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Clannad lyrics - Magical Ring

Ta 'me Mo Shui

Original and similar lyrics
Tá mà mo shuí (I am sitting) Tá mà mo shuí ó d'à irigh'n ghealach arà ir Ag cur tein-e síos-go buan is á fadó go gà ar Tá bunadh a' tí 'na luí is tá mise liom fà in Tá na coiligh ag glaoch 'san saol 'na gcodladh ach mà I am sitting up since the moon arose last night Putting down a fire again and again and keeping it lit The family is in bed and here am I by myself, The cocks are crowing and the country is asleep but me. 'Sheacht mh'anam dà ag do bhà al do mhala is do ghrua Do shúil ghorm ghlà -gheal fár thrà ig mà sionnach na lúb Le cumha do dhiaidh ní là ir dom an bealach a shiúil Is a charaid mo chlà ibh tá na slà ibhte 'dul idir mà 's tú I love your mouth, your eyebrows and your cheeks Your bright blue eyes for whose sake I stopped hunting the wily fox In longing for you I cannot see to walk the road Friend of my bosom, the mountains lie between me and you. Deiridh lucht là inn gur claoite an galar an grá Char admhaigh mà à is à 'ndiaidh mo chroí istigh a chrá Aicid ró-ghà ar, faraor nár sheachain mà í Is go gcuireann sí arraing is cà ad go gà ar trí cheart-lár mo chroí Learned men say that love is a fatal sickness I never admitted it until now that my heart is broken: It's a very painful illness, alas, I have not avoided it, And it sends a hundred arrows through the core of my heart. Casadh bean-tsí dom thíos ag Lios Bhà al an Átha D'fhiafraigh mà di an scaoilfeadh glas ar bith grá Is à dúirt sí gos íseal i mbriathra soineannta sáimh An grá a thà id fán chroí ní scaoiltear as à go bráth I met a fairy woman at the Rath of Beal an Atha I asked her would any key unlock the love in my heart And she said in soft simple language When love enters the heart it will never be driven from it .

World Of Hurt

Beth Nielsen Chapman "Deeper Still"
Day one God smiled gave us all the wisdom of a new born child but by the time we take our first step we've already begun to forget what the heart knows the heart sees we're just as much the forest as we are the trees every little seed trying to find where the light comes from Chorus: And it's a world of hurt nothing works it's a lonely little planet made of dust and dirt who'd ever thinks that in de midst of all this something as beautiful as love exists and when I hold you and you hold me heaven doesn't seem like such a mystery darling in a world of hurt you make me feel so good Day one of our love two heartbroken people scared to trust too much oh here it's comes that feelin' again what every lover swears will never end we thought we'd been there, done that, but when we've kissed, we knew we'd never been her... we've never done this all the walls comes tumblin' down when you love someone (chorus)

Crocodile Love

Johnny Clegg
Umoya wami onakele kunsela elangena Lapha enhlizweni yami (X2) (My spirits are down, a thief has entered my heart) Laqegeza lathatha uthando lwami lonke, ngasala ngingenalutho (The thief has broken into my heart and taken all my love, and I remain totally empty, I remain with nothing) I remember the summer but not the rain, A memory of fire but not the pain There's a vision in my head of a gun on the bed A message in your eyes which your lips never said: I want your crocodile love. I'm on the runway and I'm ready to fly I know I'm going to find you under the sky Oooh yea, it's a mighty fine day Oooh yea, you are coming my way.... With your crocodile love. I want your crocodile love. Umoya wami onakele nansi inkinga Isingena enhlizweni yami (X2) (My spirits are down, there's a problem that has entered my heart) Inyakaza ngaphakathi ingwenya Ifuna ukungiqeda yami (X2) (I feel it moving inside me, a crocodile, it wants to devour me, I feel it moving inside my heart) I never quite know what you're going to do Heal my soul or cut me through Like a sacrificial lamb Like a green marine in Vietnam If you touch me now I will fly like a bleeding dove Oooh... I want your crocodile love. I'm on the runway, and I'm ready to fly I know I'll meet you under the sky Oh yea, I'll come from above Oh yea, I want your crocodile love... This is not the one This is the one This is not the one....


BOB DYLAN "World Gone Wrong You"
Oh, there was a wealthy merchant, in London he did dwell He had a lovely daughter, the truth to you I'll tell Oh, the truth to you I'll tell. She had sweethearts a-plenty and men of high degree There was none but Jackie Frazier, her true love e'er to bee Oh, her true lover e'er to be. 'Oh daughter, oh daughter your body I will confine If none but Jack the sailor, would ever suit your mind Oh, would ever suit your mind.' 'This body you may imprison, my heart you can't confine There's none but Jack the Sailor would have this heart of mine Oh, would have this heart of mine.' Now Jackie's gone a-sailing with trouble on his mind To leave his native country and his darling girl behind Oh, his darling girl behind. She went into the tailor shop and dressed in men's array Then she went into a vessel to convey herself away Oh, convey herself away. 'Before you step on board, sir, your name I'd like to know' She smiled all in her countenance, said, 'They call me Jack-A-Roe' Oh, they call me Jack-A-Roe. 'Your waist is light and slender, your fingers neat and small Your cheeks too red and rosy for to face the cannonball' Oh, to face the cannonball. 'I know my waist is slender and my fingers they are small But it would not make me tremble for to see ten thousand fall' Oh, to see ten thousand fall. The war soon being over, they hunted all around Among the dead and dying her darling love she found Oh, her darling love she found. She picked him up all in her arms and carried him to town And sent for her physician to quickly heal his wounds Oh, to quickly heal his wounds. This couple, they got married, so well they did agree This couple they got married, so why not you and me Oh, so why not you and me

Nothing To Gain

Damien Card "Nothing to Gain"
I sit in my room, day after day. Wondering how you could hurt me that way. I gave you all my love and you broke my heart in two, now I wonder...What did I do? I go to the closet looking for a gun, I can no longer live after what you have done. Memories run through my mind, the days were happier when you were kind. I gave you my love, my soul, and my heart and all you did was rip it apart. I sit on my bed, gun loaded and in hand, listening to music by our favorite band. A single tear runs from my eye... it's over, it's time for me to die. I want to be with you more than anything, but being with you what would that bring? More sorrow? More pain? I was losing everything with nothing to gain. Sitting on my double bed, I raise the gun up to my head. Slowly I pulled the trigger back, that's when everything went black. It's over now, I am gone... I hope you're happy, look what you've done. Love is full of nothing but sorrow and pain, I want you to realize you have nothing to gain


ICED EARTH "Burnt Offerings"
[Music : Schaffer, Shawver, Abell / Lyrics : Barlow] Mine is pure darkness It is as blackness is Damn the light which comes from You as a moth to flame I burn In the twilight of morning I rest my weary eyes For the benefits of the nights bounty were many My soul has been redeemed (with those of others) I missed my love tonight Hiding behind the figure I cannot bare to face That of a dead profit And his beast of burden Thorns ripping through his brow Skin soft and white, eyes fire and ice Just as I recall Not longer than nine score Certainly food for the gods And fit for a prince Her throat I'll have it now I will have her, she is mine Rise of the sun, my test of time And when shadows fall on unholy ground It's time to sleep again As consciousness slips into blackness I rise to nights warm embrace And though my blood runs cold I know my love will be alone And my mortal heart shall beat again Like it did ten thousand years ago Forbidden love can only taste this sweet Not like the others so incomplete The symbolic arrow that pierces my heart Takes the shape of a wooden stare Now I am the one crucified For her immortal heart I'd give my own And die for mankind's sins But that is not the nature of this beast I am denied I will have her, she is mine Rise of the sun, my test of time When shadows fall on unholy ground I will make her mine

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