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CIARA lyrics - Goodies

Goodies (Remix)

Original and similar lyrics
[Ciara:] My goodies, my goodies, my goodies, NOT MY GOODIES! [Verse 1 - Jazze Pha:] Ladies and Gentlemen! Whoa Whoa Whoa! Say, looky looky. Aw suki suki! Want dem goody goodies? Dats my pookie tuki.G one gurl! Get ya back up off tha wall. Do dat matrix part but don't fall! Aw naw we aint neva done it. You want a hit? Stamp SHO' NUFF on it. (Ladies and gentlemen) Pay attention. Ciara's what the game been missin. I aint come here to play wit yall. And naw I dont play no ball, I just BALLLLL. Dranks for all yall. Gin gale in it. Put ya cups up! Zin Zale sent it. [Verse 2 - Ciara:] You may look at me and think that I'm Just a young girl. But I'm not just a young girl Baby this is what I'm lookin for: Sexy, independent, down to spend it type that's gettin his dough. I'm not bein too dramatic that's the way I gotta have it. [Chorus] I bet you want the goodies. Bet you thought about it. Got you all hot and bothered. Maybe cuz I talk about it. Lookin for the goodies, Keep on lookin cuz they stay in the jar. Oh-oh Oh-oh Oh-oh Oh-oh [Verse 3 - Ciara:] Just because you drive a Benz I'm not goin home wit you. You won't get no nookie or the cookies. I'm no rookie. And still I'm sexy, independent I aint wit it so you already know. I'm not bein too dramatic, that's the way I gotta have it. You may feel slick, tryna hit. But I'm not dumb. I'm not bein too dramatic, its just how I gotta have it. [Chorus] [Verse 4 - T.I.:] You way too hot to keep ya goodies on lock. I dont need a locksmith, I got the key to that box. I wanna see you next to me in that drop. Us chillin in Tahiti no shoes, no socks. Maybe in Jamaica poppin bottles on the Yacht. Then back in Miami grand hustle no stop. Give it to me cuz you wanna, I aint workin for it. You can keep ya nigga look at me, look at me. (You think I'm payin for it?) [Verse 5 - Ciara:] You're insuating that I'm hot But these goodies boy are not. Just for any of the many men that's tryna get on top No you can't call me layta. And I dont want your numba I'm not changin stories, just respect the play I'm callin. [Chorus 2x]

Listen To Your Heart (Remix)

(Listen to your heart...) (Listen to your heart) [Jon Young:] Just gotta listen to my heart but I keep on ending up right back in the start I see the finish line But something always in the way But I gotta keep grinding 'cause I'll reach it one day [Chorus:] Sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile. The precious moments are all lost in the tide Listen to your heart [Jon Young:] Just gotta listen to my heart but I keep on ending up right back in the start I see the finish line But something always in the way But I gotta keep grinding 'cause I'll reach it one day [Verse 1: Jon Young] When things seem impossible You gotta realize anything is possible So Keep grinding Listen to your heart Hold yourself together Don't fall apart Yeah, yeah, uuhh... Been in the game for years Good times & plenty tears I done seen it all Pure hate To standin cheers Yea its a long road Anything worth sumthin izthought of quittin Yea I have But I aint the type to quit I'm from a region That was over looked for too long So my struggle's that much harder Thank I'm leavin Boy ya wrong I gotta fanbase and I aint even on a label I'm pushin units Make bread right under the table Now what that tell ya Tha south aint even close to fihished We got talent And we grindso this aint eva endin So all my potnas in tha O If u tryna make it Jus keep grindin Cuz ours for the takin [Chorus:] Sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile. The precious moments are all lost in the tide [Jon Young:] Just gotta listen to my heart but I keep on ending up right back in the start I see the finish line But something always in the way But I gotta keep grinding 'cause I'll reach it one day [Verse 2: J Cash] You gotta listen to your heart if you got some. Gotta give it all if you really want something. Ya Cant hold back, gotta go full on. And if ya fail then that dont make you a fool dogg. It aint easy, believe me, I know you know me. I came from nuttin to suttin and I keep growing. Not just from flowing, but homie from my life too. Make something of yourself, be a man, get it right dude. The fast money, the cash money, it sound cool. But where ya gonna go when you dont finish high school? Now I aint trying say dont get your hustle on. If you do, thats cool, but its a struggle dogg. So make the smart choices, try to do what seems best. This a test so live for you homie bump the rest. Look out for number one, and when its hard to smile. Remember all along the fight is always worth the while [Chorus:] Sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile. The precious moments are all lost in the tide [Jon Young:] Just gotta listen to my heart but I keep on ending up right back in the start I see the finish line But something always in the way But I gotta keep grinding 'cause I'll reach it one day When things seem impossible You gotta realize anything is possible So Keep grinding just Listen to your heart

Stimulate Me

(feat. Mocha) Na na na na Na na na na Na na na na Naa naa naa [Intro Rap - Mocha:] Yo, thats what luvas do color boo Everything wonderful Tee hee hee, I'm under you Yea I seen it before I dont need it no more I'm overseas on tour, lettin my feet in the door And for those niggaz that'll try to scam stacks from me Well that depends on how u handle my cat for me Ghetto 'fectionate and erectionate But the less u trick, thats the less u get There u go, I got impressions so stress on U jus second best uhh Stop second guess-on U never listen, u cant stop it I'm on fire Know that u goin leave out here wit your pockets lighter Count a stack about a hundred grand, rubber band I'm like your other hand, aint no other man Understand, not til I told u that, hold that I dont want it if u cant hold back, know that [Verse 1:] Baby boy, I can see that you want me But baby it aint that easy Take your time, and you can ride You gotta work at me, cause I'm not that type (Baby) [Hook:] I need you to, stimulate me You can have me If you want me I need you to, stimulate me You can have me If you want me [Verse 2:] Take me out in the six Lemme know you wanna be up in the mix You say you want my sweet body But first you gotta pamper me Say you gotta phat crib in the hills dont mean a thing to me Unless I got the key If you split, half goes to me (Tell me) [Hook] [Rap:] [Male] Mami what u want from a playa like me Out in the streets, livin O.C. [Mocha] Papi what u want from a honey like me Ghetto soup(), hot Don P [Male] Pick u up from college and take u to my crib We can max out, tee hee hee hee hee [Mocha] It sounds real sweet, but first we hit the mall Shoppin sprees wit u coppin me [Hook] [Bridge (Over Hook):] Tell you what its all about But first you gotta take me out Promise me it will be good Treat me like a balla should [Bridge (Over Hook)] [Hook to Fade]

Take Everything In

ANGIE STONE "The Art Of Love & War"
Lord knows I gotta be True to myself to see God's been too good to me To take things I believe We all know that we got better days Even when our world is grey Trouble dont last always Thats why im leaning on my friends [Chorus] Sometimes we gotta stop And take everything in Make room for my new dreams Look back on the old scenes Its time for me to step up You gave me a reason To walk into my season I've only just begun So busy worryin bout the little things When someone else is doing worse than me Somebody out there got a child in need I never sold you down for you and me And the air we breathe Maybe aint even healthy Cause in the forest there aint no trees Dont tell me that dont make you stop and thing [Chorus] Im so grateful (said im grateful) Im where I wanna be (right where I wanna be) Every Blessing... Every Blessing means more than life to me [Chorus x3] Cant let it get me Im just to rested to be stressed Like some people be...

Dick on the track

MYSTIKAL "Unpredictable"
[mystikal talking] Hey there, Sup boo Whats happenin Come holla at me Naww come here, Yuh I got somthin for you Its gon make ya say Ungh I aint sayin nothin, Yall jus playin Comere, why you actin like that Naw for real, come ere tho, Mmm hmmmm [mystikal] You got that fire Aint to fly, But When I jus walked by ya Hands at your side, Dont you know I aint your average buya I thought you live on the twelve-hundred block on Tecnuiqe By tha studio apartments, right off 70 street She said ya, How do you know that I said you live next door to my friend Her name tazra She said, Oh you know tim I said ya we use ta kick it man, What about it She said no thats cool, Thats my girl Dont take it how it sounded She said you mean I said who told ya me and you can make music, dats kinda what im hopin for movin like im automated what we bakin mixin, blendin and twisted tha neighbors gonn be listenin She said Slow down baby, movin kinda swift Besides we just met I usually dont get down like this I said Dont even trip I got you! She said, You sure I said Yup I got to! [chorus] Put tha dick on tha track, and make em sang Put the needle to the grove [x2] Them otha niggaz aint gonna do what i do! [mystikal] When i hit ya with tha tenor Say sapreno When your moanin we aint gonna stop makin racket Till in the mornin I say baby kick it wit me all nite safe sex, like pot holder on my mic! Commin thru the woofer, In your speaker when we freakin, I can see you gettin hot why you weakinin Climaxin While im rappin Whats my name, and who its for dats what im askin spitin like wax all over 64 tracks remember shock ta knock you sax symbols, and high hats gettin nasty with the music to be funky like a bass line Disregard it and get ya good sing Aint no red lights, When i take mine Im havin sexual intercourse with the chorus screamin! hot vocals got your adlibs gettin hoarse sweatin the whole session, your circuits burnt She said baby dont beat it down no more Its just the second Verse! [chorus x2] [mystikal] First time I laid eyes on ya I was like zaaam Tell me, girl where you goin whats your name she said Pam and I think its only better that you know who I am Im the man they make high, like the melophones in southern japan the way I work my aucustics, aint no comparin very rough and aggresive when i lay em Huffin and puffin, Right when I see em Ya breakin it down so scandalouz She got me thinkin, when else Im touchin ya like a massager Ill be bustin off soon as ya touch me in you can hear It through the soundproof booth Fuckin up the roof! Dont stop, she on top And im watchin em jiggle no more preachin and minglin She pregnant with my singer I dont be kissin and tellin But its gotta be told Now im 500 dollas short unless we got married, I wed till I was old To infinite, Im plannin our future Its jus gonn be me, you, nobody else, MIne and Mystikal Junior! [chorus x4, then in backround till fade] [Mystikal talking] How that feel Com here, Take dem headphones off Turn around little baby I put tha dick on the track, ya feel me Its like when i get on the track I have sex with it, I make out with it We make woopie, we do the nasty Anyone wanna jus jump on and rush it Im gonna spend time wit you I aint quitin halfway

Whatz That!?!

TWIZTID "Mirror Mirror"
Microphone check, 1, check 2 now what dat feel like [Madrox:] They say were just a couple in the way, ass, talkin way too fast, and all our shit it sound like trash. You cant see us, replicate us and try to be us,envonius swab meet, twoo stripe adidas, now what choo holdin down, dog yo whole style is sunk, yo rhymes is wack yo shit dont bump, you say im hatin, hell naw im jsut tellin teh deal, and since i hate you then i dont give a fuck how you feel, we keep ya dead jumpin, put yo hands up in the air, you can diss the un-real, cuz the un-real dont really care,we dont give a fuck, load bodies off in the trunk,everyday is prolly the 13th wit bad luck, somehow we made it through, dont know how, somehow we do, without relyin on radios or interviews, where my killas at Middle fingers in the air, and we spreadin the numbers everyday so be prepared. [Chorus:] What thats thats what its like, and I dont want nobody to know, (nobody) What's that thats what its like and I dont want nobody to know (nobody) [4x] [Monoxide:] I cut ya eye ball out wit an exact-o blade, you still couldnt see my freek show my state, levitate up in the middle of the room and have everybody shakin in they kung-fu shoes, i got, madrox wit me packin a bowl, I got, 17 keepin one in the hole, I got a , stash spot that I keep on the low, in case I gotta put in work on a bitch ass Jugghoe, people sending me the death threats, but i got somethin for you fake ass bitches better believe that, my axe swinging I got ya blood on my face, witcha body still floppin cut in half at the waist, its like, deeper than a mad man, shit it aint nouttin to lose but my shell and you can have dat, never void, muhfucka never die, wit tha axe and the pistol representin the East Side [Chorus] [Madrox:] we got the dialect, to dialate yo intellect, we teach of love and hate without no textbook or no internet, we stomp on waves(waves) play in the graves (graves) adn the take the minds of poserless and knee it at your face, Man define minda frames, everyone is king, and the pressures of the world are crumbled by teh words we sing, I ain't content Im pissed and sick off all this bullshit we all up in yo face, run up on this Geractric [Monoxide:] WE aint the trance or the millenium, I cann tell ya dat, you can keep that freestyle rap and back back, we are the drama seekers, lookin for non -believers, we walk and water and clouds, and slit the dream weavers, I hope ya glad to meet us, now get a blaze up, you jsut a hounddog, stalk bitch, so raise up, you outta mind outta body, outta spirt, outta rhyme, sneak up on you in teh dark from behind [Chorus]

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