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Conflict lyrics

Neither Is This

Original and similar lyrics
So Thatcher's slime escape again, more of the shit they make us take, still no end to their sick reign. See Rayguns Army rule again four more years to kill the sane, more of his napalm - neutron - hate and meanwhile Russia sits and waits, prepares her perfect time to take. The seconds gone - ANNIHILATE!! There's a bomb gone off in Harrods, yet another in Belfast, Well I say bollocs to her army, In fact - KISS MY ARSE. That arms aims for one thing, Inflicts misery and pian, well, for what you do to others you must expect the same. In eastern countries people cry, In Northern Ireland, people die. America and England bank their lives. Throughout the whole world people cry, throughout the whole world people die. Worldwide leaders fuck our lives. MURDER! you scream, well that's the way I look at things, but Is It right, to gun down children cos they've gottheir own feelings? These monsters that you title madden 'till insane. Well In my book your the bastard cos to you It's just a game. Plunging deeper and deeper in to a sea of degredation, still looking for our answers to stop ANNIHILATION THATCHER's BARMY ARM~ who Just sit upon the poor, KINNOCKS FUCKING PUPPETS for the people - FUCK OFF! The Police the MArines, all chose to side with them. The S.A.S. - their hitmen to break REBELLION, they all don't give two fucks for us so I've no time for them. They can build their Berlin Walls but we will smash them down again, They tear our fucking earth In half, expect us to slave for their behalf, they're fucking living In the past, It was your bomb in Harrods and they're your bombs in Belfast, because that's what you've created, It ain't no fault of ours, you arse. These 'Bastards' that you're naming, who not try the mirror mate? cos that bastard's your reflection, your oppression creates the HATE.

Generous Portions

Guttermouth "Teri Yakimoto"
I've had my pet Since I was nine years old I loved him and fed him But one day he attacked I knew he didn't love me back So I grabbed him like a football And punted fifty yards Now I hate pets Take yourself to the vet Now I hate pets Dolphins trapped in little nets Now I hate pets You little fucking Screaming shit-bag I should of let your mother Eat you, little fucker So I got a little birdy And I trained it everyday He knew 1000 words But then he flew away But then I got him back The fucker wouldn't shut his trap So I took him to the bathroom And rubbed his beak in shit Now I hate pets Spotted owls in their nests Now I hate pets Bagged a deer and made a vest Now I hate pets Birds and bees and bears and bison Pigs and parrots and pandas I fucking hate them all!!! I was walking through the park When a snake peered from his hole A perfect opportunity To take the bastard home I chopped his fucking head off With my handy garden hoe And made a lovely hat-band For my redneck cousin Bo, heee-haaw! Now I hate pets 10,000 volts to the chest Now I hate pets Fed my cat some cigarettes Now I hate pets You little fucking Screaming shit-bag bastard Fuck you, you Fucking pig-shit licker, fuck!!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jamie's Petting Zoo

Guttermouth "Friendly People"
i've had my pet since i was nine years old i loved him and fed him but one day he attacked i knew he didn't love me back so i grabbed him like a football and punted fifty yards now i hate pets take yourself to the vet now i hate pets dolphins trapped in little nets now i hate pets you little fucking screaming shit-bag i should of let your mother eat you, little fucker so i got a little birdy and i trained it everyday he knew 1000 words but then he flew away but then i got him back the fucker wouldn't shut his trap so i took him to the bathroom and rubbed his beak in shit now i hate pets spotted owls in their nests now i hate pets bagged a deer and made a vest now i hate pets birds and bees and bears and bison pigs and parrots and pandas i fucking hate them all!!! i was walking through the park when a snake peered from his hole a perfect opportunity to take the bastard home i chopped his fucking head off with my handy garden hoe and made a lovely hat-band for my redneck cousin bo, heee-haaw! now i hate pets 10,000 volts to the chest now i hate pets fed my cat some cigarettes now i hate pets you little fucking screaming shit-bag bastard fuck you, you fucking pig-shit licker, fuck!!!!!!

We've Got His Gun

ANTI-FLAG "North America Sucks"
Last night I turned my TV on and I couldn't believe what was on Some fucking rich kid crying cause her, her boy friend left her cold well why the fuck is this shit playing over the air? To make us feel sorry for some fucking millionaire? Well I was getting pissed and I was getting mad, I took a chair and smashed it right into the set Some fucking businessman is crying Boo-fucking-hoo... As he stops and thinks of all the poor suckers he screwed Well I said, Fuck this propaganda, fuck the news, it just controls your mind it fills your, head with crap! You'll scream tonight, so throw it away You'll scream tonight, so stay away, stay away It's a commercial about some Barbie type clone blond She's six foot four and only weighs one hundred pounds she looks so natural like a fucking starving child They sell her body and her self esteem out loud Some old man sits there drooling at this fucking smut If she'd take off her shirt well, now that would be good luck! What was she advertising for anyways? He can't remember, But she sure had killer legs... Degrading womyn well it's, nothing new, He's got a hard on now and that's just, fucking, Great news

Show Business

Verse 1 [Q-Tip] Let me tell you 'bout the snakes, the fakes, the lies The highs at all of these industry shing-dings Where you see the pretty girls In the high animated world Checkin' for a rapper with all the dough If you take a shit they want to know And if you're gonna fall, they won't be around, y'all So you still wanna do the show business? And you think that you got what it takes? I mean you really gotta rap and be all that And prepare yourself for the breaks Check it out! Do you wanna be in the business? (The Business) The ups and downs with the hoes (The Business) Always gettin' fronted on at shows (The Business) People gotta stick their nose (In the Business) Verse 2 [Q-Tip] Yo, I gotta speak on the cesspool It's the rap industry and it ain't that cool Only if you're on stage or if you're speakin' to your people Ain't no-one your equal Especially on the industry side Don't let the games just glide Right through your fingers, you gotta know the deal So Lord Jamar speak, because you're real... [Lord Jamar] They're givin' you the business and puttin' on a show You're a million dollar man that ain't got no dough But you got a ho tickets backstage to a show Sedated and at that fact they elated Time pass and your ass say Where's my loot? The reply is a kick in the ass from a leg and a boot All you wanna do is taste the fruit But in the back they're makin' fruit juice You ask for slack and wanna get cut loose from the label Not able cos you signed at the table For a pretty cash advance, now they got a song and dance That you didn't recoup, more soup wit' ya meal? Cos this is the real when you get a record deal And I say... [Phife] Aw....shucks, look what the cat hauled in It's Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest, let me begin Like Chuck D, I got so much trouble on my mind 'bout these no-talent artists gettin' signed, they can't rhyme And if that ain't bad, you got bootleggers Goin' out like suckers, motherfuckers Feel it's time that I let loose the lion And if not that then I'll commence to head flyin' Seems in '91 everybody want a rhyme And then you go and sell my tape for only $5.99? Please nigga, I've worked too hard for this No more will I take the booty end of the stick Bogus brothers makin' albums when they know they can't hack it Cos they lyrics is played like 8-Ball jackets Now tell me I can't tear it up Go get yourself some toilet paper cos your lyrics is butt Do you wanna be in the business? (The Business) People can't walk a straight line in (The Business) Some of these brothers can't rhyme in (The Business) A-yo, I'm tryna get mine (The Business) Verse 3 [Sadat X] The party scene is cool, but then again it's all the same You see the same faces, but at different places When you're up and ridin' high everything is palsy-palsy Get a million pounds and all the skins give you hugs Well that's cool, I can dig it, it really ain't my bag Prefer to max on the side and let my pants sag Oh, he's a cutie , yeah, real cute But I wasn't that cute when I didn't have no loot Although I hit a pound of herbs I'm still nice with the verbs So fuck what you heard The born cipher, cipher master makes me think much faster But critics still continue to plaster My name and discredit my fame All that shit is game And I don't really give a damn Eat from the tree of life and throw away the verbal ham [Diamond D] Well, excuse me, I gotta add my two cents in Don't be alarmed, the rhyme was condensed in A matter of minutes so it must be told All that glitters' not gold Everybody wants a deal, help me make a demo See my name in bright lights, ride around in a limo My moms keeps beefin' ( Boy, get a job ) But I wanna make jams, damn, I know I'll slam Huh, well it's not that easy You gotta get a label that's willin' and able To market and promote, and you better hope (For what?) That the product is dope Take it from Diamond, it's like mountain climbin' When it comes to rhymin' you gotta put your time in Get a good lawyer so problems won't pile You don't wanna make a pitch that's wild.


Guttermouth "Friendly People"
I don't like the things you like And you don't like the things I like She don't like the things they like So who the fuck is really right See a skinhead at a show Let him know he's got to go Fuck white power, the KKK A-S-S-H-O-L-E! Everyone's an asshole My mom's an asshole You're a fucking asshole And I'm a goddamn asshole Mom and dad, the Grateful Dead Major labels and straight edge Coors and school and roller blades God, Rick James and Oakley shades Fishing, Wayne, silly jocks Nazis, midgets, new tube socks L.D. from M.R. R. And fucking Zeppelin Man Hippies, harleys, Pearl Jam Chili peppers, case of Spam Riot grrls, Ponch and Jon Squash and pork and carmel flan We hate these things We hate you, too Go fuck a monkey in the zoo Oscar Meyer has a way with B.O.L.O.G.N.A.

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