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COOLIO lyrics - It Takes A Thief

Sticky Fingers

Original and similar lyrics
Now I've seen places and faces And things you ain't never thought about thinking If you ain't peek then you must be drinking and smokin' Pretending not to lockin' but you're brokin' Let me get you open now Little Timmy got his diploma and, little Jimmy got life And Tamikra around the corner Just took her first hit off The pipe The other homie shot the other homie And ran away with his money And when the other homies heard about it They thought it was funny but who's the dummy Now you done lost the hustler A down-ass brother got replaced by a buster And though I got love for ya, I know I can't trust you Coz my crew is rollin' home and your crew is rollin' dusta And just because of that you act you don't like the brother No more, uh, I guess that's just the way it goes I ain't tryina preach, I believe I can reach But your mind ain't prepared, I see you when you get there 1-I'll see you when you get there If you ever get there, see you when you get there I'll see you when you get there if you ever get there See you when you get there More temptation and faith I guess we livin' for the day I seen a man get swept off his feet by a bullet and an AK the situation so twisted everybody gettin lifted I'm just tryin to take care of my kids And handle my business coz it way too serious So you gotta pay close attention So you don't get caught sittin' When they come and do all the gettin' Life is a big game so you gotta play it with a big horse Someone's gotta run a little faster Coz we gotta lay the strugle I'd be a fool to surrender When I know I can be a contender And if everybody's a contender then everybody could be A winner, no matter you rag collar deep down we all brothers and regardless of the time somebody else still love us I'm a scuff and strugle y'all breathless and weak I just strived my whole life to make it to the mountain peak always keep reaching sure to grab on to something I'll be there when you get there when you wit the sound bumpin' (repeat 1, 1) Verse 3: PS (40 Thevz) You need to loosen up and live a little and if they got kids let them know how you feelin' for your own sake give a little oh, you don't want to hear that you busy tryina stack and keep them from the Jones's is taking advantage of your own the realist homies got you but you known them longest but some ain't missing a good thing until it's gone could have built an empire if not for the jelousy that you righteous we prefare to keep our eyes shut to describe when it's something wrong and we desire so hold your head up high if your poor and righteous until time seems right the problems seem endless put the time to this fairly we gotta put ourselves together and if you feel you're obligated then you need to get back in it coz nothing worse than a quitter you gotta face responsibility one day, my brother so gather up your pity and turn it to ambition and put your vehicle and drive and stop by my side (rpt 1, 1) As we walk down the road of our destiny and the times when there was a the we got one push to give and one life to live stand up for something or lie down in your game listen to the song that we sing it's up to you to make it big I guess I'll see you when you see me (rpt 1, 1...)

Promise Of You

JANET JACKSON "Unbreakable"
Who can tell you The promise of you Will you Live up to The promise of you Gotta stop Say a prayer I’m in shock Can’t believe you just said I’m nothing Who are you Judging me ‘Cause I don’t think like you Ooh ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh Who can tell you The promise of you The beautiful flower That just hasn’t bloomed You’re judging the surface But what’s growing inside Just might amaze you Bring it on I’m prepared Say I can’t But I don’t even care Doing things You couldn’t dream So just watch While I keep doin’ me Ooh ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh Say a prayer Don’t recreate me as a clone Won’t accept no as I go Gotta vision all my own I’ll control The promise of you Call me strange I’m unique No disrespect I dance to my own beat ‘Cause I know It’s up to me Yeah to be The promise I vow to keep Ooh ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh

This Life

THE AFTERS "Life Is Beautiful"
I come in to tuck her in. I'm so tired from where I've been, Doing all I can to stay awake. As she goes on about her day, I hang on every word she says. She reaches out and puts her hand in mine. For a moment, we are here together. And it hits me that this won't last forever. We can't own it We just get to hold it for a while. This Life. We can't keep it Or save it for another time. This Life. He was always there for me. Now he's fighting just to breathe. I tell him it's ok to let go. As I look into his eyes, I know that this won't be the last time. But for now, we're taking different roads. For a moment, we are here together. And it hits me that this won't last forever. We can't own it We just get to hold it for a while. This Life. We can't keep it Or save it for another time. This Life. [x2] What we give is all we have. How we love is what will last. And this hope we know will carry us through this life. What we give is all we have. How we love is what will last. And this hope we know will carry us through this life. We can't own it We just get to hold it for a while. This Life. We can't keep it Or save it for another time. This Life. We were never meant to stay, So we don't have to be afraid Of what is waiting on the other side. Of this life

La Familia

FOXY BROWN "The Birth of Foxy Brown"
Verse One: Foxy Brown Ill Na Na cap 'em, the Firm team can stop 'em 36 moves, 37 ways triple days triple pays Na Na, Fox Boogie Firm momma, kineiver Lady Gadiva, like Scarlet whichever O'Hara It's hazardous, we lays the lazarus Dip and probably find her behind the liner, three na na So what the deal, God I kill for these three for real You soar cause you bustin' off shit to get ya rocks off The therough, the crime organized mad deniro And six point one five desero like hero' Team let's roll on 'em, watch 'em turn bitch 'Mega stole on 'em, that's how we play this I slay this, copped the pair of fours fucked the draws Really, his pretty had the nigga leary Mad dipped in, Nas you flipped this Sos with VSO's twisted, from seperate the real from the fucked up We switch up, I gave the stroke though Ill skin color coco, we loco love is love talk the tre' ocho Status Illmatic, whatever raw dealer for real-a Baby girl, yet it's La Familia I die in a minute for 'em, so side dipped The four poin six range rover the feelin' over From Castilano to Columbo, easy the Genevezy Firm stay jigged in trash and pass, I swear You know the lose there, straight cop threes Can't knock thees and drop threes, we cop cheese Verse Two: Nature Peace and diagnosis, properly supply the dosage Leave them stuck like parol niggaz and breathes the focus Nigga when I squeeze ya pleads is hopeless, we wet though I jet from the block, niggaz can spot me like UFO's Dressed the low, jumped in the Q front for who? No need to stress it though, smokin' my dope countin' decimals Recognize this, real thugs respect violence The 1-9-9-6, some are rather dry snitch Coruptfully, my whole team recieve ???? to be Some are spare guns, shootin' fair ones in the public streets Believe the worst, so it seems the whole team is cursed We totured, drain the whole heat and squeeze first Never ending tales, when niggaz fall but some prevail They fake, callin' us together like four Navy war seals Must I start pullin' jooks or place my trust in God Force to cover my face, cameras held the case can solve Ya faith disolves when hump against the next coming For now I focus on Nature, bet I win something Verse Three: Nas Escobar I die for my niggaz, stick you for pies and lie for my niggaz Plead guilty and get the chair and fry for my niggaz It's essential that we all is there like ya mental We've been through life, cold blood living simple Though we learned from old dogs that made it, peeped who they played it We rated and then evaluated, calculated age is weepy The days that we see chips freely, beyond whips and TVs Stock bonds, Lou flipped the CDs Niggaz hate to see you on top, they'd rather be you what not I keep the dessert evil poncot, spot the Vickidees guy quick While poppin' shit that leave ya shot quicker than a hop skip Specialize in fly shit, bs on my breath while niggaz gossip On the tostic, I'm on some doe or die shit Verse Forus: Az the Vizuliza Check my lingo and all the white ice that make my rings glow I've seen doe, got a dime wife who Sandimingo Face it it's mathematics, basics far from fake shit My mind is sacred, my spins shine like a cuban braclet Egyptian pharoah, roll the coke that used to give me powder Now I enhale from ???? buckshots through my double barrel Beneath the town is how it's sounds travels, so what have you? Keep minds bests, never stopping until they grab you Used to bust shit down wit' test stocks and trust funds Cheese and CDs so my seed can so touch some, the foulness I once provoked is now behind me, it gonna take more than sellin' coke To now to bind me, you had me thinkin' I got to push leek To keep from sinking, that can out way life That keep live niggaz from linkin', I saw it coming That's why slowed down from from dumbin', most of my crew was runnin' Can't even afford a summons


Slimm Calhoun "Skinny"
Well he's laughing right now but I know that he cries He says it's changin, goes like the wind, just like the wind [Slimm Calhoun] I was born with the mission, supposed to be impossible All my life I've heard plenty of shit, lots of bull like you just a nigga, you'll never get a job so you best be at sellin dope or rob Learn how to shoot a nine before I come around Stay down on the ground, sackin every dime Know a nigga seein hard time Tryin to skip these lines so everything I knew was big time Before you slip n slide in the dirt Great crime, til the church fell down on the niggaz on the block I gotta get mine to get serious when I'm focused Call the curtain and misplaced all the searchin I got partner servin life Jackin for small change or cause they foundthe habit or couldn't maintain We're all lookin for better things And I heard it in my dream, as she sings [chorus] If I give you an inch will you try for the yard Yeah, if my eyes see it Well he's laughingright now but I know that he cries He says it's changin, goes like the wind, just like the wind [Slimm Calhoun] Situation haters, tryin to superface me and my cousin Like a dirty half a dozen was buzzin and caught duckin Slippin with mine ain't safe God don't let 'em take me He's bucks shake, too late for Pammy, she had to get goin Like an escaper, it was like a train when I was away Thank the lord for savin me Took one for the real trip, too greedy I tell you y'all niggazis shady, so packed out Y'all play me, fight me with niggazthat sick and consistant I'm tired of all these kids pullin the trigger to show what they did Kids in world is so fucked up Little Joey thought he had to make a kill to be cool And his best friend dropped out of school Now where could he be, somewhere in the streets slangin keys I don'tknow But it's to me you motherfuckers, in the dope hangin just as many tryin to rap And I heard a sayin, in my dream [chorus] [Slimm Calhoun] Currently bitch niggaz is still doin the same shit Drivebys, get some fo-fos since birth Clickin work, now, who ain't gonna get hurt Bystanders, innocent, gettin caught in the firecrossin And lives bein lost in the mix of ammo blastin, cars crashin, gas mashin, guns stashin while mothers cry The fools laughin, get shit happen [chorus 2x]

Los Angeles Times

XZIBIT "40 Dayz & 40 Nightz"
At this time, please extinguish all smoking materials Return all seat backs, and tray tables to their most upright, and long position Also at this time please take care to fasten your seatbelt Enjoy your stay, welcome to L.A. [Chorus: Xzibit] Welcome to L.A. Where you can see the whole city burning Cause the cops got uzis and the dealers keep serving and your kids ain't learning shit, except this Sex power and wealth, fuck everything else [repeat 2X except last line] Trying to survive, Los Angeles Times [Verse One: Xzibit] MC's get fucked up, chopped like Braveheart Don't start what you can't finish, serious bidness Down La Seneca to bust a left on Venice where you can find me and mines -- Los Angeles Times Welcome to L.A. Where every other day I'm taking the hat off my head Givin respect to the dead, and avoid havin the same thing said about me, Xzibit stand underground like the roots of a tree, watered three times a day Forty ounce Olde E, like a magnifying glass making it easier to see, the Mister X to the Z Don't peak, L.A., why test without vest-es stop lead projectile, Apocalypse Now Love Allah not new car, faggot, superstar type of cat, fuck that, mash away in a diamond-white Concourse 'Llac Still black so the one-time react as if under attack Ain't nothin changed but district range, feel no pain Mr. Big Bad Insane Black John McClane with liquor on the brain, down to earth like dirt From the city where niggaz known for puttin in work [Chorus] [Verse Two: Xzibit] Welcome to L.A. If hand determine dick size, I'm palmin the Earth Select turf, then plant bad seed and give birth And make the hard work look easy fuh sheezee Leavin you and your best man, stiffer than mannequins Enough to break the skin on a Vietnam leatherneck Marine drill sargeant, you nothin but a target (pow!) Charge it to the game, gotta look beyond the brand name Comin from the guts like I slammed down twenty cups of Hennesey straight, relate feel my hate Xzibit flippin through these bitches like DJ trait Translate to left field, only real niggaz follow Bitches suck and swallow, I'm livin life behind the bottle Never the role model, still shinin like a new automobile Flow six-fo', you can't steal cause I got a kill switch with a itch for the action While other rappers use mass weapons of destruction to sell they shit [Chorus] [Verse Three: Xzibit] El ve-te-rano, you can only pray to learn what I know Ride slow across the horizon a lone desperado Comin through the door bringin nothin but hits Sometimes I feel like a matador, lookin at this bullshit Niggaz pull rent from the crack of they ass Maintain do your thang this too shall pass I season beef with lead pieces then cook it with gas I'm from the school of hard knocks way ahead in the class Xzibit hard to get through, like bulletproof glass Break it down like Johnny Cochran then mix it with hash Your defense can't last against advanced prosecution Hit the airwaves like pollution -- hey, here's a solution Take a trip to Washington then burn the Constitution Top government officials locked down for prostitution Recruitin the hard rocks mean streets keep producin The world is a riot shit is mine for the lootin [Chorus] Everyone's got to make a living [2x] [Chorus] Enjoy your stay, welcome to L.A.

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