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Control Machete lyrics - Artilleria Pesada: Presenta

La Artillera

Original and similar lyrics
Verse 1: Hasta la madre porque no fumo poco Se enciende el foco cada vez que lo toco Suena que truena el coco (HA), como si nada produce el corto Vuelo sin mis alas puestas, no pierdo la paciencia Tomo el tiempo suficiente pa' llenar el tanque Seleccié'‡ de lo mejor, vicio sin abuso Vida que se lleva con el grito del consumo Comprar, utilizar, acabar y asi llenar Ese vacéŸ' que se siente con sé'„o estar aqui, A un lado de ti, artillera de mi vida ven a mi. Verse 2: Simplemente reflejo de tierra Especial estrella de la sierra Ausencia en cantidad no en manera Rueda y rueda, es seno, es vena Diferente eterna en esfera Dentro renueva, dentro opera Lazos o trazos, humildes, amenas No conocido, no siendo ajena Propias, 韓tegras, siempre serenas No pena en el diario tema Llena la esfera bendicié'‡ morena Cubre escena ofrendo y quema Chorus: x2 Simplemente... la mera mera Verse 3: Naturalmente vientre que encierra Crea, dirige, evoca, no cierra Despega, navega, planea Libre nazca, viva y muera Unos o unos cuantos afuera Unos cuantos tantos suena Llena santa mera mera Mientras este, mientras pueda Propias, 韓tegras, serenas Agua, aire, fuego, hierba Fuera de s?o de su esquema Bailas, hablas, brazas encima Repeat Chorus x3 Verse 4: Luci閞naga frente a mi siempre se consume y es dentro de mi, Que se desarrolla esa sensacié'‡ de libertad, relajacié'‡ Al fondo llegar para emerger salir y responder al deseo de flotar Organizar tiempo y movimiento, distancia que se acorta La verdad desde las alturas de mi mundo, la cura cultura Siempre que procuro manejar la bala de plata, se desliza Dejando huella. Repeat Chorus x4 Simplemente... x13

Remy Red

ANGIE STONE "Stone Love"
(Hook) Sippin' on Remy Red, (Remy Red) Believe what ya said. As I recall you were ready (and) Down for whatever with me. ::repeat:: (Verse 1) There you are, Superstar. The flyest guy at the bar. I had to get to know ya. Had just 1 shot to show you Where to glance. Suddenly We made eye contact, then we Made our way across the room Meeting up never too soon. (You said) (Chorus) ?Can I buy you a drink girl (Yes you can) ?I'm single, do you have a man? I got 2 left feet, would u like to dance Said it aint that deep, I'll take a chance. (Hook) (Verse 2) Took a walk to the back Cuz the joint was getting packed. Found a spot I could kiss you, And romantically embrace you. Tryin' hard to be cool Cuz I'm really feelin you. Slow down, take your time. Cuz this thing is still brand new. (Uh- Oh) (You said) (Chorus/Hook) (Bridge) Now that we know eachother a little better I think this thing we got can go a little further. I can forsee a possibility Of you and me (Oh yeah yeah)

Wheelz of Steel

Intro: Big Boi Uhh As I sit in my b-boy stance With flip-flops and socks, and sweatpants We finna enhance your brain, check it out Verse One: Big Boi, Andre Once upon a time not long ago When the playa from the Pointe didn't have no flow A nigga hit me for my tennis shoes, walkin to the sto' Caught a nigga slippin, but now I lay it to the flo' just like carbon, cuz I got the heat in my rhythm Momma nay not, never braggin just to stay knot Even when I was a younger lad I learned my lesson Never talked to strangers in the trap and answered questions The Pope and his folks got us under a scope But for unknown reasons cuz we don't sell dope That you distribute, we don't contribute, to your clandestine activity, my soliloquoy, may be hard for some to swallow But so is cod liver oil You went behind my back like Bluto when he cut up Olive Oyl Two things I hate lies and thieves they make my blood boil Boa constricted, on my soul that they call Chorus: Andre Touched by the wheelz of steel... Now show me how you feel... Touched by the wheelz of steel... Now show me how you feel... Verse Two: Big Boi, Andre It took your momma nine months to make it But it only took a nigga thirty minutes to take it Cut that kronk clean up I did, but I did so not safely Don't want no AIDS, *clapping* no claps, or no rabies Yo, we take no shit, like arms stuffed up commodes Gotta collect call, they done locked up my folks Low blow, hit me in the left ventricle We won't be able to ride out till two thousand fo' But not for long cuz we got a better sack to serve Tryin to take you other people for your rims at the curb Fore you swerve and bust ya forehead, go head, go head More head for me, while you ride to the beat Drop, like Tears, like For Fears, you know Shout Shout let it all out, just for my peers And pupils who feel like it's time to unwind Like December 31st, on nineteen-ninety-nine Chorus Verse Three: Andre Okay, like this, yeah yeah One time for my boy doing King shit Two times for Legit and it don't quit Three times for my folks in the drop top Four times OutKast and it don't stop One time for my cuz doing Queen thangs Dead fresh to the teeth eatin chicken wings Three times for my guhls in the beauty shop Four times OutKast and it don't stop *long interlude, Chorus again (fades)*


LOST BOYZ "Legal Drug Money"
Verse One: Here's a tune about this honey named Renee That I met one day On my way back from John Jay I'm peepin' shorty as she's walking to the train I tap her on her shoulders Excuse me Miss, but can I get your name She said my name is Renee I said I got a whole lot to say So may I walk you to your subway She said if you want So yo, we started talking I brought two franks and two drinks And we began walking I had to see where that head was at Because the gear was mad phat So we must chat about this and that She told me what she was in school for She wants to be a lawyer In other words shorty studies law I'm telling shorty I'm a writer And as she's looking for the token She drops a pack of the EZ-widers Covers her mouth with her name ring I said, yo don't sweat the technique shorty rocks I do the same thing But yet I use Philly Blunts She said I never dealt with Philly Blunts Because I heard that's for silly stunts I said, nah they burn slower Right now I really don't know ya But maybe later on I can get to show ya Chorus: A ghetto love is the law that we live by Day by day I wonder why my shorty had to die I reminice over my ghetto princess everyday Give it up for my shorty, shorty(x2) Verse Two: So now we sittin' on the train Besides the fingernails Now shorty got the hairdo of pain Now I understand she got flava A tough leather jacket,with some jeans and a chain that her moms gave her Got off the train about 6:34 She wasn't sure she had grub for the dog so we hit the store Went to the crib And turned the lights on A mad magazine stand From Essence to Right On A leather couch Stero system with crazy cd's Understand cause she got G'z She said cheeks do what you want She said I'm gonna feed the dog I said alright well I'm gonna roll this blunt She came back with stretch pants and a ponytail, a t-shirt A yo, Fam I got a tender-roni girl We're sitting on the couch chattin We're smoking blunts off the balcony We're stearing at Manhattan now She started feeling on my chest I started feeling on the breasts And there's no need for me to stress the rest A yo, I got myself a winner We sparked a blunt before we ate And a blunt after we ate dinner She had a tattoo she only wanted Bo to see But first dim the lights and turn up the Jodeci I'm like whatever shorty rock We can swing it like that Cause on the real this is where it's at. Chorus (2X) Verse Three: I woke up the next day on the waterbed A letter's on the pillow eh And this what the letter said It said cheeks, I'll be home around two You was deep in your sleep So I didn't want to bother you I left my number for shorty to call me later Got dressed Smoked a blunt And then I bounced towards the elevator I got a beep around three I'm asking shorty what's up with you She's asking what's up with me And now we been together for weeks Candlelight dinner with my shorty Crack a 40 with my naughty freaks Hey man, I never been in love But everytime I'm burstin' in and outta state It's shorty that I'm thinking of I'm hanging out with my crew I get a beep from Renee Because Renee uses code too But yet I'm chattin' with her mom dukes She said Renee has been shot So cheeks, meet me up at St. Lukes I jumps on the Van Wyck I gotta make it there quick A yo , this shit is gettin' mad thick Not even thinking about the po nine I'm doing a buck, who gives a fuck I'm smokin' boom and the whole nine I gotta see what's going on But by the time I reach the hospital They tell me Mr. Cheeks Renee is gone I'm pouring beer out for my shorty who ain't here I'm from the ghetto So listen This is how I shed my tears Chorus (2X)

Safe Sex

SEAN PAUL "Mental Prelude"
Chorus: Me guh suh den sex is not what it used to be, Belive me, it displease me Nuff a dem a walk like dem hot but When yuh connect di dot Dem nuh easy dem nuh disease free Repeat Verse 1: If yuh check it Danny deh wid suzie but im luv off sheron Waant get the body bad im waant fi get di action, Sheron guh sleep wid har boyfren dan Dan dee did guh cheat an guh sleep wid ann, Ann did hav di disease and give it to dan, Dan give it to sheron, now dan is same one Si dung wid susan askin di question Where all dis aids and disease com from? Chorus Verse 2: Den yuh got some fuh-funky guy Weh a try imitate ooman, Dem dey fassy deh wih nuh waant dem up ina wih island Uptown or downtown nuh matta weh yuh com from From yuh nuh like dem guy deh mek a hear shout BLAM BLAM Nuff ooman got disease And dem still nah tek a ease And dem still outta street dem tease nuff mon A tek dem cyar key when dem waant guh ovaseas But dis ya dog ya im nuh mingle wid fleas Chorus Verse 3: Buck up ina O.P.P Odda people property yuh betta use a condom form of protection Else yuh gonna end up ina nodda situation An yuh nah guh get chance fi com and eat dis one Unu fi check out di dutty dem meditation 99 a weh wi live in next a 2000 An yuh know seh dis a revelation. Suh people unu fi open up unu mout an sing out dis one. Chorus to fade...

Read My Lips

Tha Alkaholiks "Coast II Coast"
Intro: Back once again to wet up the whole area Check my style out Verse One: Tash Read my lips, my dick be makin bitches leave tips Castin shadows over battles like a lunar eclipse Cause the man that makes you jump like you the grand prize winner of a Lexus I'm back again to test your reflexes If you don't think I can flow then you can ask E-Swift If you don't believe Swift then you can call Steve Griff If you don't believe Griff then step up to fuck with I Call you up and send you as a gift to hieroglyph Cause the Liks got lyric tricks datin back to eighty-six While my thousand dollar system still busts the pause mix So my style be comin at you more deadlin than a cobra With these niggaz on my mind like is he drunk or is he sober Mind your biz while I rhymes like Biz to the tent I slam like a fifth that stays hidden Not to be fucked with, under any circumstances And I don't have to sing to send these bitches into trances Chorus: E-Swift (repeat 4X) I give the party people what they like Somethin hype, to keep em rockin all night Verse Two: J-Ro Next it's, the man freakin funky flow flexes Bustin in my All Day I Dream About Sexes Walk into your living room there I am Stroll to your kitchen there I am Run to your backyard hmm there I am Everywhere you look there goes the Ro-gram That's why you hate me, you can't escape me You can't even erase me off your tape We the A-L-K, H-O-L-I-K-S Comin like new pimps humps and stress to your chest J, to the R-O, just rockin on I keep the party poppin til a new day is born The Alkaholik name won't change not a bit I told you on the last skit dick you can't tell me shit We kick it wicked, so you can get addicted To the hip-hop that we drop, get with the liquid Chorus Verse Three: J-Ro, Tash Punk MC's get bent, I'll leave a dent in what you sent I got your city covered like a motherfuckin tent Some say I rap funny, give my money to the needy The way Ibust will get you dizzy like a VD I hang with thugs I'm like drugs so why try me I'm swift like Ozzie Smith, your flow ain't goin by me He's a sufferin succcootash, throw him in the trash Show him you the man that'll boom bash I hold MC's up like money it ain't funny When I leave em in the corner broke up like crash dummies Get a doctor, sock the, volts to the chest For the cardiac arrest, fuckin with the freshest Cause even on your best, I leave you like Ness Cause I'm colder than a forty straight out the ice chest So it's easy to distinguish who drunk the Olde English Cause it stays in my system till I drain it out my... (arguement with girl) How many alcoholics we got here in the house *cheer* How many pot-heads we got *cheer* Same fuckin assholes

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