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CHRIS REA lyrics - Espresso Logic

New Way

Original and similar lyrics
I go to work in a bubble I got everything I need I get so high on no trouble It's a great feeling, being free I say a prayer at thanksgiving I bless the night and the day I look up to the sky with a smile on my face And I praise the lord of the new way The sweetest sound I ever knew Was the sound of reason falling Like the summer rain And the truth washed the pain away New way I don't watch tv anymore Don't need to see it now we all know the score And all the politicians know what they're there for It's a new way New way

Apple Tree

Judo Judy gotta go cause she never wasn't old to realize Small tiny petty little ox-fly could upset the rain I woke up again As I an the smile on my face the feeling is great And I would do anything but just.... Don't sit under the apple tree I can't do anything for free All I want just you and me So don't sit under the apple tree Jaggle Wringgle joggle jolt everyboby not at fault a-la-mort till you dot Balck wood ebony catapult what you got up your sleave belongs all to me Ding dong hammer on new sing-a-longs lingo 'bout the meter half of one Hush hush bitter sweet alignings trying to get used I filled up my skin

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