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Connells lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
There isn't room in the Inn The keeper wouldn't be my friend I could tell in his eye He'd never change his mind So, I'm left to walk in the cold The light of day is growing old But who's to blame Neither rain nor shine Chorus: That's why this is the best of me Giving up... This is the rest of me And I've had quite enough This is the best of me Giving up... You've seen enough of me To know that it's tough That is me in a scene Father, he is tall ans so serene I said I'd believe I declare a proven sigh Then I'm alone facing the snow The rain falls hard and is blowing cold I said I'd believe When hell had frozen over (repeat chorus) But who's to believe That what I've seen really isn't true (repeat first verse) (repeat chorus)

The Way She Loves Me

When I hear my baby calling A simple motion, a look in her eyes And I'm helplessly falling I'd give all of somebody else For any piece of her heart that's left She knows me better than I know myself Chorus Let me tell you 'bout the way she loves me Ooh, I'm proud to let it show I'm crazy about the way she loves me Ooh, I want the world to know Yeah, yeah, yeah Came close to letting this train pass me by Just like a fool, second guessing I could've spent my life wondering why I didn't cherish the blessing But I know, she'd come my way Lonely nights would have been okay I have her promise that she's gonna stay Repeat Chorus Nobody else could do me so right A breath of Heaven in my darkest night I'm gonna hold on with all of my might Repeat Chorus


VERSE ONE: There's a brand new sun Hanging in the sky today It's been there every morning When I pull back the curtains And open up the shades It hit me without warning Maybe it's my point of view But everything has changed since I met You CHORUS: Now life is sparkling And love is glistening I'm finding everything Looks a whole lot brighter Not a day goes by Without a clear blue sky And You're the reason why It looks a whole lot brighter Na na na na na na VERSE TWO: The clouds of the past Do their best to block the sun Casting shadows But the light of Your love Makes the darkness turn and run And I'm standing in its glow It's like nothing I've ever seen It's like the sun is following me (repeat chorus) Na na na na na na (x3) (repeat chorus) Na na na na na na (x3)


DAN HILL "Dan Hill"
Now there are people That fall - into my life Each one can change my world So slightly And everyone so different Yet so much the same Each and everyone so deep Inside me Chorus: I love I hate I live I die For every single day That passes me by But for all the pain That meets my eyes I still believe in people Now I've been called naive Just a reckless dreamer Destined to drown In all my feelings Yet I keep on smiling through my tears Juggling wonderment with tear Just trying to find some meaning Repeat Chorus There are times when I feel Like giving it all up I'll look into myself and see a stranger Oh and nothing can seem stranger But I know I'll come around And like the fool I am I'll see this world so much stronger Cause that's the way my life lights spins Until the day it dims Until my life will be no longer Repeat Chorus


Control Machete "Artilleria Pesada: Presenta"
(Por lo que est? por lo que venga Artiller韆 Pesada presenta)x3 (Conservo,Conservo) Conservo el aire, interrumpo y respiro Vuelta tras vuelta reiniciando el giro Cuando enciendo y me guéŸ' por la estela Esencia ronda me envuelve y lleva Chorus: Artiller韆 Pesada (scratch) controlando... Artiller韆 Pesada (scratch) el ma...chete No es actuado, me enseé¦'n, me animan, creen en m?Como yo creo, ejemplo: son mis ojos, son mis pu駉s Puros cabrones, hay fuerza, hay mente, hay Repeat Chorus Mucho mejor percibo el panorama La noche llega y presenta su gama Libre al fin, fuera cualquier condena Subo entre voces de adentro afuera Repeat Chorus Contracorrientes, locos, proveedores, unos cuantos contadores de la vida corrigen corridas alivian heridas hasta esas las que nunca se olvidan U...nos mexicanos que controlan el... Ma..chete Navego en calle intercepto y olvido Todo aquello que llevo conmigo Cuando me cedo el total relevo Donde el d韆 retrasa el vuelo Repeat Chorus Continé·' logar韙micamente pa' arriba Son mi coraje son mi paciencia mi bandera Y tambi閚 arma secreta no sab韆s Artiller韆 Pesada Presente Repeat Chorus Los moradores reciben el manto Hay quienes creen, hay quien no cree tanto 趎ico en todos y en todos cualquiera Expresié'‡ y c骴igo de era Repeat Chorus S?claro hay extraterrestres locales Visitantes todos importantes Son mis manos son mi gente son el apoyo que falta En esos momentos tristes (Golpes doy, golpes recibo y sigo Por lo que soy por lo que vivo)x4 (Despego, despego) Despego en grande iniciando y prosigo Sé'„o un ser vivo, de entraé¦'s, sentidos Cuando lo que faltaba aparece Hablando y escuchando crece Repeat Chorus Ahora s? son mi mente Mi corazé'‡, son mi sangre Respeto a toda la gente Que est?conmigo en las buenas Y en las malas sin importar el motivo Repeat Chorus Luz y reflejos resaltan caminos Sé'„o recuerdo al que est?conmigo Por lo que est? por lo que venga De la esquina mi vida en senda Repeat Chorus Conjunto de ideas comunes Llama que inicia, Todo en partes iguales Mente sumada en tres... ya viste Repeat Chorus x6

Body Pillow

then there was this one night when i took the time to examine a napkin in a chicago hotel room i wasn't alone it was a night after a show space was full energy was consumed there was a girl emphasis on the L she was noticin the detail as well and the two of us found something with each other previously undiscovered hell is for the lovers and the daylight is bright always makes me squint but it feels like magic when it touches my face suffocate myself overwhelm myself and let the sunrays abandon me floatin through space *and she still wonders why i'm so insecure she giggles because i sleep with a body pillow intentions are never nothing short of pure but theres a price to pay when you try to live a little* and attractive as that napkin ever could've been my how it unfolded hold it to the wind try now to be a rock but she's caught under the skin ex-lover and a best friend just like the rest of them then there was this one night i stopped to watch someone bite the tip of a cigarette to hold it inbetween her lips never met nobody like her please brace yourself danger danger this might hurt the playground feels a lot different when the sun's out she wasn't messin round she came in with her guns out screamin bout the ocean anybody wanna go with me never knew punk rock could be so pretty now catch your breath and then catch the ball and sit by the phone so you can catch the call write catchy one-liners on the bathroom stall here i go wouldn't you know still learnin to crawl *Chorus* i've always dug the way you love the way your tattoos intimidate men i guess i'm one of them standin right next to you from way over here ex-lover and a best friend (ex-lover and a best friend) then there was this one night i noticed a tree that stood by itself about an hour up north and i can picture her holding onto the limb wearin a summer dress and a grin swingin back and forth talkin bout the breeze and how it easy it is to leave all the worries in the backseat teach me please i need the abilities to live silly me i tried to measure it by what i can give but she didn't need anything just a pair of ears some strong fingers and someone to share the tears read the fear feeling it inadequate now lets make-believe that i can handle it *Chorus* and i still get to talk to you every now and then definition of over doesn't have to be the end it's good to see you grow girl shake my hand that's all i want from my ex-lover and my best friend i got your back don't ever fucking question that i got your back always have i still got your back (in background) *Chorus* 2x

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