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COOLIO lyrics - Gangsta's Paradise

Sumpin' New

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Chorus: You got me smilin' again you got me smilin again smilin' again you got me smilin' again Rhyme 1: One night of pleasure nine months of pain three days later and that's when you came two arms two legs ten fingers ten toes brown eyes like mom with your grandmothers nose even though you're momma's baby and daddy's little baby my love is unconditional to one of us is swayze day or night roll the light no matter what you do, like the Jackson 5 said I'll be there for you coz my life is your life and your life is mine to thinkin'en I'm your friend 'til the end of time I'll make sure you get your props you can call me pops and anything you need I'll pull it out of the stops even though we're not together like we used to be D A D D Y, you can count on me coz when I'm feelin' down every now and then I take a look into your eyes and then smile again Chorus Rhyme 2: Forget about Batman, Superman and the Power Rangers coz I'ma be your hero if you ever in some danger this ain't the hustarone and my name ain't Cliff no matter how old you get you could get that ass whipped daddy don't take no mess and I ain't gone settle for nothing less than your very best when I do what I do coz you did what you did It's coz I ain't the kind of father that be raising no dum-ass kids You gosta be a leader, it's my responsiblity to teach ya right from wrong, and make decisions of your own I never said that I was perfect but I know that you're worth it so I'ma do my damnest to make sure you get some chances so just listen to your daddy coz he tryin to tell ya something and don't let nobody tell ya I don't love ya coz they frontin' coz when I'm feelin' down every now and then I take a look into your eyes and then smile again Chorus Rhyme 3: Every day is a struggle when life is like a puzzle that we gotta put together together so and ever you need a shoulder to cry on and someone you can rely on your daddy's home I'm tryin'a build a foundation on which you could stand when you's a grown woman and you's a grown man I got open ears when the world ain't tryin' hear when I can't be there in the flesh I be there in the spir-it I'm tryina make an impression on the things that you care for the knowledge that I give, you could teach your kids I know it's hard growing up coz I used to be a youngsta so we don't work as a team, saw the liquor take us under people let me tell ya about my best friends coz I'm down with the children all the way 'til the end coz when I'm feelin' down every now and then I take a look into their eyes and then smile again Chorus+ fadeout

No Splash

January, I fell to the cobblestone In April, I cut little paper flowers In August, I drank cold tea all my lonesome In October, I was introduced as coward I love New York Saturdays But Mondays last longer And since I plan to live a long life Maybe I'll serve a thousand Mondays and swallow the burn To merge the week for all its got To get my shoddy rotten ribs stick, forgot my ribs I got a lil' something called a spirit crisis on my skull And it's nothing short of ferocious but I swallowed the dosage I got a mantle, and the mantle is a candle And my candle is a flame that burns to symbolize the day Gretel met Hansel Then I settle in a stand still I live forever reaching for the sun Hoping some lucky day I'll clutch and get a hand full Rope ladder, I'ma swing in ample And I wanna turn scullies and summings with pretty lullabye, bye The way my gypsy dances makes a monster retreat to fetal I never felt so damn young But you don't look a day over zero And you don't look a day in the times cuz it'll make you realize The night is near so Well then go, dream, I clean around the edges I tidy up the tabletop, and lectured all the pledges I never really knew the true definition of precious Till my angel wit the beautiful red locks gave it a message I'm a fully animated life tree See the root of the mute button was dug up bug up on a song Of I'm a fully animated life tree With branches for the heavens to admire actually Chorus [Woman speaking] Fame, war, love, honor, crime, innocence, tragedy, sunshine Cringe, death, passion, heroism, God, suffering, joy, fate Destiny, treasure, stars, gall, hunger, murder, silence, mayhem Health, pain, suspense, breath, sound, guilt, pride, time We all know what a halo is But we all don't know the horrors if your halo tips I be the ?manadome? making your pretty little heels click I be the Sword in the Stone of the contemporary eclipse I'm incredibly exhausted You can't imagine, got my warm spirit stuck in my teeth, I'm obsolete Freedom freedom freedom fighter beginning Better stay competitive, meter in such to bust, fuckin fantastic Every little steps you take breaks the chamber In the chest, developed in the abomidable trouble Settle for a cruel second, loud for an hour Screamin to the beats to leave until my whole weekend turns sour I ain't been around the world but I been around the block I ain't seen everything but I seen enough to talk I ain't a prophet, I ain't the Second Coming of Christ I'm just a mason with a will to build and a little advice I wanna weeble well, I wanna set of knitting needles Villain with a theme dream silent Paddle in the hole divy to where the portraits astonish You won't regret a single solitary step, I promise Look, in a situation where a dragon guards the gate I make a true spur of the moment grown decision Which in turn allows me to be something normal With the prefix of the abbot I can kill every monster if I got it, that's that Rockin it, rockin it, clippership rockin it Be the little guinea pig, dig? I'm tryin to make an exit with no ripples in the water No splash, let the poison slide down down the hatch It's like that Chorus 2x

Make Up In Love

Doug Stone
Bobby was a beautiful girl From a small town in a great big world Her daddy owned the corner store Off of 7th Ave. Danny-Jo just turned 19 Cigeretts rolled under his sleeve Leather jacket and his faded jeans And a bad attitude But it's hard to be tough When you're falling in love (chorus) He said: I know I'm down on my knees But I wanna be the one your only one I'm beggin' you please And I know that I don't have that much But for whatever I don't have I'll make up in love Her daddy was a simple man Raised Bobby with a real stern hand Said he never could understand Just what she saw in him After workin' at the store all day Bringin' in an honest day's pay Man you shoulda seen his face When Danny-Jo walked in Saynin' please understand With a ring in his hand (chorus) He said: I know I'm down on my knees But I wanna be the one her only one I'm beggin' you please And I know that I don't have that much But for whatever we don't have We'll make up in love (Bridge) Now he lookes back and smiles At how they walked down the isle 20 years have gone bye And he remembers it still How she bid his will With a look in her eye Now he knows she was right (chorus) When she said: Daddy, I'm down on my knees But I wanna be the one his only one I'm beggin' you please And I know that we won't have that much But for whatever we don't have We'll make up in love And for whatever they dan't have They make up in love


Big Daddy Kane "Veteranz Day"
There's no myth or fable about the pimpin' at your label What goes on under the table, why you think your deal is so unstable Now, whose the macaroni, A amp;R's acting phony Once you make the matrimony, then he start to slackin' don't he Or could it be the president that's being hesitant Playin' his artist like a corner workin' specimen And I ain't kidding you when I say it's political The way they make a ridicule of artists can be pitiful You know damn well there shouldn't be no company CO Trying to show me about rap that's 53 or so But yet and still they want to add advice, trying to keep their status right When they should be working records for Gladys Knight Who shape artists, man they catching rape charges Once you sign on the dotted line, they lead you in the blind Then you find, your state of revenue remains the same Cause you getting less points than Steve Kerr be getting in a game And just because it be too hardcore to judge it They won't even touch it, and get to frontin' on the budget When new artists come out, I can foresee the worst outcome Cause everybody I know got beat their first album So I took my contract to a lawyer so he can check it out (He don't know) Then I took it to Dionne Warwick so she can read my hand (She don't know) Chorus It's a shame, when artists gotta deal with cheats They got game, for every young rapper they see out on the streets You sign your name, they get like Big Red on the Five Heartbeats Now who the blame, when you starvin' and your record label eats Verse 2 Preach brother They say the truth will set you free, but I see signs of treachery Go on perpetually, here's how they get you G They use the tricks, just to juice your mix But cross be in their heart like a vampire stabbed with a crucifix I had the enemy in my vicinity with the false identity Of a friend to me to injure me They ride along just to guide you wrong Play like they beside you strong, and start to faking moves like Olajuwon Who side you on, revealing all that low down dirty dealing I can see your skin peeling it changed like a chameleon First you believe in them, but once you disagree with them They try to get Magilla repertoire and that ain't even them And all those who has betrayed, be fast to fade Cause they cast a shade, with the masquerade What's dealt, is low blows below the belt Lord have mercy, I know how Julius Caesar must have felt I start to think back when I was just a youth I should have listened to the words of the God Born Truth He said, look out for black snakes they all up in your cypher Black snakes you can't see therefore they sneak up and they bite ya' They get to flippin' cause they think you slippin' So remember, don't get to slippin' cause they get to flippin' And trippin', what's that you grippin', beside your hippin' You think my heart is skippin', go save that game for Scottie Pippen Chorus It's a shame, to see how far left people be going They got game, to think that all this time you said you know them It ain't the same, Aah, so now you see the way they flowin' Now who they blame, ain't nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing Verse 3 Now, wait a minute, I'm starting to see lotsa, hip-hop imposters Is rap a category at the Oscars Too much Nino Brown up in your life Cause since then, man I done seen Wesley Snipes playin' a drag queen But yet and still you want to mimic the stars of cinema Pretending huh So full of it they need an enema Cause see dig, they all like to talk big But then they want to renege, when there's a curling iron in their wig You talking loud and saying nothing, what's the world becoming The frontin', now pay attention you may learn something Now, I ain't knocking you, but come on let's be logical You know that it's impossible to stop the unstoppable I would suggest that they, go back and check my resume Cause tunes that I made yesterday, can hang out with the best today Peace to Easy Mo, cause he makes the beats to flow And I grab the microphone and flip it like pizza dough Chorus Shame Now who the blame I need to be the Mayor, so I can change the things around here I need to be the Governor, I need to be the Governor

Close My Eyes Forever

Baby, I get so scared inside, And I don't really understand, Is it love that's on my mind,or is it fantasy Heaven, Is in the palm of my hand, and it's waiting here for you, What am I supposed to do with a childhood tragedy (Chorus) If I close my eyes forever Will it all remain unchanged If I close my eyes forever Will it all remain the same... Sometimes, it's hard to hold on So hard to hold on to my dreams It isn't always what is seems When you're face to face with me You're like a dagger And stick me in the heart And taste the blood from my blade And when we sleep, would you shelter me In your warm and darkened grave (repeat chorus) Will you ever take me No, I just can't take the pain But would you ever trust me No, I'll never feel the same... Ohh... I know I've been so hard to you I know I've told you lies If I could have just one more wish I'd wipe the cobwebs from my eyes (back to chorus) Close your eyes Close your eyes You gotta close you eyes for me


[Featuring Big Punisher Raekwon The Chef] Chorus Raekwon We get knots like stockbrokers who own Marriotts Blast shots for all my niggas who splash cops The rich Corleone camp is here, thousand and one Corner son, fake a jack, you be a goner.... Raekwon- Yo, control this rap like Napoleon Half-Mongolian, hold it, you owe me in Rock 'em like linolieum, yeah Lex, diamonds, shin'in like you rhymin' 929'n, Titanium glass, time to play that ass Whirlwinds of French, come movin' intense Time to pull again, release the shell,well Make 'em yell again, so sleek But I'm a be maxin' in suites Countin' your paper and countin' your sheeps Hittin' your chick in Jeeps Miraculously, attack your faculty, who wanna tackle me? You jack mack, kidnap 'em for free What?, you got heat, you better pop those We movin' like gestapos, through underground potholes That rock those, much land discoveries Chrome rims, sippin' bubbly Who livin' lovily, half a brick to cover me So dissin' me, come on now listen G, You's a dime I'm a key Thun, thun straight out of Sicily Now, back to the stash crib Joey Crack baggin' up cracks One love, give 'em Jeep bags, Kid! chorus Fat Joe- Word, I'll be the infamous Who leaks the witnesses, crack's the wickedest Run up in your crib, blast your kids Ain't no myth in this, shit's official I'll pistol-whip you with my Smith Wesson Cause my investin' was sendin rappers to heaven Gives me an erection You need protection from the smooth assassin Who really moves at action, blastin' mothafuckas Execution fashion Now who's the fat one that you love to hate Catch you at your mother's wake, smack you Then I'll wack you with my snub 38 It doesn't take much to make me restless Look at my face and definite lose your breath truck my face is Lexus You want to test this, so really?, I'll make one call and have the whole WU comin' on the ferry I'm very dangerous and well-connected I puff an L with Method, then try to Decide who's next to fill his neck slit So respected and admired the boss, retired your lost Wu Tang, your terror squad, vaya con Dios! chorus Punisher- You guys despise guys like us Guys like us, disgust like Spartacus You cuss and claim a bust You lust for a part of us, you thrust But can't touch Plus we far from any type of fellas you can trust Put the pressure on the mic, I biz Press to your chest, sound like sweat on my back We're having sex, tight-ass flex Pretty Pocahontas pussy sweet, like my new Tek Sis' got curves like a GS, 300 Lex My body's 95% alcohol, 5% cancer Sosa diamonds, Getty, Lucci, blaze it up like Bonanza Catch me in the cut, easy G's is burnin' my gut As I Remember my menage au trois was mired by sluts I questionmark your heart, punctuate your fate All your version predicates Done as well as you pronunciate In the (west)?,we're gonna break you off the isle Take C.O.s hostage arab style, no surrender chorus Fat Joe- Yo, I'm all about business and enterprisin' Advisin' financial advisors on franchisin' the wider than horizons Divisin' ideas with masterminders Movin' on a stash of diamonds First we get the cash, then we laugh like miners Don't get me wrong I'm a funny bastard But when it come to money, son, I'm not the one to laugh with I'm after for what cash can bring me brothers Me and my demon lovers blast and laugh at hyenas Back to Ringling Brothers believe them others You's the best, yet, and still I'm investin' mils on a hunch over lunch Puffin' on a Chesterfield, who wants to test The real scandalous I'm at the Sands in Los Angeles Plannin' hits with an ananymous philanthropist Spanish kids, close to God, like evangelists Choppin' niggas up and makin' sandwiches.... Big shout to my man Raekwon, word is bond

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