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COOLIO lyrics - Gangsta's Paradise

The Revolution

Original and similar lyrics
I'm seein' bodiez in the alley and blood in the valley From the shores of Maine all the way to Compton Cali I'm callin' rally to the homies in the street light Take a real close at what it look like A young nigga in the ghetto raised up on whit The first thing momma told him was don't take no shit Playin tag with body bag, Bullets, And bloody rag And did you put the dodge on the toe tag? Whoever the man today, might not be the man tomarrow Cuz life is full of hardships, pimpslaps, and sorrow Ya gotta believe in something, but whatever ya do Make sure what you believe is real and true Fuck the liez an' alibiez an' come to realize My vision won't assault of wasted on blind lil' eyes Like A T an' T ya gotta make a switch O' get pushed to the side like a lil' ol' bitch.... -Chorus- When the Revolution come I'm gonna be up front With my finga on the trigga of a Mossburgh Pump When the Revolution come I'm gonna be right there With my nine in my hand and braids in my hair I've been hollerin' and hoopin' yeah Lootin' an' shootin' I'm doin' some recruitin' to bring mo' troops in Niggaz don't be doin' what they 'posed to do They betta post on the corna with the busta crew Playin' games I used to play back in '79 With the same bullshit an' the same ol' lie If you want some respect ya won't be individual On the nigga nuts cuz he rollin' in the Sixty-fo' Yo favorite line is fuck all a y'all But one day there's gonna be a final call That's why I'm rollin' deep in the motherfuckin' Jeep Always on the peep an' my crew don't fall asleep So pull your money outa your pocket an' put it in the middle This ain't no roosta ass Chicken George nigga on a fiddle, huh Ashes to ashes, dust to dust In my mothafuckin' self I trust.... -Chorus- Way back in the dayz we used to sling 'em in the street But now when niggaz get beat They wanna go an' get their heat Everybody know that you know how to kill But tell me do you how to let a nigga live I gotta dream that maybe one day Niggaz can't fight then walk away I'm talkin' fist to cuff with them pistols up, an' Shoot 'em from the shoulders To show them you can hold your I sing the song of the fight of the black man In America In a state of hysteria No longa will I accept the second rate I plan to set the record straight b'fore I disobey Its the one - two combination punch to the throat There's a hole in ya boat bitch That's all she wrote Ashes to ashes, dust to dust In my mothafuckin' self I trust.... -Chorus- When the Revolution come I'm gonna be straight loc Goin' out in a cloud of pistol smoke The Revolution come........... ........The Revolution come.

Yella's Revenge

JAMAICAN: (TEC 9): Origin-al, dem done there, mi say boy.. Wha? (It ain't ova yet...) Origin-al dem done there, mi say boy.. Alright, ya'll.. Allright ya'll.. Alright, ya'll.. Allright ya'll.. Alright, ya'll.. Allright ya'll.. TEC 9: Return of UNLV nigga, Trend Setter, Get at me... Trendsetter fa' ya ass.... JAMAICAN: Lil Ya' bring the beat, now boy, one time.. Ha.. LIL' YA: (Peep it...) It ain't over ya'll, I got some shit on my chest, These niggas bitin' our beats givin' me reasons to flex, Even though they know, when we catch 'em we gon bag 'em, Tie them clowns up, 3rd Ward style, commence to drag 'em, Through the fuckin river, shit is realer than it ever been, Them sucka's playin, knowin how the 'U' spin the bin, And when I'm mad, ain't no tellin what Lil Ya do, Run in yo' crib, kill yo' kids and ya Mama too, Then find you and make you pay for what you done, my dog, Thirty-Thirty, gettin' dirty ready to take ya wig off, I puff the Marlbaro, to try to keep myself stable, Loadin' guns at the brown table.. Now I'm able.. Capable to take another one out, Loose lips sink ships, shouldn't of been runnin' ya mouth, Now I'ma ride out, after I kill and destroy, This is revenge fa' my lil nigga... TEC 9: Bad Ass Yella Boy.. (CHORUS 2x) TEC 9: Now you can copy all ya' wanna, you can even try to sing it, But none of ya'll niggas, can bring it like we bring it, LIL' YA: This ain't no remake or sample, we the real McCoy's, This is revenge for my lil ni'gga... TEC 9: Bad Ass Yella Boy... TEC 9: Clicked tight with my group and I'm makin' them guns rang, Messed up, dressed in black, and I'm throwin them thangs, Kept it low and on the tuck, for about 4 years.. But now you nigga's got'sta pay dearly, no more tears.. Yea, the rumor done got out that UNLV's comin again, Muthafucka' that means, nobody sells tapes again.. Took a blow to the group, but we troops, we never die, I told ya'll muthafucka's time after time... We 'Uptown Niggas Livin' Violent'.. violent... Now I'ma ride for the sake of just ridin... The hood mack and flexa's hit the block and now they hidin, Revenge, for what ya'll did to one of my friends, I got my money right, now we could go to war, spin the bin, All that yappin' but I'll get loaded again, Don't make me shoot a bag and go to cave ya' bitches' chest in, Now I'ma ride after I kill and destroy.. This is revenge fa my lil' nigga.. ((Bad Ass Yella Boy)) Call shots like I get.. (my guns cocked, dont try nigga..) CHORUS (2x) LIL' YA: (TEC): We come to drag 'em once again, spin the bin with a 4-10, Leavin' a note around his neck that reads.. (Yella's Revenge) I caught him slippin' at the liquor store, Cocked the fo', kicked the do', he screamed like a ho, 'Ya'll dont shoot me no more..' Fa sho! TEC 9: You betta' be lookin' for some bullet-proof head gear, Fuck the dumb shit, I'm takin' dome shots this year, Knock ya' down like they did the St. Thomas, Leave bitches in shock and nigga's right next to comas.. LIL' YA: Look, I wait behind the mailbox, my disguise is smooth, 'Fitted like a business man, rockin' Timberland boots, Smokin' that gook, that Dosai put that evil on my mind, While I wait to buck this nigga with this nine, so stop cryin.. TEC 9: Which one of you muthafucka's got's the nuts to run up on us? Hits like a bonus, when I get to use the Mac'Ninety, Hit real grimey, ske-datle to the West, where you can't find me, I-10, muthafucka doin' a 90... LIL' YA: I got these nigga's hot, snitches, bitin' gotta stop, bitch, Everything we make you bitches jock and try to copy it.. TEC 9: Ride on out... I don't want no muthafuckin' dap... Now who killed my boy Yella a-k-a Fella? Hard head rapper crushin' ya bone... LIL' YA: I be eager to kill a nigga, dump his body in the river, On the realla, boy... I'ma familiar Guerrilla. TEC 9: Ya'll know I'm steady thuggin, huffin and puffin, You nigga's buggin, the hood mack and flexa's hit the block and start the bustin'.. **Gun Shot** **Gun Shot** **Gun Shot** CHORUS (2x) LIL' YA: Jeah.. Jeah.. UNLV nigga, Trend Setters.. Representin' fa life.. We do our thing ni'gga, We brang it.. Jeah! My nigga Sinista.. Fya ass nigga on the tr-izz-ack.. Ya Hoiii'rrdd Me? Uh huh, and um, and um.. Rest In Peace Yella, Jeah!

God In The Building

KILLER MIKE "I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II"
It's hot like hell in the south It feel like we in the devil mouth in the south So white boys trippin' cause we iced out Cool as a cucumber hoppin' out A '73 Impala with the brains blowed out Let the robbers follow Swear to God, fuck nigga, get your brain blowed out Your baby momma followed or your man shot down I'm from Martin Luther King, respect it it's holy ground Who'd a thought a nigga out a shotgun house Would ever drive a car with a angel that bow I'm the shit cause I come from the bowels The guts of the city, ain't a nigga fuckin' with me Young player from the South, tell stories like Biggie Take the King's English, paint pictures so vivid That the listener will swear to God they lived it If that ain't God in motion, nigga tell me what is it? The church ladies weep when they hear ya man speak They say they see God in me, but I'm in the streets They ask me why I'm rappin', tell me I'm called to preach I smile, I kiss'em on they honey brown cheeks I tell'em God bless'em and they can serve for me But you can never walk on water if you still fear the sea If Jesus came back, Mother, where you think he'd be? Probably in these streets with me... Peace... [Chorus:] Came out the valley of the shadow of death Judas still got the knife in my back Devil's tryin' to get with G like a crab Haters mad cause I baptized my laugh Keep a Jesus piece to protect myself If heaven got a ghetto you can bet I'll be there God is with me God is in me God is in me To get to heaven I will raise hell But before I be a servant in white heaven I will rule in a black hell See the leader jumpin' out a black SL On the block like 'Yes, yeah, the truth here' Living reckless for a necklace and big chain The wages of sin is death not the chain gang Touch my chain, I bang bang bang Leader of the Grind Time Rap Gang mang We a squadron of God's marksmen Greek heroes, we the new Titans Young Achilles, nigga, I will kill these niggas No homo, I just don't feel these niggas Laid back seeing panoramic views It's a angelic view, the sky so blue Similar to my diamonds and they hue I pray my success is a torment to you God MC boy, ex d-boy Only thing real in a room full of decoys Angel wings got a nigga flying higher I hope my success burn you like hellfire I hope seeing me whip cars dressed fresh Torments your ass like a man possessed Be blessed... Amen...

8 Mile (G-unit Remix Feat. Tony Yayo And Lloyd Banks)

EMINEM "8 Mile Soundtrack"
[50 Cent] Yeah..50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo G-UNIT! [Lloyd Banks] This rap shit plays a major part of my life So if you jeapordize it I got the right To send a mothafucka at you tonight G-Unit! And I ain't stoppin' to my clique poppin' Swimmin' in barrels of money Ma could walk around wit' a head up and challenge you dummy It's funny, niggas rather see you sufferin' and hungry I'm hungry as hell, skatin' with another nigga's money Take your hats off, you know you ain't that tough I'm callin' your bets off as soon as you act up You know what I came for, it isn't the game ball Artillary that's about as long as a chainsaw (Lloyd Banks!) By the way, this feels like I'm dreamin' Forty cal. under my pillow, condom feelin' my semen The physical presence of a female, form of a demon That's why, I fuck 'em and leave 'em Get my nut while I'm breathin' 'Cause they thought they'd catch me slippin', now I'm duckin' and trippin' That's a thousand dollar outfit what the fuck is you rippin'? You trippin', more records could get my ass in position Death wish for no religion whether Catholic or Christian Listen, I went through my ambition in and out the kitchen With probable cause, it's probably sendin' out to prison You got soldiers, but you still gotta respect ours We got more four five's and nines than a deck of cards [Tony Yayo] You can take me out the 'hood, but can't take the 'hood out me ('Cause what?) 'Cause I'm ghetto, I'm ghetto Niggas hate when you do good But when you broke, your friends and your enemies They love you, they love you Cheche, get the llello Picture me being crack, out of town, trips on the trail Cheche, get the llello Picture me being crack (Tony Yayo!) You can sift me, cut me, I'll turn you to a junkie I'm the number one seller in the whole fuckin' country Wallstreet niggas, they cop me on the low White boys don't call me coke, they call me blow It's time to go, on the bus, the train, the plane I'll smuggle, I'm nothin' but trouble I'll make your money double Cook me in baking soda I'll turn your Hooprock into a new Range Rover I'll pay all your bills and fill your 'frigerator Feed your family, turn your man into a hater Put me in your doorpanels or your stashbox Put me in your Nik's, Timbs or Reeboks If you cop three and a half you hustlin' backwards Cop a hundred grams, you movin' forwards You tryin' to move more birds ...In PA all day, on the corner of Third [50 Cent] You can take me out the 'hood, but can't take the 'hood out me (what?) 'Cause I'm ghetto, I'm ghetto Picture me polishin' pistols, I'm comin' to get you The shells hit you, you screamin' Think I'm playin'? I mean it Man, I done bought all these pistols Lets get it poppin' Start wavin' my emboies shell cases get the droppin' (C'mon) Like if it's down the corner, I got too much pride to hide I'm outside, gun in my pocket just stunnin' I'm stoppin' I'm dyin' to pop it, I'm young and I'm restless, you know my contestants As the world turns, there's lessons to be learned Count all my blessin's, clean up my weapons I'm ready for war, the strong survive, the weak will parish I told you before, hoes they compliment me now like 50 nice chain Malasio, twenty grand in chips at a dice game Burn out, can't stop gotta watch MTV, BET Nigga you see me! I wonder if you mad, 'cause I'm doin' good or 'cause niggas feelin' me more than you in your own 'hood And it hurts 'cause you love 'em and they don't love you back 'cause they know you just rappin' and you don't bust a gat You pussy Yeah, explain it to niggas in your hood nigga They know you fuckin' frontin' nigga Talkin' like gangstas on a record, I see you nigga Niggas know me nigga, ask around in my 'hood nigga Read the Daily News nigga you see them talkin' about me nigga I'm in the middle of all kinds of shit Pussy, lets get it poppin' G-G-Unit, G-G-Unit, G-G-G-Unit, G-G-G-G-G-G-Unit, G-Unit!

Try'n 2 Make A Million

BIG TYMERS "How U Luv That?"
(feat. Juvenile) [Juvenile] Do you know what this ballin is, I'm talking bout marble floors Tricks in private jets, hoes behind Rover doors You talked about me bad but what you doin Nothin but walkin round tha projects shoo-shooing Get mad when I flash tha karats don't want to see me have it I guess tomorrow I'll be smokin a 'gar in Paris My cellular ring, ok let's pick up this change Beeper blowin up, I'm lookin down at tha game I'm steady changin cars so tha feds won't mess wit me Park tha Q 4-5 and hop in tha Cherokee At about 8:30 I'll be rollin in a millennium Sippin on condact on my way to my condominium Been rollin livin lavish, eatin in commanders palace Bitches attracted to tha savage Where niggas is chillin, sleepin in tha Royal Senesta My girlfriend is my berretta, I never left her What you know about them Beamers and Moe-Moe's Them Lexus 4-doors and them '97 Volvos Hell I might as well buy me a castle instead And get fed some grace by Miss USA [Hook (Juvenile)] How can I make a million Without tha feds investigating my building I know niggas gone try me, I'ma have to kill them But I'ma keep on makin money up until then [Baby] Golds and hoes, niggas doin videos My everyday wear is Reeboks and Girbauds Young nigga look I'm smarter than Russell Simmons And I got more money than tha average nigga I done sold coke nigga, I done hit blocks I done sold rocks, tha cheap shit had to stop I had to be tha biggest nigga on VL block So I bust open me a quarter ki spot Two G's a Q-P, now my block is hot A hundred G's a week nigga, so I couldn't stop Now I done stole me a few ki's I'm tha only young nigga Uptown frontin Q-P's You don't believe me ask Joe Casey My background coke history speak for me Diamonds and gold all across tha T-O-P And all these hoes wanna ride in my Lexus Jeep If it ain't cheddar or cheese it ain't gravy And these car stealin hoes stay up off tha street And these playa hatin niggas need to stop passin through tha UPT And all my new hoes gone ride in my Hummer But I got a top of tha line bitch beside me And if a nigga fuck up my hoe gone ride for me See I'll put change on my own brain Bitch I spent 50 G's bullet proofin my Hummer man 25 G's on Fresh's Suburban nigga We all pack vests nigga, I know you heard me nigga Big Rufus got a Tec and a Lex and he flexin And if a nigga disrespect God gone have to bless em And let his mom dress em cause it's all good It's all gravy, bitch nigga stop playa hatin [Hook] [Mannie Fresh] I done did more hoes than Michael Jackson done shows I done made more money than Tommy sale clothes I don't think that you can umout shine me man You need to um stand behind me man Come through this bitch lit up like December Givin all these pretty hoes something to remember I'ma nigga wit some endangered specie boots Spillin crystal on tha floor oppps Picture me and yo old' lady butt naked and shit She drunker than a muthafucka, suckin my dick I just gave yo hoe a hundred for her trouble And I'm telling her we can bade in Moet bubbles Separate my money, and then Big Tymers whip they ass wit 20's and 10's


OUTKAST "Stankonia"
Talking: The feeling of being 12 years old and waking up in the middle of the night and somebody in yo room. Yo heart starts beating so fast you can hear it pumping. The veins in yo temple pulsate as you stare at the intruder. Then after a few minutes you realize he ain't moving. So finally you let 'em hang and turn on the light and the killer turns into yo coat throwed over the chair. The feeling of sitting at the red light early in the morning and two or three motherfuckers cross the street. Yo senses heighten, reflexes sharpen vision's enhanced adrenaline flows as they rush across the street you leave the print from the heater grip in yo palm then yo heart rate and breathing drag back to normal as you realize these niggas just goin' to the store. Many of us mistake Phobia for true fear. Whereas fear is a gift from God to be used for self-preservation. Phobia are obstacles strategically placed in society by opposers of positive existence. Through stereotyping, innuendo, false documentation, and glorification they'll turn your fear switch to a permanent on. We can change this by changing the small truth within' the lie. Death is a small price to pay for respect. Death is a small price to pay for respect. You know who it is. You know what it is. Peace out. Verse 1: Andre In these troublin' times a nigga like me be thinkin' of rhymes that makes my quarters nickels plus my pennies and my dimes stack Don't be lookin' for trouble it be finding me Try turning the other cheek I understand but never mind that Yes Sir guess the light is getting dim at the end of the tunnel tried to hit me for my rims I never thought thirty spokes could attract too much attention I gotta protect my own therefore I'm heated just like a kitchen full of pots and pan Glocks in hand Shots rung out like ringin' the bells and then that sucker nigga ran Damn, I never thought that it would come to this conclusion the folks that throwed us on them boats should be the one's I'm losin' but naw we don't see it that way in '94 this is the real no time for play play betta believe the playas on the loot need to get they head screwed on tight when it really get down to the nitty grit who gone fight pipe down 'cause ain't no better time to crank it up than right now we gots to see rump crum down here and I don't hear nobody disagreein' Orga-no-i-z-e-Mr. D.J. and me and Big Boi Chorus So don't spend yo whole life livin' it for the white You got a 9 to 5 and now you choose to live it right You takin' yo ass to the Army 'cause you scared of Revolution I'm writing everyday to stop that brain pollution I got a baby on the way that stress is in my chest I'm 18 years of age and black so I can picture less I'm smokin' and drinkin' e'ryday So play your fuckin' job educated and black I will resort to rob Verse 2: Big Boi See why in the muthafuck do niggas be acting up Do they want me to grab my shit and lettin' that pistol go ruck See I be gettin' stuck and stuff havin' to knock a nigga out about my clout That's not what it's about see yes indeed I got that weed like Daddy Q be havin' them ounces That nigga the B-I-G be chokin' 'em out and then I bounces I got that lyrical flow to make a hoe pull up her skirt I drunk that herk jerk boi thinkin' of future things to work on I got my fuck on and then I took my clothes off Washed my nuts up in the sink and then I got more nuts off Cough it's time to be out see bein' a pimp is bein' a pimp I'm dirtier than the shit on the back of a shrimp Now ain't that foul the way a nigga can spit that style My nigga I spit it I did it Now suckas need to quit it 'Cause it's real Chorus Verse 3: Big Boi Well it's that nigga that be wearing Nautica V-necks and Polo sweats I got some food up in yo thoughts and that cess off in yo chest See livin' up in the dungeon where we stayed in '93 see that nigga the B-I-G B-O-I that be me and when we rock it Niggas be jocking just like ? you snitch I fucked yo bitch See and my niggas G'd that hoe on the South side of Camelton Road No slippin' in this pimpin' she was just a horny toad See I'm a mystery like the killing of Michael Jordan's father Was steadily packin' the hoes when I worked at Foot Locker I'm gettin' higher than learning smokin' 'em up and then burning East Point is on the map and now my clothes is hurtin' Andre: Now shit done got boring ass molin' when excess closed down but niggaz kept sewin' shearin' stirrin' bein' the pharm assistant that missed of the folks but some people tend to joke about this but it's really dead spirits You can bet my lyrics now ya wonder why that we done stopped and got serious Wantin' to know where I'm from and where I need to be Now that I know comfortable living give me meat Can I get back ya wonder why we split back lure us into pitch black dark but I sit back and spark another one to leave ya discombobulated in that dust livin' in a world where in nobody do you trust Then hush never became a major trade but us in major trouble 'cause we made a too many mistakes off in the past Thinkin' you could make it this world and now we laugh 'cause it's all faults (Chorus starts here) either way ya go ya gotta pay the cost of the mic wind Chorus repeat (last line is changed to: I'm hangin' with the G-O-O-D-I-E Mob Nigga yeah Takin' you a li'l higher knowwhatI'msayin' when you learnin' when you burnin' up that smoke so you can choke on my quotes and get my * down yo throat you just don't understand youknowwhatI'msayin' Organized Noize for '95 Bitch!

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