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Cledus T. Judd lyrics - Cledus Navidad

Don't Serve Beans

Original and similar lyrics
Robert Ellis Orrall/Dennis Amcro EMI April Music Inc./TKids Music controlled by EMI April Music Inc. (ASCAP)/Dennis Amoco Music (ASCAP) MINISTER I'd like to welcome everybody again and say how good it is to see you out at the annual Holy Roller Hall Christmas fund raiser. And up next we have a Fellow who we've all come to know in love. Bless him as he comes up and sings. Lord. A lovely holiday carol: Cledus T. Judd featuring Out Of Sync Take it away Cledus CTJ hehe Uh. Thank y'all so much for uh coming out. I appreciate it. I uh pardon me if I seem a little nervous. At least I'm here for a good cause :CONGREGATION :Amen brother : :CTJ :I appreciate it So if you would bear with me while I try to sing one for you. Glad you could All come tonight. Appreciate you so much and it comes from the heart and that's all that matters MINISTER That's all that matters. Amen. Amen CTJ Sta... Sta... Here... There it is... Star of wonder star so bright This one wish I wish tonight If I'm to live till morning's light Please don't serve beans on Christmas night Cook up a steak or toss some greens But don't bake those powerful beans Cause if I take one single bite We won't have a silent night And my poor dog will howl and bay And pray that foul bouquet Will go away Though he will know from whence it came I hope it's him my guests will blame So don't serve beans Please don't serve beans Cook up a steak or toss some greens If I'm to live till morning's light Please don't serve beans on Christmas night CTJ Uh thank you. Thank you so much I appreciate it Thank you Mmm huh thank you.

Youthful Expression

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST "People's Instinctive Travels"
Q-Tip: The taste of nuthin, this does somethin Moms that knows that, says I'm frontin Call me Smiley, cuz I'm wiley Livin life like the life of Riley Smokin blunts with a boy named Bud We cough up your lungs, cough up your cud Put out fires, with a 40, ounce of water You know you oughta Dance to this, your girl you kiss I like fried foods, especially fish Afrocentric, I'm electric Socialistic and eccentric Body's healthy, mind is wealthy Thoughts, they flow, that will prepare me To be a Native, get creative Original and designative Listen to the line that's playin Listen hard to what Q's sayin Politicians are magicians Make your vote, they hope your wishin Ambiguous words, senseless verbs They all amount to crap that's heard Violent hip hop, money flip flops Promoters won't book, but it still rocks I'm a Zulu, yes, a true blue Red Alert is with the poo-poo Ozone layer, loses flava Here's the edge that you will savor Jarobi: The economy...politics...police...everything Except for the youth But the youth about to come back Q-Tip(voice distorted): Alright, here they come Uh oh, uh oh, uh! Q-Tip: With expressions and I'm guessin 19 years is a youthful lesson Fallin skies babe, open eyes babe Can't you see what lays inside babe Makin mentions on this tension Rhythmic lovin, my profession Hips, they gyrate, scripts I narrate No banana, I ain't a primate Ain't no soul glo, just an afro The head is bred to let the thoughts grow Quest together, to lands of never Sleet and snow and storms can't sever Tribe is growin, never know when For this time, six necks may show in Dialogues have been accepted Negatives have been rejected That's the music, negro music Is here for all, so you must choose it Phonies fondle, watch it throttle 3-6-5 straight out the bottle Bustin caps, finger snaps I prefer the second for ghetto tracks Phife, Jarobi, Ali told me Get the force like Wan Kenobi Force his teachin, beats are screechin Poly plateaus, we aim for reachin Tribalization, freaks the nation A mass of peers in celebration Hopes been real high, since the knee high Days of youth, feelin good and real spry Avid combos, hear those bongos Boom cacka boom, that's how they go We ain't nomads, but we real glad Hip hop slams through the nineties, no fad As a rhythm, have been given Hurry up, become, we breakin out, out Shaheed: With a rhythmic instinction to be able to travel Beyond existing forces of life Basically, that Tribal And if you wanna get the rhythm Then you have to join a Tribe Word, peace

Deeper Still

David Wilcox "What You Whispered"
from What You Whispered .............................................. by David Wilcox/Beth Nielsen Chapman In the tears you gave to me I found a river to an ocean A concrete sky and a stone cold sea That came to where the emptiness cracked open And all my fears came crashing through And met the fire of my sorrow But I found my strength in forgiving you I never even dreamed how far my heart could go To give my life beyond each death From this deeper well of trust To know that when there's nothing left You will always have what you gave to love In this life, the love you give becomes the only lasting treasure And what you lose will be what you win A well that echoes down too deep to measure A silver coin rings down that well You could never spend too much, a diamond echoes deeper still And you'll always have what you gave to love, You will always have what you gave to love .............................................. Â 2000 Lyrics reprinted by permission, all rights reserved Deeper Still publishing - Midnight Ocean Bonfire Music(ASCAP)/Cindy Lou My Dear(ASCAP), a division of Soroka Music Ltd/Almo Music Corp (ASCAP)/BNC Songs(ASCAP)


JME "Blam!"
[Hook:] Ha! I'm Jme, my name's tattooed on the grime scene People don't know how to test me, been doing this from 2003 I'm a big boy producer, sick MC, I can even sing in key I'm a genius, but unfortunately You will never be like JME, You will never be like JME You will never be like JME, You will never be like JME You will never be like JME, You will never be like JME You will never be like JME, You will never be li... [Verse 1:] Born in Hackney, raised in Tottenham, lived in Palmers, never had a job I'm not unemployed? I'm a sole trader, don't get annoyed cause I'm still a baider I've changed from back in the days, don't buss shots at cats like Tomb Raider Still a Street Fighter but nowadays I'll low punch, low kick Tatsu Vega! I went Welbourne, I went St. Pauls, I went Winchmore then I went Greenwich And I still sold more tunes than you fools that used to spit more so I don't get it Your tunes are dead like Tyranosaurus, truthfully your lyrics just bore us More time when your tunes on the radio, I'm waiting for the chorus I make grime music with ease, I'm tryna make grime spread like disease I'm doing well, I'm not gonna stop 'til my name rings bells like Dizzee's You won't see me with Ray-Bans, Billabong shorts and flip flops I don't wear Converse, I write a big verse so you won't see me fullstop! Safe! [Hook] [Verse 2:] I ain't buss one gunshot in my life, but I'm still standing here You wish you was in these Nike Airs, you're there licking of shots in the air You've got a silencer and you squeeze, yeah but really none of that matters One minute silence for your enemies and one minute silence for your bank balance... woo! Common sense needs to be renamed because nowadays it's rare When I was young my Mum used to say "Jamie, use what's in between your ears" So I did, and now I'm here, but if I said the same to you brehs Half of you'd just smell things all day, And rest of you would just stare I'll never go mersh, swear down I ain't following nobody I'm a shepherd I'm like the spots on a leopard, when I'm on the mic riddim get peppered Truss, music over wealth, I got deep lyrics, as you can tell If I work hard for the reload and I don't get a reload I'll reload it myself!... safe! [Hook] [Outro]

Tug Of War (1993)

JEDI MIND TRICKS "The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation ..."
[Verse 1] Adjust of us, to attacks the crowd The simple fly, plus arrows, I rush the format If four blind shots to ya verbs and pronouns These herbs'll slow down, with terms to sicken a guitar Dip live and you just the point to ball For sharp lines, make keen, the blast to catch phrase Overdrawn by the crowd who strikes amaze Never float like me, and oddly never lose a few So bear wits, to appreciate verse such as that Anitiate words to come back, over tight Nah, I'm different from these war heads More treds on my adjective's Allow full side steps, to deflect your ships Then he make a true vowels, with volume, see I'll Prospect tunnel, for me and Asan Icon We rock broad neck, funnels to collect The drips and moss, giving y'all friends and serves No connecting to our actual juice of five foot And the least to serve, with over stridal shoots Indeed and they relax in conforts They need to form and parse words, to lose any casual sense Of well being, yo lay back, grows ya depths [Verse 2] As the beings, squads find it hard to establish A working rhythm, my esoteric mysticism makes me a mathematician Like Apollonius, phony as any who receive lobotomies Get caught in my harsh, canapoly of unhappy rhapsodies Fragments of stagments, we world with ultramagnets My reverberation, crush men to micro fragments I get's physical in the forest of absolute manitrition My complex disposition, forces crews into submission Beginnings on one six two, switches through to witch's brew On which is true, or which is you Isolation, plus, a reflux, I see buck Who get the equilibrium shattered, or crushed to this I throw fists, and take trips, to other dimensions My henchmen will bend them and get attention As I destroy decoys and make noise My b-boys will be employed, to deploy like the falling of Troy Fell into the soul, control, what is concealed If a void is not filled, my suicidial thoughts will come real


CHER "Stars"
I was never one for saying What I really feel Except tonight I'm bringing Everything I know that's real [Chorus:] Stars they come and go They come fast They come slow They go like the last light of the sun All in a blaze And all you see is glory Hey, but it gets lonely here When there's no one here to share You can shake it all away If you will hear my story Some people ask for fame Like athlete's in a game We break our collarbones And come up swinging Some of us are downed Some of us a crowned And some are lost and never found But most have seen it all They live there lives In sad cafe's and music halls They always come up singing Some make it when they're young Before the world has done its dirty job Later on someone will say You've had your day, And now you must make way But they will never know The pain of living With a name you'd never own Or the many years forgetting What you know too well That the ones who get the crown Have been let down Yet try to make amends Without defending Perhaps pretending You never saw the eyes Of grown men of twenty-five That follow as you walk And ask for autographs Or kiss you on the cheek But you never can believe They really love you Some make it when they're old Perhaps they have a soul They're not afraid to bear Or perhaps there's nothing there [Chorus] But most have seen it all They live there lives In sad cafe's and music halls They always come up singing Singing Singing Singing

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