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Clannad lyrics - Macalla

Buachaill An Eirne

Original and similar lyrics
Buachaill o/n E/ireann Me/'s bhe/as faoi fe/in caili/n deas o/g, Ni/ iarr fain bo/ spre/ le/ithe ta/ me/ fe/in saibhir go leor, 's liom corcaigh 'a/ mhe/id e/ dha/ thaobh a ghleanna 's Tir Roghain, 's mur na thiai/ me/ n' t-oidhr' ar Chonthae Mhaigeo. Buachaileacht bo/, mo Leo, nar chleacht mise ariamh, Ach ag imirt 's ag 'ol 'le ho/gmhna/ deasa fa/ shliabh, Ma/ chaill me/ mo sto/r ni/ do/' gur chaill me/ mo chiall, A's ni/ mo/ liom do pho/g na/ 'n bhro/g ata/ 'n caitheamh le bliain. A chuisle 's a sto/r na/ po/s an sean duine liath, Ach po/s a' fein o/g, mo Leo, muir' maine se/ ach bliain, No/ beidh tu/ go fo/oill gan o/ no/ mac os da chionn, A shilleadh an deor tra/thno/na no/ 'n maidin go trom. Translation I am a boy from Ireland and I'd coax a nice young girl, I wouldn't ask for a dowry with her, I'm rich enough myself, I own Cork, big as it is both sides of the glen and Tyrone, And if I don't change my ways I'll be the heir for County Mayo. Cow herding, my Leo, I did not never practice, But playing and drinking with new young women by the mountain. If I lost my wealth and I don't think I lost my sense, And your kiss is no more to me than a show worn for a year. My love and treasure, don't marry the old grey man, But marry a young man, my Leo, even though he lives but a year, Or you'll still be without a daughter or son above you, Crying in the afternoon or in the morning hard.


JAMIE T "Panic Prevention"
Sheila goes out with her mate Stella, It gets poured all over her fella, 'Cause she's says, man he ain't no better, Than the next man kicking up fuss Drunk she stumbles down by a river Screams calling London None of us heard her coming I guess the carpet weren't rolled out (Oh when my love, my darling, You've left me here alone. I'll walk the streets of London Which once seemed all our own. The vast suburban churches, Together we have found: The ones which smelt of gaslight, The ones in incense drown'd) Her lingo went from the cockney to the gringo Any time she sing a song, The other girls sing along. And tell all the fellas that the lady is single. A fickle way to tickle, On my young mans ting. She's up for doing what she like, Any day more like the night. She drowned drunk sorrows. That she stole, bought, borrowed She didn't like fights, But at the same time understood that Fellas will be fellas till the end of time. (Good heavens you boys, blue-blooded murder of the English tongue.) Jack had a gang That he called "The Many Grams", He was known as smack Jack the Cracker Man In life he was dealt some shit hands But the boys got the back now And Jay went the same way As Mickey and Dan Dependent mans upon the heroins And man Lisa had a baby with Sam, And now Jack on his own man, Well done Jack, glug down that cider Your right she's a slut And you never fucking liked her Not like what he stopped so shocked 'Cause it turns out the last dance Killed the pied piper Tough little big man friends With your daughters Only cos they drive him To pick up all his quarters Crawler, lager lout brawlers Fall to the floor think they're free But they ain't near the border Too young gunned down by your hell fire corner Always did a favour, But never took a order, Behave young scally wag, A fine young galahad Glad ragged up but only ever getting fag hags, Hung on his shoulder, cheap price shop tag Slag better understand He came for the glamour But this town's original Superficial the issue For one dear Jack, there 35 doppelgangers Sheila goes out with her mate Stella It gets poured all over her fella 'Cause she's says, man he ain't no better Than the next man kicking up fuss Drunk she stumbles down by a river Screams calling London None of us heard her coming I guess the carpet weren't rolled out So this a short story 'bout the girl Georgina Never seen a worse, clean young mess Under stress at best, but she pleased to see ya With love, god bless, we lay her body to rest Now it all dear started with daddys alcoholic Light weights chinking down, numbing his brain, And the doctor said He couldn't get the heart dear started Now beat up, drugged up She feeling the strain She says in a rut What the fuck I spose to do Suck it up start stop keep running through, True but you try ain't easy to do, She been buckle belt beaten From the back like a brat Dunno where she goin But she know where she at, So Georgy its time to chain react, But the truth is you know She probably fought back, Tears stream down her face, She screamed away When I fall, no one catch me Alone lonely, I'll overdose slowly Get scared, I'll scream and shout But you know it won't matter She'll be passing out I say giggidibiggidiup just another day Another sad story, that's tragedy Paramedic announced death at 10:30 Rip it up kick it to spit up the views Sheila goes out with her mate Stella It gets poured all over her fella 'Cause she's says, man he ain't no better Than the next man kicking up fuss Drunk she stumbles down by a river Screams calling London None of us heard her coming I guess the carpet weren't rolled Sheila goes out with her mate Stella It gets poured all over her fella 'Cause she's says, man he ain't no better Than the next man kicking up fuss Drunk she stumbles down by a river Screams calling London None of us heard her coming I guess the carpet weren't rolled out

Hold On

JUST JACK "Overtones"
I'm not a young man anymore But i've got the face of a 19 year old Probably be a dad soon Sitting in my front room With my kids, playdoe mold But i just hold on to What ive got Right now Im not who i used to be Trust me I've got plans everyday next week You know your getting older When the kids on the corner Have you baffled everytime they speak So lets just hold on to What we've got Right now Looking round at my friends And i see that the end of an era Has come to pass The fun and the games And the fluid in our brains Have all been reduced by half So lets just hold on to What we're got Right Now Im not a young man anymore But I've got the face of a 19 year old Everythings changed But i can't complain Cause i'm doing pretty well all talk

Jet Black New Year

Don't you take a breath The air is cut with cyanide In honor of the New Year With this gives cause to celebrate: The air raid sirens Flood barbed wire skylines By artificial night, As we sleep to burn the right From our pointless lives. Tonight we're all time bombs on fault lines. Have we lost everything now? We're walking like each other's ghosts Around these silent streets (the sedatives tell you everything is alright) Like calendars dying at New Year's Eve parties As we kiss hard on the lips and swear this year will be better then the last Jet Black - the ink that spells your name Jet Black - The blood that's in your veins We say, 'How long can we take this chance not to celebrate?' There's music playing But we dance to the beat Of our own black hearts And draw diagrams On suicide on each other's wrists Then trace them with razorblades Fire to flames 'Strike Match.' Burn these words from our lips As the day it rains blood 'It's dead' and it's a 'newspaper tragedy,' Have we lost what we love? Have we said everything? Does it change anything? Stare at the clock Avoid at all costs, This emptiness. Ten seconds left until midnight nine chances to drown ourselves in black hair dye eight faces turned away from the shock: seven windows and six of them were locked five stories falling forever and ever three cheers to the mirror now there are two of us can we have one last dance? How long can we take this chance not to celebrate?

The Garden Of Allah

DON HENLEY "Actual Miles-Henley's Greatest"
It was a pretty big year for fashion A lousy year for rock and roll The people gave their blessing to crimes of passion It was a dark, dark night for the collective soul I was somewhere out on Riverside By the El Royale Hotel When a stranger appeared in a cloud of smoke I thought I knew him all too well He said, Now that I have your attention I got somethin' I wanna say You may not wanna hear it I'm gonna tell it to ya anyway You know, I've always liked you, boy 'Cause you were not afraid of me But things are gonna get mighty rough Here in Gomorrah-By-The-Sea He said, It's just like home It's so damned hot, I can't stand it My fine seersucker suit is all soakin' wet And the hills are burning The wind is raging And the clock strikes midnight In the Garden of Allah Nice car......... I love those meticulous Y'know, I remember a time when things were a lot more fun around here When good was good, and evil was evil Before things got so.......fuzzy Yeah, I was once a golden boy like you I was summoned to the halls of power in the heavenly court And I dined with the deities who looked upon me with favor For my talents; my creativity We sat beneath the palms in the warm afternoon And drank the wine with Fitzgerald and Huxley They pawned a biting phrase From tongues hot with blood And drained their pens of bitter ink Vainly reaching for the bottle of empty Edens Branded specially for the ones Who had come with great expectations To the perfumed halls of Allah For their time in the sun We were stokin' the fires And oilin' up the machinery Until the gods found out we had ideas of our own And the war was coming The earth was shakiung And there was no more room In the Garden of Allah Today I made and appearance downtown I am an expert witness, because I say I am And I said, 'Gentleman....and I use that word loosely...I will testify for you I'm a gun for hire, I'm a saint, I'm a liar Because there are no facts, no truth, just data to be manipulated I can get you any result you like....what's it worth to ya? Because there is no wrong, there is no right And I sleep very well at night No shame, no solution No remorse, no retribution Just people selling t-shirts just opportunity t participate in this pathetic little circus And winning, winning, winning' It was a pretty big year for predators The marketplace was on a roll And the land of opportunity Spawned a whole new breed of men without souls This year, notoriety got all confused with fame And the devil is downhearted Because there's nothing left for him to claim He said, It's just like home It's so low-down, I can't stand it I guess my work around here has all been done And the fruit is rotten The serpent's eyes shine As he wraps around the vine In the Garden of Allah

Jungle Gym Feat. King Jacob & The Professor

[Intro/Chorus] Yo, turn the club 'to a jungle gym Matter fact girl get all under him If you know any freaks act like one of them Get crunk again, have fun again, dirty Err'body leave ya guns in the cars And err'body run right to the bar Get ya something staright or the bubbly We ain't Bubba but it's finna get ugly [Verse: King Jacob] Yo, Vokal is so extreme Strut up in the club wit the rest of the team Thinking 'bout my dubs the compress is so mean Got on blue and gray today, so fresh, so clean Had to hide my eyes from the Disco beam Just enough sight to find a Disco Queen Just enough light to fire up this mo heat Got just enough ice to not be low key Look, I'm King Jacob you ain't gotta know me But ya, you so real so you gotta know me Addictive type and my baby moma OD Descriptive writing made a million dollars for me I'm just a Young Dude, young and doing young Pursuing like them one dudes from St. Louis Murph, come on dirty, where P, let's represent the turf (Youth City) If you change in the game represent what we worth [Chorus] [Verse: Murphy Lee] Hey yo I'm Murphy Lee the trouble maker I'm in the club with my house shoes on Don't like being in the house too long Having dreams about buying the bar out I don't own a dog so sometimes I got to let my cars out Hit the lawn on my humble abode My car dusty but it rassle the road See I used to have 'freetime' Now my life like a 'Nextel' and it's not 'free OP' time I'm three times, four minutes away Peace to printed shirts for the LA in the ashtray I ain't been in this car for a month So I think I'm a call this a throwback blunt Hit the corner bumping Old School, ready to drink Cause my stomach full of Barbeque Tofu I knew two people at the door So I EIP, parked it and ordered some more [Chorus] [Verse: The Professor] Hey wait, hey hey, hold up, is it my turn yet? I been waiting the many let me introduce you to 'prentice Plot - me in the club and it's 3 AM With Murph and Jake so drunk I had to lean on them Disgusted, I snapped myself up, this ain't no fun I took a girl by the fat girl and smoke my one High as can be, back on the scene, what do I see? Dance flo' hiding her plan, they taking off things Daisy Duke shorts unzipped with the thong inbetween Girl, you got the fattest ass I ever seen I give you, what you need dick, weed, but you gotta be clean A fat ass ain't err'thing except if burning up slings King I stumbled in to him, he still wanna drink A thick chick took him away and gave gim head on the scene Blinking, looked over my shoulder and tried to spot Murph Spotted three dimes that swooped him up, Menage time [Chorus]

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