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Clannad lyrics - Crann Ull

Last Rose Of Summer, The

Original and similar lyrics
'Tis the last rose of summer, Left blooming alone. All her lovely companions Are faded and gone. No flow'r of her kindred, No rosebud is nigh, To reflect back her blushes Or give sigh for sigh. I'll not leave thee thou lone one To pine on the stem, Since the lovely are sleeping Go sleep thou with them; Thus kindly I scatter Thy leaves o'er the bed, Where thy mates of the garden Lie scentless and dead. So soon may I follow When friendships decay, And from loves' shining circle The gems drop away! When true hearts lie withered And fond ones are flown Oh! Who would inhabit This bleak world alone?

No Tienes Perdon

Amistades Peligrosas
December Flower fears of darkness.. going no where.. feeling cold eyes.. desperate stare... wish these thoughts.. could cease till mourning.. sleep to dream.. i was never there... lost inside the sacred garden.. close my heart to ease the pain.. disappear no longer living.. only shadows still remain... cast aside / thee unforgiven.. down a faithless..hopeless road.. searching for an end to sin.. angel whispers prayer through silence.. save your soul..awake tomorrow.. fill the hole..that love left sorrow.. empty tears and broken bottles.. same old path the dead man follows.. on and on and out of breath.. candle burns an hour glass.. waiting for the storm to pass.. never thought the rain would last.. sky and clouds move under fast.. wandering from the shinning sun.. still the days will carry on.. in endless fashion.. nights are gone.. december flower fades away.. the withered ghost of yesterday.. finally found a place to rest.. in fears of darkness.. darker death.....


JEDI MIND TRICKS "Violent By Design"
[Ikon the Hologram] A to the eye of the storm Rappers just battle me for the glory It gets gory They shitty like suppositories, that's the end of the story Bury his body in Missouri Banish the apparatus of Gladys to crematories My territory, perimeter of pergatory Stingy in winches of vicious, malicious inflictions upon your click Circulatory Causing head spasms Rip through your motherfucking temple like Phantasm Hologram has 'em and walks through the holy arches Left you in the forest with your carcass in the harness Death is upon us We slam like Adrian Adonis Swarm onto pure blood like malicious pirahnas Islamic farmers, no contender is parallel When I'm on paper, devestate 'em like 7L So where I dwell, without question rattles the league Left you in a vessel with severe battle fatigue Before you leave I insist you listen to more raps Before I saw cats, making weapons out of your thorax [break] [Jus Allah] I inhale toxins Drunk off blood from dead cops and The watchman, that kill us in this maze we locked in Side corba clutch, only truth can sober us Wild 'cause we know there's no Jehovah watching over us Only 10 percent that's controlling us Try to take our souls from us, while the state patrolling us Caged in we break barriers, change to new areas Dodgin' the pits and chariots out to bury us Jus Allah don't make threats Leave your fuckin' necks clipped Had you speakin' the manual alphabet Seeing' me is death not repeated or done twice I laugh as I cast the first stones at Christ Joint in ace bands, you move to Graceland and Satan Mics spray then, bury flesh in wasteland Infect you Inject you with the gunpowder pegs Indent your forehead with hot lead Whether in the abode of the dead Or resting in the Zions A lost day chasing the doe, like wild lions Unchained tearin' your flesh we unfed Flyin' through, like birds we takin' your daily bread

Knowledge Freedom

AZ "N.4.L. (Niggaz 4 Life)"
[AZ:] America! The bondage is off... knowledge is freedom We all niggas never ignorant getting goals accomplished Let's have a drink... it's on me! [laughing] [Verse 1: AZ] Yes I'm doing it a few soo-wooing it My man Lou crew bandanna blue-ing it They buck at cars won't give a fuck who in it Bust at broads the gods say they ruin shit 20 to a clip hollow heads loaded them legislators ain't doing shit college heads know it Raps and it's influences turning kids out Was trapped but still intuitive learn to switch routes in drought My reality's placed on principalities so Any casualties gracefully done carefully The real attracted me re-exchange and bill Mathematically calculating maintain and chill but still Mind of Muhammad signs of the Masonic both combine I'm a verbal rhyme galenic Promise, pay homage only here for a spell and like that I'm back where the highest form dwell it's right back Just like them 9 milli shells that systematically let off and murdered Sean Bell in hell Smell the corpse of the homies we lost from a era so pure you could never be sure The game's so sick I'm just looking for the cure Like that Dead Prez flick when they was looking for the score This whole shit here is forceman's sure [?] ya'll talk about war well a nigga from the core Sci-fi tricks I'm the spook by the door Men in all black took the coupe out on tour Hi-top kicks kept the sweatsuits velour Fitted all colors we considered all brothers First we all chilling now we killing one another See these hustlers on the covers of these FEDS and DIVAS The game's dead trying to make these young heads believe us either Understand or be under the land... my man [fades...] [Gunshots...] [Verse 2: Papoose] Peace to the world (Peace to the world)... Papoose Pa-poose Knowledge is freedom hop in the BM and drop the new zeams [?] Rhymin with reason I could defeat him I could delete him I could just eat him Not to deceive him not to mislead him Drop it to feed him lock in and teach him proper believing Cockin and squeeze him pop him and leave him His pockets is bleeding so know I got ya podi-um [?] I hug the block to the PM I was wise and strategic on the rise with the thesis since I was rockin the leases Since I was coppin Adidas since small sizes of sneakers like buddrock [?] with the speeches You bloodclots is anemic my mugshot in the precint your gunshot is the weakest My young mind is the deepest you cockblockers and leeches I'll blow your Pradas to pieces Hold a thousand my queen and fill a vagina with semen It's so exotic and pleasing I gotta stop when I'm skeetin When I was my momma fetus her stomach sat by the speakers The music got in my features that's just why I'm prestigious Hold my bottle and drink it ain't suck it out of a cleavage Cause I was ingenious since doc was circumcising my penis I'm a scholar suceeding and all of my dollars increasing Got a lot of achievements cause I divide with the weaklings Sick and tired of these heathens I see a lot of em scheming they hearts throbbing and tweaking But I could stop em from beating Drop the hottest releases I don't bother with demons I leave em whining and screaming just like a toddler who teething I pledge-alizes allegiance from the bottom I creeping All ya'll could line up and meet him the God inside of his kingdom You claiming you done bidded what that did prove? When you couldn't walk one visit in that man's shoes Competition becomes timid cause Pap can't lose I got the young gifted and black man blues The 49th law of power your time is hourless Cross Papoose and you cowards is powerless... [Beat til fades...]

We Didn't Want You To Know

JOHN CENA "You Can't See Me"
[20 second instrumental to open] [Chorus: John Cena] If you don't know by now, we runnin the game Neck froze, got a mill' on the chain Show respect to Cen' and Trade Cut the check, believe we're paid Y'all waitin for the single to drop Look down on the charts cause we sittin on top Everybody else feelin the flow If you don't know by now (we didn't want you to know) [John Cena] Get nasty, doin dirt don't put it past me "Appetite for Destruction," +Axl+ couldn't +Slash+ me I got hounds that found where your stash be They play my sound in towns, rats harass me They know I'm nice, they ain't bettin on you That's like playin roulette and bettin on blue Cena gon' blow - you goin no place Snatch your dame, show her my old face Still walk tall with a staggered stance Plus I hold on the club like I was Bagger Vance Make you breakdance for me, have you doin headspins Ship you to D.C., covered in Redskins Catch me in a classic drop low with the wine paint Plus I'm classic on the flow, every line great Believe me, yo the speech is tight I lay you down like when you sleep at night, big business [Chorus] [Tha Trademarc] Y'all are cowards y'all found power and cower The gunpowder a thousand shots an hour leavin blocks devoured Have your family prayin for your survival Bust shots and get cops bent out control like a spiral Man get the fuck on if you got bangers involved Man get the fuck on and keep your chambers revolved Man get the fuck on and get your weight up Man get the fuck on or you get laid up Sippin BNB out the sceptre It's not Trademarc to you dog it's still mister Sophisticated, and Marc's never stuck up I know when to shoot my mouth off and when to shut the fuck up Every rhyme I write, worth bitin Every room I'm in, worth micin I'm artistic, you must have missed it When I said every rapper sucks I was bein optimistic [Chorus] [Tha Trademarc] Trademarc's mind is dilated Highly rated, madly envied, that mean we kindly hated The nightcrawler brawl and have you missin when we drag your body out to sea like fishermen and takin everything that's glistenin So run your chain or your dame, it's all the same Just a verb exchanged - you listenin? Man, I never leak what I think And never sleep cause you miss the point of life when you blink [John Cena] Fuck with the kid I'll leave you laid up in intensive care This monopoly, I ain't got intent to share When it's time to do business, I got no friends A true hustler, burn the candle at both ends If anybody on the scene doubt I show 'em so much green, you think I'm farmin fuckin bean sprouts Wrist iced when I'm cracked ya mold Cause revenge is a dish that is best served (cold) [Chorus]

The Dead Part Of You

American Music Club "Everclear"
The price of your soul is less than the cab fare That gets you home before the living end The dead part of you leaves me with a blessing From a destruction of your beauty Your self-hatred your self-pity There's so little of you left The dead part of you takes me out And says the beast in me is fading fast And leaves me with a great big goodbye hug It's busy clinging to the dead part of the past You only love one thing And there's so little of it left He has taken everything And there's so little of you left You're just a baby in the back seat That a door slam sends crying into the world And a cab driver's in a hurry that matters more than More than anything we can hope for from the world You only love one thing And there's so little of it left He has taken everything And there's so little of you left

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