a gun in my hand I cut loose You're on the other end of that pistol, it's on you Get hit up.. chopped up.. did somethin' awful Zipped up, boxed up, put straight in a coffin Ain't part of my clique, fuck ya nigga Don't please me I don't love ya nigga, you're no good, playa I don't trust ya, nigga To me you ain't nuttin' but a bust nigga, what [Chorus 4x] [B.G. talking] Ya heard me Put fifty rounds in that nigga's what'cha do that bitch Fuck him, ya heard me (fuck him) Fuck his whole clique, nigga (fuck 'em all) Ya don't like me, I don't like you, nigga (I don't like ya, nigga) You don't like me, that mean you don't like my clique I don't like you, that mean I don't like you (!blockah! !blockah!) The niggas ya fuck with, the niggas you affiliate with, ya heard me Any nigga who speak to ya, nigga, back you up, nigga Fuck you and all them too, nigga, ya heard me It's Cash Money for life, ya heard me Fuck all them old bitch-ass niggas throwin' bricks () (fuck 'em all) It's real over here, nigga, ya heard me (fuck 'em all) We got this here (fuck 'em all) and we holdin' this here down Ya heard me, we gon' keep it like that, though, ya dig, nigga Baby, Slim, Juvie, B.Geezy, Turk, Weezy, Fresh, ya heard me Joe Casey, Travey, ya heard me, all tha shots, nigga We comin' through, nigga We layin' it down, nigga, and we just doin' what we do Keepin' it real Cash Money for life

I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto (Original And Hip-Hop Version)

2PAC "R U Still Down? (Remember Me)"
[Chorus: I wonder if heaven got a ghetto (4X)] I was raised, the little young nigga doin bad shit Talk much shit cause I never had shit I could remember being whupped in class And if I didn't pass mama whupped my ass Was it my fault papa didn't plan it out Broke out left me to be the man of the house I couldn't take it, had to make a profit Down the block, got a glock, and I clock grip Makin G's was my mission Movin enough of this shit to get my mama out the kitchen and why must I sock a fella, just to live large like Rockefeller First you didn't give a fuck, but you're learnin now If you don't respect the town then we'll burn you down God damn it's a motherfuckin riot Black people only hate police so don't try it If you're not from the town then don't pass through Cause some O.G. fools might blast you It ain't right but it's long overdue We can't have peace til the niggaz get a piece too I want G's so you label me a criminal And if I die, I wonder if heaven got a ghetto [Chorus] [Verse Two: 2Pac] Here on Earth, tell me what's a blick life worth A bottle of juice is no excuse, the truth hurts And even when you take the shit Move counties get a lawyer you can shake the shit Ask Rodney, LaTasha, and many more It's been goin on for years, there's plenty more When they ask me, when will the violence cease When your troops stop shootin niggaz down in the street Niggaz had enough time to make a difference Bear witness, own our own business Word to God cause it's hard tryin to make ends meet First we couldn't afford shit now everything's free so we loot, please don't shoot when you see I'm takin from the, cause for years they would take it from me Now the tables have turned around You didn't listen, until the niggaz burned it down And now Bush can't stop the hit Predicted the shit, in 2Pacalypse And for once I was down with niggaz, felt good in the hood bein around the niggaz, yeah And for the first time everybody let go And the streets is death row, I wonder if heaven got a ghetto [Chorus] [Verse Three: 2Pac] I see no changes, all I see is racist faces Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races We under I wonder what it take to make this one better place, let's erase the wait state Take the evil out the people they'll be acting right Cause both black and white are smokin crack tonight And only time we deal is when we kill each other It takes skill to be real, time to heal each other And though it seems heaven-sent We ain't ready, to have a black President, huh It ain't a secret don't conceal the fact The penitentiary's packed, and it's filled with blacks I wake up in the morning and I ask myself Is life worth living should I blast myself I'm tired of being poor and even worse I'm black My stomach hurts so I'm lookin for a purse to snatch Cops give a damn about a ne-gro Pull a trigger kill a nigger he's a hero Mo' nigga mo' nigga mo' niggaz I'd rather be dead than a po' nigga Let the Lord judge the criminals If I die, I wonder if heaven got a ghetto [Chorus (to :27 from fade)] Just think, if niggaz decide to retaliate (Soldier in the house) I wonder if heaven got a ghetto [4X to fade]

Gutta Butta

GOODIE MOB "Still Standing"
Yo, we gon do it like this Straight out the parts. . . that they disregard Never considered . . . ok Now don't get mad, nigga get glad Goodie got them brand new trash bags . . dag And they know where to dump that ass In the chair The hoochie river with the rest of the kids That did business outside la familians Gettin ya touched Down the cut Blunts roastin whole through tea bags Blowin bubbles out the wrong end Mud in your stool piles Flamin hotter than Dust Valley The gateway to where ever your sick tickle desire The gangsters of this other century Transforming hustlers and players into sissies So slim goodie You don't want no drug boy He'll leave you barefooted and pregnant Don't get too comfortable You ain't gon be here too long G's get locked up and die (clean) Most lie in they own surreal home Trust the tree on the map This one individual thought he was the Grim Reaper Swole, couldn't nobody put a finger on his naps Now he up under the bridge stankin In his birthday suit Used to always holler about how he was gon do a brother (get him!) Beat him to the punch-line, one Being forced into early retirement at the age of 26 Palms feel like bricks - peeling from distributing crack Crumb snatchers and goo-gobblers struggle To stay on top of sand dunes Cause mouths born with silver spoons Make your bed you gotta sleep in it But stakes made Baking soda kept the knees clean Narrow like a ravine fell good news Last hole, green jacket worn, body in two Left by oh-no Soul been gone, disappeared like the dune Once the temperature rise But I'm with my Lawd (lord) Please grits, still ship Half the pipes are gettin sold out convienience stores Where ya at now Comming around trying to sniff out sounds Well rounded kept you strictly grounded for your ear The dogs are gettin closer to the now can you hear I smell fear and even if your eyes was closed Your ass couldn't catch your tear Lies, straws, mirrors and plates Nicks, dimes, fifties, and cakes Why can't I escape These lies, straw, mirrors and plates In the land of jacks I got my acts over the tracks with stacks Upon the map in the vault Where this cat's trying to sniff me out I'm in the southwest woods working all about Paper capers, never hurt them brothers to obtain If I can't refrain cause some of these niggaz snortin cain And really don't know which way to go Confused, you'll abuse anybody for a fix Hits go for ten bucks, go for 20 and they good and plenty Fat baggies like Maggies muffin Where the kid do the stuffin Silly of these young niggaz watching me As I turn figures into solitare Twirl up my hair (down south) Pray to God I don't have to do him Like I never knew or had no clue to who you was Cuz, face to face with a scar engraved upon his left cheek So to speak, like a icon when it was done to approach my mosse Be on that Rossie like The Click So I stay ready for combat and watch the rich get rich off it Chorus Nigga I ain't shit, I just know how to rhyme a little bit Nigga please, I'm still trying to squeeze my fat ass in where I fit Now I got a little dough, but it ain't that much mo than every other nigga I know We all still po I don't sell dope (what you doin) I sell hope You wanna size me up my nigga then wear a scope Cause you gon see me on MLK and on T.V. I ain't got no fear, my nigga I was born to wait right here Late one night I was in a pearl white Acura Legendary I got that thang with me cause it's necessary Shit, I was just ridin Wasn't even thinking‘bout collidin But I kept seeing the same headlights running stop signs and red lights I don't prepared myself to die if it's my time to go He said you know what it is, you done seen it before This sad, of course I'ma be mad Well here you can have it god damnit if you want it that bad You would try to take from me, my nigga I ain't no star I value both of our lives more than this car You lucky nigga, I used to be you Shit and I'd bust a hole in your chest somebody could see through Now remember, shit, you could've died tonight And I would've been in the right I ain't even pissed you could just drop me off at the house Cause I ain't really dying by nothin like this He-he-he-he-he-he Everythang cool my nigga, you could just drop me off at the house Knahmsayin

What It Is

(feat. Kelis) Yeah Flipmode Neptunes nigga What you want nigga, yeah What you want bitches Keep it goin, c'mon Keep it goin, c'mon Keep it goin, c'mon C'mon, c'mon [Verse 1] Who be the father to this Bounce right here niggas be followin this Modelin bitches be frontin and be swallowin this Carry on and yellin, screamin, be hollerin this Flipmode co-signed to be the sponsor for this What To conquer this you need to march on for this What Ha, bitches just shake it and wiggle And start to bake and just giggle And then get naked a little and shit Sweat drippin off they face and they nipple and shit Niggas wildin til they be all tired and crippled and shit Yeah you buggin on how we be doin it to ya Til you hate our niggas and shit just like bullets was travelin through ya Now, from right to left with a capital F We gon' keep this shit hot to death and we stoppin your breath Drinkin and buggin and fuckin with them hoes again But it's nothing cuz y'all niggas know we 'bout to blow again [HOOK:] Kelis and Busta Busta, what it is right now Yeah Busta, what it is right now Eh-heh, eh-heh Busta, what it is right now Yeah, eh-heh, eh-heh Busta, what it is right now What you want Eh-heh, eh-heh Busta, what it is right now Yeah, eh-heh, eh-heh, eh-heh Busta, what it is right now Yeah, what-chu... Busta, what it is right now What you want now Busta, what it is right now Flipmode, c'mon, c'mon [Verse 2] Let me show you what it is right now Let me... step up and handle my biz right now Niggas don't even know what it is right now Got 'em mad as if I was bonin they wiz right now So let me dig right now all in your ass way she bouncin got my... Bubbly startin to fizz right now Ayo, fuck it shit is feeling kinda big right now Got 'em ready to split a couple of wigs doin tricks wit her ass Shoulda seen what shorty did right now Got me stuck on just takin her back to my crib right now C'mon, the way shorty throwin that ass all over the place Why shorty dizzy tryin to throw it all up in my face Oooh... so what you got right now Cuz we comin to blow the whole entire spot right now Nigga we hot right now, all you other niggas move your shit over Because we comin take your slot right now [HOOK] [Kelis] This be the beat to rock for the street More hot shit we givin you more heat Feelin that bounce bangin the concrete Bangin in the club and bangin it in your jeep Flipmode Squad 2001 Wave your hands and rep where you from We keepin it street cuz that's how we live It's what it is baby, it's what it is baby [Verse 3] C'mon See what it is is that we smokin got you open my nigga Reppin til the very last word is spoken my nigga Think we jokin we be makin niggas soakin they clothes While niggas is runnin and wildin busy scopin these hoes Bitches is runnin and wildin scopin niggas wit dough While we keepin niggas open like we smokin the 'dro Heh, see what it is is that we create a ruckus Cuz that's what we love to do muh'fuckas, c'mon [HOOK] Flipmode nigga, c'mon Violator muh'fucka, c'mon We got Kelis muh'fucka, c'mon Neptunes muh'fucka, c'mon, yeah Bus-A-Bus muh'fucka, c'mon , yeah Everybody in the spot, c'mon, yeah What it is right now, c'mon Bus'll tell ya what it is right now, c'mon Bus'll tell ya what it is right now, c'mon 2001 hot shit, c'mon Hot shit, hot shit, hot shit, c'mon

They Don't Live Long

TRICK DADDY "Based On A True Story"
You gon save that? Na na na na naaaaaa Na na na na naaaaaa Yea Thug niggas don't live that long (Thug niggas don't live that long) Before they gone they'll be dead and gone But I'll be waiting 'till they come back home (I'll be waiting for you) Verse 1 I wanna buy me a benz but I'm fifty-grand short I got to get this cheese without a nigga getting caught 2 freaks is in the jungle now I'm taking care of mama now My lil dog caught a case, I got to bail him out I got you bobbin to this real shit So reason why a nigga kill shit That's how it is, shit See papa was a rolling stone He left mama alone She raised us on her own Them bitches curious Why I'm soo motherfucking serious Hard times got me pumped up and furious I want y'all to free all my dawgs Before I get my gun and start killing your halls Call me the butcherman I take my beef straight to the man I put it so only thug niggas understand Keep bitches out your game get paid Just remember and respect what the old girl said Chorus Verse 2 I got some niggas on the other side One day I got to take a ride And let them know I still represent the Southside No more shopping at the flea I'm rolling D's and Lo's I'm getting head, feeling bread from these sleezy hoez And can't nann bitch forget that nigga Hollywood Big ends steering wheel made of wood I heard it was four niggas three shit, one ho nigga I'm out the pen with you Howdy folk Who gon die next Who mama gon cry next Who sister giving away the slack pus That's how we living though Dead and gone before he twenty-four Or in jail, but y'all don't hear me though As I continue with this thug shit With all this blood and shit But all us thug niggas love this For the love of greed and riches But money don't need no bitches So I'm killing all snitches Chorus Bridge I'm doing this one for the thugs and the niggas on the corner selling drugs for the thugs Yes sir (repeat 2x) Verse 3 If I was a hundred dollar bill I'd make you niggas kill for me Go to prison do about a hundred years for me Get a gat and go jack robin steele for me Just to pay a bitch bills with me I'm dissing every nigga who got me fucking A bitch better fuck for pregnent nuts You see it be them same niggas 'Cause coochie ass lame niggas (Last time) Learn some motherfucking thangs nigga Now picture me as a killa (killa) Young crack dope deala (dope deala) I'm doing this one for my niggas Who ride for this Who even lost they life for this And them niggas who survivin this They don't live that long Chorus 2x Thug Niggas don't live that long Singing portion of the chorus repeated untill fade

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