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Chris Rice lyrics

Smell The Color Nine

Original and similar lyrics
I would take no for an answer, Just to know I heard you speak, And I'm wondering why I've never, Seen the signs they claim they see, A lotta special revelations, Meant for everybody but me, Maybe I don't truly know You, or maybe I just simply believe... Chorus: Cause I can sniff, I can see, and I can count up pretty high; but these faculties aren't getting me any closer to the sky, but my heart of faith keeps poundin' so I know I'm doin' fine but sometimes findin you is just like tryin to smell the color nine. Smell the color nine... Now I've never felt the presence, But I know You're always near, And I've never heard the calling, But somehow You've led me right here, So I'm not lookin' for burnin' bushes, Or some Divine graffiti to appear, I'm just beggin You for Your wisdom, And I believe You're puttin' some here... Chorus (ah's and do's) Chorus (repeat) Nine's not a color... and if even if it were you can't smell a color,no that's my point exactly. do do do do do do do (repeat)

Love Rules

Jimmy has a girlfriend They play in the schoolyard He gives her his cookie at lunch She wears her hand-me-down Faded flannel run-arounds Jimmy he has more than enough But money doesn't catch a ball and That's what matters after all, here Chorus: They didn't set the boundaries They didn't draw that line They only know how they feel inside Maybe they're yound and learnin' Oh no but they're no fools Here in their little world Love rules Jimmy's outta school now He's gettin' married Met the girl he's been dreamin' of 'Round here the locals frown On people from her side of town They know how to make ti rough The only thing that's goin' down Is the love that they have found, here Repeat Chorus Oh sweet blindness All those lines just fade away It only starts when your heart leads the way Repeat Chorus


Intro: yes empress devine anytime me look ina your face you make my world a brighter place and your majesty and grace a help me through the rat race Chorus: joy ina your eyes me nuh see no tears love is what you giving me throughout the years every time you need me i will be there my dear i swear Verse 1: there is no faking no heartbreaking like a volcano this ya true love is shaking in tender caring we are partaking woman me feel seh big things ina the making intoxication of a certain kind i will admit that you suit my mind pulpitation of another kind don´t fast forward baby just rewind Chorus(repeat).. Verse 2: no mistaking in every thing you do and i will always be a part of you jah jah made us and he will see us through always and forever babygirl this love is true i´ve been searching for the longest time almost givin´ up never thought I would find seen many roses die on the vine but a hidden tressure in you i man find Chorus(repeat).. Verse 3: on the magic carpet we a ride venus jupiter to the other side fi we togetherness nuh need no guide there is nothing to be shame nothing fi go hide a whole new world awaits brighter than the pearly gates where love is as strong as fate and life is about to give and to take Chorus(repeat)..

Heaven's Waiting

It's hard to live beyond the walls It ain't no life at all But don't you tear it down Chorus Take your chances, I'll take mine Chasing thunder is only wasted time Got no reason to walk that line Heaven's waiting if I can make it home tonight And with the years I've found a faith that gets me by It shows me the truth in a hurricane of lines My baby's left a light for me That's really all I need They won't bring me down (Repeat Chorus) Aimlessly rushing leaves you with nothing You need some loving to make you feel alive In less than a moment, life can be stolen I know where I'm going, gotta get me there tonight I'm holding on to what I can Like any other lucky man Love won't strike me love won't sell me out (Repeat Chorus)

One Boy, One Girl

COLLIN RAYE "I Think About You"
(Mark Alan Springer/Shaye Smith) He finally gave in to his friend's girlfriend when she said, There's someone you should meet. At a crowded restaurant way cross town, He waited impatiently. When she walked in, Their eyes met, And they both stared. And right there and then, Everyone else disappeared, but... Chorus One boy, One girl. Two hearts beating wildly, To put it mildly it was love at first sight. He smiled, She smiled. And They knew right away, This was the day they'd waited for all their lives. For a moment the whole world, Revolved around one boy, And one girl. In no time at all, They were standing there, In the front of a little church. Among their friends and family, Repeating those sacred words. The preacher said, Son kiss your bride. And he raised her veil. Like the night they met, Time just stood still, for... Repeat Chorus He was holdin her hand when the doctor looked up and grinned, Congratulation, twins. Repeat Chorus


Racheal Lampa "Live For You"
I may never climb a mountain So I can see the world from there I may never ride the waves And taste the salty ocean air Or build a bridge That would last a hundred years But no matter where the road leads One thing is always clear I am blessed I am blessed From when I rise up in the morning Til I lay my head to rest I feel You near me You soothe me when I'm weary Oh Lord, for all the worst and all the best I am blessed All along the road less traveled I have crawled and I have run I have wandered through the wind and rain Until I found the sun The watching eyes ask me why I walk this narrow way I will gladly give the reason For the hope I have today repeat chorus You've given me joy You've given me love You give me strength When I want to give up You came from heaven To rescue my soul This is the reason I know, I know repeat chorus

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