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Cormega lyrics

One Love

Original and similar lyrics
[Featuring Mobb Deep] (Intro / Mobb Deep): Ha ha... Yeah... Uh huh right... Part the crowd like the Red Sea... Let's fight to this... Don't even tempt me... (Chorus / Mobb Deep): We wanna kill you... (make y'all niggaz fight to this) We wanna kill you... (Prodigy): Eh yo Peace to our way of life Hats off to all the trife Let's toast to fully autos and foot long knives Specially for stacks of green packs My outfit ah perform, so blow all stained raps Now let me take y'all niggaz back to my basics of this Ya ancient to flip, fag catch a face lift My shank do remarkable things for fakeness My whole Mobb got the same patience Throw on your tracks 8-6 And make moves like a space ship We pack places, Infamous bangs ya nation Ya light at the weight station That weak shit need replacing, put this in heavy rotation Overdose music It's theraputic to the user Driving wild under the influence of this Careful, cuz ya might just crash ya shit Total ya whip and still pull my tape out the deck Me and Mobb tryin to connect like thirty thousand dollar links Unpoppable, unstoppable, topple (Cormega): Yo, my drug cliental was bringing me money well Smoking Buddha L's and weed so good They leave a funny smell Niggaz scoping me, hoping police is close to me Mega regulatin' The way shit's supposed to be Gold chain choking me, cocaine provoking me To live my destiny (ha) Jacuzzi water soaking me Floating in smoky Durango Doing my thing yo, my mac milli Sweeter than a mango Son, you know the drilly The drama is a part of me Did time for cocaine, nines and armed robbery My rhyme written graffiti is a live nigga prophecy Mega poetic rhymes are like dimes but no credit I leave ya mind paralysed dun, but don't wet it Scarface persona, I acquired a taste for drama And I embrace this, real shit You banned from the projects Your love here, ancient (fuck that) Yo, I'ma see you Nigga, you transperant see through Rhymes fully automated, you semi crime related Cormega and Mobb Deep rhyme amazing Thug shit you can't fuck with... What!!! (Havoc): Fuck ya bullshit rep, nigga you ass bet Talking all that shit, don't even got cash yet I floss, try to get away No gats tossed Got drama with my click, I'ma take it to the source Q.B.C. representative, I'm just trying to live If I can't get to you, I'ma take it to ya kids Spray ya crib, fuck it son Something gotta give If I can't live then ain't nothing gonna live That's dead ass But to put this whole shit in a smash You real, hit that ass up on four wheels All jokes aside, you goin' squeal like them other rappers You know we kick the truth, you wanna clap us I got this, strictly out the mouth nothing but hot shit Pop shit, you couldn't fuck this when we drop shit You helpless, put your whole shit outta service Put on some old shit (Thank God for this) Yo, if it wasn't Them niggaz like us, you just be ash dust Hustling for petty kid cash Come on know, you know I know When it comes to gats, I'ma a hoe Never bite my tongue, let them player haters know how we coming Straight coming through while you running Get done-ed, have that ass shaking like a bitch when she coming One in a mil, slip that ass like a mickie It's fifty-fifty fucking with this, nigga just come and get me No doubt... (Chorus / Havoc) We wanna kill you (that's right) We wanna kill you (no doubt, that's right) We wanna kill you (no doubt, that's right) We wanna kill you (no doubt, that's right) We wanna kill you (no doubt, that's right) We wanna kill you (no doubt, that's right) We wanna kill you (no doubt, that's right) We wanna kill you (no doubt, that's right)

Oh Father

I was that cool motherfucker but living in the world of these cruel motherfuckers society they made me a fool motherfucker and sixteen shots leaving the pussies taking cover huh I'm sorry mother motherfuckers just ain't like me the fucking grave by twenty one is so likely a million letters from the penn niggaz writing me fuck the system the DEA sellin all the damn yay so I pray them fuckers die and when they leave let them pussy motherfuckers fry and make they families eternally have to cry and crucify me and label me the n ride I testify I'm ready Oh father come and take me I surrender I'm ready [repeat 4X] Statistics said I wouldn't live to see the grey in my head there is to much drama in theses streets to much heat and she said wont let the feds red said they want no dust in my tomb so I keep my eyes red and I stay in my room I'm prayin soon that my income cause income is halted if you got then I got it but anyone can talk it and i thought it was simply me but it's universal cause this shit's the real deal try to feel the commercial america tell me where is the freedom of liberty this place ain't meant for me so I got a quarter key and move it like ryder trucks those crackers are already stuck a path for my niggaz because my niggaz ain't give a fuck bout nothin they had to say we always move tha yay your game but we can play and lucifer better pray that I do not do what i just planned to do yesterday I sware to god in Georgia Oh father come and take me I surrender I'm ready [repeat 4X] This is for my folks in Cuba This is for my folks in Jamaica This is for my folks in Africa, we ready Them crackers had me fucked up I scooped a job for a minute but couldn't deal with the pay I quit that shit in a day back on the grind servin my yay nothing to say but I tried I'm told there is a better way but who going to pull me inside they in they ride disappointed because I had bad luck I ain't ever goin to sell this shit my nigga I'm stuck my people roll they window up and then they hit and they lock its fucked up but thats the way it is down here on the block man everyone servin some rocks if not some rocks some weed everybody's trapped high I cant afford the heat its kinda neat how they just creep and kick the door off the hinge and when theses motherfuckers leave they taking all of my friends no way to win cause we are in for the ride of our lives I was writing this shit I had to wipe my eye cause this is chaos they after us we'll never succede cause we some ignorant niggaz but all we need is to see I guarantee if we stop competing get our children off these fucking streets and get 'em to reading now I'm just speaking shit who am I to tell anyone I'm telling ya there ain't nothing new up under the sun you got your gun well fuck ya gun if you goin run when they chase ya why don't you do some of that crazy shit threathen tha basser now or later we going to have to stand up and fight we pay the taxes in this bitch nigga use your rights now I know I ain't right but ill be damned if I'm wrong they say two wrongs don't make a right but it is making me strong and when I'm gone I hope this song rang in your heart my nigga ain't no better time then right now to start Oh father come and take me I surrender I'm ready [echoes] [repeat 4X]

Catacomb Kids

AESOP ROCK "None Shall Pass"
I was a dark, dumb student No hooky rookie day trippin' on visions of chickens that look like R. Crumb drew 'em They grew 'em in a royal dirt of Suffolk county's flooring with the blood of an alcoholic clergyman in his forearms Long Island was porn stars and puppies pushin' sniffles Fit into the aforementioned or slipped through the pinholes 'Zook slipped through the pinholes Crispy the godsender who thunk over a quarter plunk to local Mortal Kom vender Both the formal squad censor Look down Either side across the marsh before it was "Awesome cars!" My calling card Calvary cooking an '85 Dodge Ares Gas for Huntington and back, barely Equipped with Super-Soakers full of piss and an uncanny knack for constantly upsetting pigs by doing stupid shit The kid ... his ring king dummies to King Kullen, where he hollered "Fuck the world" from a parking lot in the suburbs (What's this?) A couple spray cans and a little litter but they'd look at us like swindlers with them Ricky Kasso jitters So fuck 'em, a glutton sunk into the alley for props But things will still go bump when them halogens pop Believe I'll be there when it happens The shakin' of the plates off the mantle The snakin' of the flames off the candle The lady of the lake off the answers Admitting the mistakes to their deplaning cadavers Now it's "Rest in Peace" Will Peterson whose heater sung disturbingly to further re-evaluate your beast of burden's urgency Damn, doggy Good times, thanks I wrote your name in wet cement by the corporate banks. (What's this?) I'm an activator Made a fire, made a wheel, made a snack for later Catacomb kids cuddle up fantastic labor When the towns be freak sleep Trap the traitor He will ask for papers (What's this?) Say I'm an activator Made a roof, made a weapon, made a flag per acre By the snotty little nuzzle of a latch-key neighbor When the folk push aggie over some dap with ╩╗gators He will catch the vapors Couple Playboy mudflaps and hell on his heels Beautifully echoed in the pace at which he shoveled his meals Like not a farmer among us had a harvest survive the winter So dinner split a lima bean and triplets, pick a winner Took a couple summers pukin' pills behind the dumpster As the largest pez dispenser on record recouped his numbers One shoe in the soupy gutter One shoe in the velvet heaven? Where the mermaids Harlem Shakin' by a lake of melted weapons (What's this?) You could dance purty with the hooligan nation Who will be patiently awaiting zoo-keeper facelift? Extra The days of yore painted similar uber-ape shit We've merely updated the ancient 8-bit Yeah I'm dumber than a cow on a roof in a flood Who's not as dumb as the watered-down beef from the burgers that jumped I'm dumber than a Taz on a beach chair with a martini Who's not as dumb as the tat wit the same scenery Sparky nails pig stigmata for all good sport Garbage pail kids unite at the mall food court They chase cheese fries with Binaca They had shut the school down early There were bombs inside the lockers No concept of the problem We responded like a snow day It was clobber shit to flotsam 'Till the cops said it was okay Okay Show the squadrons back into their boxes like his Breakfast Club of hotheads show no progress to the doctors And I walk into the office, coughin' awfully at their often Flood a parking meter fever, knucle up for Love and Rockets It was rain of the razor laser Day of the cloudy howdy Flight of the shelter melter You can bow without me Knock 'em out the box, Ace

U Don't Wanna B.d.s.

DE LA SOUL "Art Official Intelligence-Mosa"
Hahahahahahahahaha! [Freddie Foxxx] HA! Check it out! It's Bumpy Knuckles baby, also known as Freddie Foxxx That's right, and I came to check my niggaz De La Soul See y'all niggaz don't really wanna bust dat shit huh Yaknahmsayin? So I'ma show you niggaz the super-laser-gamma-ultra-killa-nigga special You niggaz ain't no killers You motherfuckers ain't gonna hurt nobody nigga You better keep rhymin nigga 'fore I smack the shit outta you you little fuckin sissy You niggaz ain't real; that's right It's De La Soul baby, and Bumpy motherfuckin Knuckles baby Alright, c'mon on! [Maseo (?)] Check my stats, entire - apparat' Even from the days when I had to roll strapped Wonderin if I gotta go back to that Zest to rub records from rap and kick facts to tracks and stack, one (?) got kayed Yeah some got paid, some waved in the fades Fact of the matter my style will never fade Managin to keep it all A-grade So you can stay nourish and flourish with the truth (??) (??) some niggaz I know If I need a mayday Bust some fuckin niggaz tryin to play me cra-zay Causin interruptions to my big pay-day Playin with them guns make them fuckin lea-ry but if it's clear-ly Merely and surely and, how it's gotta be I got some thorough niggaz that's ridin me So witcha bullshit I'm not buyin it B Don't come around thinkin you can try it with me Cause uhh.. Chorus: repeat 2X You don't wanna bust dat shit (uh-uhh) You don't wanna bust dat shit (no no) You don't wanna bust dat shit (uh-uhh) You don't wanna bust dat shit (no no!) You don't wanna bust dat shit (uh-uhh!) You don't wanna bust dat shit (NO NO!) You don't wanna bust dat shit (UH-UHH!) You don't wanna bust dat shit!! [Maseo (?)] Shick shick, CLIK-A-CLIK This is where my people headin at Innocent people are carryin gats Now what the fuck is all that? Is it cause times is live like a wire gettin shock treated by the crossfire Ha-siyahh, burn bare well prepared to make my decision for my livin I ain't the one +Robin+ I'm the one +Given+ Hip-Hop driven, and willin to die for it When Scott LaRock died man I cried and shit Then some cats got rich callin a woman a bitch but ain't no woman like the one I got and if you call her a bitch well you might get (*BLAM*) And I know the feelings is mutual It's uncivilized and unsuitable Crips and bloods are recruitable Chorus [Freddie Foxxx] Ha ha, yeah you get the motherfuckin point, HUH? You niggaz get the motherfuckin point, HUH? That's right so while you niggaz is sittin up in central booking Crying like bitches, HUH? I'm in the motherfuckin holdin block waitin for your sweet pussy punk ass And I'ma whoop the shit out of you for gettin on a fuckin record, actin like you a fuckin killer I'ma show you niggaz what a motherfuckin killer's all about, HUH? You niggaz ain't no motherfucking gangsters You don't wanna bust that motherfuckin shit punk I'll punch your whole chest cavity out faggot You ain't no real nigga, nigga I'll smack the shit out of you cause you ain't a fuckin live nigga You sittin in central booking, cryin like a bitch Waitin for your father, to come bail you out and Freddie Foxxx don't play that shit nigga That's right, Bumpy Knuckles motherfucker And if you don't know, now you motherfuckin know And yo De La, check it out - it's your motherfuckin man And if any one of them niggaz get sidewindin with you nigga let me know, and I will send them niggaz hot ones like I'm a motherfuckin Mexican - feel me on that one HUH? Cause them niggaz know me nigga Believe me nigga they know me The motherfuckin troublemaker, that's right And De La Soul, is rollin with Bump' Knux' nigga So WHAT?!?!! Tell me, WHAT?!?!?!


CYPRESS HILL "Skull & Bones"
[B-Real] I rolled you up like my Rizla Cut you up, with my sisters You wanna get us - yeah, the venom spitters Your style's trash: don't litter You got the jitters the hardhitters No quitters your soul quivers When you see the gats blazin, get out the street now There ain't no use for you beggin to turn the heat down You label me coldblooded You wanna warm me up with hot lead the gat thudded You can't cut it You wack, but it's - no use your mouth shut it Shootin arrows diamond-studded, and still budded You got to love it, you better chase the paper all day So you can walk down the long platinum hallway But now the fools are minutemade; they get played for a minute then played out they never get back in it Gun park I bring chalk for your body outlined on the floor You got hit by the 4-4! [Chorus: B-Real] You're in the game called life, son - how you're livin it Street corner kids growin up blowin up You chase dreams you want the highlife, with the skylights But in the end your soul's lost, you lost the shine right Never turn your back ever, on niggaz true to you Stand alone for the cheddar - and they'll be through with you The highlife; yeah, the highlife The highlife; yeah, the highlife [B-Real] You gotta hang out with B. Reezy, and take it easy It's gettin greasy, I had to learn how to beat me That's when you go for dolo, and get your meal ticket And still kick it hardcore I'm runnin real with it Niggaz getting softcore, the people want more hardcore shit that's why I give them an encore Curtains opened, you see the people applaud feelin it You can't figure out the formula so you're stealin it Can't stand unoriginal cats with minimal skills that's criminal - you fake bitches! You're lookin for riches, in the wrong places The faces of death look you in the eye cut off your breath When you fall feel your knees shatter The bones breakin with your weak blatter Pissin on yourself it don't matter Dead weight, the bed waits for you on the set date Dreams gone instead fate didn't hesitate to put you away, close the gates now you're locked out Your life: cable, with all the porn channels blocked out (damn!) What you good for Nothin, so be gone suckers Have a nice trip see you motherfuckers! [Chorus] [Sen Dog] I live for the highlife, get my mind right Fuck the fame, the game and the limelights Fools that be out there tryin to duplicate But they can't match the aura, can't impersonate See the first things that comes to pass, is the blast of the Cypress Hill weed funk blazin up a path You can't help, but inhale and get strong You need that good shit all up in your lungs I live fast, and keep energy in motion Jah bless, so I feel I been chosen But I know, () of he who conquers You gotta come strong and sound off like thunder I check myself and make sure I'm comin real tight Rhyme for my fam, the G's and the highlife [B-Real] The highlife - hah, hah The highlife yeah [Chorus]

Numb Numb

JUVENILE "Juve The Great"
[Verse 1: Juvenile] Ay you wan' score ki, no you wan'score an ounce I ain't gon' show you shit, make sure you got the right amount boy I can't front you nuttin but I respect ya G it could get fatal if I let niggaz get next to me the junkies like my coke, Doctors, and Lawyers too they in, and out here all day lookin for the right Peru I use to do it too but I had to let it go I can't get loaded I'm lil' wodie that supply the coke my shit'll have you where you don't even much wanna eat have you a lack of sleep always out up in them streets been in rehab for weeks come home and get a bag from me you gon' relapse indeed, probably want ever leave don't want no problems I just wanna get this cheddar please I can't get popped, I've been convicted for two felonies look I'm just tryna put some clothes on my daughter I hope they ain't ridin I need to sell this other quarter [Chorus] If you score some coke from me you will be numb, numb, numb, numb, numb numb, numb, numb, numb, numb, numb, numb if you don't get it from me you will be dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb you'll be comin back in minutes to get some, some, some, some, some, some, some, some, some, some, some, some, some damn Juvie where you get that from, from, from, from, from, from, from, from, from, from, from, from [Verse 2: Juvenile] They don't work off the hit cause we don't fuck with the foes they be sellin them soft we had enough of them sold and we work off the hit cause we don't fuck with the foes we don't be sellin them soft we had enough of them sold weigh it and bring it in this shit is shipped to me I never transported nothin peep out my history my house is sittin plush-my cars is lookin lovely police men wanna cuff me therefore I'm rollin buckets not tryna make it public don't wanna be the subject mama tunin it don't spend ya money boy stay in ya budget I seen alot of fools goin buyin alot of shoes they children not in school they gotta lot to prove I puts my money back up in my flip some to the side incase them people run up in my shit chopper up all the time with two taped up clips and if you come fuckin with mine I'm a use this bitch they want me for distrubution from New Orleans to Houston someone been runnin there mouth tellin e'm how much I'm movin I'm just tryna put some clothes on my daughter I hope they ain't ridin I need to sell this other quarter [Chorus] [Verse 3: Juvenile] I got my first work when I was sixteen and niggaz still not knowin what happened to brick leans it's not an easy task might have to beat the last you gon' get caught up out here tryna save ya people ass can't have e'm bring it first if you can't pay e'm its worth you could get murdered for that he just may let it burst smart high walk to earth, and maybe enemy turf pray I don't get in they way just let e'm do they dirt and I know after the cut woah my shit is the bomb that must be the Saudi-Arabia cause it ain't Hussien you ain't got that Florida dope, () coke have to spend all ya dough or you want leave fa sho they come in menthazine no caps on it is want be that long before ya family know you on that shit look I'm just tryna put some clothes on my daughter I hope they ain't ridin I need to sell this other quarter [Chorus - repeat to end]

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