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CRAIG DAVID lyrics - Slicker Than Your Average

Two Steps Back

Original and similar lyrics
Ooh, ooh [Craig David] Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah You know I'm the kinda guy that does 9 to 5 Working real hard cause thats the way I live my life Back home just me and you girl all alone With no one interrupting Switch off the phone But I could be that other guy Who comes home late night after night and tells you lies So why are you trippin out, on me girl all the time When every day it's only you that's on my mind oh [Chorus:] Every time we take one step forward You take 2 steps back Everytime it's right you bring left back (oh, oh) Girl you really oughta think about it Cuz there's really no doubt about it You know I'm been there for you and that's the truth [x2] You know you're the kinda girl that doesn't need to front Keep it real, let me know just what you want Sometimes I just don't know when to stop You worry so much for nothing You're just losing what you've got Now can't you see there's no other girl I think you're the most beautiful woman in this world Yeah But you say I don't appreciate you And I don't know how to treat you We don't do the same things we did no more [Chorus] Remember it wasn't that long ago You told me that you love me so Don't forget all the nights we shared When you told me girl just how much you cared It could be a little straight But this is the way plays to play I'm not that kinda man Why can't you understand Cause I Want you to trust in me Baby girl can't you see Your only gonna mess things up You've done enough Why can't you stop (Cause) You're gonna lose what's good to you And it's the last thing you wanna do Won't find another let me hold [Chorus]

Wanna Be

JHENE AIKO "My Name Is Jhene"
[Verse 1] I wanna be Your everything Not just a friend Not someone who you call now and then But someone who you be lovin till the end All I need Someone to be My shoulder The one I can tell anything The one who I can share my dreams with [B Section] You look like my type a guy I could see spending all my time But I'm not even gonna lie I wanna be more [Hook] I wanna be the one You givin your heart to I don't wanna be the one You're Into and we're thru I wanna be the one Who keep it real wit chu I don't wanna be the one You just be talking to I wanna be your all the time girl [Verse 2] 15 years old But I know how I feel See I'm lookin for somethin real If you wanna know here's the deal I can be your girl You can be my man And just cause you little bit older Don't mean I'm gonna let you be Tellin me how it has to be [B Section] [Hook] [Bridge] I wanna be The first one you think of in the morning The last one you think of at night I wanna be The one you call to say I love you And you can't stand to say goodbye I wanna be your all the time girl [Hook Out]

I Got By In Time

Saw a girl that I used to know I was deep in thought at the time To recognise the face at first 'Cause I was probably looking at mine Well she was the only girl I've ever loved But my folks didn't dig her so much I was young This is serious To me she was the world (she was my world now) I thought I'd never live without her, But I got by in time Well let me tell you now, Saw a guy that I used to know Man he'd changed so much I think it hurt him to say 'hello', 'Cause he hardly opened his mouth Yeah well he was my best friend a few years ago Truly inseperable We were young We were full of ideals We were gonna pull this whole world But something happened I didn't know why But that's the way that it goes. I suppose, What you say - what you do Don't mean nothing, nothing at all And all the bonds you make between ya Can be broken any time you want now Please tell me if my philosophy's wrong I've got to know the truth I don't mean to offend anyone but, You know it's something that I do, oh- So nice to see you tonight, And I'm so glad that you came Some of the people standing outside, say Sure feel the same Yeah my point is in a round about way Given time he'll always forget 'Cause the memories That ... me on To me everything (you're everything now) And it always will be mine, yeah And no one can take them away

Pease Porridge

DE LA SOUL "De La Soul Is Dead"
SCHEMING PUNK PINOCCHIOS: (Bobby Simmons and Prince Paul) - Yo, gee. - Yo, word up, gee, man. - Yo, man you heard about that club called the Donut Hill, B? - Yeah, man, I heard it's kinda fly, man. - Yo man, Rakim and De La be up there all the time! - Word up! Yo, De La? Yo, those punk kids, man? - They ain't punks, man. - Yo man, those kids are wack man, straight up booty, wack. - Yo, but, yo, that Buddy , that was kind of fly, man, and Potholes? Slammin'. Slammin'. - Yeah, it was. Word up, yo it was, but forget that man, after they came out with Plug One, Plug Two then Potholes , yo, then they fell of with the brothers, yes they did man, yo, they were straight up pop, man, I'm telling you, forget them faggots. - Yo check it out, though, WRMS is throwin' a party at the club, though, man, yo I bet you they'll be there! - Yeah! All right, so let the brothers show up, man, let them brothers show up and get cold jacked when the leaders run up on them! (Background:) (Pease porridge in the pot) (Pease porridge in the pot) (Pease porridge in the pot) (Nine days old) POS: My name, my name, my name is the Pasta Now I like, I like I like to plug the real thing So loose, so loose, so loose with the tap dance, The funk, the funk, funky funky stuff I bring My tribe, my tribe, my tribe is known as Native Tongues, Consists, consists, consists of Jungle, Quest and others Get played, get played, played a lot on radio And also, and also, and also by some foul brothers The Pease, the Pease the Pease Porridge never failed It kept, it kept us calm, our stylin' merry But late, but lately loonies acting real bold Can't sip in luxury my apple cranberry Girls watch, and watch, and watch I dance the big tut Our home, our home our homeboys has to plan tricks Don't real, don't real, don't realise the Native Tongue Is rollin' strong and we're startin' in the megamix GOSSIP GLADIATORS: (Lashawna and Jenette) - Yo, Miss Thing! - Yo Merisa, what's up? - You heard what happened at the Donut Hill the other night? - Yo I was there and those De La kids was fighting, yo they was wildin'. - Word man? - Word, the whole thing happened in front of my face, yo, they was on the dance floor, right, some kid stepped up to them and said something about hippies, then punks, and the chubby one, Plug Three? - Yeah. Plug Three, yeah I know him. - All right, Plug Three, all right, he walked up to this kid, hit him real quick, think he didn't when he did, and then them other kids the Jungle Brothers and Quest and, um, what's the other ones, the other ones? - The Violators. - The Violators, right, right, throwing chairs, and they didn't care who they was hitting, you think they wasn't? - Yeah. I know, I thought it was supposed to be about peace signs, things like that, you know... MASE: Question, and that's if only I can ask this question Can I? (Yes you can!) Why do people think just because we speak peace We can't blow no joints? (I-I-I don't know) GRANDMA MASE: (Squirrel) Mase, this is the ninth day I've reheated this porridge. You know it keeps me peacefully, no? MASE: Yeah, but my tolerance level has now peaked And now it's time for some heads to get flown DOVE: We bring, we bring, we bring, we bring the peace of course But pack a nine inside, inside my De La drawers A picture, picture, picture, picture painted pink Could turn to red, to red, to red in blooded quick But in a single file my Native Tongue is calm I rather, rather pass a brother palm to palm I kick, I kick, I kick a verse of unity And shack, and shackle steps to the beat, beat I click, I click the TV to the Simpsons And sip the Porridge deep into my system So mel, so mellow mode is my day mode Inside the studio or on a road The Swing, the Swingalow is the now step It's murder if you bet 'cause you're life's jep To praise, to praise the Soul is on a down drag It's false, because I'll spray you with the Black Flag (Pease Porridge in the pot) (Pease Porridge in the pot) (Pease Porridge in the pot) (Nine days old) POS: Can't stand, can't stand, can't stand the pop music Brother, brother, brothers pop a lot of pow Don't watch, don't watch, don't watch a lot of basketball Don't und, don't understand the act of being fouled Hey D, hey D, hey DJ set the record up It's time, it's time, it's time to tame the annoying pups Throw on the Touching Fingers serenade So we can throw our lemonade In their face and kick their little butts FIGHT COMMENTATORS: (Squirrel and Mikey Roads) - And off, and Mase is the first to throw a punch and he connects lovely to the ribcage. Wouldn't you say so Squirrel? - Indeed, indeed, I waould say he showed a lot of formulate combination, but look at the hoodlum trying to escape. - Yeah, it seems that that particular hoodlum showed great form in trying to escape, but he, ah, just got his ass busted. (Background:) (Touching fingers, touch, touch) (One at a time, touch together) DOVE: People wanna get ragged with the reruns Me not, me not, me not scared to trudge a bit They can't, they can't, they can't get close to none I tap, I tap, I tap a dance war skit The por, the por, the Porridge got crazy cold We won't, we won't eat until the heads are flown Take advantage to a cool one's peaceful ways But when, but when we fly that head all the people say THE FROG: (Lisle Leete) Here in Frogland, we always eat our Porridge, 'cause it keeps us frogs real peaceful like. JABIB: (Jarobi) In my land, my people adore Porridge. And I don't understand why De La Soul is so violent, and we are so peaceful, we sit by the camp fire and listen to our rituals, and they are so violent. I don't understand, I don't understand. (Pease Porridge in the pot) (Pease Porridge in the pot) (Pease porridge in the pot) (Nine days old) (Pease Porridge in the pot) (Pease porridge in the pot) (Pease Porridge in the pot) (Nine days old) (Pease Porridge in the pot)

T & P Combo

311 "311"
People sing about the coming of spring But what is comin' down around it's snow or it's rain It's insane and I'm still in the same gang The way the weatheract's it's a shame ok Badder behavior in our shit is flavor Grandiose endeavorsyes the quest is greater Make no mistake I know the time and I wake I slip onlywhen P-Nut gets me baked from that shake Yeah you can't fuck with this You're Walter Middy don't take it as a dis But the fantasy has got to end this minute I had a fucking dream and yo now I'm in it I've been at many function but I knowI'm about the function If someone brings you down keep punching We bunched in alittle house where conditions got squalid But where we at now - solid I concurtime it slurs and it blurs The vision like a drug and yo it's the word Howabsurd deliver us from nerds And funky 40 oz. glass littered curbs Soon thechurch pitted bell will clang Boys on the corner mack with slang play a dicegame When I walk by it some bag lady goes sha-na-na-na Your street time islimited 'cuz this band rocks it Take your whole crew put 'em all in your pocketIf your feelin' sick rub it on with vicks 'N take 2 to 6 of our sweet super mix Your street time is limited 'cuz this band rocks it Take your whole crew put 'emall in your pocket If your feelin' sick we got the elixir Rub it on down withthe sweet super mixer Late night radio players late night airwave invaders Yeahwe got the force late night radio Zooma zooma zooma yeah we got the boom Blowin' up the spot so so give us room We prowl sometimes we howl hysterical When we take the stage see a miracle I realize today nothing is more vestigial Than the young space walkin' individual For years and years bubbling up withsoul power To detonate this planet or reach another Yeah we take it up a notch We diggin' the shit so deep like Ralston digs scotch Botch this and I'll regretit no that's not what I'm saying Remember this instead I'm staying We played ina little house where conditions got squalid But where we at now - solid Wehauled a van with a RV that was a bad call It all went up in flames but Ihaven't seen it all Homey steps to me and say hey where ya goin' Oh just headin'back to where I done my growin' If you must go somewhere over the rainbow Theadventures of a cosmic hero From planet to planet my tags a crater If you're notin the future you're not here either Labeled psychedelic we can play disco Whenthe going gets weird you know the weird turn pro Your street time is limited'cuz this band rocks it Take your whole crew put 'em all in your pocket If yourfeelin' sick rub it on with Vicks 'N take 2 to 6 of our sweet super mix Yourstreet time is limited 'cuz this band rocks it Take your whole crew put 'em allin your pocket If your feelin' sick we got the elixir Rub it on down with thesweet super mixer Late night radio players late night airwave invaders Yeah wegot the force late night radio

Go!! (Muthafuka)

ANGIE MARTINEZ "Up Close & Personal"
[Angie:] What's this [unfolding of letter] [Angie & Guy:] Dear Angie Guy: I know we've been together a long time boo But I'm writing this letter cus I really couldn't face you like It's kinda ill I gotta a lot things going on right now And I met somebody too So I need a little space ma for real [Hook] This mothafucka told me that he'd love me for life He told me he had my back and I would be his fucking wife He told me no matter what baby everythings gon be ok And now this mothafucka's leaving and he don't think he gon pay [Verse 1] Think a letta like this gon kill me dude Shit you was lucky I was real wit you Shit you was lucky I was feeling you Let me tell you what a bitch that's real will do I remember all the things that we did in my house Should of never left shit in my house Get your clothes and your boots and suits nigga get em up out You would never know what I'm about When I'm in doubt I walk away like it's the in thing Follow all my instincts The henessey in ya blood got ya strong like ginseing Who the hell you think ya pimpin Not me you can go I don't care what you leaving me for If you stay you'll be deceiving me more Let me see what you do when you can't get your feet on the floor You didn't think that I would even the score Through the heat of it all I was there for you Cared for you But you never gave the love back I don't care if you a thug cat Ain't no mothafucka ever gon treat me like a rugrat It's niggas like you that make a bitch wanna wil' out Put a brick through you windshield I don't care how your fam or your fake ass friends feel Since day one I've always been real But you took it for granted damnit You got me actin foul Think you a playa international Got your bank card know your pin number so I'm cashin now On some funny shit look who's laughing now I'ma sell all the jewelry you left behind Me being deaf, dumb, and blind Instead of being two steps ahead I was a step behind Thought you never gonna wreck my mind [Hook x2] [Background Hook] I don't care though You can go now Pack your shit up I don't need you [Verse 2] You messed with my mind was the worse thing you ever did I ain't the one for the wedding ring Your doing this for your benefit You degenerate Stab me in the back like a Benidect But I blame myself for being blind for the scrub type Should've knew from the getgo But it's cool I can live I can learn get wise to my life It ain't hard for me to let go I'm a strong ass woman Ain't no way I'm gonna be depressed Let a nigga try to wear me down Now the rain is gone I can see clearly now Where my mentals at you should fear me now Look really how Did you think I wouldn't pay ya back Your a bitch for the way you act You want to be in the front while I played the back And you think that I'm gonna be ok wit that That's crazy wack You ain't never wanna help the team Did things that I felt were mean But I let it all go Never paid it no mind Even though you tried to fuck with my self-esteem When you dealt with me you had things that you never had Niggas knew I was your better half Now you got a new bitch Pray to God hope she know about me And if not I'm gonna tell her ass Stella had to get her groove back Nigga move back Who me I'm just moving on Mary J. said the best when said that I'm not gon cry Mothafucka thought you'd knew the song But I'ma leave it alone Cus I'm a bigga bitch Even though another chick'll prolly try to get you fast He should've died Keep this in mind Mothafucka wish I never would've met your ass [Hook until fades out x4]

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