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Common Sense lyrics - Can I Borrow a Dollar?

Two Scoops Of Raisins

Original and similar lyrics
[Immens] Yo man.. I'm hungry man [Common] Ay whatchu want man You want some breakfast or somethin [Immens] I want a lil lil somethin.. yeah yea milk and cereal or somethin Somethin man! Just a little breakfast food, y'know [Common] Mmm I don't know man (ay) let's see what I got in my cabinet [Immens] Hold on, let me see what I got in my cabinet Somebody hit me with a little, baseline or groove, knahmsayin Yeah, breakfast food, UHH! [C] When you wish [I] When you wish [C] Upon a star [I] Upon a star [C] To follow what [I] To follow what [C] And where you are! [I] And where you are! [C] Party over here, party over there [I] Where [Common] Look! I made ya look, ya dirty crook Then picked your pocket, watch me book.. .. like Guiness I'm a Menace, so call me hip-hop's Dennis So open wide, and say (AHHHHH) And I'ma slide my yolk, in your throat, and watch ya choke on the Uh the Ah the Uh the Daddy Long-Stroke [Immenslope] Stroke Long Daddy Money, if my name was Sunny I'd share a scoop, Runnin shit like Rebels You can call me Barney, cause I took your Fruity - Pebbles Dibble like an office on Top Cat, top that, I'm fat troop Drop the loop, then a scooper hoop ya like a hula To school a fool I present, a church to repent I get you Guess'n like jeans, you're just a hill of beans I'm all that jazz, and I kick, kick, kick, kick.. [Common] The razzamatazz oh please oh please just give me just one more blast I +Gett Off+ like Prince, but I don't have to show my ass Pass the rest, like a test, if you slip then you'll get ripped with your handicapped pass route, and Tales From the Crypt I whip on that ass like base ba-bay The Sense is good-GOOBELY-goo, ask Gravy [Immenslope] Or LaMont, or Rollo, down at the, Apollo Come follow me now (BO! Where's Sue) I don't know Even En Vogue, be tellin me ya don't go When it's time for show (yea) everyone says ho (ho) ho (ho) couldn't be a slider cause I never slip, kick it like a Damme Van flip So don't come with your judo, cause you're just a Menudo emcee gettin chewed like vegetables [Common] Ahhhhh cabbage is a cabbage, a lettuce is a lettuce I'ma tear this whole joint into scraps I bust raps, perhaps caps, and trap the wack tracks Givin the max, for the minimum, not the minimum for the max Get more sex than Wilt the Stilt so you can call me the Stiltest You're takin shorts like Arnold, so what chu talkin bout, Willis [I] Bout Willis [C] Yeah Willis [I] Willis ain't talkin about nuthin! [C] It's Different Strokes [I] Let's get back to umm, breakfast foods [I] because it's, early in the mornin.. [Common] Well you can have your Wheaties [Immens] You can have your Flakes [Common] You can have your Kix [Immens] And you can have your Trix [Common] You can have your POUNDcakes [Immens] You can have your Loops [*both*] But you still gotta get your Two Scoops! [Immenslope] To keep the hot raw, I'm rollin, rollin Bowlin - spare me! Fuss ya hushed mouth mush Lush alcohol's excessive like a Jefferson Movin on up -- progressive One time for your brain, cell And when I get through, you say -- aww hell man! Styles that I free won't, stop til the end Paper I go on and go on with the pen Get a max of funk, attack or sunk *huff, huff* One blow, and emcees are gone with the wind Kickin the dumber rhyme, I'm not a print but I'm fresh, heatin up like the summertime, summer rhyme I'm a dime a dozen, but I keep you buzzin like a bee, a dozen attempts is in the toilet Cause I flush the dime and I'm not a Leader cause I Busta Rhyme, a rhyme If I kick with Rakim, you +Run For Cover+ brother But I kick it with Petey cause I'm just another mother (sucker) Blo Pop time (it's Blo Pop time) It's Blo Pop time (it's Blo Pop time) In the mix, the dimension, J.B., and Chico It's seven, not six, my shirt extra-large but I wear, I wear I wear it well like DeBarge to the finish, makin ya eye pop, like you ain't spinach Then it's, time to let you know We count it up, one two three and fo' [I] UHH! Count it up [C] Nah we gon' count it down [I] Nah man, we're gonna count it up [C] Mmmm, let's get back to that umm, food tip though, the breakfast tip [I] Food tip Well you just check [C] Cause you know what we need [I] What can I have [Common] You can have your Life [Immens] You can have your Bran [Common] You can have your Puffs [Immens] You can have your Pebbles [Common] You can have your Krunch [Immens] And you can have your Loops [*both*] But you still gotta get your Two Scoops! [Common] Around and round and upside down and upside down we go WHOAHHHHH! I'ma sneak in the front row Not Jethro, I'm not a Jethro, on skid row I don't wear Monie's hat, but I was a Monkey +in the Middle+ Hey diddle diddle, you can Kibble a Bit I take a squat, and booty MC's be sayin OOOOHHH SHIT! Yo, I turn Bucktown into Fucktown You're just a field goal kid, and I'm a touchdown With the next point to the next joint, so tell Spike about it I'm all that, that your bitch be writin home about it Shout it out, praise the Lord, hallelujah! This could be love, but umm, don't let em fool ya Cause when I do ya, come down come down after me come Yeah sorry Sugar Plums but umm, I gotta run Run Jesse Run, keep hope alive I'm down with the b-boys, FUCK the Jackson 5 You jive-ass turkey, a-pit-apitta-a-aperk be You can get ill, but don't, HURT ME, HURT ME Or urk me, cause see I'll outsmart you like the Urkel B-boys at the school of hard knocks, in a circle Pass the sess blunt, yeah stud, you ain't know I wanna go bang, I said, bang-o, bang-oh bang-oh or bojangle jingle jangle on the jaw Hip-hip, hooray, oh now you wanna be all lovable Don't push or pull, or you'll see, I'ma wreck it out MC's be checkin in but they don't be checkin out I leave em out on the canvas So click your heels twice and take your ass back to KANSAS..

Going Home With Me

JERMAINE DUPRI (JD) "Life In 1472"
[JD talking to R.O.C.] [JD] I'm feelin' that 2x, is you wit' me? I'm the type you see at the bar, fresh, buyin' it up And every girl I talk to, yeah I'm tryin' to cut I tell'em all I'm Chi Chi and it's nice to meet ya Real quick, I tell how she got all the right features The jams come on and the glasses get refilled We dance and watch the relations build Now I'm all up in her ear and she listenin' At the same time, watchin' how a nigga glistenin' BLING! BLING! I'm thinkin' it's bout time to go Get the B out of valet and start the late night show Niggas hate, I know but I don't stop I shine I'm in the club every week, same place, same time Same thing on the mind, PARTY! PARTY! So the hell with all that, we tryin' to find somebody The right kind 'fore the lights come off Shit, I'm tryin' to take sumpin' home [Chorus] Now if I buy you a drink and you drink it up Then, uh, you goin' home with me (and all my niggas say) And if you talkin' at a party and we talk too much Then, uh, we goin' home with me Now if you came with a friend that don't wanna do my man Then you need to give her your keys Tell her to call you tomorrow or give you a beep Cause tonight, you going home with me, ya heard? [JD] Now, is it because my name's Jermaine? no It's all about how I kick my game, you know? I just flow with it, spend a little dough with it Entertain, before you know, I'm in your brain doing my thang Tellin' you how good you smell Send you up for a drop top cruise through the A-T-L Now when they tipsy, it's risky, you don't know what you facin' Fuck around and end up like Anthony Mason So I let'em know a few things before we leave Like, "it's true, I tapes damn near everything" So don't even think about lyin', baby Or try baby, to set me up for rape cause it's all on tape Where you said put the cake How you fed me the grapes What I did with the ice that made you shake, shake Now when the night's over and the girl is gone I'm back up in the club singin' the same damn song [Chorus] Now, walk in, I'm the grown man that you figure to trick But I'm feelin' your dress, girl and lovin' your hips But I'm buggin' off this, "Why you stuck on the wrist?" Golddigger, huh, mommy? Oh, you ain't that bitch? Ain't that some shit? Suddenly, you hugs and kisses Gotta be the dough you holdin' so obvious wit' it I get G's to flash, T.V.'s in the dash See Sinbad, watchin' Vibe, ladies clockin' to ride Luxury flows, lengerie hoes, R.O.C. hit'em mo' than Jose Conseco Uh, RBI's, orange top fly, the brown skin, slim The nice braids, brown eyes R.O.C.'s stay pimpin' from Jersey to Richmond Y'all playas waitin' to ball like 6th men I'm done with the game, point spread by a hundred Speakin' of hundreds, five's is a nice way to slide it, let's ride [Chorus]

Feel Like An Enemy

Genius "Beneath the Surface"
[Hell Razah] Yeah, yeah yo I'm like a whirlwind spinnin wit words of wisdom In the ghetto only promised a hearse and system We complete like the solar system Play your space, I get hungry off of treble and bass and beat breaks Everyday be a court date recorded on tape Hell Raizah grab the mic and send your show to a wake Cut off a snakehead the same way I cut off dead weight We negotiate wit .38's in a ?nor? face GZA came wit the Liquid Swords killin you all I'm the virus in the street that'll get in your paws See me jumpin outta four-doors wit my road dogs All you soldiers want wars when you don't know laws You be a rap fraud, knock you off the top of Billboard Besides keyboards, only thing I love is the Lord G-G Maccabee, K-P-P rapidly Aiyyo Prodical, niggas is charged wit blasphemy Chorus [Hell Razah] AND ALL THAT HARD ROCK SHIT (charged wit blasphemy) AND IF YOU'RE FEELIN LIKE AN ENEMY (come after me) [Killah Priest] I heard the sweet words from sour tongues Vent poison in the ears of the ?grown-z's? dead head for years Shed a tear for the underwear under the stairs Left naked in the shame from hunger and fear Shots were fired in the darkest moments Niggas missed they targets, hit the homeless when the chrome spit Sacreligious, days of atonement Sing a praise wit a peace pipe for niggas I zone wit Priest I blow bread amongst twelve thugs Drunk a cup of blood We trained the same time Peter sprayed a slug We all trapped in this dream scared to wake up I seen a phantom whisper, grim shadows, shows a blurry picture Streets are filled wit goons and bloody niggas I seen my friend fall, clutchin holdin his stomach Caught him off-guard, foldin his hundred It's like a life never ends, never know when it's comin [Trigga] Vocal imbalance, a code of silence converses violent Live from medalion, ?nometry? dealin equality You could stop to see profiles of me Mic styles of me, lifestyles of me Parallel prophecy, three-sixty degree Complete the formation, salute the salvation A Wu nation, do the knowledge no hatin No misbehavin, lyrical affiliation Artist in occupation together maintainin Brain stainin, metaphor mutilatin This generation, a misleading calculation No elevation, time wastin and live chasin [Prodigal Sun] A day and night crime scene, livin in the time machine Blaze a lime green, six on the spleen over some green Surrounded by crooks, a life wit jux and bloody heist It's a deadly price but the gun fiend for ice price In this hell puzzle filled wit bitches, money and trouble Stitches, for dummy knuckles crummy fuckin up the hustle It's a struggle, in jungle wit sin we fondle men Plus a prison, ain't no division and no religion And inner city chronicle, thugs get caught up astronomical Cash phenomenal, blast at your abdominal Niggas is comical, fuckin wit the abominal Son, I promise you, you won't live to see tomorrow Catch a slug in the back of your head at the Apollo I'm a hard act to follow, rugged Smith like Rollo (Let's mark that ass nigga) Chorus 3x

Distant Wilderness

GOODIE MOB "Still Standing"
[T-Mo] Why is it you fail, to see a man in the same hour, that his kin come grinnin In another code, fell asleep, party mode, tryin to come up from the ashes that defy your lift, listen up Ladies seem sweet, the ocean meets the mountain peaks Stone-walker, the side-walker, watches loose lips, Wall Street Numbers set by stock movers, buy my tip so I can touch Not for no print size, plate saint, white wasted H20 Four coats'll make it glaze Beams rooted like dogwood, between the Pine, wind Twenty-fo' stores with malt for sale, still fetchin water out the well, help em size, find the grind, find the times where the times weighed as hard as find me shoes, baby daddy Rico Daddy, he didn't break the TV So why should I weep, man gon' bye, see you when my light blow Got more good than dirt to throw, and I won't pull between the halo, and a fork-pitch Suffocated by my rhymes... [Chorus: Debra Killings] Rest your mind in distant wilderness Take your time and concentrate on it Take a stand and make your hand a fist We got a reason to resist [Gipp] The mortal orbit your nadir, don't cross the fader chillin in Decatur, where it's greater, secure streets In the hood late at nights, dippin fine Hard not to be slippin, if they come, I won't run When it's time, I ain't trippin, I got my date and you got yours too, I see, the record sales soar after the death, of this creator, genocidal, tendencies when they mention he, who listens to Unseen Hand Cappin the faces of the young black man, when they sing Knowin that we Godly, got to keep it right with my people cause I'm equal no matter, how much I make I can't escape fate, the date as I await As I await, I can't fake Can't fake, I can't fake, I'm true with it [Khujo] A duffel for the cash, platinum within myself from another earth Spill, nina, tea leaf, your very, existance is considered a privelege, buck up, and they can't, be revoked Pay your taxes, uhh, snake eyes Strapped with flaws, still iterant to a lot of laws Man-made, but that's a dot Everybody from the East coast done went back home, to think Gettin they thoughts mixed negative, after reoccurances I say a prayer, plus if I, entertained them It's easy to commit, hard to resist And once we cross that line segment, not even our producers can bring us back, eyeballs peeled eardrums opened, egos stripped stroked Another low blow delivered to the hip-hop culture, uhh Industry consists of thieveries, prostitutes and Folgers if somethin bigger than us, past the blue Told us that it wasn't a heaven for G's Then we do this, continue your devilish deeds I mean activities, that just show, that it's a Hell for Jacks, independent, but you distributed by your masters Labels still a slave, but you just get to eat at the white man's table, lookin like Gable Gunther on the Guinness Book of World Records, God didn't like ugly and he wasn't too fond of cute either A climate of caution, a climate of caution in effect Hard acts to follow [Chorus] [Cee-Lo] Where I am, you can feel God is present In the midst of darkness if you spark up bet somebody gonna see it It is necessary for me to speak these words now Another day here hasn't been promised to me, don't you agree that you never fail when you try, I'm willing to die but first I am willing to live, and I overstand that this will be a lifelong sacrifice, in order to reveal you gon' have to destroy, and if you ain't thinkin right you damn sure can't act right, somebody raise your fist and let me know I'm not alone, revolution, doesn't mean fightin in these streets, and it ain't gonna be no revolution without the women, and, it ain't gonna be no future without the children, and, it ain't gonna be no children without the men, and, you can't have no love without the trust And no, trust can come without communication And you can't communicate if you ain't got shit to say You can't teach about what you, been deceived about too Any book you read is still limited education You gon' have to talk to God personally and time is short And, he's on his way, and I will receive a great reward for what I've done And this is all that really matters to me In time you will see what I told you is true And I ain't have to rhyme to say that to you I ain't got to rhyme to say it to you, it's true [Chorus]

Damn Right

JAMES OTTO "Sunset Man"
You can always find me here Raisin’ hell and drinkin’ beer With all my good-time buddies Cuttin’ up and havin’ fun Yeah the jokes can be on me And I don’t mind usually I’m an easy-goin’, back-slappin’ son of a gun But she just left me And that’s just left me undone So you don’t want to push your luck boys, not tonight Just don’t bring up her name one more time If you think I’m in the mood to pick a fight You’re damn right She’s gone and I admit I was wrong But I can’t quit Thinkin’ about how good our love used to be And the whiskey numbs the pain But in the morning when I wake I’ll be hungover hangin’ on to a memory And I’ll order one more round Lose the Coke and keep the Crown And just drown my misery And I’ll blind myself with liquor and neon lights Alone and stoned out of my mind If you think I’m flyin’ high as a kite You’re damn right Now I’m just tryin’ to make it through But gettin’ over you is a long, long road And I’m a strong man, but it’s killin’ me Lettin’ go And I’d love to say it ain’t, but I can’t lie Yeah pretend that I got somethin’ in my eyes If you think I’m gonna break down and cry You’re damn right You’re damn right

Don't Know Why

KANO "Home Sweet Home"
This is Kano you should know my name Yeah I make beats but flows my game And I ain't got no G-Unit, piece or my home crew ain't got no fros and chain It's Kano like I said before I can spit rock grime hip hop and more I seen old school fall to the floor but I'm a (badger?) and I get raw in the war It's Kano let me say it again K-A-N-O let that stay in your brain If its a good flow then it must be Kane I ain't normally this boasty I must admit I write songs but I hustle a bit So I ain't got a problem with busting a lip And I already bussed on the road So bussing mainstream ain't nothing old I know I'm bait but I get tempted time and time again But I know I aint got no time for fucking playing games Cos if I'm on crime but I write rhymes then I'll go either way And I don't know why that I'm so blind that I can't see the way I can't see the way It's Kano you should know my name Yeah I make beats but flows my game They don't like the way that I rolled on the road Roll in the club like I just rolled in off the road Roll out with rich chicks that roll in the golf (12345 to much gash Timmaah!) Free chicks (?) some on the road Kano is about to give them something to blow And when (?) theres something went wrong Wait this is your week why would I be dropping you home? Look if you're not dropping your clothes then showing us toes I'll keep hold of your phone and we're robbing your golf Jack (?) telly and land line phone, DVD player and remote control Now we're on the motorway heading for home Looking ever so bait on the A4 road bait (?) end of my face is flames Please tell me why I'm still playing games I know I'm bait but I get tempted time and time again But I know I aint got no time for fucking playing games Cos if I'm on crime but I write rhymes then I'll go either way And I don't know why that I'm so blind that I can't see the way (?) that's a big step for me And I will make mistakes so let me be Yeah I will bring thugs to the set with me And they take home clothes they was meant to leave So what if I can't behave myself I get in so much shit I amaze myself My names Kano I know you heard of me Yeah I make beats but but... I got a way with the ladies, a way with my words Up, down, right through that's the way I prefer If I (?) then I'll be on the curb Cause I don't give a crap about being commersh I know you've already heard the flow Cause I've been on the grime scene getting reloads When in doubt (?) still getting (?) on I still treat it all the same If I don't act right then road's to blame If I hot up a (?) and I don't want to pay Cause I don't want a cheque I want cash today If you told me invoice I might smash your face I'm underground please believe I just want the piece and scrap the fame How could I ever change over change I'll never change I'm the same, Kane I know I'm bait but I get tempted time and time again But I know I aint got no time for fucking playing games Cos if I'm on crime but I write rhymes then I'll go either way And I don't know why that I'm so blind that I can't see the way I can't see the way

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