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Cool Hand Luke lyrics

Target Form

Original and similar lyrics
we are little kids making grown-up decisions that will last for twice as long as our feeble vision laughing at the undertow we define our youth and soon our dreams will change and become American time is nothing more than a series of choices our minds are mere collections of different timbre voices our dreams are realized or forgotten we are what we become we are growing up, but not fast enough be now while you are young the person in your mind is no coincidence conform to the archetype that regulates the mint friends are christmas cards fifteen years from now

Altered Ego

ANGEL HAZE "Altered Ego"
I've seen meadows become mountains of pride within me; Witnessed the light within the darkness inside befriend the helpless soul that I've become And even in my weakest phases My darkest days are often brighter than the lightest rays you could feel me burnin' through the shade But, I'm convinced that I ain't changed My close friends say if you press rewind and look at Haze the person that I am now is not the same I tell them when seasons change everything else has to fall in line, become aligned I feel like I've lost my spine, I thought that conquering the minds of this troubled youth would get me through But it seems as though I've forgotten me to get to you When all you needed was the truth There's often great trouble in contemplation That tendency turns fascination into a permanence One I hadn't been sure I was prepared for But you never know what you're prepared for until you're standing within that time And the only thoughts within your mind are "I wanna win. I don't ever wanna have to worry about making it here again, so I gotta be just like them." Creating subcategories; I don't fit within the persona that fits with them I've become you True in a sense, but, I lie all the more And confidence is the key that unlocks every door That way you'd never know I felt this; You'd never know I feel it With my Spider-Man senses I can hang upon the ceiling and hold my head in shame Look from whence I've came My eyes are brightening the cave within the dark slow lives behind There is emptiness where my fears reside I am a queen and a Pharaoh I am the villain and the hero I am death and I am life I am lows as well as highs I am truths within the lies I am a heroin and a zero I am too, altered ego Welcome


If I woke up one morning with my memory gone I'd pick out some clothes and I'd put them on Then I'd walk down the street and find a cafe And I'd order a Guiness and I'd sit there all day Then some kids would come in and start a fuss About how great their weekend in New Orleans was I'd look down and smile like their tale was my own I'd be drowning in memory, and then I would know How it used to be in summer, so many years ago When we really didn't worry, or care to know Where we would be, or how old we had grown Then I'd open my eyes and I know I was Home Where my friends are Even when I'm not I wish you were here Then it would rain, like it sometimes does And if we were bored it wouldn't bother us We'd just get in the car and drive through the night And get lost in East Texas, but no one would mind 'Cause we'd find our way home like we always do Funny how the time flies in our youth But with darkness approaching, we will all grow close In that place we call heaven but for now, we'll just call it Home Where my friends are Even when I'm not I wish you were here I'll see you at home

Beautiful World

ARCHIVE "Londinium"
Progress is methodic meaning step by step Too much too long too many minds have slept As the world grows grey throw away mass produce What are we to do now all hell has broken loose The noose in the gallows is shallow like the man Who means and selfishly brings about the master plan So the rich gets richer and the poor gets suppressed Killing off the lesser like a parasite or pest In the beast we dwell never my soul I sell Will I kiss and tell? Check the next episode As the plot thickens minds stricken with dilemma From the hand of the wicked the bad meaning wicked I'm on the other frequency for the time being Everything's okay as long as my third eye seeing scenery Thru the retina translated by the brain Then conveyed to the soul We must seize control All mistakes in the past I try and shut it out I can't be taking it no more so won't you cut it out? All of this driving ambition I must let it out Sometimes I gotta do for self that's what it's all about Making light steps on the ground touch down in the west Less I be mistaken I see many bows are breaking But I was only shaken my cerebrals stays stable Lay my hands upon the table cos I'm willing and I'm able When the time comes I travel over to the top Climb higher embark like the spark in my veins bloodfire Try again to try my patience and you never will succeed My inner space attacks the master race My profession that is the most 'Cos you're the listener and I'm the humble host So welcome to the distorted alternative view As the mind showing the way to the few.


As Friends Rust "The Fists Of Time"
count me in before you kick me out we could argue 'till we're blue in my face adding assault to injury be gentle it's my last time to shine else I fall victim to the fists of time it seems our blood is worth no more than mud but that's a blessing isn't it? and of course i give into it home is where the heart aches home is where the love breaks home never happened to me what you see is what you get and i suggest you get used to it because i will never make you proud and that's something i can live with things don't change they stay the same it's only the words that rearrange i am the person i can't ignore i am the person that i abhor fifteen years of endless fear of stolen youth of keeping clear i am the person you can't ignore i am the son you will never adore

Thought Conditioning

ARCHIVE "Controlling Crowds - Part IV"
Your misguided mind seeks presence of a greater, from around the equator, as we move via soul, via sound, surrounds all verbalization nation never will it be, like the same way again, so they blend human nature in the excess, less you know the whole combination of a paragraphs genetic complex, many pages in the book, through the ages, take a look out of a room with a dark view, view a time I never knew and I’m never gonna be without drive on the highways taken, making every move, with a brain swift and nimble as a being I resemble my god, it’s hard and I recognize and deliver from the me to me, seem to be, high society, are down low, showing all out, out of body experience, looking at your own reflection, correct mind thought conditioning. Cast a revelation for the time of day, eventual panic attacks me, but I come back with a new determination, knock wood, street solid rock, clock tick a time, are you inclined to be the anonymous, I’m ever living like Israelite, those who funk faking, we’re breaking now that were taking it out of sight, like a spark, dynamite ignite, light a flame fire burn, live and learn, no cause for your concern, never antagonize me, fear is not always overcome, some thrive on this, live on this stratosphere, we near a new day, fear inside us all you know you can’t deny it, I, keep on stepping use minds, lethal weapon, it’s time being taken, history is in the making, by the day, hold a thought for the ones that slept but to me dignity was like kept, we’re in the line of fire, I will not break or take your petty excuse for the lack of punctuation, natures on the down slope, still I stand vertical position three ways, intuition over paths of belief, I keep it brief and let your own interpretation know the real meaning of my alternative, it wrecks typical, from the back I will speech my peace, my release will let the hard times cease.

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