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Clannad lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Like mighty ships that sail atlantic foam The skelling isles parade the kerry coast It's a strange place With a needle's eye Where shipwrecks lie CHORUS Where the king of the world Rested for a while And a place for the pilgrim A sanctuary of time Fourteen steps to nowhere Out of solid stone Don't lead us to the heavens Or lead us to the sea The vikings came to plunder and destroy But to this day the holy relics stand In a blind mans cove Where the wailing woman sighs And the seagulls cry CHORUS A journey to these islands so rare The sound of screaming souls that fill the air A thousand wings Against the sky And grey seal's disguised CHORUS

Long Time

Tanto Metro
Chorus: Mi never see a woman like u in a long time. Mi na tell no lie gal u look so fine. Face and u shape and yu body combine look like u out fi go blow my mind. Woman like u mi only see in a mi dream All in a one a dem fashion magazine Nuff mon a look u when u deh pon di scene Gwaan hot gal ca u know u a lead Verse 1: Fat mon see u and a bawl out spsss... Slim man see u and a shout hey miss Dem never see a woman so clean and criss U a Number 1 pon di hot gal list Yu have a blind mon just a lust and All a wish. Old mon without teeth a blow all kiss. A mash up mi head di way yu walk and twist A long time mi want buck a gal like dis. Chorus Verse 2: U a top di charts like a hit tune u buss If a competition, a yu a come fuss Mi nah tell no lie gal a mi u fi trust Mi haffi get u body gal u know dat a must U know u gone a lead cause u have ambition Yu nah bounce about with no one bagga mon Nobody cyan spoil up u reputation A mi u fi work wit, a talk a yu plan Chorus Repeat Verse 1

One Night Stand

job done wanna have fun gonna call my girls gonna get my air done so i dress tight wiv my heels high and i think about the moves ima pull tonight when i roll up out front guys lookin over like they want some make way, sexy for me and my ladies chorus hear the sound of the dj playin our jam glass down grab a man move to the floor its time to get down ding ding first round hand on my hips as we start to dip close range full clip temptations, sensations,vibrations my one night stand act wild but i got style cos i aint sippin if it aint crystal high class nice ass spend your money but i got my own cash good vibes so right thankyou for the dance tonight feel free baby keep lookin cos u cant have me chorus i said get up get up its a one night stand hear i come again with my rymin slang ride with the rythm as i flip this sound flip this sound we gonna move around and mmmmmmis-teeq were comin back again love of the music inside your membrane im gonna burn u wiv my lyrical flame enter the game come fllow me its time to play break down dont u go and get the wrong impressin its just a dancd, im wiv my girlfriends hangin out to mislead u wasnt my intention nothin more to say chorus (x2)

Power Of You And Me

RICHARD MARX "Days In Avalon"
Everybody's talking, the world is goin' round Rumors are flying all over the town How could a stranger know what's still a mystery to me I don't know what to call it I don't know what it is I only know for certain I've never felt like this And, baby, it's the one thing I can believe There's nothing I fear in this life Long as I've got you by my side Chorus We're mighty as a hurricane, tougher than stone Stronger than anything I've ever known One look at us together anybody could see There ain't nothin' that can stand up to The power of you and me We're only good together, no good on our own Everything about you feels just like home Before you I don't remember how I got along You are the spark to my flame The only one that burns in your name Chorus So many souls searching for What we're holding right in our hands You're the woman that makes me a better man Chorus

Holy Spirit, Come Fill This Place

Holy Spirit come and fill this place bring us healing with your warm embrace Show Your power make your presence known (Holy Spirit come fill this place x2) My heart is longing just to hear from you My soul is waiting to know someone who Can take us higher help us make it through So will you please come and set us free CHORUS Breath of God we need a touch from you shine down on us with the light of truth Stir our hearts and set our spirit free Holy spirit come fill this place Our hearts are hungry for your perfect peace Our souls are thirsty for the joy you bring So send your glory make your praise complete Send down the rain, touch us once again CHORUS

School's In

J Live "Apokalipse"
Welcome to the voice response registration system of True School University representing universally you have added hip hop ethics one two zero for those that don't know school's in who got the nerve ta write a jam that you can swerve ta over tracks so fat the nickname Big Bertha It's probably the kid that half the crews have never hearda whose mind travels further than sex drugs and murder so when you play the role of the timeless inserter I'm sorry if you're 85 and you would have preferred a album full of ignorance the place is an experience before the reasons why for the sake of sounding fly but I grade your style without the curve cuz you don't deserve to receive the grade that might let you build up the nerve to bite the rhyme that feeds you I need you to listen my words are whet with crystal-clear wisdom so they glisten and I fill in the blanks for all the answers that you're missing I'm rolling with the mongoose, cuz snakes is steady hissing to expose my flaws like salt in sores since they cannot be reformed I simply kill 'em by the fours so in other words, nah man, skip the explanation see that what the rewind's for, so be patient cuz this is the direction that my pen should be draggin' to transform your dollar cabs into bandwagons Chorus: J-Live with the mic is like a chef with a blade no doubt man I cut ya like lumber (repeat) you see somewhere in between the old school and the new school a master of the next school came to teach the now school cuz business class was steady playing old tricks on new fools so everybody rocks jewels, but can't nobody drop jewels one-track-minded, blinded, thinking only pop's cool supply demand rules, replaced by A R rules a scholar of the next school who wasn't trying to hear that so principals and teachers abroad began to fear that If this guy makes an impact on the students that we play, they'll end up having way too much control over their grades! see grades will equal status for power, so just like college you're so caught up in letter grades, you skip the 'F'ing knowledge (I didn't get this line -- I know I'm missing something) so when the listener graduates to be an artist you still enslaved by the principles because they're heartless first they make you imitate another man's skill now you use your power for another man's will move the crowd's mental when they tell you sit still move the crowds pockets instead to get the bread yeah that's what the students gather from what the principal said they make you think the world bleeds green instead of read but class is in session now so all that stuff is dead I'm coming through with knowledge and wisdom to fill your head Chorus: J-Live with the mic is like a chef with a blade no doubt man I cut ya like lumber (repeat X 3) now wait a minute what the hell does chopping trees have to do with culinary? that's the spirit kid, analyse the lyric from the moment that you hear it, see, cuz most don't have the skill to utilize their ears' function as a garbage filter so their brain gets clogged and congested by the time and the effort that's invested in illusion and by the time's definition of reality by the time you get the facts, they're outnumbered in confusion so I come, to get shit off my chest and up in you and I come, to make you feel at home with your power and I come, to plant seeds of responsibility cuz I come, harder than a sleepless cold shower refining and refreshing reprimanding those who claim they're representing by demanding clarity cuz when a mouthfull don't equal an eyefull, an earfull sound awful at least that's how it seems to me so I lead by example in my sound-proof room and the comp gets trampled on my wack-proof stage and my answers be ample in the packed classroom cuz my thoughts are reflected on an ink-filled page

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