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Commissioned lyrics

I Am Here

Original and similar lyrics
I'm waiting for you Rain fills the sky Yet the sun is always there though it seems too hide Waiting for the right moment to brighten up your life Just like a mother's love A child can rest there and be secure I can be that and much more If you only give Me half a chance Standing here with outstretched hands You've got understand If you only look My way hear the words I say I offer you My love How long must I wait I am here (right here, right here waiting for you) I am here (with love unconditional, yea) I am here (right here, right here waiting) Right here waiting for you Too involved everyday Looking for love everywhere I'm the missing piece to your puzzled life Why cant you see that I care How many tears do you cry How many disappointments before you realize I am what u need Give y love a try Standing here with outstretched hands You've got understand If you only look My way hear the words I say I offer you My love How long must I wait I am here (right here, right here waiting for you) I am here (with love unconditional, yea) I am here (right here) Right here waiting Tell Me why do you insist on loving Me from a distance I offer you My love but still there is resistance Draw nigh unto Me and I'll draw nigh to you There's nothing that I wouldn't do for you I lay down My life to prove My love to you Stop hear My voice take a look around Seek My face while I yet may be found Wont you come closer draw near Realize that I'm right here (13 times)

Usually Just A T-Shirt: Untitled #2

JOHN FRUSCIANTE "Niandra Lades & Usually Just A T-Shirt"
Shadows been word One win a hand To sell it thru their thick little back let clock, It's a, It's a passage way to drive, walk or run thru, Or the wind and water can carry me. I except what didn't happen just now to just happened To just hear me up, part of the quan skies one. And body betrayls that's design by the shadows Now that forward or up or down climb to top It's the bottom so there is no rush, And you don't get tired, Just knows, when it burn the creeves that's around you Trying to pretend, Burrying it wherever it grooves itself to the rage life That balance, And move like you do cuz you do it for them. I've been followed and i've been so wrong Mistakenly killed for being so thin I can flip inside out The song of trash that can rise in depression, It's closing Love So it grooves I assume that whenever slides in her own ground spending life So you flip each day to the night That holds you soft in position Folding pain tightly so it knows what it means For it silent vowels to be all that bleeds Like you knows the sided Or what it needs to keep trying And it didn't mean to be N I A P My body is light Cuz the way of whatever carring me thru the weak traps around That bleed I've stepped anyway not falling my being my way to be I'll never go empty for fex to have thee Sitting around feels like running and crowds Dangle me from their thighs widely cross where life is here Cuz my love is crying I'll share the way i've lost Cuz i'm a pretend me And i'm real cuz i can hit me softly Bleed Blood i can hear Cuz i'm here now and it's far from me Fall back into the ground Flip dive to it's holes Burring the all thing ?? unimportent As long as i'm giving the things that swirls Like selling dreams to cannabis Telling too to jump free.

I Know What Love's All About

ANTHONY HAMILTON "Ain't Nobody Worryin'"
[Verse 1] Its about finding a new experience with someone you never thought you meet, who totally turns your life around completely, helping you get a job and keeping you off the streets, church on sunday morning, eventually I'm saving money, sending my life in a new direction, now I'm friends with my old man again, standing here wearing this wedding band I can say I knew love because of you, say I know love [Chorus] I know what love is all about I know what love's all about [Verse 2] I used to think that love was just a weekend thing, the way you make me feel, sharing a moment of emptiness, but you see that wasn't nothing, cause the moment she left I forgot about her, until you came in and you showed me what it really felt to be loved, and kissed, and held, and prayed for, and wanted, and nutured and guided, and ohh to be understood [Chorus] I know I can sit here and I can talk about it cause i've experienced it, and im feelin it, im livin it right here right now, I got somebody who loves me for me, got somebody who loves me for me, I know sometime I have to realize that sometimes its about compromise, and you can't always have your way, cant always have it your way, love is about realizing and love is about redirecting your discisions, wether to go out all night long or go home to the one you love, its about taking care of your family, and taking care of your kids, and holding your wife at night and letting her know that the bills will be paid on time and that you look and you listen to her cause its about love, say love, say love

Hip Hop

ACE HOOD "Starvation 3"
I'm at a loss of words Just don't get it [Verse 1:] Dear the love of my life I'm sick and tired of the fights So we been fucking for years But you been cheating for life You give it up to them lames And then you blow em that night I Gave my heart to you baby But you ain't doing me right See I was young when I met ya Had me fallin in seconds Held me down in recessions I'm thinking God what a blessing Know my love runs deep I toss and turn in my sleep I need your heart in return And if it ever would beat I lost in touch with you once Had me stressing for months I started out in the barn We done been through too much I swear that life is a bitch And plus you easy to switch Ain't no worries lil mama I ain't taking the fence Keep on doin them lames Keep on makin em rich I'll be here for a while You'll be back on my dick Misses hip hop love I forgive and forget Still I wonder in time Will you ever commit I'm saying [Verse 2:] I went to war with some sinners Laid in bed with the devils Ain't no love in this game It'll turn a Christian to rebels Poured my heart and my soul I let my passion develop Why you playin with my feelings I ain't the type to be jealous Fuck that hip hop bitch Let that last line settle You fall in love with these rappers Know I'm ten times better Get it ten times wetter Plus I'm way more clever I'm from that fuck you era Plus I'm top 5 level What's a king to a God What's your life to my nine What's my life without you I can't envision my odds Why your hearts so cold Where the love at tho I deserve that shit You'll be lying if I don't You wasting time with them gimmicks Suck a dick for your critics Give a fuck who your favorite I'm the name that you mention You can look up the realest I'm your sure definition We been at it for years I think it's time for commitment I'm saying

Waiting For Godot Part Zed

Roy Harper
Youth went a wooing Fleet of the feet Ran the horizons Living his life out for love Never knowing how fast They could meet All too soon it was over Gone in a flash Wilted and withered Limping away out of love Out of time out of life at a dash It won't be long now Before all the skies Come circling overhead Waiting for godot With ravenous cries For summer is fading Here come the storms The mirror's got misty Crying my heart out for love As I lie in the last of her arms So let us be gentle Especially with us Share all our moments Treasure the pleasure of love As we fathom uncertain because It won't be long now Before all the skies Come circling overhead Waiting for godot With ravenous cries

Waiting On Your Love

RICHARD MARX "Days In Avalon"
How long is it s'posed to take Which song got the answer straight I thought I sang 'em all What face am I gonna make Which leg to I have to break To know I took the fall It's like I'm standing on the edge of madness Save me from crossing that line Sure that I'll never come back Chorus With the dawn, life goes on How long can I keep waiting on your love Hold my breath, give me strength How long can I keep holding on How long can I keep waiting on your love True love is a funny thing Too much for a diamond ring To guarantee applause Too late when you have to guess Which joke's taken as tenderness Penny for your thoughts Just like I'm hanging off the edge of madness Stop me from falling so far How can you let me let go Chorus I keep every moment frozen in time And if they're all I get, I'll be cold the rest of my life Chorus

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