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Cross Movement lyrics

The Light

Original and similar lyrics
Hook: The Light of Christ is a blazin' one There's a fight to live right and it's major son But the grace has come so we praise the Son And celebrate Him ‘cause we know what He saved us from I get the chills every time I get to spill Cause it's a thrill to put Christ on a pedestal Cause men are in sin and death you can bet it's real But He can take you out and won't make you get the bill So were tellin' all men we're exhaltin' that Hero That paid the fee, making you free like Net Zero What an offer yall should bum-rush the alter Call to the Lord in any season, He'll salt ya I ask you, “Don't you know wrath is coming at you?' But where the Spirit is their liberty with out the statue Peace – Sword…Please Lord There's a debt but we don't have the “cheese' for it Man's tough but he can't seem to break sin's handcuffs Proving to be the flake he is like dandruff And plus at his core man's dust, man shucks Surrender, come to God with your hands up Repeat Hook True Christian people get the mad “Big Ups!' Cause life can jerk you like some bad hick-ups But your God fights you only spar Facing drama and trauma like you're on E.R. But you're victorious in fact already glorious God said it, I'm just repeating what the story is But let me set it…straight all the credit Goes to the Lord don't forget it If you never get a Grammy get the Name and let it ring All praise Jesus aka Elohim Who rules everything, you're every kings King Lord you outshine every Bling-Bling Doing your “thing' so well you should get a prize your so Nobel Peace you're the prince of it…angels scream, “Noel!' Cause you're the Most High but oh my you play the low well A manger? They should have made room in the hotel The human race as a whole fell So now life short like a mobile phone with a low cell Can't believe you died when we were screamin' “Go hell' A people sure to perish like a turtle with no shell You know well Satan tricks man, pulling him down like quicksand And got them thinking their a Christian. We better recognize who you are Heaven and earth's true Superstar Bridge: House hold of faith now raise'm up If you're living by grace now raise'm up If you're seeking God's face now raise'm up All my people in the place now raise'm up Jesus, Jesus---yall know the Name But yall ain't feelin' Him like Novocain I know yall think we're so insane But it don't matter because we're not going for fame Or flowin' for gain, you know we gotta go in His Name The same God who's sovereign Came in a human frame from heaven to earth like falling rain So that we could call His Name and be born again We know the God who's controlling things The Living Water like Poland Springs Who went away but He's coming back like boomerangs Until then all of creation groans in pain Cause sin's got the world locked like a ball and chain. I get the hunch like Notre Dame. That many Christians won't expose sin or exalt the Name But that's the thing that get our names in heaven's hall of fame. Repeat Hook

Jack Shit George

Ian Dury And The Blockheads
What did you learn at school today? Jack shit The minute the teacher turns away That's it How many times were you truly intrigued? Not any Is boredom a symptom of mental fatigue? Not many When have you ever been top of the class? Not once What will you do when you're out on your arse? A dunce What are your prospects of doing quite well? Too small And what will you have at the very last Bell? Fuck all You can't bear another's beauty, you can't emulate a grace You can't filch another's mystery, occupy another's space You can't do another's duty, or take a special place In another person's history when they've sunk without a trace What's the reward for being a berk? A blank Thick as a plank and looking for work What a wank What do you think of the Welfare State? It's a fake What have they handed you on a plate? The ache Have you considered how lucky you are? Well shucks What do you think of the system so far? It sucks Aren't you endowed with the patience of Job? I wish Don't you feel ready to conquer the globe? Oh fish You can't steal another's thunder, you can't fill a great divide You can't steer another's fancy, you can't change another's side Not undo another's blunder nor pretend another's pride You can't offer necromancy till the final hope has died I'm a second-class person citizen-wise, This is something I must recognise It's not my place to make complaint, But am I happy? No, I ain't I missed my chance when I was young, Now I live below the bottom rung I was put on earth to discover my niche; Oh Lord, won't you make me Nouveau Riche?


[Featuring Big Punisher Raekwon The Chef] Chorus Raekwon We get knots like stockbrokers who own Marriotts Blast shots for all my niggas who splash cops The rich Corleone camp is here, thousand and one Corner son, fake a jack, you be a goner.... Raekwon- Yo, control this rap like Napoleon Half-Mongolian, hold it, you owe me in Rock 'em like linolieum, yeah Lex, diamonds, shin'in like you rhymin' 929'n, Titanium glass, time to play that ass Whirlwinds of French, come movin' intense Time to pull again, release the shell,well Make 'em yell again, so sleek But I'm a be maxin' in suites Countin' your paper and countin' your sheeps Hittin' your chick in Jeeps Miraculously, attack your faculty, who wanna tackle me? You jack mack, kidnap 'em for free What?, you got heat, you better pop those We movin' like gestapos, through underground potholes That rock those, much land discoveries Chrome rims, sippin' bubbly Who livin' lovily, half a brick to cover me So dissin' me, come on now listen G, You's a dime I'm a key Thun, thun straight out of Sicily Now, back to the stash crib Joey Crack baggin' up cracks One love, give 'em Jeep bags, Kid! chorus Fat Joe- Word, I'll be the infamous Who leaks the witnesses, crack's the wickedest Run up in your crib, blast your kids Ain't no myth in this, shit's official I'll pistol-whip you with my Smith Wesson Cause my investin' was sendin rappers to heaven Gives me an erection You need protection from the smooth assassin Who really moves at action, blastin' mothafuckas Execution fashion Now who's the fat one that you love to hate Catch you at your mother's wake, smack you Then I'll wack you with my snub 38 It doesn't take much to make me restless Look at my face and definite lose your breath truck my face is Lexus You want to test this, so really?, I'll make one call and have the whole WU comin' on the ferry I'm very dangerous and well-connected I puff an L with Method, then try to Decide who's next to fill his neck slit So respected and admired the boss, retired your lost Wu Tang, your terror squad, vaya con Dios! chorus Punisher- You guys despise guys like us Guys like us, disgust like Spartacus You cuss and claim a bust You lust for a part of us, you thrust But can't touch Plus we far from any type of fellas you can trust Put the pressure on the mic, I biz Press to your chest, sound like sweat on my back We're having sex, tight-ass flex Pretty Pocahontas pussy sweet, like my new Tek Sis' got curves like a GS, 300 Lex My body's 95% alcohol, 5% cancer Sosa diamonds, Getty, Lucci, blaze it up like Bonanza Catch me in the cut, easy G's is burnin' my gut As I Remember my menage au trois was mired by sluts I questionmark your heart, punctuate your fate All your version predicates Done as well as you pronunciate In the (west)?,we're gonna break you off the isle Take C.O.s hostage arab style, no surrender chorus Fat Joe- Yo, I'm all about business and enterprisin' Advisin' financial advisors on franchisin' the wider than horizons Divisin' ideas with masterminders Movin' on a stash of diamonds First we get the cash, then we laugh like miners Don't get me wrong I'm a funny bastard But when it come to money, son, I'm not the one to laugh with I'm after for what cash can bring me brothers Me and my demon lovers blast and laugh at hyenas Back to Ringling Brothers believe them others You's the best, yet, and still I'm investin' mils on a hunch over lunch Puffin' on a Chesterfield, who wants to test The real scandalous I'm at the Sands in Los Angeles Plannin' hits with an ananymous philanthropist Spanish kids, close to God, like evangelists Choppin' niggas up and makin' sandwiches.... Big shout to my man Raekwon, word is bond

You Pay

Chorus: Don't want a life of lies and pretence Don't want to play at attack and defense Just want my own life, I want to be free So you can be you, and I can be me Respectable businessman smart and secure Eat the fat of the land that they robbed from the poor The butcher is smiling as he brings down the knife As he cuts up the meat, he thinks of the wife As eminent psychiatrists suffer paranoid fits The ones they call mad have to pick up the bits The preachers speaks calmly, says it's love that we lack While his imaginary dagger is held at our back Chorus In bed you're the master or mistress, who cares? Abusing each other as your work off your fears Go climb a mountain, go fuck a scout Avoidance of self is what it's about Pretence and illusion to avoid who you are Don't work on yourself, just polish the car Switch on the telly afraid you might find That as well as a body you've also a mind Cheap glossy surface to cover the lie Cheap easy answers to the what, where and why Media drivel, yet you still watch the screen Life ain't for real, it's a magazine Conned from the start but hang onto the lies A slave to the cathode ray paradise You don't want the world, you just want the pics Media junkies, you'd die for a fix Chorus So you say you'll regret it, well that's maybe a start But it's so fucking easy to act out a part Say you'll reject it, but still toe the line Conning yourself that you're doing just fine Anarchy, freedom, more games to play? Fight war, not wars? Well it's something to say Slogans and badges worn without thought Instant identities so cheaply bought Well freedom ain't product, it just isn't fun You're looking for peace your work's just begun Fighting oppression, aggression and hate Fighting warmongers before it's too late We've got to fight back to show that we care For so many years we've been silenced by fear Our lives have been ruined by liars and fools The powerful and greedy who bind us with rules Politicians and preachers who bind us with laws Stolen our peace and given us wars They've used us as means to their own violent ends Turned us against each other, made foes out of friends They've distorted, perverted, polluted our lives They've brainwashed the world with their sordid beliefs They seek to possess, control and corrupt If it's freedom we're after, they've got to be stopped

Nolia Clap (Remix)

[Juvenile:] uh huh Remix...Remix.... Wacko, Juvenile, Skip! Hollaback.... Where H-town at..ATL at..Miami, Lil Haiti, Lauderdale at... [Chorus] Ya'll hear dat Nolia clap? Ya'll hear dat Nolia clap? I say da U gon do dey thing wodie please believe If not we'll make it hard for u cowards to breave One thing about a ghost, keeps sh* up a sleeve Juve and skip attack the boards, while I plug em wit 3's Every stash spot i got, I stuff it wit g's don't need a chain or a whip to snatch me a freak.. I'd rather ride around in my hooptie blowin on trees With two heaters in my lap..bumpin 400 degreez I 'on rock wit juvenile. what clown? datz my dawg.. Say dat sh* again I'll wack all ya'll. Get on some bo? sh*...smack all ya'll Prolly get on dat rob sh*...crack all ya'll I neva talk sideways I put ya on da highway Have ya sweatin in da chicken coop like smokey off Friday Catch ya in da nolia have ya runnin down da driveway Tryna bring ya down ? Yippe Ka Yay Where da Bay dat 'lay at where dem teks, where dem 9's, where dem k's at [Chorus] west coast whats up, west side whats up where NY at..., NJ at, Philly philly, DC, VA at [Chorus] east coast whassup, east side whassup [Skip:] I'm straight hollygrove ya know dat But I'm ol' skool, fisher projek like a throwback Now I told you now you know dat You ain't welcome here, you ain't see I'm Gone on my doormat So stupid ain't abide by dat If I catch you on my porch, you gon die by dat Right there, by them can lie by dat On side of dat dog doo doo, you can dry like dat Cause this is payback for anyone who eva said dat Look, I'm safe wit this vest...Gon get his head packed Or get his face slashed, get his neck jooked Look in my face...this how death look If ya deaf look, I won't play witcha Gun talk is all I'm gonna say to ya So learn to read lips...cause see we tripz Every time dat alk and dem trees mix Where da Row at, Interscope at... Choppa City, Universal, Cut Throat at... [Chorus] where my pimps wassup, all my playaz wassup where UTP at, Crime Lab at, Rap A Lot, DTP, Aftermath at [Chorus] all my souljas wassup, all my gangstas wassup [Juvenile] we from the dirrty dirrty ya heard me ya shoot and get shot from under the department line we bout as long as ya block i travel all over the states been in some serious spots carzy not knowing if them people gon' kill me or not all that booting up and stunnin and gon get u no where if u aint bout shooting them subs dont even go there if u scared show u scraed and put ur sets down we aint got a way lookin for beef u can go away now gotta holla at ?? survival these people be my people hook me up with some prada clap for a PM calp for a bbenz and if u clap right here ill give u twenties and tens 3rd ward got money we got plenty to spend quit spending on transportation we got plenty of them YEA THIS IS BIG BUISNES RIGHT HERE RAP-A-LOT UTP 2004 PUT UR U'S UP [Chorus]

Bob Dylan's 115th Dream

BOB DYLAN "Bringing All Back Home"
I was riding on the Mayflower When I thought I spied some land I yelled for Captain Arab I have yuh understand Who came running to the deck Said, 'Boys, forget the whale Look on over yonder Cut the engines Change the sail Haul on the bowline' We sang that melody Like all tough sailors do When they are far away at sea. 'I think I'll call it America' I said as we hit the land I took a deep breath I fell down, I could not stand Captain Arab he started Writing up some deeds He said, 'Let's set up a fort And start buying the place with beads' Just then this cop comes down the street Crazy as a loon He throw us all in jail For carryin' harpoons. Ah me I busted out Don't even ask me how I went to get some help I walked by a Guernsey cow Who directed me down To the Bowery slums Where people carried signs around Saying, 'Ban the bums' I jumped right into line Sayin' 'I hope that I'm not late' When I realized I hadn't eaten For five days straight. I went into a restaurant Lookin' for the cook I told him I was the editor Of a famous etiquette book The waitress he was handsome He wore a powder blue cape I ordered some suzette, I said 'Could you please make that crepe' Just then the whole kitchen exploded From boillin' fat Food was flying anywhere And I left without my had. Now, I didn't mean to be nosy But I went into a bank To get some bail for Arab And all the boys back in the tank They asked me for some collateral And I pulled down my pants They threw me in the alley When up comes this girl from France Who invited me to her house I went, but she had a friend Who knocked me out And robbed my boots And I was on the street again. Well, I rapped upon a house With the US flag upon display I said, 'Could you help me out I got some friends down the way ' The man says, 'Get out of here I'll tear you limp from limb' I said, 'You know they refused Jesus, too' He said, 'You're not Him Get out of here before I break your bones I ain't your pop' I decided to have him arrested And I went lookin for a cop. I ran right outside And I hopped inside a cab I went out the other door This Englishman said, 'Fab' As he saw me leap a hot dog stand And a chariot that stood Parked across from a building Advertising brotherhood I ran right through the front door Like a hobo sailor does But it was just a funeral parlor And the man asked me who I was. I repeated that my friends Where all in jail, with a sigh He gave me his card He said, 'Call me if they die' I shook his hand and said goodbye Ran out to the street When a bowling ball came down the road And knocked me off my feet A pay phone was ringing It just about blew my mind When I picked it up and said hello This foot came through the line. Well, by this time I was feed up At tryin'g to make a stab At bringin' back any help For my friends and captain Arab I decided to flip a coin Like either heads or tails Would let me know if I should go Back to the ship or back to jail So I hooked my sailor suit And I got a coin to flip It came up tails It rhymed with sails So I made it back to the ship. Well, I got back and took The parkin' ticket off the mast I was ripping it to shreds When this coastguard boat went past They asked me my name And I said, 'Captain Kidd' They believed me but They wanted to know What exactly that I did I said for the Pope of Eruke I was employed They let me go right away They were very paranoid. Well, the last I heard of Arab He was stuck on a whale That was married to the deputy Sheriff of the jail But the funniest thing was When I was leavin' the bay I saw three ships a-sailin' There were all heading my way I asked the captain what his name was And how come he didn't drive a truck He said his name was Columbus I just said, 'Good luck'.

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