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Control Machete lyrics - Artilleria Pesada: Presenta

Desde La Tierra (Tercer Planeta)

Original and similar lyrics
Intro: X2 A la raza ac?en el norte (HEY) A la raza all?en el sur (HEY) A la raza en el oriente (HEY) A la raza en el poniente (HEY) Verse 1: Sobre la tierra completa volamos Y nos acomodamos Entre los mares caminamos Aunque usted no lo crea Nos preocupamos, hablamos, analizamos Corregimos los errores que encontramos Algunas veces no congeniamos, cambiamos Hablamos distintos lenguajes Y crecimos en distintos lugares Pero aqu?estamos todos Atra韉os por la fuerza de gravedad Late que late No nos movemos hasta que nos quiten lo que nos prestaron Aprovechamos nuestro tiempo Repeat Intro x2 Chorus: Esta es la tierra Es el tercer planeta Quieras o no quieras Seguir?dando vueltas Verse 2: Somos seres un poco extra駉s (Ah) Nuestro nivel de vida anual no lo cuidamos Nos olvidamos de no pasarnos y aceleramos Un poco mé† , sobrepoblando Gastando nuestro tiempo discutiendo Por espacios terrenales, as?hemos sido siempre Tropezamos con la misma piedra, nos levantamos Como vamos, as?avanzamos Toda la raza, toda la gente Es la unié'‡ la que nos mantiene Aqu?parados, aqu?luchando representando Toda la Artiller韆 Pesada presente. Repeat Intro x5 Repeat Chorus x4

Kacken-eyed Dschoh

Wedda m pickini Kacken-Ajd Dschoh Appi marrid long time ago, Reddi to kam from weddi to go, Wedda m pickini Kacken-Ajd Dschoh (repeat) Hi kehma dähn lajke miwid astohm Hiro drudef iehldso hennso eh strohn His Eis wassi tuhl senis meilosis gahn Baddol hid kamfo wasawis om fan (repeat intro) Hiboh disessta rieva I wehnt Di hahts aser gölsas ella brokn seahd Sej oll rennewej so nobbadid noh End left olle Men koso Kacken-Ajd Dschoh (repeat intro)

Ghetto Cowboy

Mo Thugs And Family
Ghetto Cowboy You betta count your money (Repeat 8X) [Krayzie Bone] The name is Krazie, big bad ass bone Wanted up north for all the gold that I stole Along with some cash, even took the mayors daughter That that there's kidnapped, now she was with it so I brought her Done got myself into a whole heep of trouble Double crossed by the law so theres nobody to run to Yeah its just me and my sawed off shotgun Outlaw call him Leather Face I'm headed for the west Heard they got a couple banks in town that ain't been held up yet Well uh, I oughta make it by sundown I figure thats enough time for me to get the whole run down So I continue my mission Its gettin dark so now now I'm watchin for them damn injuns They like to catch us, then they rob and split I be a rootin, tootin damn fool, protecting my chips All of the sudden I heard somebody rumble in the bushes Stop my horse 'wwhhooaa nellie' Who in the bushes you betta speak out or I'ma let my shotgun song sing out [Thug Queen] Who is this? Hope this ain't the law Jumped out the bushes with my sawed off shotgun [Krazie Bone] Come on out right now I'm gettin angry Took a step back cause it could get dangerous [Thug Queen] Please don't shoot its just me Thug Queen the horse stealer [Krazie Bone] Then why the hell is you hidin them bushes [Thug Queen] I'm wanted in four counties For armed robberies Killed two sheriffs, six of his best men want my head Stole two horses Thought you was the law that's why I jumped in them bushes [Krazie Bone] Goodness, now she was hotter than the barrel of Bob But I could use her for the job so I told her to ride c'mon [Thug Queen] May I ask you what you headed to the west for? [Krayzie Bone] I got a partner, got a plan for some dough And if you down you can pick up yourself a pretty penny Be in town in a minute, now be sure if you wit it [Thug Queen] We hurry 慺or the sunrise Gotta stallion for ya parter to ride Hit the saloon for the moonshine Down for whatever lets ride, lets ride [Krayzie Bone] These directions say we got to Tucson Arizona When we arrive we cop a place we can bunk And meet my boy in the morning for details and hookups You betta count your money (Repeat 4X) [Krayzie Bone] Rise and shine, good morning howdy Nine o clock we meet my boy in the saloon in the valley Now I done came along way I don't wanna be late [Thug Queen] Tell him we make it to him You know where we at (Move Out!) Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up (Move out!) (Repeat 4X) You betta count your money (Repeat 2X) [Layzie Bone] I'm peepin Krazyie's wanted poster in the saloon So I assume it'll be trouble round here pretty soon Glance across the room I see this youngster gettin ready to fight But if he mess up the night, I think that Krayzie just might take his life So I approach him at a pause Look man I really don't wanna brawl, why don't you chill Before the them laws come messing up this master plan Since y'all 憆eady rowdy I just ask ya man, hey You want some work, well partna put in ya bid Now by the was whats ya name they call me Layzie the kid [Powder P] The names Powder P can I get a twelve gauge Outlawed everyday on the front page Mr Kid, if you give me the low down Me and Blackjack, we ready for the showdown With two double barrels pointed at whatever We'll stick together, I'm perdy clever [Layzie Bone] So saddle up jump on the bandwagon Because its all goin down I heard a guy run in the bar screaming Krayzies in town [Krayzie Bone] Now when we get to the saloon, you don't worry Wait outside and dont' be stealin nobodys damn horses Stepped inside the bar, Layzie Kid, you son of a gun! [Layzie Bone] Hey man I'm glad you made it safely Now let's go have some fun And this my partner powder hes a young gun [Power P] Howdy [Krayzie Bone] Mighty glad to meet you son Oh yeah you know I also brought a friend along Meet thug queen the horse peddler Stragler, just met her [Thug Queen] Howdy partner Already got the horses saddled up [Layzie Bone] I hope you good at robbing banks Like you rustle that cattle [Powder P] Now y'all Its gon be gettin dark real soon [Krayzie Bone] I think you right I say we move (c'mon) let's move out! Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up (Move out!) (Repeat 4X) You betta count your money (Repeat till fade

Who Be The Player

Ammo Poetic
INTRO *Yogi B* *Rinna* Bringing noise like thunder Making MCs wonder You thought I'd let you off easy But I'm breaking you of, breaking you off tonight *C.Loco* Never ever have I sold out or played out I blast to the fore Dead centre I enter I've come back for more Dangerous I am If you try to correct me Now the tables are turned and I am the entity Confusion, I bring deception to steal souls I have the industry eating out of my bowl Behold, if you thought I'd let you off the hook A real deal player never goes by the book You thought you all that but you're coming up zero No style in your rhyme but you claim you're a hero No, (you better say your prayer) Poetic Ammo Alliance Now who be the player CHORUS *Yogi B* Competition is over cos you heard what Ammo dropped You gotta be crazy if you think that you're on top, no It ain't about the gang or how you hustle for the dough So don't you try so hard to be what you're not You better get down to the ground *Point Blanc* Manifestations, metaphorical parables scatter like fallen rebels Murderous verbal we hip hop untouchables Unstoppable rainstorming lyrical brimstones accelerating your testosterones The player, benovalent imposter slayer, unarmed soldier Scripture spitting divine massenger Who that enemy with the crooked third eye? Defy I, thou shalt die Destiny brings forth the armies of hip hop facing the final battle Verbal armegeddon War torn battlefields engulf the realms War cry alarms, avatar stormbringer of deadly rhymes (Who be the player) *Land Slyde* I shall commence circumstance intense pressure To the horizon limit of mental perception Rhyme and soul in divine Collaboration control who am I to unfold The untold level In the castle riding the saddle Hassle for the gold medal Battle Fasten your seat belt essential delf Landslyde invisible stealth super blackbelt Immortal featherweight box combat sports Double back swing uppercut make you drop Stamina underlines hypnotize My verbal pow! Mesmerize telekinetik lethal style REPEAT CHORUS REPEAT INTRO I'm bringing noise like thunder

El Levanton

Llegaron quisieron subirlo al modo y estilo en que lo hace la mafia pero este opuso resistencia y a toda la bola hizo que se doblara... Después de aquel brutal esfuerzo le dijo uno de ellos te voy a hablar claro nací involucrado en un crimen de alguien muy arriba y quiere verte el Mayo... No quiso pensarla dos veces subió a la blindada y dijo pa adelante seguro no soy a quien buscan no soy un traidor tampoco informante... Jamás he cambiado bandera estoy claro yo siempre he llevado un línea no me vendo por ningún lado hago bien mi trabajo y soy buen policía... Llegando al lugar indicado todo parecía que se acababa el mundo para hacer hablar a aquel hombre con toda su gente estaba el M1... Fueron tantos días en el juicio y ahora le agradezco a una voz muy chapita que si no se aclara ese enredo adiós campo el 10 y yo me voy en la lista...

I Wish

I wish, I wish, I wish To every city I wish, I wish, I wish Every hood I wish, I wish, I wish And every block I wish, I wish, I wish Good Ol' America! Rollin' through the hood Just stopped by to say what's up Came to let you know That your baby boy ain't doing so tough And even though you passed Going on four long years Still waking up late at night crying tears Just thinking about those days You used to talk to me Smilin' while I'm sippin' on this Hennesy And remember we bragged on how rich we would be To get up out this hood was like a fantasy 1 - And now you hear my songs the radio is bangin' Oh I can't believe my ears And what everybody's sayin' And boy I'll tell you Folks don't know the half I would give it all up Just to take one ride (With you) How I used to kick it on the front porch (With you) And how I used to lay back and smoke weed (With you) And all the little days and party joints we'd do Now I'm just missing you How I wish 2 - I wish that I could hold you now I wish that I could touch you now I wish that I could talk to you Be with you somehow I know you're in a better place And you know I can see your face I know you're smiling down on me Saying everything's okay And if I never leave this thug life I'll see you again someday I wish, I wish, I wish I wish, I wish, I wish Now ever since this money come Been nothing but stress Sometimes I wish I could trade in my success Y'all look at me and say boy you've been blessed But y'all don't see the inside of my unhappiness Man I swear this shit gets heavy like a ton That's why you hear me shootin' This real shit off like a gun Hmm I wonder how my friends would treat me now If I wasn't iced up with a Bentley and a house That's why fake ass niggas get fake ass digits And fake ass playas get a real playa hatin' 'em Honey Love goes platinum and y'all ass come around But y'all don't wanna raise the roof Until my shit is going down Repeat 1 (With you) How I used to hoop off in them tournaments (With you) And how I used to club hop on weekends (With you) Your family called the morning of the tragic end Damn, my condolensces Repeat 2 Voices in my head be telling me to come to church Saying the Lord is the only way for you to stop the hurt Dreaming of windows black tinted like a hurst When waking up to life sometimes seems worst And all I ever wanted is to be a better man And I try to keep it real with my homies now For me to save the world I don't understand How did I become the leader of a billion men? Repeat 1 (With you) How I used to street perform on Friday (With you) And how I used to go to church on Easter Sunday (With you) Standing here throwing them songs at me Somebody pray for me Repeat 2 till end

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