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Clawfinger lyrics - Clawfinger

I Guess I'll Never Know

Original and similar lyrics
After all these precious years you chose to just give in why did you leave so many things undone I only scratched the surface of the thoughts you had within and for me your life had just begun Why did you think that you were never good enough to give when you accepted me right from the start I never saw the side of you that didn't want to live and i miss you from the bottom of my heart What was it that you never told a soul about yourself what kind of thoughts were buried inside was there really no one there you thought would understand or was the only barrier your pride with so much love around you i just wish you'd loved yourself 'cos no one here can ever take your place you were someone special and my words just can't express how much i miss the warmth of your embrace Why did you just give in why did you just give up and let it go I guess I'll never know It's hard to see you disappear without a real good bye there's so many things i wish I'd said But all the little things you did that made it all worthwhile ment more than all the tears you ever shed You always seemed so happy but I guess no one can tell what goes on inside a persons mind you loved your children dearly and you did your very best and someone new like you is hard to find Chorus All the things you went through for your children every day and all the sacrifices that you made were worth much more than anything that wealth could ever buy and now that love can never be repayed In the end I guess you couldn't take it anymore so you closed your eyes and swallowed all your pain I know that you've done the same so many times before but all the questions in my mind remain

Excerpts From Random Notes Strewn Across The Floor

why i should leave... no why i'm leaving you... for him well let's see here... well, let's see where should i... begin? everynight you get annihilated with all your friends and everynight i drink aloneuntil you stumble in the morning sun it's a fuck and run i know see it all i see it in the eyes of those girls those fucking girls they smile and nod but never a single word i'm just in the way i'm the ball and chain you're the jailbird chirping how hard life is in the cage and how hard it is waking up next to me... you really really think that guy is gonna make it alright since you told me you could never be in love with another man oh but this one is it but i remember when we met we knew that it was the end yeah i remember i remember i remember all those things not everything summer haircuts dollar movies we used to sneak a six-pack in your bag and wait for a girl to scream or a car to crash so we could crack open our cans and the time you shaved my head in the front yard a passerby stopped to take a picture we ended up in the paper and now you wanna leave well maybe i forgot a couple things it doesn't mean i don't remember how it feels when you're lying naked next to me valentine i want to feel your hips pressed up against mine we'll push into eachother love's alive it might be fleeting but it's ours, it's tonight so won't you reconsider love's lost lives you might be lonely, but i'm still by your side you might have to leave but not tonight

Mellowship Slinky In B Major

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS "Blood Sugar Sex Magik"
I've got a mellowship, I've got a fellowship I've got a nonstop yo swan hello chip Born to adore the big bad bison Thunderstorm and a man like Tyson Popcorn peanuts lookin' at big butts No I can not keep my mouth shut Rockin' to the beat of the fabulous forum My Lakers I adore 'em Blush my lady when I tell her The I do indeed love to smell her Sopping wet your pink umbrella Do the dog with Isabella I'm so in love yes with an artist Imagination, he's the smartest Robert Williams, stroke and splatter I attest to your gray matter Living kings how true it rings These are just a few of my favorite things Good God where's my sleigh Good God playing for days Good God any day now Good God take me away Good God purple haze Good God the baddest of brains Good God anyday now Good God ridin' my sleigh now Being that I'm the duke of my domain My hat goes off to Mark Twain Singing a song about what true men don't do Killing another creature that's kind of blue Writing about the world of the wild coyote Good man Truman Copote Talking about my throughts 'cuase they must grow Cock my brain to shoot my load I'm on the porch 'cause I lost my housekey Pick up my book I read Bukowski Can I get another kiss from you Kiss me right here on my tattoo [repeat 1st half of Good God section] Good God DeNiro's insane Good God rackin' my brain Good God anyday now Good God take me away now take me away Me my friends and the sex machine Do unto others like my brother Bean I know you've got a mother So give her a hug I know you've got a mother With a whole lot of love Billy sings and Basie swings These are just a few of my favorite things

Can't Say Goodbye

Caldwell Bobby "What You Won't Do For Love"
Ever since the day we met I knew that I would not regret I could never leave you for another But you treat me like a fool I can't keep on being cool Now I need some time just to recover With a ticket to a distant place I could leave you far behind Your love has put me into outer space I'm about to lose my mind There are things about you I will never understand And although our love Is not exactly what I planned It was meant to be Darling can't you see You and I just can't say goodbye Till the day I die I will love you Maybe it would be worthwhile If I could make you change your style Darling you would never have that notion You would have to rearrange The things that you would never change Tell me why you play with my emotions If you see confusionon my face Well, it's just my state of mind

Eye Patch

DE LA SOUL "Buhloone Mindstate"
Verse 1 I am Posdnous I be the new generation of slaves here to make papes to buy a record exec rakes the pile of revenue I create But I guess I don't get a cut cuz my rent's a month late Product of a North Carolina cat who scratched the back of a pretty woman named Hattie Who departed life just a little too soon and didn't see me grab the Plug Tune fame As we go a little somethin' like this look ma, no protection Now I got a daughter named Ayana Monay And I can play the cowboy to rustle in the dough so the scenery is healthy where her eyes lay I am an early bird but the feathers are black so the apples that I catch are usually all worms But it's a must to decipher one's queen from a worm who plays groupie and spread around the bad germ I cherish the twilight I maximize, my soul is the right size I watch for the power to run out on the moon (And that'll be sometime soon) Faker than a fist of kids speakin that they're black When they're just niggas trying to be Greek Or some tongues who lied and said We'll be natives to the end Nowadays we don't even speak I guess we got our own life to live Or is it because we want our own kingdom to rule? Every now and then I step to the now for now I see back then I might have acted like a fool Now I won't apologize for it This is not a bunch of Bradys but a bunch of black man's pride Yet I can safely say I've never played a sister by touching where her private parts reside I've always walked the right side of the road If I wasn't making song I wouldn't be a thug selling drugs But a man with a plan and if I was a rug cleaner betcha Pos'd have the cleanest rugs I am. Verse 2 The Plug Two brand with the flavour in the flute watch the sniffin' so a sack of shows in demand I read the diction from the second page I got the one-two gauge baritone to the izm fan Trees fall so I can play ground with my ink So let me need ya to my ems go I push the infinite and carry it My carrier's the three over one so my pluggins already know Lick shots with moo catch the boo from a ghost in the heckling crowd if I give a foot Jack Ville caught a spill when a still came from my mouth I brought a head down south I don't check for the noose and the neck So I never tell my ems that finesse is knocking at my door I choose to run from the rays of the burning sun and dodge a needle washing up upon a sandy shore I bring the element H with the 2 so ya owe me what's coming when I'm raining on your new parade It's just mind over matter and what matters is that the mind isn't guided by the punished shade I keep the walking on the right side but I won't judge the next who handles walking on the wrong Cuz that's how he wants to be No difference, see I wanna be like the name of this song I am Verse 3 I am Posdnous I be the new generation of slaves Here to make papes to buy a record exec rakes the pile of revenue I create but I guess I don't get a cut cuz my rent's a month late The deeds of a natural are seeds that are no longer planted so the famine in the mind is strong Tactics of another plane is now proven sane Sane enough to let you know from within this song I stabilize many cableized viewers So my occupation's known But not why I occupy And that is to bring the peace not in the flower but the As-Salaam Alaikum in the third I am

I'm Good Now

Bob Schneider "I'm Good Now"
there was that time in west virginia when the cops showed up when the shop blowed up where we didn't know what was gonna happen they messed the whole place us and tried to kill my dad took all the money i had and what was really bad was i couldnt do nothing to stop them i had to move to mexico to get away you reap the seeds you sow or so they say i spent most my nights hanging out at a place called the rainbow bar drinking cervezas all night long singing mexican love songs getting all the words all wrong and not giving a damn hoping that my luck might change feeling crazy acting strange never worrying about the danger i was in well ive had a might bad run of luck since you left town sometimes you hit the braked but you cant slow down i know what i want on my damn tombstone when they put me in the groun tell them to write it big and tall or not at all just put im good now well as the story goes things only got worse fell in love with a nurse she smuggled drugs in her purse she worked for doctor gonzales it turns out the doctor was a mighty mean man who couldnt understand how things could get out oh hand but then he had to find out though her tried to stop her one night well she pulled out a knife there was a struggle and then her fell there in the end as she ran home he lay on the floor dying wondering about the things he'd done thinking about his life and the fun he'd had choices that he made and roads he had taken and he thought about his kids and all the crazy things he did and he wondered if anything at all really matters when your life is almost over and there is no hope to be found when your dying and blood is spilling out all over the ground and the last words he said although he hardly made a sound and he spoke each word in spanish cause he couldnt speak no english he said i'm good now

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