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CKY lyrics

Briens Freestyle

Original and similar lyrics
Who wants to taste my general tso...(hahaha) you want to taste my general tso I'm-a give it to you now, Who like my chopstick hit you when I shit with my little-ass dick. Yellow If you wanna see me eat Jell-O I never seen nothin' like you before I can kick you... higher than you can kick me I can kick you way up into a tree Who wants a taste of my oolong tea? Ho ha ho ha ho chi chi Everybody in the phone book named Chang wanna see my wang? Never Good God hit the gong with a bang. WOA Anybody wanna see me throw a fireball? but that's not right not in real life You will fall down and break your leg Anybody wanna see me break a neck? Well I don't but I like fried rice and I got lice Ching chang woah ching wang woo wice that ain't nice Four for the cookie I only touch it twice Delivery is free but not from me I only charge a dolla fifty fifty five. wanna see me GO GAA? Hit you with the lang. HAIYA! War when I hit you with the shit do a split Take a shit after you eat my shit kung-fu Like my buffet? You fucking gay ah Wai-lo hit you with the hay Stay the fuck away Hit you in the balls. Only Americans eat duck sauce And my soy sauce is for you, I can put it in your shoe Watch this, I can tiptoe while you take a piss In my bathroom spy on you while your little boy shits WAAAAAAAAI-YAH! I can kick you if you don't pay the bills And if you want a little mint, that's fifty cent, bitch Everything cost a little bit So don't expect nothin for free, at least from me Ching Chang Chewie I got you from Taiwan city and Hong Kong I can smoke a bong and I can do it all night long And don't mistake me for a Viet Cong I can get you and tackle you take you never see me When I get you and make you Rope you up and put you in a bamboo cage and make you feel all my rage Poke you with a little stick till you page your buddies to come napalm me God damn that shit burned blew away my whole city Ho Chi Minh Shoot a load on your chin God damn thats a sad goygo goodbye And if you wanna come on in You can work in to my world where the yellow shit begins HAI YA Can't be tamed I got shit to control your brain and it's called Egg Foo Yung, En Lo Main So come on in baby and have it just the same HAI YA! HWOAAH! No wok tow ung di day HA, I don't suppose ha haha Huh? huhhhuhu huh

Lil Ass Gee

ICE CUBE "Lethal Injection"
Look at that lil' ass Westside doped out insane-in-the-brain little nigga servin caine Use to have to axe could he cross the street now he's rollin in a Gee, the Gee is on E He's quick to hit you up with the two fingers spreaded (Wassup) Don't roll that shit (Wassup) and hold that shit (Wassup) Now you know what fuckin set he's claimin A wild little nigga and it ain't no tamin And just when you think everything is calm that motherfucker is the first to bum like bang, ping, catch you with the sleeper He'll draw down and then check his beeper He's clockin them chicks and bucks Gettin, his little dick sucked by the, clucks And will he do dirt Fool oh please Little locs are harder then the OGz You fall to the ground and beg please Just got served by little niggas on the 10-speed 12 years old, got bumps they can't keep A straight killer, a fool, a lil ass gee..... God damn, it's a trick Use to have the G.I.Joe with the kung-fu grip Now he's straight Crip, or Blood Now ya sag, you use the blunt Now ya known as the favorite groupie Goin to camp and it ain't Camp Snoopy (Wassup) But I ain't surprised It's 12 months later, year, I see you got a little size You motherfuckin crook You want respect cos you didn't get'cha manhood took Drinkin that 'yac like it's no tomorr-y Westside hustler fucker-tory In the jail and it ain't no thang Can't wait til you get 22's on the hang (Uhh) A underage boy that's lookin tossed And that's ya idea of who you hide All you want for Christmas is guns and drinkers Little nigga nuttier than a Snicker You don't wanna be like Mike, you wanna be like me A fool, a killer, a lil ass gee...... [Interlude: (two sampled guys talking)] See, I knew it wouldn't be long They got your ass stretched like Stretch Armstrong In the one-man cell, it got'cha thinkin Sendin more kites than Benjamin Franklin 20 years old but ya still a veteran Won't touch down til we're livin like the Jetsons Proud of ya self, because ya done done it Gotcha 22's and your name on your stomach Never even think about a woman to fuck Rather stand in lin eor bust the ass of a young buck Got stuck, now you're bleedin Hospital ward, is got your reading Learn about the knowledge of self ya see that ya mad enough to go and stick the death to these See, it ain't about bein hard But that's whatcha tell the little homies in the yard Ya already done did 10 and wish you could start all over again Brand new inmates and who do ya see Your baby brother in shackles, a fool, a lil ass gee..... A fool, a lil ass gee Yo this go out to the little hardhead homies who probably gon' see more, ahh, assholes than pussyholes when they get you in that system


CYPRESS HILL "Stoned Raiders"
[B-Real] It's been a while now Been around the block many miles Many faces, many places that I found friend's traces Where I spend time, places where my roam Places I can call home Places I can get stoned I just wanna be alone When I'm feelin' in my zone People want to knock me down 'cos they never have their own They won't get the best of me But they try hopelessly Why you wanna fuck wit' me I'm not, what you s'posed to be You could not give a DAMN Coulda just Killed A Man Sawed off in my hand But I had to kill the plan Think I've found my piece of mind Feet planted on the ground I just had to redefine, what I thought to myself It all goes around me and others who would down me Who I don't give a fuck about, Trouble always found me, I know used to welcome it with my arms open wide, Trouble's hand's on the door, but it can't come INSIDE! [Chorus 1 : B Real (repeat 2x)] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, TROUBLE'S NOT MY GOOOOOOOOOOAL! You want trouble, c'mon, You want trouble You want trouble, c'mon You want trouble [Sen Dog] Trouble on the line, all the fuckin' time Got me contemplatin' the solution, the fusion my wicked mind Got suckers that hate me but it don't really matter I'm like a gat when I bust, niggas run and scatter Movin' in circles, throwin' elbows and fists You got to be a real nigga in the Cypress Hill pen Like the critics talkin' shit, but I'm not concerned A hundred G's for sixty minutes is the bank I earn I try to put it to you () so you bitches can learn That no-body get tired when it's time to burn With so many phonies out there a lot of you have been fooled In to actually believin' that some shit is cool Take the blinders off and go look for yourself Fuck hearin' about shit from somebody else I'm down for myself, I back up myself Put in all on the line make sure that I'M FELT! [Chorus 1 (Repeat 2x)] [B-Real] Nooooo! [scratching interlude] [B-Real] Look, the wall's closin' in and my shoe's wearin' thin Had to be the biggest clown that you couldn't comprehend Some hated on my game, said I wouldn't be the same Called me 'Rock Superstar', 'Insane In The Brain' But I know I haven't changed So I brush you to the side Trouble's knockin' on the door, askin' jus' to come inside 'times I gotta block it out, no-one likes to talk it out Trouble keeps comin' and I can't seem to lock it out Got my hands on the phone, I don't wanna have to talk If you're feelin (), son, then I guess you gotta jump I can see it in your eyes, you don't seem to recognise I wouldn't fall into your trap, for many lives to compromise I'm not fallin' for your shit, you ain't gonna take me there You can talk all you want, but I don't got your () [Chorus 1 (Repeat 2x)] [Chorus 2: B-Real {Sen Dog} (Repeat 4x)] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, TROUBLE'S NOT MY GOOOOOOOOOOAL! {You want trouble right now C'mon You want trouble right now C'mon} [B-Real] You want trouble, c'mon You want trouble [Repeat 4x]

Live Niguz !

Let all the live niguz in Kick all the bitch ass niguz out We came to rock and shock the house Turn it out and out and out [Sonsee] Aiyo the words could get intricate, vocab's in my temple But I'mma do this wit a tempo, instrumental is what I'm into (For the money) It's essential, and I gotta have it A verb addict without a author, wit the herbals, we hurt who Ever try to defy these guys, they fry And thems get it, so all that shit you say, come on, kid kill it You yap, not sellin that crap and hurtin me up and back slappin You wouldn't know Crunch time if you was the Captain It's here, and yea, we the called, the senders And it's time to get live once more, we back on this agenda And for ya hopeful niggas, trynna be contenders And we come down like loose coats in the winter [Chorus] [Fredro Starr] Ain't no slackin in my action I pull my back and beatin tracks in Official Nast, cold smashin, joints happen (Yo what happen?) Nothin just niggas bustin caps when I was rappin Cuz niggas be packin pretty brown handle biz, who just a faction But factual react, if frontin and fakin jacks, it's all a sudden But there better be no proscratin, wit reaction when ya rappin Cuz when you maxin and relaxin, that's when they start attackin So get the gats, forget the facts, and like there's no compassion Kick me, cuz I'm a daisy street, as cold as the Alaskan Bought my braids, bought my hat, and Staten stay stackin [Chorus] [Sticky Fingaz] Give me the shottie, let me liven up the party I like to start trouble, cuz I'm a little rowdy We just three MC's, that like to fight Even when we start the shit, we always end it right So all of ya, frontins bad for ya health Cuz in the 93, my army goin for self Kids is cruel, more causin then these fucked up conditions That we all hate, but fuck it if this our fate Just listen up to what I say The feds get shot daily, every day Even my man got killed, that was families mournin But from all the dirty bid, I know that hell is callin Went to his wake and shit got held up But niggas wit mask on they face I couldn't escape, I was stuck They said 'Everybody in here, up against the wall The dead nigga owe me money, so I'll collect from y'all' The people gave him struggle, 5 minutes went fast When I said 'I ain't givin ya nigga shit, I'ma just have to get blast' And representin wit my life, I'm full fledged thief And I'm the truth, that's why we always have beef [Chorus] [Hook] And we do it like this, and we do it like that Rules and regulations, so watch ya back, and pack a gat Never fall asleep, keep ya heat in the streets Cuz goin out, iz what it's all about

They Don't Know

SPOOKS "S.I.O.S.O.S. Vol.1"
Yeah come on chumps y'all ain't girl We pretty we hit hard we takin' over the world Reminiesce we takin' you back to your school days Hand us the mic and we flip It fifty million ways They don't know Sloppy with your flows you bore me at your shows Whack clothes and pitiful karaoke demos They don't know Aight you caught me stalkin' studios and stages Chasin' the outrageous Ecstatic sensations I'm tragic trapped Inside the pages Of melodramtic rages to dark to mention Over the fact most of these cats lack comprehension In other words they don't know I see'em cringin' when spooks mediate To penetrate the next dimension Ming rhymin' and singin' It spooks climbin' and bringin' It This black light'll swallow your shine from diamond ringin' It How many times must I remind the spooks Is killin' shit We on some thrillin' shit nothin' but hits on my disc And I am witness to this lyrical fitness and rip You still don't know so you'll be frantic as we hijack the planet They don't know We expose flows like no clothes and blow Chest full a holes with I spit stormshadow and tomes that's reminiscent of monks Blowin' up lungs with C4 laced In bones You mentally tour my rhyme book Is covered In thorns Some givin' a fuck some fuckin' hip hop like porn Bookat testin' Mc a dumb Mc I said who's the best Mc You said young Mc Let me guess you started rockin' hip hop In '88 Naw naw man It was like It was like 19 nigga too late I'm smackin' up cats to back slap crack In my hand Bitch blood bouncin' off of your dome and splatter your van Remineisce we takin' you back to your school days Hand us the mic and we flip It fifty million ways They don't know Open up your mind and you'll find the spooks In It Experimentally sick pusin' the limits They don't know they don't know Shoppin' for a deal with persistance Initially label heads were like what Is this It won't get y'all from original to different Conceptual hip hop will be resistant The pendulum will swing back again Pass accept now follow the trend Hard to believe but easy to pretend Revolution revolution Is why we began They don't know they don't know Too many soft niggas stress try your best to same some hip shit Get caught up In these lyrics with me you get your wig split You tired of me try me can't even stand beside me I be havin' people you study big up and high five me Forty million one thousand nine hundred and sixty two I'm Irresistable unpredictable and so Is my crew Never accidental everything I do Is Intentional Joe Davis premeditated creative and unconventional A lot of truth seekers are people peepin' for secrets Some assembly tryin' to find my safe house And I got beef with everyone of you wannabe's Tryin' to Infiltrate my company You swear you know the business but actually you don't know nothin' Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah who dat It's the killer ha ha ha what Niggas don't hate me cause I'm fly come on I'm the one bankin' on driveby's yeah I keep pleasure packed In my clever raps Once I sever the track I'ma live Inside a cheddar stack I don't stutter once my tome shudder And I become the bone crusher I scream on my own mother What a pimp I roll with the gangsta limp In the cut drinkin' wine eatin' shrimp Yeah come on chump y'all ain't girl We pretty we hit hard we takin' over the world Remineisce we takin' you back to your school days Hand us the mic and we flip It fifty million ways They don't know We can see us niggas my crew Is causin' you fear Spooks takin' It there Industry ain't prepared They don't know

Anything Goes

JOE BUDDEN "Halfway House"
[Hook:] We could do what we wanna, it's an all night bash Put the pedal to the metal and crash Here anything goes (goes, goes) Anything goes (goes) We could party how we wanna, get drunk with hoes Strip poker til we run out of clothes Here anything goes (goes, goes) Anything goes (goes) [Verse 1:] Welcome to my world where anything goes Here you can ball out of control While you here, you can flourish You can shop, cop more shit Like never mind a car note, a mortgage Here, there's no such thing as a hoopty We can fuck tonight, niggas won't call you a groupie Bumping Stevie Wonder - Do I Do, with bad bitches I guess I got a 2 live crew And they all carry Mossburgs See we ain't new kids on the block, you can leave that shit for Donnie Wahlberg The world is mine, I ain't got a care living I'm gifted, I watch sounds and hear visions At one call I can have you disappear missing Rearrange your features until you appear different But nah, nobody gon die tonight, that's a restriction When you doing this much living [Hook] [Verse 2:] Welcome to my world where anything goes So you could cry all you want to, lie all you want to You can get high, puff lye all you want to As long as you don't hold that shit hostage We all V.I.P., open bar mami Got fake breasts, no bra, no regard, She cool with the menage that takes place when you act like TMZ Nigga, I just shoot for the stars I'm so "fuck it", I board the plane looking low budget No carry on, no luggage Low bucket, I'm headed to the south side Baby is free base, she wanna join the mile high Fellatio expert, that means mouth-wide That shit be feeling better then from formaldehyde But nah, we don't need to dust right now in our rotation It's just gon fuck up our celebration Ya heard! [Hook] [Verse 3:] Welcome to my world where anything goes So you can stack up, invest, live off the interest Get ya money right, play the couch which ya hand on ya balls Welcome the Al Bundy life Home on bed rest, waiting on my next check I'm just plotting my next step and my next breath If you don't do that in excess It's really no point, like TV's in the backseats head-rest Some niggas get spiteful or angry Some niggas are prideful and it pains me Our brain speed ain't at the same speed So I ain't mad, don't blame y'all, I blame me Put a wall in my path, I'm just gonna knock it down or go through it Before you try to knock that down, go through it Try it and go do it, the folk in my world won't look at you so stupid

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