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CopCarPileUp lyrics

Indict Ariel Sharon

Original and similar lyrics
Fifteen others with Saleh Shehada, Sharon maintains the upkeep of the Intifada, Barbarian, psychopath, cold-blooded killer, The Butcher of Sabra, The Butcher of Shatilla… Executioner, warlord, firestarter, Muhammad Al-Durrah had to die a martyr, At the hands of a soldier, or a coward rather, As the frightened boy cowers against his father, Get your tanks, roadblocks, outposts and go, Tell your illegal settlers, ‘End of the show!', Pack up and go home or remain at a cost, You know more innocent, Jewish lives will be lost… The Bulldozer, taking pride in his nickname, The persecution of civilians is a sick game, You're time is up, long, long gone, Let's stand together and say, “INDICT ARIEL SHARON…!'

A Long Way Down From Stephanie

AL STEWART "Bed-Sitter Images"
Maid, truly I see Now it must be a long way down And with love's burnt shore Must all dalliance hither Crumble and wither Oh strange, Methought it strange Thou couldst deprive me of my crown Thou cast upon me as linden bears fruit of bitter strain And I would go forsooth to the dragon's tooth If thus a chance were gained To resurrect that part of your wanton heart To whose grave my own is chained And hold, ere thou dost go Were not thy moments gilded too? And in honesty didst thou not measure for measure Countenance pleasure? Cold wert thou so cold Lest thy mind be frozen too And will not spring be reborn But might the sun for the frost here That all be not lost herein And I would rather, zounds It were hell's own hounds Whose foul breath upon my face Did portent my doom Than to bear the gloom Of a world stripped of thy grace And so in truth I know Yes it will be a long way down And if go thou must Ere we should meet accidental Prithee be gentle And though distant now Perchance the hand of time may soothe And though lost at six If I should live to be seven I might forget Stephanie

Blood On My Hands

Demons Wizards
And as I bear my inner soul I've kept it hidden and safe Fulfill the gods' desire To hold their waning flame A sacred life And what have started long ago Is heading towards the end There's no easy way out There's blood on my hands But I am sure in the end I will prove I was right Runes of a long forgotten time Ancient spells in endless rhymes Soon the other world appears Roam to the ghostly river Rhine Leave the misty shades behind I can feel I'm getting near chorus: By the ancient spirits' rites The old ghosts proclaim their rights Still they're lost in time Lost in time I wonder why they're lost in time Lost in time The curse lives on Still chasing me It's always been there by my side And it won't let me out A treacherous leaf And a secret unsealed It will cause deadly wounds Roam to the ghostly realms at nights To cleanse the dark shades of my night Leave the mortal world behind Float to the endless streams of time An eternal ray of light Leave my mortal shape behind chorus Lost in time And it seems they're lost in time Lost in time The blood on my hands you see Cannot be washed away I am chosen by destiny To dwell in misery chorus Lost in time


I MOTHER EARTH "The Quicksilver Meat Dream"
Rev high Bend low and free the dead word When I stand up and feel the head burst WHen i stand out i'll hold it under When I stand down I won't be down for long Remember why you're not along You choke You take the dive and wonder why You never elevated You swallow Your sky is dry You're passing time alive And medicated A sublime death dream Time gets to you like a lover A broad side, full on dread Gets to the one alone It grabs you by the bone and swings You up and all around You choke You take the dive and wonder why You never elevated You swallow Your sky is dry You're passing time alive And medicated You've run away from something sure When you own your fear, feel undead Feel undead and unlike anyone Don't let it air out Some will take it on the chin I will meditate and know other lifetimes while the sum Of almost every sorry will always find a way Home and the way I long to love long and matter... live long in you It doesn't matter

Half Light II (No Celebration)

ARCADE FIRE "The Suburbs"
Now that San Francisco's gone, I guess I'll just pack it in. Wanna wash away my sins, In the presence of my friends. You and I we head back East, To find a town where we can live. Even in the half light, We can see that something's gotta give. When we watched the markets crash, The promises we made were torn Then my parents sent for me, From out West where I was born. Some people say, we've already lost, But they're afraid to pay the cost for what we've lost. Pay the cost for what we've lost Now that you have left me here, I will never raise my voice. All the diamonds you have here, In this home which has no life. Oh, this city's changed so much Since I was a little child. Pray that God won't live to see The death of everything that's wild. Though we knew this day would come, Still it took us by surprise. In this town where I was born, I now see through a dead man's eyes. One day they will see it's long gone. One day they will see it's long gone. One day they will see it's long gone. One day they will see it's long gone.

Daddy Was Her First Man

A sweet girl of eleven years Within her brain: The darkest fear caught by absolute disaster Her virginity - lost to the own father There he comes with alcoholic breath Now her mind is fallen, emotions are dead Cold by routine she's accepting her fate Which she must endure since her age of 8 People close their ears And they close their eyes They're only open for a moment When somebody has died The weak, little victims have no voice And falling tears don't make a noise How long does it take 'til a bit of compassion awakes Something... disgusting! Covered as a harmless game Abnormality is reflecting In all the things that happen To other girls with different names - Left without being protected - Hey, your daddy is doing a crime To you and your little mind A defect will always be In your mental factory Locked inside the darkend room As the horror passed her by... The kitchen - place for the next rape In despair she reaches the butcher-knife And she refuses doing that once again At a certain point of panic she cuts away His little friend! Justice now is sealed But do you think now she is healed? You can give her shelter You can hold her tight But you can't take away this horrible frigth When memories of the past appear To control her life in fear...

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