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Clint Black lyrics - Put Yourself In My Shoes

A Heart Like Mine

Original and similar lyrics
On a barstool like a damn fool Hoping she won't think I'm to much older Just another come on line To a girl like you in a place like this And on the dance floor wanting so much more I crossed that line and got that cold shoulder You probably think I'm full of it But I don't think you'll ever find such emptiness This heart of mine is just looking for A heart like mine who's just looking for what it can find Still looking for a heart like mine I'm not the only one who's lonely I find that feeling beating all around me But with just a night or two I'd know if you're the one But now that shoulders getting colder And soon you'll turn and leave me like you found me Still way out of line, one thing on my mind And all alone This heart of mine is just looking for A heart like mine who's just looking for what it can find Still looking for a heart like mine

Love Needs A Heart

JACKSON BROWNE "Running On Empty"
(Lowell George, Valerie Carter & Jackson Browne) Maybe the hardest thing I've ever done Was to walk away from you Leaving behind the life that we'd begun I split myself in two Proud and alone, cold as a stone Rolling down that hill into the night I could see the surprise and the hurt in your eyes From behind each flashing city light Love needs a heart and I need to find If loves needs a heart like mine Love won't come near me, she don't even hear me She walks past my vacancy sign Love needs a heart, trusting and blind I wish that heart was mine Proud and alone, cold as a stone I'm afraid to believe the things I feel I can cry with the best I can laugh with the rest But I'm never sure when it's real And it may be the hardest thing I've ever done But apart from all that I hope to find Where's the heart that's been looking for mine? I hope it finds me in time Love needs a heart and I need to find If love needs a heart like mine


JANELLE MONÁE "The Audition"
As I search for a home And a place to belong I find it hard to fit in I meet lots of pretty girls In this fantasy world Waiting for their turn to shine So I try to be Cindi, in hopes that they'd notice But I wasn't their cup of tea Its so lonely, when I'm only being me Who's that girl in the mirror With hair like a rock star She wants to dance but she has cold feet Her confidence is low So much talent but who'll know When she's afraid to follow her dreams So I talk to her heart and made up her mind That I gotta except her for me But its so lonely, when I'm only being me Ooooooohhh You gotta be you and I've gotta be me Only, only be me


Girlfriend You make my head start spinning around And all I can ever hear is the sound Of your heart beating in my ears Girlfriend This boy has found another reason to sing You're reminding me of everything That I hold dear in my heart And I'm feeling elevated Lifted to my highest dream My whole world's revolving in circles round your heart You gotta be the one for me or else life makes no sense So wrap your arms around me Kiss me till I'm dead Girlfriend A girl like you would take an army to find I glad I am that you said you would be mine standing there in the cold, dark night Girlfriend Let me take you to the fields of the sun How much it means to me that you are the one That I hold here in my arms

Tonight the Heartache's on Me

DIXIE CHICKS "Wide Open Spaces"
You Could've Heard A Pin Drop When They Walked Through The Door Had To Turn My Eyes Away My Heart Fell To The Floor Someone Whispered, 'Where's Her Halo' Cause She Had An Angel's Face He Stood There Smiling, Holding On To The One Who Took My Place So... [Chorus:] Tonight The Heartache's On Me, On Me Let's Drink A Toast To The Fool Who Couldn't See Bartender Pour The Wine, 'Cause The Hurtin's All Mine Tonight The Heartache's On Me I Wonder If He Told Her She's The Best He's Ever Known The Way He Told Me Ev'ry Night When We Were All Alone She'll Find Out When The New Wears Off He'll Find Somebody New She'll Learn What Heartache's All About And What I'm Going Through But... [Repeat Chorus] But... [Repeat Chorus] Yes Tonight, The Heartache's On Me Oh Lovers Like You And Me Will Never Say Die

Sunday Part I

Cibo Matto "Stereo Type A"
The bomb in my heart is beating me a B note Maybe my ear dirt is cheating on me, yo 'Cuz missin' you on Sunday morning, I need somethin' new It's Sunday morning But nothing helps me... I'm just waiting for the milkman to come I can't find it, I can't find it Why do I feel so lonely? I don't know how to compromise You are my one and only. What can I find 'til the moon rises? I feel dizzy, you're so damn sleazy, I know you'll say I was busy Baby, take me out, it's been rained out so I run to the bank to get my cash And check our savings of love out but it's closed on Sunday What can I say? I feel blue the rain starts soaking my shoes We're losing glue I can't find a clue, I'm knocking on the door Somebody is dancing on the floor, then I know the score, I can't take it no more The Knicks winnin' can't even make me high, cuttin' coupons for nothing makes me sigh I can't find it, it's been on my mind, I've been trying to find it day and night

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