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Conflict lyrics

Tough Shit Mickey

Original and similar lyrics
Mother nature smiles and cracks a now days dawn, most people on the earth are sleeping comfortable and warm, Out in the fileds and pastures, It's another new day too, one without a war and hatred that Is known by me and you. A shriek disturbs the peacefulness, the cat's Just killed a mouse, the mother says with feeling as she looks out from the house.It's a breakfast time the clock strikes nine, ham, bacon, one egg or two? What a shame about that mouse, what's for tea tonight, lamb stew? Well there's things to do, so the family divides in separate ways. Father works to earn the keep, he's a butcher and well paid, the daughters Rø to riding school, mother washes up the crap. One son plays with soldiers and the other aggravates the cat. Back out in the fields, a different story Is taking place, foxes cower with their clubs, to escape the human race. Rabbit run for life, deer take cover in the trees disbelief, then prepares the meat. Think what you're doing, The system's set to ruin. We've got to fucking stop. Because before too long there'll be nothing left alive, not a creature on the land or sea, a bird In the sky, they'll be shot, harpooned, easten or hunted too much,vivisected by the clever men who prove that there's no such things as a fair world with live and let die, the Royal family Bø hunting, what an example to give! to the people they lead and they don't Include me. I've seen enough pain and torture of those who can't speak, so I'm gonna speak for them In an all out attack, and if someone tries to whip me, then I'll fucking whip 'em back. Coz I've had enough of the madness. In their theatres of hell,enough of them hounding the fox to the kill, or baby seals being clubbed, their mothers cut up. They satisfy their greed, their wealths built on blood. Of their slaughterhouse haunting the back of the mind, the gas chamber of farm life, the end of the line. It's a shame about that mouse!

Me Inside

SLIPKNOT "Slipknot"
Giving in to what has got me Feeling claustrophobic, scarred Severed me from all emotion Life is just too fucking hard Snap! Your face was all it took Cuz this need ain't doin' me no good Fall on my face, but can't you see This fucking life is killing me! Tearing me / Inside Too far gone, I'm catatonic Leaving you to criticize Empty shell and running naked All alone... lobotomized Back and forth between my hang-ups It isn't easy to be hated Where do ya go Whaddya do Simpleton, impromptu, crazy eight I never cared, not once Gotta get away! Tearing me / Inside I wasn't promised a thing You keep mocking me But you will never again Before you know - after you're gone Gone Somos feos apestamos y pero reinamos hoto muthafucka


Beanbag "Free Signal"
07. Why? Falling back into an empty chair. Crawling out and seeing nothing there. Why waste my time when I'm happy? Slipping back into my honest world. Taking things just to feel the swirl. Why waste my time when I am here I can do what I dream when I fear. Selling out and getting what I want. Take a pick and I will get the lock. Why waste my time when I'm complete? Grab the walls in the toilet block I hit my head and I flush the lot. Why waste my time when I'm fine in the ways that I've set in my life? My arms are protesting a weakness in me. My hands are a tool to remind me. My eyes complicated enough don't see. My fingers they curl back and witness to my face. Drifting in and out reality. Your own reflection is bewailingly. But you still smile and keep things Up with the people on the concrete slab When you get in ttouble you catch a cab Waking up, drifting to the welfare door Spend all your money till you hit the floor You've been takien to another place You're lying down but you're in this race Don't ever think run away Turn around and look at all you have The gift of God is much greather than You cannot die when you have life.


DEAD PREZ "Lets Get Free"
Our people are poor, and you know damn well nobody wants to be poor This play is gonna show how the pigs react when the people start To take community, control over what belongs to them And liberate it back (echoes) Sometimes I just don't care [Verse 1] Murderation, modern hanging education Price of your life is goin up it aint inflation Incrimination, they got my picture at the station Elimination, state to state we eatin by this nation Them belly full, my trigger finger got pulled To cut the bull shots'll warm your flesh like wool These tools for survival make fools out of rivals Fuck the Bible, get on your knees and praise my rifle Your life is done there aint another place to run Eat your own gun, scared because my people never known fun [Verse 2] Cops drive down the streets and blow my friends away I try to smoke enough lah to take my sins away This E J be freein us in it's own special way son We live for the day, the only way dunn The violence in me, reflect the violence that surround me ???? Mr. Charley keep his eye on me To figure my head, but them ass kissin niggas is dead We learn the chokeholds with fishermen's thread I read The Art of Sun-Tzu in a couple of fuckin days Used to practice Kung-Fu with this nigga that's like, double my age And you can put this on the government's grave Somebody payin for the way we have to suffer and slave Assassination, word up I hope they get the assassins, I hope that something is done to them Problem is they're killing them, it reminds me of something like what Happened to Lincoln You aint even safe wit a full clip I swear on the president's grave I'm sick of livin in this bullshit We down to take it to the full length Meet us up on Capitol Hill, and we can get up in some real shit (repeat) Assassination, *gunshot* yeah

Love Is Blind (Remix)

EVE "Eve-Olution"
(feat. Faith Evans) [Faith] Hmm, yeah, yeah, hmm [Eve] Hey, yo I don't even know you and I hate you See all I know is that my girlfriend used to date you How would you feel if she held you down and raped you Tried and tried, but she never could escape you She was in love and I'd ask her how I mean why What kind of love from a nigga would black your eye What kind of love from a nigga every night make you cry What kind of love from a nigga make you wish he would die I mean shit he bought you things and gave you diamond rings But them things wasn't worth none of the pain that he brings And you stayed, what made you fall for him That nigga had the power to make you crawl for him I thought you was a doctor be on call for him Smacked you down cause he said you was too tall for him, huh That wasn't love, babygirl you was dreamin' I could have killed you when you said your seed was growin' from his semen [1] - [Faith] Love is blind, and love is blind It will take over your mind What you think is love may truly not be You need to elevate and find [Eve (Faith)] I don't even know you and I'd kill you myself You played with her like a doll and put her back on the shelf Wouldn't let her go to school and better herself She had a baby by your ass and you ain't giving no help Uh-huh big time hustler, snake motherfucker One's born everyday and everyday she was your sucker How could you beat the mother of your kids How could you tell her that you lover her Don't give a fuck if she lives She told me she would leave you, I admit it she did But came back, made up a lie about you missing your kids Sweet kisses, baby ain't even know she was your mistress Had to deal with fist fights and phone calls from your bitches Floss like you possess her, tellin' me to mind my business Said that it was her life and stay the fuck out of it I tried and said just for him I'll keep a ready clip (No, no, no, no) [Repeat 1] [Eve (Faith)] I don't even know you and I want you dead Don't know the facts but I saw the blood pour from her head See I laid down beside her in the hospital bed And about two hours later, doctors said she was dead Had the nerve to show up at her mother's house the next day To come and pay your respects and help the family pray Even knelt down on one knee and let a tear drop (oh) And before you had a chance to get up You heard my gun cock Prayin' to me now, I ain't God but I'll pretend I ain't start your life but nigga I'mma bring it to an end And I did, clear shots and no regrets, never Cops comin' in, watch me going to jail Nigga whatever my bitch, fuck it my sister You could never figure out even if I let you live What our love was all about I considered her my blood and it don't come no thicker (whoa) [Repeat 1 till end]

Prelusion To Cythraul

Any who live alone, long only for mercy, the mercy of truth is among your traits of bloodlust and vein. You have not, in all this time, returned to the lowland of your ancestors. Your feet follow a hoof-beaten, dirt track down the side of a small, grass-covered knoll. It is near the round hillfort that your cavaliers call the dun. The ways of the arcane are more difficult hillfort that words can tell. You are in complete isolation from this mortal exibition, as others will be, in due time. Each day at dawn, you speak to yourself and give your thoughts complete utterance. For there are none surviving now, to whom you would freely speak with, so impart your heart's desire. You, the oppressor, will need to learn to chain your mind, to wait for the proper time to speak. Nevertheless, you shall be executed from the creed, under the sigil of the blade, then the number. In an instant, the feeble and the foreigners lie North from here. In an instant, a magician, shadowlord, and tyrant raised their powers above your head. You are separated from your kin, by far distance, of Time and Tide. You will remember your comrades well, as they replenish your memory with an immortal essence of everlastingness. And though you will only see shades of what once was, you will hear their songs and music forever. As golden lamplight escapes from the bleeding skies, winsome peat smoke scents a chilled breeze that enfolds the imperious settlement, gathering sounds, and lifts the brave into the night. You shall recall the winter zephyr, as those were the winds that passed eternity. The Emperor continued to breathe deep and harshly. His lungs sounded a death rattle, as they were quickly filling with blood and various fluids, Before his death and dissolution, the Emperor sluggishly uttered, I have granted intelligence towards the crown unto thee. If you teach him well..... Here and now, we shall take you within The Third Storm Of Cythraul. It's only just begun... -Sir Proscriptor McGovern-

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