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Clannad lyrics - Dulaman


Original and similar lyrics
A'nion mhin o, sin anall na fir shuiri, A mhaithair mhin o! cuir na roithlean go dti me. Dulaman na Binne Bui, Dulaman Gaelach Dulaman na farraige, s e b fhearr a bhi in Eirinn Ta cosa dubha dubailte ar an dulaman gaelach Ta dha chluais mhaol ar an dulaman gaelach (chorus) Rachaimid go Doire leis an dulaman gaelach, Is ceannoimid broga daora ar an dulaman gaelach (chorus) Broga breaca dubha ar an dulaman gaelach Ta bearead agus trius ar an dulaman gaelach (chorus) O chuir me sceala chuici, go gceannoinn cior di, 'Se an sceal a chuir si chugam, go raibh a ceann ciortha. (chorus) O cha bhfaigheann tu mo 'nion, arsa an dulaman gaelach, Bheul, fuadoidh me liom i, arsa an dulaman maorach. (chorus)

Tokyo Storm Warning

ELVIS COSTELLO "Blood Chocolate"
The sky fell over cheap Korean monster-movie scenery And spilled into the mezzanine of the crushed capsule hotel Between the Disney abattoir and the chemical refinery And I knew I was in trouble but I thought I was in hell So you look around the tiny room and you wonder where the hell you are While the K.K.K. convention are all stranded in the bar They wear hoods and carry shotguns in the main streets of Montgomery But they're helpless here as babies 'cause they're only here on holiday Chorus: What do we care if the world is a joke (Tokyo Storm Warning) We'll give it a big kiss We'll give it a poke (Tokyo Storm Warning) Death wears a big hat 'cause he's a big bloke (Tokyo Storm Warning) We're only living this instant The black sand stuck beneath her feet in a warm Sorrento sunrise A barefoot girl from Naples or was it a Barcelona hi-rise Whistles out the tuneless theme song on a hundred cheap suggestions And a million false seductions and all those eternal questions Chorus So they flew the Super-Constellation all the way from Rimini And feasted them on fish and chips from a newspaper facsimile Now dead Italian tourists bodies litter up the Broadway Some people can't be told you know they have to learn the hard way Holidays are dirt-cheap in the Costa del Malvinas In the Hotel Argentina they can hardly tell between us For Teresa is a waitress though she's now known as Juanita In a tango bar in Stanley or in Puerto Margarita She's the sweetest and the sauciest The loveliest and the naughtiest She's Miss Buenos Aires in a world of lacy lingerie Chorus Japanese got Jesus robots telling teenage fortunes For all we know and all we care they might as well be Martians They say gold paint on the palace gates comes from the teeth of pensioners They're so tired of shooting protest singers That they hardly mention us While fountains fill with second-hand perfume And sodden trading stamps They'll hang the bullies and the louts that dampen down the day Chorus We braved the cold November air and the undertaker's curses Saying Take me to the Folies Bergere and please don't spare the hearses For he always had a dream of that revolver in your purse How you loved him 'til you hated him and made him cry for mercy He said Don't ever mention my name there or talk of all the nights you cried We've always been like worlds apart now you're seeing two nightmares collide Chorus

I Am Somebody

JURASSIC 5 "Power In Numbers"
Artist: Jurassic 5 Album: Power in Numbers Song: I Am Somebody [All] Yo, raise the level, bass bottom to treble Forever keep it ghetto Funk and heavy metal F*ck the devil Unify the rebel Whistle like a kettle With a fly acapello Smooth and mellow Locked load and settle Shine through times with rhymes bright like yellow Taste and swallow, lead and never follow Break it like a bottle Inspire like a role model Chorus: [Soup] Say, I am (I am) Somebody (Somebody) [Akil] Yo, my soul, bounce rock and roll Tumble with the rhythm Heat the mic when it's cold I was told Be Bold Whether platinum or gold Keep it solid Do the knowledge Til' I reach my goal My hunger-pain thunder Lumberjack the fifth wonder I never slumber cuz I keep it on the under My post beat for people in the street Ghetto M-U-S-I-C (We bring the heat) That African soul Clap black power impact Who said ghetto rap was all about a dope sack? A pimp slap or a big black gatt Fuck around and get jacked For your rhymes where I live at Uh, I'm not a gangsta but I boogie wit beats No gang affiliation in my lyrics or speech But still I keep it straight hood-hop techniques South Central Fundamentals J5 emcees And it's on! Chorus [Chali 2na] Who's to say if I choose to make moves today Whether I win or lose or I end up on the news today Amuse but never confuse Still got dues to pay You abuse elegant rules when you use clichàs [Marc 7] They got you sittin' on the edge of your seat [Chali 2na] Creatin' beef [Marc 7] Mark of the beast Code on the street Cease and decease [Chali 2na] Never the least [Marc 7] Let me repeat The situation gets sticky like the badge on police [Chali 2na] We individually driven in the beginnin' We winnin' Six men and a venomous independent decision and clear vision Pretendin' was never a possibility I got to kill it Because I want to be it The poet to win a Pulitzer Prize Who wouldn't survive? [Marc 7] The fullest of vibes [Chali 2na] Deliberate surprise [Marc 7] When bullets the size [Chali 2na] Of quarters arrive [Marc 7] And slaughter your lives [All] We trying to counteract that [Chali 2na] Unifying these ballers and backpacks With Knowledge- -Fact-Tracks Chorus [Soup] Yo, my soul, infiltrate birth control And control guns Huey P used to hold I breathe life and through the 60's Voted most likely to get busy Inner city flash jiggy burn Phillies and things And we boogie to the bang Sunshine and rain Why you cats be talkin' that pimp crap in jail I corresponded with a nigga who can barely spell I know the situation oh so well (so well) I done seen it in 3D It ain't hard to tell Why you bang for your turf chain girl or your man I be banging for Islam in a spot in Sudan Cuz I can't solve or stop or put foot to this The hottest brother on the block couldn't cook to this J5 drop the verse beat hook to this And if you want a fly jam you should look to this So... [All] Raise the level, bass bottom to treble Forever keep it ghetto Funk and heavy metal Fuck the devil Unify the rebel Whistle like a kettle With a fly acapello Smooth and mellow Locked load and settle Shine through times with rhymes bright like yellow Taste and swallow, lead and never follow Break it like a bottle Inspire like a role model Chorus

De Perros Amores

Control Machete
Suficientes son los problemas de un sólo día como para preocuparse por el futuro *Chorus A* Cuál? *** Olvidamos que para poder llegar al otro lado *Chorus A* Al otro lado *** hay que empezar derribando el primero de los muros Nos pasamos la vida viendo triunfos y fracasos conseguidos en tiempo preterito Cuántas veces se ha detenido el sol a mediodía? *Chorus A* Cuántas? *** Porque ya no quiere vivir más atardeceres *Chorus A* Cuántas? Cuántas veces? *** Porque ya no quiere vivir más amaneceres *Chorus A* El negro deja de ser negro sin el blanco El bueno deja de ser bueno sin el malo *** Continua repetitiva que constantemente termina *Chorus A* ah *** Vuelve a empezar de nuevo da fruto a la semilla Porqué envejeces?, porque tu piel se va arrugando el paso del tiempo una broma te esta jugando Sabes que la codicia puede dejarte en la ruina Quiéres solucionarlo? Borrarlo de tu vida *Chorus A* De perros amores *** Borrarlo de tu vida *Chorus A* De perros amores *** Borrarlo de tu vida *Chorus A* Si alguna vez si alguna vez si alguna vez si alguna vez *** *Chorus B* Amanece el alma atardece en tí *Chorus A* Amanece el alma atardece en tí *** *Chorus B* Acción es en real voluntad sensacion la velocidad fe e ilusión orgánica Coincidencia armónica *** No existe ningún borrador mágico para borrar todos los erróres cometidos que pasaría si las flores sólo se marchitaran? o sólo se quedaran como botones. *Chorus* Duele la realidad duele *** La fantasía sólo se queda en los sueños Qué pasaría si nunca muero? y no tuviera la oportunidad de nacer de nuevo. *Chorus B* Amanece el alma *** **Chorus A** Vuelve otra vez, aparece *** *Chorus B* atardece en tí *** *Chorus A* desapareces te vas y vuelves **** repeat 3 times... Chorus A = Control Machete Chorus B = Ely Guerra

Don't See Us

[Black Thought] Uh, what what, yo yo P-5-D uncut Check it out, yo yo, S-P uncut Yo yo, what P-5-D uncut, yeah yeah it's that Philly shit Yo yo, check it out, yo yo Chorus 2x Chorus [Malik B] You Don't See Us, but we see you You stuck on sleep, get on your P's and Q's Cuz you will get crept, wit no discrept You know the rep, we keep the flows in check [Black Thought] Mesmerizing, state of the art caffeine It's over head like Omniverse screen I'm not the average savage that curse queens I'm something from his worst dreams First we handling first things, I'm subsurface un-seen Grat'll hold planet by purse strings MC's are earthlings, not built to hurt things Speakin the words of weaklings, nothin but sweet things [Malik B] Man each world, it ain't no time to recline Act up, get clapped up, my mind is the nine Shine like jewels that spark, swimmin wit sharks Never caught speakin to NARC's, that's weak in the parks I'm the type to sit back and analyze the prize Grip it up and flee the scene wit a different disguise Take a detour, I be all that I can be whore Talkin to this *bitch* life, had to make her my wife Live twice, got seven more lives to live I'm all out, takin things to the fullest extent Help me get it down and we can split one-hundred percent Run a rapper through a maze like a experiment Word up, you know the legendary Roots crew, yo Chorus 2x [Dice Raw] The Raw Dice rise like a creature from out the swamp Wit my blood-thirsty clergy that's on the hunt for conk Who pumps your heart, I made you wanna rhyme from the start You should be more alert, then you wouldn't get hurt Get off your horse and on your P's and beware Of images you seein, did deceiving, you're scared And even more shook up than the scenes that's near I'm Dice Raw, sting the inside of your mouth like a cold sore Who wanna piece, well it's Round One, let's begin I got a gun that's don't bust, it just suck niggaz in I got shit that'll have you beggin me to shoot ya I'm the professor, you rock a dunce cap, go get a tutor [Black Thought] Yo, Okay Computer, Radiohead's knock to the Future Shock like Kurtis, at your service None other than, the Fifth governing playin the cut again Y'all clueless to what the fuck is up again Yo, hard times and sufferin What, my peoples in the crevices strugglin 'Nuff of them ?untie? soldier thespian But I'm from the next e-on, supreme being that's unseen for MC'n Chorus 2x [Malik B] Yo, they all around me 'round me On my head, they got a bounty I'm tryin to get this bell up so I can flee your county Triple-six, come in my mix, flood it wit tricks I'm sharper than rough spoons for icepicks Niggaz price bricks till dawn, if the money is long Cats who play strong will inhale, then go play bong You wrong son, you thought I wasn't droppin a ton Sit and think about the way I wanna tally a sum [Dice Raw] Aiyyo I sneakfully snuck up from behind and got you From over there in them bushes, I chilled and watched you Dancin all dolly as you pussy for them folly I knock you out wit one punch from me you been Ali-ed I float like hovercrafts and sting like vaccinations WHen my name said out loud, you'll lose your concentration Dice Raw, D-I-C-E-R-A-W, you wanna take it Otherwise, fuck you gon' do? That's what I thought, nada, nothing, caput, zero Rough as sandpaper but still smooth as a tiptoe Raw's takin over, baby don't tell me you ain't know A lot of kids can rap but you fuckin wit the pros [Black Thought] Namsayin, y'all know the legendary Roots crew, it's like Chorus to fade


Magic "Thuggin'"
Chorus: Magic Bitch i'm a soldier (until the day that i die) A No limit soldier (yes i am, yes i am) I thought that I told ya (and nothing or no one could ever change that) Ain't no need to ask me why I'm a soldier til i die. [Magic] I'm a soldier see the tank on my neck? Mr. Magic is my name y'all better give me respect You might remember me from seein' me postin' up on the block With a .45 Glock and a mouth full of rocks Hustlin' like I didn't even care Wakin' up my neighbors poppin' pistols in the air Tryin' make a million pullin' all night flights I'm praying cuz I'm knowin that my life ain't right Forgive cuz I'm wrong but I'm begging or forgiveness And now I'm hustlin' in a whole other business Tryin' to do right for the people that I hurt in the process of growin up I've change my ways i guess thats why I'm blowin up I'm comin' back for all my peeps Just try to stay alive and keep your ass off the streets For the ones that gotta hustle just to eat Lord, I say a prayer for you before i fall asleep Chorus [Magic] How man heard Sky's the Limit? Shit i ain't finished this is only the beginning I'm with no limit Just think I'm in my prime If I'm not the best just give me some time and I'll change your mind Niggas like me hard to find Genuine I'm the only of my kind young black and full of pride With a mind to teach the whole world If you just listen to my words Y'all can feel my pain A lot of years wasted, buku friends died a lot of wet faces The other half caught a bunch of fuckin' cases So still a lot of tender spaces Wish I could erase the hate Who said money makes you happy? It can never bring back my daddy So fuck the Navi and Caddie I'm hopin' y'all could hear me Cuz I'm speakin' this from the heart Me and my fans never torn apart Chorus [Magic] And to the haters that be hatin' on my click Find a spot in line or suck a nigga's dick I'm gettin a lot of call now Bunch of fake bustas I couldn't ever trust ya, fuckin blood suckers Want me for the gift that you never thought I had I saw your other side, but fuck it I'm mad You say a lot of shit but you never ponit the finger I'm guessin' that Mr. Magic gon' remember Surprisin' a lot of so called superstars Passive comments but really don't want go to war Not with me my reputation stands for itself Just pull the disc out can't keep it on the shelf go and get it like it's the last one left I work the piss out the people who press 'em I thank the lord for such a wonderful blessin' Every word that I speak is a lesson hard to believe that this nigga is from the projects Chorus

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