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COOLIO lyrics - Gangsta's Paradise

Too Hot

Original and similar lyrics
Everybody listen up cuz I'm about to get my speak on Fools be trippin' when it's time to get their freak on Runnin' round town Puttin' it down Without no protection Funny erection When it's time for selection What's your direction? Before you make a choice you betta do some inspection If you don't know my aim, an' Don't know my game, then Let me explain now Aiesha slept wit' Mark Then Mark slept wit' Tina Then Tina slept wit' Javier An' the first time he seen her Javier slept wit' Loopy An' Loopy slept wit' Rob Cuz he was rollin' on beeds an' had a goodass job Rob slept wit' Lisa who slept wit' Steve, an' Steve was positive H.I.V. What started off as a plan Ended up in the plot Ya betta cool ya ass off Cuz it's too damn hot.... (Chorus) Oooh It's Too Hot T o o H o t Too Hot lady T o o H o t Gotta run for shelter Gotta run for shade It's Too Hot T o o H o t Too Hot homie T o o H o t Gotta make some sense from this mess that we made Your doin' everything momma told ya not to do Now you're tryin' to walk away cuz ya know it's true Your sister can't explain, an' Your mother's ashamed to admit you both had the same last name I don't have to ask you where you've been Cuz the matches in your purse say Holiday Inn A mind is a terrible thing to waste that was the slogan But now it's '95 an' it's don't forget the Trojan Explained it to her momma Before somebody get her got her Help her to the game with those smooth talkin' niggas 'Love' is the word So is 'remember' it often heard Latex Safe sex You better learn to get hip to the facts Before you be yacko End up in a box on your back Sometimes ya axed me what you wanted Get what you got Don't get up in the plot It's too damn hot... -Chorus- Another day in the city, an' Know what a pity Even though we did our duty things are still lookin' shitty Everybody in the packstack tryin' to make some scraps Walkin' in the rain but they ain't got no hat Understand how we livin' in the 90's loc Nuclear waste, cannibalism, and pistol smoke Sex, lies, and videotape an' rape Just a little public crime can seal your fate We need to do something drastic shit It's gettin' tragic And if you don't believe me Then go ask Magic Everybody an' their momma preaching abstenence, these Kids ain't checking for abster shit So put a condom in their hand and hope it don't bust Another victim of the lust In God we trust What started off as a plan Ended up in the plot Water can't cool it off cuz it's too damn hot.... -Chorus(extended)-

Contract Out On Cupid

ANDRE NICKATINA "Booty Star: Glock Tawk"
Man I'm a king in my own rhyme So you can picture what I am In my own mind And baby set your ears up for a cold line And I ain't neva liked your ass bitch The whole time I like to take trips, buy clothes, yo Get cars and stuff My little RX7 I burned out the clutch I gotta contract out on cupid He runnin for his life cause he seen how I do it Mix rap love with the bullets Get ya blown away On Valentine's with Jennifer Holiday It's high fashion baby to the nines Prayin' to the maker yo While livin' in the rhyme 'Fore I leave the house I like to get my shoes shined Then movin' the ride with interior design I do it like (?) Spend money like a Leo A Pisces vertigo Life like a Scorpio And ya know that the flow I Is straight for the dough I need the dough To get the freakin' from the rhyme I get you freakin everytime From the flow Then playa pimp my playa pimpin' pimps like a pro A supa dupa Coca Motorola G-I Joe Man I've been fightin' my addictions with thangs That make me addicted Man welcome to the rap world Baby girl it's twisted Man treat a situation like a rental Thank God I got insurance We can trick it detrimental Like jail sleep time I get down Man welcome just in time so I could rock another town Bought some new rangs Sold all my chains My lady put my hair in a bun when it rains Co-Co-Cocaine Is what the homies say They gotta get it quick an sell it Make their money stay Fly by night Fly harder in the day Like Cheryl Miller's brother Man they shoot long range Put me in the game I'll show you how to spend a grip And though I like the number 7 I can roll a 6 I like to watch pancakes when they 'bout to flip And with that syrup waitin' on em at a quarter to 6 And it's Nicky in em Jordan number nines Walkin' outta Popeye's eatin on fries (?) My homie said "Reno" I said "I'll drive" Some think I'm Indian I say "What tribe? " If I was a judge I would take all bribes NO LIE

Time Is A Healer

EVA CASSIDY "Eva By Heart"
I found a picture of your smiling face Bringing old memories that I had locked away The burden of anger from a heart filled with pain Was finally lifted and I smile at you again Chorus:- If time is a healer Then all hearts that break Are put back together again ‘Cause love heals the wound it makes I spoke such harsh words before goodbye Well I wanted to hurt you for the tears you made You made me cry All my hopes and dreams, well they started vanishing Those tender hurt feelings became a dangerous thing Chorus:- All of those years we spent together Well they're part of my life forever I hold the joy with the pain And the truth is I miss you my friend Chorus:- Well time is a healer…

Soul Motion

My mind ain't working right I know the answer The way to ease this pain Only got myself to fight I can see clearly But choose to be blind A slave to desire Holding me, scolding me Changing your mind You're like playing with fire Chorus I need you I want to stay on This soul motion ride There is no danger when you're here by my side Given some distance Just a little time Right and wrong seems clear But my sense of reason is nothing But unkind Every time that you're near Over and over I say to myself Ooh, she's only playing Ten thousand reasons to find someone else Still I hear myself saying Repeat Chorus Bridge I'm out here on the edge And I know what's in store It should be over and done Just let go and run But I've tasted too much Nothing's the same anymore Repeat Chorus

This Time Next Year

Fernando Ortega "Storm"
Turn up the lights so we can see The red-head grandson on your knee Better hold him while you can He'll be walking soon This time next year you'll want to take him Down the old road behind your house To show him the sun on the autumn fields To smell the wind-blown alfalfa To look out where the geese are rising for their southern flight Circling arrows in the sky Above the ditches and the cottonwood Chorus: This time next year There'll be stories to tell And he will listen to you, quiet in your arms And there'll be songs to sing him While he goes to sleep When we gather in your home This time next year The boy is laughing on your knee Hold him up so we can see Hold him high because we're lifted in his laughter And in the gladness he has brought you As you walk these heavy lives Chorus (X2)

Dec 31st

ACE HOOD "Starvation 2"
[Dj Khaled Talking intro for 1:21] Take a look into my eyes And just tell me what you see Tell me do you you see the beast They wanna let me off the leash Way too many of them niggas sleep I spit fire third degree Pussy niggas don't wanna believe On my momma they gon see Got the hottest flow, and I'm honest though Fuck witha nigga be modest for My concsious know I'm kinda dope Somebody let them bloggers know They don't wanna let this problem in Every year is my time again Underrated they contemplating I'm top 5 in they conversations They heard the people been hating on me Oh well nigga, whats new? Still riding in a maybach And they face mad when I came through These niggas hate that I made it Gotta make a way for my baby My momma crying in that other room And them tears were falling, I hate it Next day I made me some change Man up nigga no complaining Daddy left my younger stages Ain't no choice I had to make it Will not quit, and I will repent And I won't consent, with a nigga who snitch Coupe no top it don't make no sense Like a nigga who broke it don't make no cents Just stay friends in a whip no tint And that rolex glist oh boy they pissed Yall fuck boys do make me sick Your bitch blow me, C4, tick tick! And I got this shit, Khaled I got em He going to war, standing beside em You gon need army! You gon need navy! You gon need soliders! Maybe OBAMA! It's that W-E, T-H-E, B-E-S- carry the T None of you niggas don't matter to me Slaughter ya feature, just slaughter your beat Feed me rappers, bon appeite! Niggas be trippin, them choppers will speak Came for the war, no longer the peace Time for the blind and be able to see None of these niggas is ain't nothing like me 24 years ain't get no sleep 26 inches on my jeep, feeling like shackles on my feet Know the day that they let me free, Yall in trouble O-M-G! Please oh please nigga pray for me! Killing this shit boy, RIP! I'm back with a B and a mac on me In the back of the jeep yall looking for me! Capital A! Capital C! Capital E! H-double O, D Free my niggas till they all get free! Rep my city, gotta rep my team! Broward county President Thats that shit that I represent! Quarter mill for that whip I'm in Pussy boys I never mind they diss 80 thousand thats on my wrist Take your chick and I make that bitch Hit the dick, then take a flick Send that shit, you'll have a fit L-O-L I'm outta state Young nigga tryna get filthy rich I'm outchea, better bring your voucher Better call your counsler, shit get real Wanna think I'm coward? Oh I ain't bout it Now your family, is pushing flowers tears to your momma Heard it got em, never want that drama! Never want that drama ohhh Lord! I pray the world don't end in January December 31st I made obituaries! All you niggas sleeping, meet the cemetery All you niggas sleeping, meet the cemetery!! Starvation... Starvation... God Bless this proud Nation... Two [Outro] [Obama Speech] "If there is anyone out there that doubts its been a long time coming but tonight, tonight, is your answer!"

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