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Conflict lyrics

The Serenade Is Dead

Original and similar lyrics
She wakes up In the morning, the sun Is shining in her face, turns her head around, she sharss the blanket on which the love embraced, she look out of the window, It's a lovely day outside, she tells herself that things are fine, he pulls the sheets to cover his eyes. The essence of the fresh air, the garden held the love affair, thinking back their minds are torn in muddle and confusion, so far another sits, who tries to make the best of It, he don't know quite what's hit him, It's another love illusion. he gazes in his empty room eyes fixed upon her picture, the loneliness, dejectedness, god how the fuck he's missed her, his eyes turn to the window, the military roar by, he wonders how much hatred could evolve out of the sky, what god had done for peace on earth, what man destroyed from day of birth, they are concerned with feelings, just ashamed to cry and one mans plan to push the button makes others sacrifice the serenade Is dead and now the only questions why? Why when we are young,we're told it's not right to love,told It's human nature and that comes from god above, as time moves on we realize that we all look from the pit, while a plan just hangs above us, to keep us In the shit, because the minute we are born, we're told what's right and wrong, raised with certain morals, never mentioned In their songs, as we grow up we find out that the paths been so neatly set,In a world of such destruction,we only can regret. Regrest that Is the words of it, as we look for our way of it, why can't they understand we don't want any part of it? The pain they create everyday, that just ain't gonna go away, we've got to stick together but still you're asking why? the system still stands strong, as our movement starts to crumble, the pressure we once held, has just turned to a rumble, they've got us where they want us, and you all just accept that well don't you think it's time, we started to hit back. They are the enemy, they want a rops around your neck, and If they will go that far, then what the fuck Is next? Forget the revolution, we've heard It all before, heard all the promises, of 1984, It's an Impossible task, oh yes , It stands before us all, well maybe you'll belive it when your backs against the...WALL.

Every Time Christmas Comes Around

Michael Mcdonald "In The Spirit: A Christmas Album"
(McDonald/Harris) Old man winter's coming on The nights are long and the days are gray The fading sound of the robin's song Summer days seem a lifetime away It's the time that we look to each other To raise our spirits and chase the blues away That time of year when we all get together I see it comin' I can hardly wait [Chorus:] It's all right I can't stop thinkin' 'bout it It's a good life no time to be sad I feel so right every time christmas comes around Children's laughter and the snow on the ground Starts lifting my heart up baby I feel the love and the joy all around That's how I know that it's christmas darlin' So glad that we've still got each other And this love is a gift we'll exchange A prayer for peace for my sisters and brothers Let's ring the bell and bring on the holidays [Chorus]

Lil One

LIL' WAYNE "Lights Out"
(feat. Big Tymers) [Lil Wayne talking] Fuck, Man I been on this block all day Hot my shirt, Hot Boy that look like Baby That aint Baby That is that nigga Let's go [Baby] Say Lil One [Lil Wayne] One Whats happenin' with you big dog [Baby] Look I need to talk bout some serious shit [Lil Wayne] Like what, Look I aint have nothin' to do with killin' [Baby] Slow down, I'm talking bout some get money shit an how its gonna go down [Lil Wayne] Well holla at me nigga, Talk to me, Let me know somethin' Cause right now I'm tired of husltin, And these rocks aint doin' nothin' And to tell you the truth I feel like I be out here for the fun of it I swear if I don't hit a lick by next month I'm done with it [Baby] I understand, But you ain't listenin' you just talkin' I said I could get you paid, Is you with that offer I know you see me comin' thruogh everyday pimpin' In a Benz, the Jag, and a Ferari [Lil Wayne] Yea, But I like that Bentely [Baby] All thats cool shorty, You can get this if you with me Let me run it down to ya bout this shipment I'm gettin' in [Lil Wayne] I mean I'm sayin' it sound good, I like that [Baby] What thats a blunt [Lil Wayne] Yea [Baby] Light that, Nigga I'll be right back [Lil Wayne] Aight cat, Don't be playin', This worth my while [Baby] Lil daddy I play with hoes, Is you a hoe [Lil Wayne] Nah [Baby] Say I got work, I need to flood it all over I can't do it all myself, So I need me a Lil solider I been peepin' ya Lil ass, I see you grindin' an shit [Lil Wayne] I been peepin' you to, Nigga I see you shinin' an shit An you don't even know how long I been tryin' to find me a brick To make it flip and take the chips and go an buy me a whip [Baby] Fuck a whip, That could wait You worry bout your cake Once you make enough to play Go buy a Z-28 [Lil Wayne] A Z-28 Boy go head, Once I get change I'mma go an cop me a Range or two platinum chains [Baby] Well look I ain't fuckin' with ya You to young from the start [Lil Wayne] Man that aint even got anythnig to do with it Its dedication and heart [Baby] Dedication and smarts Don't put your heart in this game Cause when you fall to deep in love you get caught in this game [Lil Wayne] Well correct me when I'm worng And acknowlegde me when I'm right [Baby] Lil bitch, If ya hard head ass listen I might [Lil Wayne] B I'm all ears [Baby] Get yo ass in this car [Lil Wayne] Unlock the door [Baby] Its unlocked [Lil Wayne] Don't holla at me You ain't my pa [Baby] Now stop playin', Look I got a hundred bricks just came 50 ki's of raw dope, and 50 bricks of cocaine Pays 5 a piece [Lil Wayne] Every week [Baby] Just move it together I'mma knock off my Lil section You take care of ya area [Lil Wayne] Ughhh, Nigga I been waitin' to be the Don round here I'mma have Coke and Dope Its gone be on round here But how you want me to sell this Zones, Quaters, Halfs, Ki's [Baby] However they ask for it, Just give it to them Lil Weezy [Lil Wayne] I'm all for it cousin I'mma get me a million If power get between it I'mma split me a nigga [Baby] You better, But when I get you this shit nigga Let them have it I bet you be on the block workin', Directin' traffic [Lil Wayne] Like you park here, You park there, You meet me in the cuts [Baby] Say Lil One [Lil Wayne] Wassup [Baby] We gone fuck it up [Lil Wayne] Nigga what Nigga what

Old Friends

Not for the first time I look back on all those years Not for the last time names will ring in my ear When there was just a gang of us Storming the town by train and bus A moment of thought this heart sends to old friends Not for the first time I look back on my first love Unable to speak or think or move hand in glove But what of it now and where is he He who once meant so much to me Because we are not, I can't pretend now old friends I was told love should hold old friends I was told love should hold od friends But when you leave you will close the door behind you Don't we always And time won't make amends to old friends Standing here with my arm around you life's moved on And all its borderlines are being redrawn The winter has come the roads are white Everyone's home late tonight May we stay or will it depend as old friends In the end still old friends

Only Time Will Tell

I just needed someone to hold When the bottle was empty and the nights grew cold In my hour of darkness In my time of need You were my angel of mercy And helped me to believe You touched my soul When I was lonely You held me up when I couldn't fly There's no words could explain How I feel inside And this I tell you In a world full of anger and times gone strange You held me close You held me close to you Lay my head on your shoulder I finally let it all out It felt good for a moment Not living in a shadow of doubt But everybody needs a little something Tu pull them through I gave one for the other And God know that the other was you Chorus: Now only time will tell Only time will tell If our love is scratched in sand Or if it's etched in stone Only time will tell Only time will tell If our love will stand Or walk the road along My angel of mercy Pulled me through somehow I just hope you know I need you now Solo You're the one That touched my very soul The one who held on tight God knows you never let go Now only time will tell Only time will tell If our love is scratched in sand Or if it's etched in stone Only time will tell Only time will tell If our love will stand Or walk the road along Angel of mercy It's time we closed the door Put out the lights And burn the fire Burn the fire inside Angel of mercy You pulled me through And this I tell to you God know I'd tell it to you

No End

Denny Sandy
(Sandy Denny) They said that it was snowing In astounded tones upon the news I wonder why they're always so surprised 'Cos every year it snows Frozen images of snowploughs As they churn along the motorways I haven't had no boots to wear Or any loot to spare For days and days I've travelled more than forty miles today I must have grown some wings It's strange how time just seems to fly away I can't remember things In a world of my own they say And who can blame them They're just not the same I've known about it all along Though I thought I was all wrong And it's such a shame Why don't you have no brushes any more I used to like your style I see no paintings anywhere And there's no smell of turpentine Did it really have no meaning? Well, I never thought I'd hear those words from you Who needs a meaning anyway I'd settle anyday For a very fine view Well, I couldn't even tell you all the changes Since you saw me last My dreams were like the autumn leaves They faded and they fell so fast In fact as you say the snows are here And how the time it slips away But I'm glad you did pass by I think I'll have another try It's another day The day and then the night had gone It was not long before the dawn And the travelling one Who sat so stiffly in the chair Began to yawn Having kept me here so long my friend I hope you have a sleeping place to lend But the painter he just smiled and said I'll see you in a while This one has no end

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