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CRADLE OF FILTH lyrics - Cruelty And The Beast

Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids

Original and similar lyrics
hear me now all crimes should be treasured if they bring thee pleasure somehow Maleficent in dusky rose Gathered satin lapped Her breasts Like blood upon the snow A tourniquet of Topaz Glistened at Her throat Awakening, pulled from the tomb Her spirit freed, eclipsed the moon That She outshone as a fallen star A regal ornament from a far flung nebular Her likeness hung in the black gallery Commanding unease Demanding of Death to breathe... Midst the whirl and daylight fauna Of society at court Elizabeth bedazzled, Her presence sought applause Though Her torchlit shadow Thrown upon damp cellar walls Greeted nothing but despair from slaves Her nights enthralled Thirteen Winter solstices had shown Her path, that the dark Had marked its dominion Spaying the confessor Whose caresses she'd known As whipcord in the House of Dog Her cold cunt meat on holy bone Raped of faith, She now embraced The narcissistic unrest frozen on the mirror's face With this disdain, inside these veins (Highborn wanton that She was) She sought to keep what age would claim Her soul was sold and for this toll Reeking pyres ever smouldered On the whims of one so in control Elizabeth, mysterious Cruelty brought thee orchids From the bowels of the abyss Once upon atrocity when midwitches stifled cries And carved abortive runes in reddened wombs Exhumed by scrying eyes Madness came upon Her Like an amorous lover's seed Lifesblood splashed upon Her skin In gouts torture unleashed And to Her dead reflection 'Twas as if Her pallor gleamed Like an angel's warmed by candles Where erotic stains had cleaved So demons dragged this libertine Lusts screaming for release Upon the flesh of maidens preened As canvas for caprice Exacting obeisance Her gaze held a seance Of spirits too trapped under glass to commune A sleeter mistress than Luna Whose threats to consume Her Met with torments giving vent to Her swoon Flat on Her back Pack-prey for the reams Of verses and curses That haunted Her dreams Midnightmare chimed Thirteen in Her mind A disciple of scars Branded years hissed behind Ridden split-thighed By the Father of lies An ovation of wolves Blushed the skies as they writhed But Heaven is never forever She came, a spent storm From the clouds... Leaving serpents in office Inside every gate To lick righteous holes Blinding Lords to the fate Of virgins forced naked To defile on rent knees Hacked and racked backwards Menses choking their pleas More. Whore. More Twitching make me wet with thee Carcass rub me raw

Master Thesis

CANIBUS "Mic Club: Curriculum"
[Canibus] This is the master thesis underneath the deepness Come to where you can read this run a plot on a map hyper space 'ya From the society for scientific exploration color is vibration, vibration is sound sound resonates through the mouth check it out What I say vibrates no less than 9 ways South, South East, West, south west, east North, North east, North west And the black and white images fade to great sound waves Track my adversaries like a mouse in a maze with a bewildering array, of lyrical display The best of Bis oftenly rearrange Moto atomic elements, with a deft intelligence The highest professorship, my English etiquette compels me to not say it if I can't spell it bitch My circularised 3rd Eye, sees all Atlantis was surrounded by 4 sea walls I read one-fourth of the Library of Alexandria before it was burnt to the floor I wish I could've learned more about the shapes of the sacred geometry they used to draw They were new millennium but Euclidian in form ancient in many ways but not nearly as old Carved from Egyptian gold molded in Assyria with processed Beryllium by the quintillion They cooked on symmetrical stoves with my logo etched above the hole where they inserted the coal And they barbecued birds to the bone They burned incense in a Buck Mister Fuller type dome I talked to Mr. Fuller over the phone and he said he had a contract to rebuild Rome said he didn't want to do it alone I told him I was busy writing poems but I'll think about going The process was slow, and the dough was low but I took it as the perfect opportunity to grow plus I never traveled that far from home but I heard about the beauty of Sydonian (city of ancient Phoenicia) snow neon green grass, statues made from translucent glass I'll be crazy to pass I like nigerian Jazz the blue twilight band that plays tunes from a laser black sax it sounds so laid back it helps me relax I brought the album after seeing K-Pax Ooh how I miss my nautilus i was told faren goat and mcdotilus did not exist you have a modest case of scaphocephalous I prescribe some neo gothic anti-biotics words concocted from the lyrical lock smith deadly as 10 droplets of Ricin toxin from every angle the competition gets boxed in its Dr. C indoctrinates his doctrine translate the English alphabet to the omega text life is now and death is next post bond out on bail from the belly of hell communicate through diatonic and pentatonic scale these dark side tales might affect sales I set sail and hunt down erect sperm whales use the aphrodisiac to get a female call ginger tie her up and drink her ginger ale grand maryey for me scotch on the rocks for you your vocab is smaller than a cup of jewels in the studio with james lipton reminiscing about the script that was written before the beginning all of a sudden the boo's turned into applause my jaws stronger then the kenenday Macaws cant even count the bars i've expended so far don't want to rap no more its been so long i wish the clock would hurry up and tick im out in the bush and the sticks humpin a hundred clicks dr scholes gave me a good fit me and him went to school together back in 86 when I was really ill puttin flank energy in a rhyme the size of a Tylenol pill you wanna laugh now and cast your belligerent doubt show you what poetry is really about the side affects will make you pass out followed by skin rash itching diarrhea nausea and dry mouth you want a time out? you better spit a rhyme out before the community of real mc's die out college students say to me you ain't smart Record label A Rs say: this ain't art these are the contents of the covenant of the art listen to my chest beat tell me this ain't heart You gotta be as obsequious as the Disciples of Jesus this is my MASTER THESIS

Wu Banga 101

GHOSTFACE KILLAH "Supreme Clientele"
(feat. Cappadonna, GZA, Masta Killa, Raekwon) [GZA] Yo, too advanced, Digi' stance, made the CD enhanced I move with the speed and strength of ants Identical in form with the Beez they swarm Hold up the cold current appear warm My first verbal brawl, started on some yes yes y'all to the beat y'all, break your windshield, your jeep stall Mr. Traffic, dumbin shit, from ecclesiastic Cashier, holdin out, fine, cut off the plastic See the logo A monument in hip-hop Carved out, in the giant landscape, of broken rocks Whether heard in herb spots, jukebox or malt shops Uncut live, drop eighty-five, in one shot Spotlight hits the metal mic, majority stare Heard the Wu snare, while my iris cut down the glare Walk a road the great length you find too long to measure My Clan a make me rhyme like D. Banner under pressure No surprise, double disc touched five Those elements, kept environments colonized with the high flyin death-defyin flow like the Rebel Right there, but you're one light year, from my level [Ghostface] Uh-huh.. yeah.. yo.. check it.. yo.. Bottles goin off in the church, we broke the wine slapped the pastor, didn't know Pop had asthma He pulled out his blue bible, change fell out his coat Three condoms, two dice, one bag of dope Oooh! Rev. ain't right, his church ain't right Deacon is a pimp, tell by his eyes Mrs. Parks said, 'Brother Starks, meet you at the numbers spot Heard you got red tops out, and I want a lot' Shirley fainted dead on the spot Two ushers slipped eighty dollars right out the pot Oh shit! [Raekwon the Chef] Egyptian, brown skin brown suede Timbs Masqueradin X-rated throw blades, all occasions Round nozzle touchdown, Haagen-Daas gobbles White House Gucci flag on the roof, call us rock groups Mere intelligent, buy Nieman Marc' it out No doubt, all we saw he bought, Lori mom's all blow was simple, blamp instrumentals run camps the stamps get you The way we lamp, fans come and get you Play, fullback strapped like a fuck, war at the black, Carlo Gambino's stash house in Hackensack Pack capsules, Green Bay 'em lay 'em down like wax do It's all actual we build, like Crash Crew Coconut, incense, one sentence, aiyyo Control the holy flinch hit this, new whips Roman numerals, sun splash them niggaz like, Tango and Cash Alcatraz cats roll out fast.. [Cappadonna] Wu thousand nuthin but hardcore We tryin to get land riches and more Ghost put me on to it We just do it, floss or whatever Take care of the business, there's too many roughnecks Give two of these to Flex, tell him it's real rap like Ghost Had to beat niggaz with toast Clubs V.I. clientele we lay it down flat Poot out on y'all kid, now where your mans at Fakin the real like, 'Damn I can't stand Cappa'' Then my wardrobe flooded the next chapter Y'all heard about us like we heard about you Bless the mic with reality, hit you with the virtue Calm down not tryin to hurt you, burst through That shit, fatter than all y'all niggaz outfits We the glitch like Y2K Catch the ball when it drop, guns pop, y'all have a nice day 'Doctor Kanabuta, Iron Man, he is invincible. His remarkable armor is supreme!' [Masta Killa] Yo Sometimes I'm liable to spaz and break fool Grab my gun, select one, snatch son Put the barrel by his face, blast one by his eardrum Piss run, you drop thinkin you shot Screamin like a bitch, kicks to your face Shots to the body that shake like the bass I'm Ghostfaced up, military style down Nuff ammunitions of rounds across the chest [Ghostface] Skip to the intro, rap through po' Smashed a fresh ball of wax ceasar Flashy penthouse that overlooks the vista Wally Moc' have tie, swimmin trunks Three chunks of ice sit in Johnny Walker for advice Catch the moment, fundraiser at will, work with the homeless Polish diamond edge, Flintstone shit, sealed in a comb pick carefully, swing the B seven series Christmas lights too bright Ghost is comin y'all fix the mirrors Relax like pudding, confidence strangle my man couldn't Exile he no longer in the hood Bless the kid that max the most Me I turn a wedding into hoax Roses tied to bombs on posts On commercial breaks, piss in the apple juice Rasta nigga rock the big do's Jiffy Pop it's only chant Wu

Star Inside Of Me

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 3: For Better Or For Worse"
[Intro - Joe Budden - talking (Suzy Q)] (A staaaarrr) Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh One two, one two (Is inside of meeeee) One two, one two Uh, uh, uh Nod ya head, if you want clap ya hands to it It's just music, you feel like it dance to it Uh, uh, come on [DJ On Point - talking over Intro (echo)] Name of this record right here is called Star Inside Shout to Dub B on the beat Let's go [Verse 1 - Joe Budden] If you feel like I feel it's all love, what up? Now throw ya motherfuckin fingers in the air, (oh), yeah Mr. On Fact, here to do it like on fact, this ain't about rap If you ain't come to feel good, we gonna do it without you Too low, turn the music louder, yeah Turn the music loud in here You understand that what y'all about to hear Feelin myself, homie what? See I'm a leader, won't show me up Nah, see they won't slow me down, won't slow me up Sky's the limit, 'til I die and I'm in it But that's not the case tonight Pop a case tonight Like whatever you want do, it's okay tonight See 'cause all of that salt we gon' shake tonight Now bring the break aight [Chorus - Suzy Q - w/ ad libs] I'm just tryin to be me 'Cause there's only one me Strip away materials and seriously These things don't make me Nothin can break me I shine because a star is inside of me [Verse 2 - Joe Budden (Suzy Q)] I write Mood Muzik, know a lot of you ain't used to Jot my life on wax, I'm puttin you through it No lies, it's all truth to it Do the music 'cause it's (inside of me) (okay) Fans wanted the real, I went and gave it to 'em I'm not a street nigga, nah just relate to 'em I just relay through 'em Show the way to 'em, never fake to 'em, that ain't (inside of me) (hold up) Don't be afraid, show the World who you are Go and show the World you a star (you could) Reach to the stars, go ahead show the World that it's ours And then the World'll know that it's (inside of me) 40 acres and a mule to, 40 K's on the Mueller See I'm just thinkin of ways to get my dudes up They use to say we was losers I beg to differ, that ain't me, now [Chorus - w/ ad libs] [Break - Suzy Q - talking] Give it to 'em Joe Give it to 'em Joe Give it to 'em Joe (You got it) [Verse 3 - Joe Budden (Suzy Q)] They say if you don't stand for nothin, you'll fall for anything 'Cause of that there, I see the whole game on the ground Watchin what works, we all chasin a hit Instead of takin a risk, so we changin our sound now Now we all chase jewels, big trucks and income All that and then some, chase whatever trend come (but) At least 'til the trend's done (but) But that don't change within none (yeah) And I'm not sayin to not have a Benz son Rings that shiny, whatever things' timely Those things help to unwind me (but) But naw those things don't help define me Aim at the basics, aim you can make it 'Cause even when the whole game seems tainted I'm a star without the chains and the bracelets 'Cause that fly shit is (inside of me) [Chorus - w/ ad libs] [Outro - Suzy Q - singing] A glow is comin from my heart Open yours and find a star (Hey!) ... (Hey!) [DJ On Point - talking over the end of the Outro (echo)] Shout to my nigga NYCEO Can't forget my nigga D.C., Central Station Out in Long Island DJ On Point, Joe Budden, Mood Muzik 3

I Killed Hip Hop

JJ DEMON "Funeral Disco"
I killed hiphop, night of the living dead, a splitting head decision, the ribbon is getting red. We need to check what we’re selling within the biz, if you’re a skeleton you’re not relevant with the kids. Embellishment’s making a mess of your cranium, painting ancient history, Mesopotamia Audio Saudi Arabian automatic, switch over to cable, fix all the static Otherwise you rick-shaw the baggage and you carry it, you sold heroin to buy your car? It ain't a chariot. You guys are fuckin’ hilarious, lemme tell ya. You love hustlin’ so much, why don’t you marry it? Grabbing Sagittarius, gripping him by the horns for those that live vicariously threw songs. Don’t embarrass me, this ain't no parody rap charity, what we see’s inherently different than what out parents see. Apparently I’m just glorifying a homicide, honestly, only the phony rappers were traumatized. You should have dropped 5 years ago, you’re wack to me, under the bar songwriting is unsatisfactory. Don’t bat a lash to me, salt water fishin’ with a shark on the line, “Which way to the Walt Whitman?” You need to jump off of a bridge, CAUTION: This entertainers lifestyle resulted in the loss of his head! Fuck it. Toss him the cred, turn him into a martyr, put his face on a t-shirt, tell his youngins to come a little harder. …like rapping about killing makes your dead friends proud, what a dead end, WOW. I got out of jail in ‘09 for those crimes you can read about, came home and weeded out the people and the places, the things that were keeping me in the bracelets, still I gotta walk off 7 years of probation. Only murder these cliches, choking the game, got my finger on the pulse, I’m about to open the vein. Understand, you’re inching this shit closer to the grave, kids around the world are ripping down your poster, it’s a shame. Bleeding heart vulnerability, self guillotine, correctional facility silhouette. Rehabilitated and still the latest in party technology, all the scene girls are starting to acknowledge me. Halloween synthesizer dancing all over my record, this is like talking to an expert. Walking through a metal detector was a tell-tale back then, don’t worry it’s just my belt now. Barking at the hellhounds, dressing in Obey, Circa on my feet cuz my circle has no lames. Saying “I Killed HipHop” is either a bold claim, or just a good way to rekindle an old flame, WHATEVER. Hands tied together with a blindfold on this is Goodbye Forever. The opposite direction from you opening your eyes, and your fear is like a casket, closing you inside. All that braggadocio rapping and boasting is a lie, when you feel close to emotional you’ll know I arrived. Cyanide, every time you scribble it you die inside a little bit, just consider this your final diatribe… …Really? The kids want something with a little more feeling. Sealing you up in the walls of your design. If I killed HipHop, it needed to die. “You’re the reason why hiphop’s dead.” Really? The kids want something with a little more feeling. Sealing you up in the walls of your design. If I killed HipHop, it needed to die.


311 "Grassroots"
Returning from the water cold alive and shining Rock a mic in the afterlife while your moon is rising Heatin' up forcing steam whirling to be seen The dark held stars are the frost of my breathing Swimming through the darkness I'm a ghostly shark Developing like a photograph slowly in the dark The hearafter the action the main attraction One love in all of this that I'm going after Now there's fire inside but black space surrounds you You think 'Where oh where am I' but even your light continues See through us see a soul we have not yet Learned to harness see the next world inside it We are the people of skin who left water Inside the dark womb inside of our mother Prone to the beat and vibe of our tribe We catch the drift and ride moving tides Out from a love that will keep on burning Now see yourself to the next world returning This life an old place we face to live again What is it to understand the heareafter

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